Gag-a-rific Barry!

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When I first met Barry, I immediately noticed that his smile was gorgeous. The second thing I noticed about him was how great his ass looked in tight jeans. He was flirtatious and playful. Barry and I had been dating just a month when we made a bet on a basketball game. I won the bet and jokingly said that I wanted Barry to wear a pair of my panties. Barry blushed but agreed. I did not think he would really go through with it but he went into the bathroom with a pair of my lace string-bikini panties and came out wearing them. I laughed so hard and told him that he did not have to follow-through with it anymore. Barry insisted stated, “I lost the bet so I should do it.” I had to admit, he looked damn good in those tiny panties…what a great ass. It was only two days later when I discovered he was wearing those panties again. He asked me to go panty-shopping with him. I thought it was a little weird but he sure looked sexy in those panties. We bought 18 pair of panties for him and he started wearing panties daily.

About four months into the relationship, I was approached by my friend Jenna with a rumor that she had heard. Jenna had heard that Barry might have cheated on me after a weekend sorority party. I did not attend that party but I had to find out if the rumor was true. Jenna and I traced the source of the rumor and it led to a guy by the name of Dominic. When we met Dominic, both Jenna and I were impressed with his good looks. I figured that he knew who Barry might have cheated with. He did…and WOW…what a surprise. Barry had cheated on me with Dominic. Dominic seemed to feel badly that Barry had cheated but insisted that the only thing that happened was that Barry had performed a headjob on him. When we left Dominic, I was in shock and Jenna could not stop laughing. How was I going to ask Barry about this? It is not everyday that a girl confronts her boyfriend about giving other guys head. What should I say to Barry? Jenna and I talked about it and decided that we would devise a plan for some kind of revenge. Maybe I should cheat on Barry and even the score? I told Jenna, “why should I compromise my standards, Barry is the cock-gobbling slut!” When I said this to her, Jenna came up with the perfect plan.

Jenna and I both remained very cool around Barry and never let him know that we knew anything, although Jenna would occasionally let out a giggle whenever she was around Barry. Jenna and I knew what she was giggling about, Barry was totally clueless. I began to use my feminine power to influence Barry. I would drop hints about oral fixations being a turn-on for me. I would get Barry to suck on my fingers and tell him how horny that made me. Barry came over to my apartment one day and I took out a magazine that contained some gay porn. Jenna had a friend of hers get the magazine for me. I flipped through the magazine while sitting next to Barry and found a picture of a guy sucking off another guy. I showed Barry and told him that it made me hot to see a guy do that. Barry did not say anything. So, I took a much more directive approach. I said, “Barry, would you suck another guy off for me?” He looked at me for a second and then smiled and asked if I would really like that. “Absolutely, I think it is hot,” I replied. It was then that Barry said, “If you wanted me to…I would do it.” I responded by telling him that maybe I would set up a scene like that sometime. The plan was set in motion.

I invited Barry to come over to my apartment and told him that we would be doing something fun so he should wear a cute pair of panties. When I opened the door and saw Barry standing there with a big smile on his face, I knew he was ready for some action. We began to make-out and I stripped his jeans and shirt off of him. Barry was wearing nothing but a purple silk thong panty. It was then that used two pair of handcuffs and cuffed his hands behind his back and his ankles together. I had him hop to the middle of the room and get down on all fours. I began to spank him firmly with my hand. Each spank would produce a loud SMACK sound on his thong-clad tushie. Barry wiggled his ass back and forth and lifted it slightly…inviting more spanking. He moaned, “Oooohhh…spank me baby!” I responded with a series of firm swats that must of stung good. Then I took out a blind-fold and put it on Barry, who was still on all fours. It was time to put the plan fully in play.

Jenna quietly led five guys into the room. I continued to spank Barry’s ass to keep him clueless of what was about to happen. I noticed that every time I delivered a firm SMACK to Barry’s ass, he would drop open his mouth. The first guy walked up in front of Barry and hung his huge cock directly in front of Barry’s face. At the exact moment that Barry opened his mouth; the guy shoved his cock in. Barry was initially shocked but quickly started sucking the cock. After a couple of minutes, the guy just grabbed Barry’s head and began thrusting on Barry’s face. Barry could not do much about it except to take it all in. It did not take long before the guy was rock hard and powerfully pumping Barry’s lips. While all of this was happening, Jenna and I kept spanking his ass. It was a panty-pounding and a face-fucking! The first guy finished down Barry’s throat. And within seconds, the second guy started up and began force-feeding Barry huge black cock.

That guy thrust his huge cock down Barry’s throat like a jack-hammer. He was repeatedly slamming Barry’s tonsils over and over for 20 non-stop minutes. Jenna and I tried to keep from laughing but just couldn’t. The second guy shot his load down Barry’s throat; it must have been about a gallon of cum because Barry had to swallow several times. The third guy took over and did the same thing…gagging Barry numerous times with deep throat action. The fourth guy jumped in and set his balls in Barry’s mouth. Barry sucked his sack clean. The fifth guy then stepped up to Barry and inserted his throbbing cock in Barry’s cum-gulping mouth. I spanked Barry’s ass hard, each smack shoving his lips further onto the cock. Jenna took off Barry’s blindfold so that he could see that the fifth cock that he was servicing was Dominic. The look of shock and total embarrassment on Barry’s face was really funny. But it was the way that Dominic repeatedly gagged Barry’s throat that was hilarious. After Dominic finished in Barry’s mouth, he pulled out and repeatedly smacked Barry across the face with his cock. It was a wonderful sight.

With Barry still on his knees, I walked in front of him and glared. He knew that he had been caught cheating and he knew that he had been sissified by Girl Power. Barry blushed and looked away. I could not contain myself any longer…I started laughing loudly and Jenna joined in. As the five guys left the room, Jenna walked up behind Barry and shoved him from his knees to down on all fours. Jenna and I took turns whacking Barry’s ass for a couple of minutes. His face was red and his ass was red. I could hear Barry whimpering in complete utter humiliation. We helped him to his feet and walked him out of my apartment. We left him handcuffed and ankle-cuffed in front of my apartment building…he was wearing only the thong panty. I reached out and grabbed his purple thong panty and gave it a quick yank…delivering a farewell wedgie to cock-gobbling Barry.

I love it when a plan comes together!

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