Giving Lauren What She NEEDS

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I woke up the next morning with a killer headache. The drinking and pussy licking from the night before did a real number on me. It was still early, only about 7 am. Lauren was lying there on her back with my legs a little spread. The August heat made bed sheets unnecessary. She was just there, looking amazing, naked. Ready for me again.

Despite my throbbing headache, my sex drive took over. I decided I’d wake her up the right way, with some oral pleasure. I moved really slowly so I wouldn’t wake her and I got between her legs. I put my head down and started gently lapping at her slit. It only took a few licks for her to open her big brown eyes and look down at me. She positioned herself to get licked better and started moaning. I licked her a little bit more and then I laid next to her, grabbing her tits, making her nipples hard.

“So?” I said grinning. “So … what?” she said pretending not to get it. She reached down and stroked my slit. “So did you like me cumming in your mouth?” I asked without a smile, I wanted to get serious again. I wanted the little sex toy to come back. Lauren kept her eyes on me and reached down to suck on my nipple. She nodded and moaned. “What can I do to you?” she asked in her femme voice. I put my hand on the top of her head and pushed her down forcefully. “You’ll lick my cunt for a while and then I’ll see what you deserve.”

She dove right in, being gentle at first. I wanted deep action, I pushed her head in and she got the point, swirling her tongue around and kissing my lips. I sat back and enjoyed. But then I heard people outside the door. Someone was trying to get in. We both jumped up and I ran into the closet. Lauren grabbed a towel and opened the door. It was her younger brother. Her parents were back from their weekend getaway. We would have to continue later. She closed the door and re-locked it and I was getting dressed.

“When can I see you again?” she asked, concerned. “Don’t worry,” I said confidently. “I’ll call you sometime.” She looked upset but just shrugged and said ok. I waited a bit and walked out into the hallway, past the mess of the house and got in my car. I drove out towards my apartment in Hoboken. I couldn’t help but finger myself in the drive home. I couldn’t stop thinking about the taste of her pussy, and how good she was to me. I laughed at the way I treated her before I left. I liked teasing her still. I was wondering if she was waiting by the phone. I was ecstatic that I found a young girl to fuck who would basically obey my every command. That’s what I always fantasize about and now I think I found it.

I waited two days to call her, which was hard because I really wanted pussy from the moment I walked out of her room. It was the end of the summer, and she was going to back to classes at Montclair State. I was hoping she’d be dorming there so I could pick her up whenever I wanted without her having to deal with her parents. I dialed her number and it rang three times. Finally I heard her submissive voice. “Jordan?!” she answered, using the caller ID. “Yeah babe, what are you doing tonite?” She answered that she was moving back into Montclair in the morning. She couldn’t be out late tonite, but tomorrow was wide open. “So… what are we gonna do?” she asked with a slight giggle. “I’ll pick you up, we’ll go back to my place and fuck all night. We’ll eat if you get hungry.” Lauren laughed, “Ok, can I bring my dildo?” I paused for a second. Wow, what a little slut. I love her already. I began to think. “Yes of course, whatever you want baby,” I replied. “No, it’s whatever you want,” she interjected. “Damn right, don’t you forget that,” I responded forcefully. I told her to be ready at seven PM and we hung up.

It was Friday, and our date was tonite. I was so wet all day. Working in the financial district was so boring and tedious that day, knowing that I had young pussy waiting for me at night. I was thinking of ways to fuck her with the dildo. Little did Lauren know I had a bunch of strap on harnesses from my ex girlfriend who was bi-sexual. I liked fucking her with them, and I know I’ll love fuckin Lauren with one. I was hoping to get into some ass play because her ass is so perfect. I wanted to 69 with her, I wanted to fist her little cunt when it got nice and wet. I wanted to tie her up, I wanted to force her to lick me. I wanted to do everything.

I finally got outta work, took the Path train home, got ready and got on the road to pick Lauren up from high school. I wore a tank top with no bra and yoga pants to be comfy. I wouldn’t be dressed long anyways. I pulled up to her dorm at 6:45 and she was already waiting outside. She had a really short denim mini-skirt, the kind that’s all torn and ripped and a halter top on. She saw my car and picked up her overnight bag and walked to the car. I could’ve pulled up further but I wanted to see her walking. The guys soccer team was passing and there eyes were all on her. I laughed to myself knowing that all those guys wanted to fuck my girl but I was gonna be playing with that pussy tonite.

She got in the car and threw her bag in the back. She leaned forward and we kissed for a few minutes sucking each others tongues. She reached over and put her hand on my right thigh as we got back on the road. I smiled and asked her why she wanted to see me again.

“Because you make me feel amazing and I want to learn more,” she answered as if she’d be instructed. “You know I want you to be my little whore, huh?” I asked. Lauren responded, “I love when you tell me what to do, I wanna do anything you want. You can lick every part of me and I want to do anything for you,” she answered. I was in heaven. She put her hand down my pants and just played around a bit. “I want to be really rough,” I stated. “Rougher than last time.” She smiled and threw her head back. “Good,” she said. “I need it hard. I want you to fuck me with my dildo.” I couldn’t stop smiling, “Allright, anything else? Once we get in bed, I’m in control. So if you want something you better say it now.” She smiled and paused. “Anything,” I repeated. “I wanna get fisted. I’ve never done that, it sounds really good.” “Done,” I said. “Anything else?” She seemed to blush. “I don’t know, just like … anything is allowed, okay? Like my ass, my pussy, my mouth.” I stated, “You want me fuck you up the ass don’t you?” She just looked at me, “yeah, I like that,” she started pulling on her nipples and took her shirt off. I hit the accelerator.

We finally got to my apartment. I parked in the garage and we came into my place. She looked around, said something about it being nice and the view but I wasn’t looking out the window. I was staring at her tits. I asked her if she wanted something to drink. “Vodka?” she asked. Whoa, okay. I poured some shots and watched her pound them down. I’m a bit of a lightweight so I stuck with Bud Light. We were talking at my kitchen table and she was getting wasted. She took off her shirt and skirt and sat there with just her thong on. I wanted to know more about what’s she’s done.

“You like it up the ass, huh Laur?” I said with a smile. She laughed and blushed. “Yeah, guys always ask for it and I tried it once and I loved how it felt. And they love the feeling.” I leaned forward and started rubbing her clit through her thong. She spread her legs. I asked her to tell me how it felt the first time. “It hurts like hell obviously but if there’s enough lube, you just feel so good. My asshole must be really sensitive because I got off no problem getting fucked there. The guy I was with just reached around and rubbed my clit a little and I had an amazing orgasm. He came deep inside me and I didn’t even care. I was just laying there, I fingered myself for another orgasm after words.” It got me so hot thinking of her bent over on her knees, screaming for more.

“You miss cock?” I asked, hoping I turned her onto pussy. She smiled and got on her knees, “I love your cunt more. But I think I’d like you to use a dildo on me.”
I told her I might fuck her with a strap on, if she earned it. I told her to take off her thong and she did. She sat back down and I pulled her towards the front of the chair and I knelt on the kitchen floor and started licking her perfectly shaven cunt. I can still feel it on my tongue. She was moaning, “Yeah, that’s it. Oh lick me,” over and over again. I pulled my head up. “Drink some more, I want you to be totally submissive.” She loved to drink and she started downing the big glass of vodka I poured her. I was still kneeling on the floor sucking her perfect tits and pinching her nipples as she drank. I watched her drink more and more.

“Good?” she asked, banging the glass down. “You’re a good girl,” I said licking her nipples. “You get a reward.” I got up and went into the bedroom, she followed. I took my clothes off as she sat on the bed. I walked over and took her head in my hands and put them on my left tit. “Suck.” I commanded calmly. She kept her eyes on me and started sucking on my nipple soo fucking good. Gently at first, swirling it with her tongue. I held her head stead and started pulling her long black hair a little bit. She moaned and started sucking hard and biting. “You little bitch,” I kept saying, I was at a loss for words. I had been thinking about this for so long. She moved her hands up to my right breast and started pulling. I was moaning and leaning back. It felt so good. I pushed her head back and I laid down. She laid on her side and started licking my left nipple and fingering me with her right hand. She was so good, I didn’t even have to boss her around. She started pulling my nipple with her lips and bouncing them with her free hand. I love nipple play but I needed my cunt licked.

I pushed her away, “Lick my cunt, you little whore,” I said. She saw the mirror on the closet and decided she was going to kneel in front of my pussy and eat it so I could see her slit and her asshole in the reflection. She was just smiling at me and she started to lick and rub my clit. She had kind of forgotten how to get started but I was entranced by the view. It felt really good nonetheless. She started licking really good, putting her tongue in deep and swirling it and sucking on my clit. I put my hand on her head. “You like licking your master?” I asked. She moaned in response. She started licking furiously, really trying to make me cum. “Yeah, keep going you fuckin slut, yeah yeah ohhh FUCK YEAH!” I came so good. First orgasm of the night. I looked down and I was so wet. She got down a little lower and was licking all my juices up. She licked my slit from bottom up, really slow. She sat up and looked at me. “Go get your dildo,” I said. “come back and sit on my face.”

Within a flash she was back with it. It was this purple vibrator, about 7 inches long. I grabbed it has she straddled my face. I just stared up at her slit for a second. So tight, and so wet. A thing of beauty. Young little pussy, all mine. I felt so greedy. I started licking and sucking on her lips. She braced herself on my headboard. She was really horny, she started grinding my face. I grabbed her hips and told her to slow down or else I’m not gonna be a good master. She calmed down and I licked harder, making her so fucking wet. I was in love.

“Jordan, I’m gonna cum if you let me!” she yelled. I stopped and licked gently, flicking my tongue against her slit, making her want it more. I grabbed her dildo and worked it in. The damn thing flew in basically because she was dripping wet. She started really moaning then. I helped her onto her back, leaving the dildo inside of her. I got between her legs and fucked her with the dildo while I licked her clit. She was freaking out. “Jordan yes, oh fuck me. I’m a good girl, fuck me!!” I fucking loved it. She’s such a little whore. I pushed it in as far as I could and started licking her lips and clit. She said she was close again, so I pulled it out. She didn’t say anything but she looked upset.

“Were you gonna cum?” I asked. “Yeah baby!” she said squirming. “Lift your legs up,” I commanded. She put her legs all the way up with her feet pointed to the ceiling. “Relax baby,” I said. I rubbed the dildo all over her pussy, turning on the vibrator. She was moaning. I turned off the dildo and started fingering her pussy with my middle and ring ringer, then almost my whole hand! This fucking bitch was wet. Then I worked my ring finger into her asshole. She started grabbing her tits and moaned. I fingered her asshole with the one finger, then I worked my middle and index in. Her juices dripped down to her tight rosebud and made it really easy to slide my fingers in. She wasn’t fighting it one bit. I thought to myself, would it turn me on more if she fought it? Or is it even hotter than she fucking wants it!?
I grabbed a pillow and put it under her lower back, propping her up. She was just staring at me, licking her lips. She wanted to cum so bad. I got between her legs and started to work the dildo in. She was so relaxed it slid in. She fucking wanted it. “You little slut, you love it up the ass.”

fuck my ass baby,” she replied. She put her legs down and I fucked her with the dildo up her ass while I licked her pussy. I was in heaven. Every few minutes I’d stop to watch the dildo slide in and out of her perfect asshole. I licked her pussy really deep and rough making her even more wet. Finally, I decided I’d let her cum. I licked really hard in a circular motion and pulled and pushed the dildo out of her ass. I sucked on her clit and I held it up her ass as she started to scream. She kicked her legs and grabbed her huge tits. “AHH ohhh Jordan, ohhh fuccccccck! Yesss!” I left the dildo in as I licked more of her cunt. Her slit was puffy and wet and throbbing. I slid the dildo out of her ass and told her she was a good girl.

I left her on the bed and went and washed my hands and put the dildo in the sink. I came back and started licking her tits. They were still so perky and bouncy. She sat up and started kissing me and pulling on my nipples. “Thank you master,” she said submissively. I pushed her down and straddled her face. We weren’t close to being done with each other.

Part 3 – The rest of the night...

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