Gag a Rific Barry : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

After leaving Barry out in front of my apartment complex for 5 minutes, Jenna and I went to check on him. Actually, we went to laugh at him. What we saw was Barry trying to hop (handcuffed and anklecuffed) towards some bushes for cover. If you remember, Barry was wearing only a purple thong panty - wedgied up his ass. We watched through the glass in the apartment stairwell and laughed until we cried. Barry hopped towards some trees as a car approached him. Barry quickly jumped into the bushes and straight into a large tree. Of course, his hands were cuffed behind his back so he hit the tree with his head. Jenna and I watched as he briefly stumbled dazed and then passed out cold -- landing hard on his ass. He laid on the lawn of my apartment building -- out cold. Jenna and I ran down to see if he was okay. He was unconscious when we got to him but appeared to be fine. Jenna and I saw a wonderful opportunity to humiliate Barry a little more -- and we took the opportunity.

Jenna and I carried Barry to her car and shoved him in. We quickly drove up to campus and went to a Sorority house. Barry was still out but had begun to stir a little. We carried him into the front foyer of the sorority. When inside, we uncuffed his hands and cuffed him to the banister of a large stairwell. He was bent over so he was in prime spanking position. Jenna took out some of her lipstick and wrote on Barry's back the words "SPANK ME - I'M A cum slut!"

Jenna and I went back to my apartment and the phone rang about one hour later. It was a girl from the Sorority that Barry was at. She told us that she and 3 of her Sorority sisters had found Barry and spanked him very hard. As a matter of fact, she said, Barry had cried as they were spanking him. They somehow knew that Barry needed intense humiliation. Reportedly, they also took an entire role of film of Barry in his cute tiny thong panties - wedgied up his ass. The Sorority girls also wanted Jenna and I to come over and pick him up. When we arrived, Barry was still whimpering -- his ass was bright red from spanking. I'm not sure that he was glad to see us because he just rolled his eyes. At that, Jenna delivered a very firm SMACK to his ass that jolted his entire body. Barry winced in pain and we just laughed.

At this point, Barry had just encountered four of the girls. I informed Barry that at least 15 more girls would be coming home later and would probably want to spank him silly. Barry began to beg us to un-cuff him. I told Barry that he would be set free just as soon as he sucked off a few cocks for the Sorority girls. Barry, of course, agreed to it. The Sorority girls were excited about it and started making phone calls to see if they could get a few guys to come over for a headjob. As the phone calls were being made, five more girls came in to participate. When three guys arrived, they immediately walked over to Barry. By this time, ten Sorority girls were watching. Barry began to suck the first guy off with passion. As before, it did not take that long until the guy was rock hard and Barry was getting his face pounded with deep and powerful hip-thrusts. Barry gagged on a few occasions but never vomited. All of us girls were just giggling like crazy. It was sooooo satisfying to see Barry forced into being a total cock-whore. Each guy slammed Barry's throat like it was a face-fuck competition. I never knew that a throat could take such abuse. It was sooooo hilarious!

After about 40 minutes of non-stop lip-pounding cock-gobbling fun -- Barry finally was finished. He was humiliated and exhausted. Barry was begging Jenna and I to take him home. One of the Sorority girls stepped up to Barry and began to spank his thong-pantied ass. Loud smacks echoed in the foyer area. The girl told Barry that she would stop spanking him if he would loudly declare his immense love for sucking multiple cocks. Barry began to yell, through tears, "I love sucking cocks - I want to suck more cocks!" Of course, all of us already knew that. Just then, another guy walked through the door. He was a black guy that looked to be about 6'4" tall and maybe 250 lbs. The guy had a cock that was about 9 inches long -- 8 inches of it was shoved into Barry's mouth. Everyone was laughing loudly at Barry but he just kept servicing that cock. I could tell that Barry was mortified with total embarrassment but I could also see that flirty squint of his eyes that told me that he was starting to really enjoy this cock in his mouth. Suddenly, the guy pulled out and shot an incredible load onto Barry's face. That guy must of had 10 ounces of cum because he completely covered Barry's face. A lot of pictures were being taken. Barry was in utter shock at the large volume of cum that was all over his face.

I was about to unlock the handcuffs on Barry when one of the Sorority girls stopped me. She reached out and gave a little snap to the string on Barry's thong and told him that he would only be released if he agreed to be her personal French maid the following weekend. Barry immediately agreed and so I un-cuffed him. Barry said he could barely walk because his ass hurt so much from all the spanking. So, Jenna and I helped him out.

We told Barry that we would take him home, but Jenna pulled over about one mile from Barry's place and kicked him out. It was dark outside, but still -- Barry had to walk aways wearing only a purple thong panty and with dried cum all over his face. Barry finally was able to straighten his wedgied thong. As Jenna and I watched him walk down the street, we gave each other a high-five. Our revenge on Barry had turned out even better than we thought.

Jenna and I just could not go home, we had to drive past Barry a few more times. So we turned around and drove back towards Barry. Then we saw the flashing of police lights on the side of the road. As we approached, we saw a female police officer standing in front of her car talking to Barry. We pulled over and approached them. We heard the officer ask him what was all over his face. Jenna began laughing out loud and the officer told us not to come any closer. We told her that we knew Barry. She had him stand in front of her car in the lights while she spoke with Jenna and I at the back of her car. We told her that he had been giving multiple headjobs and had been yelling, "I love sucking cock" just a few minutes ago. She told us that she was going to arrest him for indecent exposure for walking down the road in panties. The officer actually smiled when she told us this - which was funny. She approached Barry and asked him about his cock-sucking - which he admitted. She then told him to put his hands behind his back and hand-cuffed him.

As she led him back to sit in her car, Jenna said, "Well Barry, at least you are accustomed to wearing hand-cuffs." Barry glared at us and said, "HA HA HA - very funny!" As the officer put Barry into her car, I yelled out, "who knows Barry, maybe you'll meet some guys in jail that want headjobs." The officer actually giggled at that and said, "nice panties" as she shut the car door. The officer told us that we could come down and bail him out if we wanted. Jenna and I looked at each other and in unison said, "I don't think so." She said we probably should bring him some clothing though because he would only be wearing the panties. I told her that I didn't have any of his clothes. The officer said, "well, even if you have a pair of your sweat-pants or something - he'll have to wear whatever you bring him. Jenna and I went back to my place and got a pink cropped t-shirt and a short pleated-skirt with an elastic waist. We took those down to the jail and dropped them off for Barry. We heard that he actually went before the judge wearing the skirt and the judge ordered Barry to go to court-ordered counseling.

Too funny!!!

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