God is on Our side

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In had a hard time choosing a title for this story and as my fictitious character Tony actually went back in time, and in the story used his acquired post war skills to make a significant contribution to winning the war in his own way, it could only have happened with some form of supernatural power. Therefore the title “God was on our side” seems wholly appropriate. In writing the following story I have tried to make the dates and occurrences historically correct. The story is obviously total fiction, and the characters bear no resemblance to any known person now living or in the past.

The story contains much erotica and is suitable only for adult reading .

Please note that I use Oxford English in all my stories and although a few American spellings creep in, that is due to my spell checker being produced for the American market.


Chapter 1

I am not sure really what happened, and I am not entirely sure that I ever will understand properly, but it all seemed to start for me on the 10th September 2000. I was then a 30 years old single man. I had an extremely good job with the Ministry of Defence at the war Office. I was very fit, and I was very well qualified as I had a Doctorate in Cryptography from Cambridge, and a Masters in applied Mathematics which I had completed in two years at Heidelberg and at the same time almost, but not quite marrying a fellow German student called Ursi.

I must admit that my decision not to marry Ursi had probably been brought about by her mother. She was absolutely livid with me, and almost attacked me physically after Ursi had slipped on the ice and fallen down the steps, and lost our unborn child. I felt sorry for Ursi, and I almost rang her from the airport to apologise for leaving her like that.

Perhaps the truth was that I had been put off by all those married guys who were always moaning about their wives and mothers in law. For instance that night when all this started I had been listening to a story told by one of my neighbours in the Green Man Public House.

He had been telling this joke about this church, and how the congregation was waiting for the service to start when a man rushed in and said. “Run, the devil is coming this way.” Immediately everyone rushed out of the back door to get away from the devil, except for one man, who stayed sitting where he was. When the devil arrived at the church, the devil was amazed to see him sitting there quite calmly and he said. “Why aren’t you frightened of me, don’t you know I could do terrible things to you?” The man looked up and smiled and said “No why should I be frightened of you, I have been married to your sister for twenty years.”

Well that had brought a big laugh, and nearly all the married men had commented on the fact that many a true word was spoken in jest. Anyway later that night I was walking home and the last thing I remembered was the screeching of tyres.

However getting back to the present I found my work was extremely challenging. I had a nice apartment and I was looked after by a daily housekeeper, and I had a substantial bank balance. I liked my nookie, and I had plenty of girl friends, both single and married, so I never really lacked for female company.

Anyway as I said previously, I was walking home from the pub. It was not often I went to a pub, but tonight I had been feeling a bit down, for once I did not have a date, and I decided I wanted some company

I don’t know how much later I returned to consciousness, but I found I was lying naked on a table covered with a white sheet. I pushed the sheet away and I sat up and looked around, and saw a number of other tables with bodies laid out, and also covered with sheets. There were two ladies wearing surgeons’ masks at a table working on something or someone, on the other side of the room, and I called out.
“Where am I?”

The two ladies looked round and gave a sort of scrambled screech and ran screaming from the room. Meanwhile I was conscious that my voice had sounded different and also my body felt different I looked down and it suddenly dawned on me that I was in a completely different body. It seemed to be the body of a teenager with a large appendix scar. I had never had my appendix out, so I knew it was not my body.

My reflections and bewilderment, was interrupted by the sound of angry shouting and a man shouting. “Good god woman I have enough to do tonight without your hysterical ramblings. Its just spasms sometimes the body gives a spam or two shortly after they die.”
Then a woman said.
“Some bloody spasm he is sitting up and talking.”
And then a middle aged man wearing a white coat and a rubber apron burst through the door, skidding to a halt, when he saw me sitting there, gazing around, obviously looking and feeling very bewildered.
“Is this some sort of prank?” He asked. If it is its bloody sick one.”
“Where am I?” I asked again
“You are in the morgue in Paddington Green Hospital laddie.
“What am I doing here?”
“Well laddy as far as I know you were dead a few moments ago.”
“What’s that noise?” I asked.
“It’s a bloody air raid and you got caught in it.”
In the background I could hear the sound of explosions and gunfire. Now I began to realise that something strange was happening to me. It was no dream. I had read stories about this sort of thing happening, but I had never ever believed them.
Then the man said “Well laddy I am Dr Forsyth the resident pathologist, and I am glad you are alive. I think we had better move you to a proper bed pronto, and get someone to check you out.
Without really thinking I tried to stand up, and then I felt myself falling, when I came round. I was in a bed, and I was being examined by a young female doctor.

She was a quite attractive redhead, and gave me a sickly sort of smile. “I am sorry Alan I pronounced you dead when you were brought in. You had no pulse and no heartbeat my only excuse is that we are rushed out with casualties tonight from the air raid. Anyway, your mother and sister are waiting outside to identify your body so they are in for a pleasant shock.”

The doctor left me, as two women walked through the door. The older one, a slim attractive lady of about 35 was obviously my mother, and the younger sulky looking, gum chewing fairly pretty girl who was about seventeen, would obviously be my sister I thought.

The older one flung her arms round me and hugged me close to her breast. ”Oh Alan darling they told us that you had been killed, and then when we got here we found you were still alive. Even Mandy here was upset. Weren’t you dear?”
”Don’t kid yourself brother I thought I was rid of you for good.”
The young female doctor came in and my new mother asked anxiously.
“What is wrong with him?”
The doctor said. “He has got no physical injuries as far as we can see. He had no heartbeat or pulse when the ambulance dropped him off, and so he was pronounced dead at 21.03. At the time I assumed it was shock from a bomb blast which can sometimes can kill without obvious physical injury.”
“When can we take him home?”
“I really would like to keep him for 24 hours, but we are so short of beds tonight with the raid, that it may be best if you can take him now, and let his doctor see him in the morning. We have a steady stream of casualties coming in that will tie up all the on duty staff and all the beds for the rest of the night.”

The next problem that arose was my lack of clothes. The doctor said. “I think we have his clothes, gas mask and identity card in the office. Or what is left of them.”
Eventually my tattered clothes were produced and after a wait, we eventually got a lift back to where we allegedly lived, in the east end of London in a returning ambulance. It was a long journey with many diversions as the ambulance had to avoid roads closed through bomb damage, or unexploded bombs. Their was the pungent smell of burning and the flickering of many fires.

Their were taxis running round pulling fire pumps and ambulances. It was a scene of total chaos. I recognised a few buildings, some damaged, some miraculously still standing defiantly against the rage of the Luftwaffe. But above all was the courage of the fire crews and wardens who were working away in damaged building attempting to rescue trapped or injured people.

The strange thing for me was the fact that I still had a complete memory of my previous life, my schooldays, and my girlfriends. That is why I am able to write about it all now so clearly. And then in the distance we heard the sound of the siren sounding the “all clear.” My new mother commented. “It’s early yet; they will be back before the nights over.”

Putting all the facts together, the bombing, the hospital uniforms and the clothes people were wearing seemed positive confirmation that I had been transported back to the war years. My new very glamorous brunette mother was making a great fuss of me, and kept her arms round me, hugging me as though she could not believe I was still alive, while my new gum chewing sister sat opposite in the ambulance just glaring across at me.

I had no idea how old I was, what my new name other than Alan, or any of those essential personal details. I decided therefore to play dumb and pretend I had amnesia. So I said.
“Mother I do not have a clue how old I am, or my name or anything.”
She gave me an extra big hug and said.”
“I expect it will all come back in a few days dear but darling, you are Alan Nash and you are 18 years old today September 10th 1940. I am your mother and your father is in the army in the Western desert, and we live in Stratford in East London. I expect your memory will come back properly in the next few days.”
“Who is that ugly looking girl over there?” I asked in a loud whisper looking across at Mandy.
Who on hearing my question hurtled across the ambulance to attack me?

My new mother caught her by the hair, and quite viciously threw her back across the ambulance.
“You stay there Missy, don’t you dare lay a finger on Alan, he’s ill and he is right, you dress like a slut and your mouth is going like a fucking goldfish all the time.”
Mandy slouched back on the seat her face showing her anger and an intense hatred of me, and our mother.

Our home was a big shock to me. In the year 2000 it would have been designated as a slum, or be part of a history museum. It was a mid-terrace terrace house, with the toilet in the back yard and coal fires and gas lighting downstairs with no lighting upstairs. The stairs were very steep and my mother lit a candle and helped me upstairs to my bedroom. The room was reasonably large and had a lot of posters round the wall. I immediately recognised pictures of Stanley Matthews, the famous Stoke City player on one of the posters who at that time was playing for Stoke City. There was also Stanley Mortenson, Albert Finney and one or two other soccer players of renown at that time.

My very glamorous mother insisted that I get into bed, and produced a pair of flannelette striped pyjamas, and then to my embarrassment insisted on staying and helping me undress. I was rather embarrassed when I got a full erection. She just laughed as she said
“Well I see that Hitler has not disabled your love stick darling. Beanie will no doubt be pleased about that.”
“Who is Beanie?” I asked.
“Beanie is your girlfriend, you know Jeanie Green. You nicknamed her Green Bean because she is so thin.”
Suddenly it flashed into my mind that Beanie might have been with me tonight, it was coming back to me that I had taken her up the West End to celebrate my birthday. We had been to see Vera Lynn at a theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue .I said to my mother.”Somehow I think Beanie was with me tonight up west, when the raid caught us. I hope she is alright!”

“Don’t worry darling. I will go and see her ma now and find out.”

Strangely enough I had a visual image of a girl which I believed must have been the missing Beanie. It was the first tangible clue I had that some of my memory was returning.

I awoke next morning. To find that my head was resting on my mother’s breast, her arms round my shoulders. I could not resist flicking my tongue out to taste one of her gorgeous ripe nipples that was staring me right in the face. As soon as I had met my mother the previous evening I had recognised how glamorous she was. She was a brunette with a short page cut style hair, fairly slim and had obviously taken good care of herself physically.

As I licked her nipple and I could feel it harden I felt my mother begin to wriggle.”
“Alan dear what are you doing.”
"You're hard dear, and this all wrong I’m your mother.” She exclaimed with surprise, but as she spoke she snuggled closer and kissed me on the cheek.
“Alan dearest you know this is all wrong darling.”
I did not say anything as I held her tight for a few minutes. Then mother started nibbling my ear her warm breath tickling me and the exotic smell of her warm body filling my nostrils.
Then I felt her free hand tentatively at first playing with my cock.

She gave a little nervous laugh. "Alan I miss your daddy a lot. But if we do this, we will have to be very careful. You are tempting me, and you make me feel so damned horny, you were erect when I woke up, and you are making me feel like a proper woman again and making me feel really wanted and desirable.”

I told her. But mother you are desirable, you are lovely, and very sexy.”

Then she started smothering my face with soft wet kisses as I grabbed her, and pulled her over on top of me. She felt very soft and very sexy; her body was warm and still had that lovely smell of a sleepy woman, with just a faint hint of the erotic perfume she had been wearing the night before."

Within minutes she was laying between my legs. She was rubbing her body hard against me and I was enjoying and reacting positively the feel of this sexy female against my body. I could not think about her as my mother she was just another sexy woman, for me my real mother had existed in my past life.

She whispered “Oh Alan I know this is all wrong but I want you so badly. I could feel her body rubbing against my cock
"Yes mother, and that's my cock you are rubbing against." I said.
It was my turn to grin as I saw the lust in her eyes. She leaned over and gave me a smile and a long passionate kiss on the lips.

I gazed into her eyes as I kissed her back - I realised then just how beautiful my new mother really was. I knew in my heart, that if we fucked now, it would not be the last time we did it. I wondered whether I should stop, but I just could not ignore such a beauty. It as not in my nature and I could not see her as my mother, just as a very desirable woman. She gazed down at me her eyes now very serious, she was panting a little bit, and she had a look of indecision in her eyes, then she bent down and once again our lips met. I somehow knew then that she had made a momentous decision and we were destined to become long term lovers.

At the same time I felt my cock slip between her legs and rub against the lips of her vulva. The warm sticky moistness told me that playtime was over, and that she wanted me to get down to business. “

Are you sure?” I asked
She gave a wide-eyed little nod of her head.
“I’m not sure about anything.” She said quietly “But I know I am not strong enough to push you away dear. I need you.”

"Then put me in” I said quietly.
She reached down shuffling her body a little as she grabbed my cock and lined it up with the entrance to her love tunnel. She held my cock in a firm but gentle grip. She rubbed me up and down her vulva lips. Then she placed me at the entrance to her love tunnel, taking her weight on her hands as they rested on the bed.

Gradually she let her body sink down on to my cock until I could go no farther. It was fantastic and she was obviously enjoying it, obviously all hint of guilt had been pushed to one side. She started moving up and down gently and within seconds I knew she was having her first orgasm as she came with a long drawn out wail...

I pushed against her gently to prolong her orgasm, when she finished cumming she looked up at me in awe.
"How did you do that Alan? I have not climaxed like that ever even with your father."
I pulled out of her rolling her over so that now I was on top as once again I pushed into her "You came so quickly mother because you have obviously been deprived for such a long time. But I promise you will not deprived any longer while I am around."

She put her arm up and pulled my face down to kiss me.

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