Fun starts when son discovers sleeping Mommy

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This story is completely fictional, ENJOY

I return home from a day out with friends. The house looks empty, no noises and the car is missing. I head up to the bathroom and hanging from the shower rod are several pair of Mommy's pantyhose drying, very sexy to me. I look around and in the hamper are a pair of dark sheer pantyhose that Mommy had apparently had on that day. I reach into the hamper and pull out the twisted clingy pantyhose and as they emerge from the hamper the scent becomes obvious.

I raise the pantyhose to my nose and inhale the scent deeply. I am overcome by Mommy's scent and can't stop breathing in the wonderful aroma. I immediately bring my hands down to my growing cock and start rubbing it. I look back into the hamper and find a pair of Mommy's pantyhose and bring the silky material up to my cock and start massaging while I inhale the scent that is so uniquely Mommy's. I decide to go to my bedroom and finish what I am just starting and as I exit the bathroom with Mommy's pantyhose and panties in my hand, I hear noises coming from Mommy's and Daddy's bedroom.

I come closer to the door and look in, Mommy is laying on the bed wearing nothing but a pair of her sheer stockings and a bodysuit. Mommy had apparently started to change and decided to take a little rest before getting changed. I look in and as the scent from her pantyhose and panties come up to my nose, I smell Mommy's scent and before me is Mommy laying on the bed, spread eagle peaceful and asleep.

I quietly make my way into her room and approach the bed, as I get closer Mommy's form gets bigger. As I get closer knowing what I have in mind, my cock begins to grow. Nice and hard now and standing straight up, I approach the bed and gently sit down on it. I reach out and start to massage Mommy's stockinged foot and Mommy moans gently, still asleep. I caress my way up her beautiful stockinged leg and again Mommy opens her legs more becoming more inviting to my advances. Advances of which she knows not where they originate. I climb further up her body and am now caressing her beautiful mound that is beneath her body suit. With each upward thrusting motion of my hand, I am met with an equal downward thrust from Mommy's now quite hot mound.

The dampness that is soon meeting my hand is even more enticing and I move onward again I caress Mommy's hips and than gently massage the mounds that lay beneath Mommy's bodysuit. I than remove her beautiful breasts from her bodysuit freeing them to the night air. The nipples are beginning to harden and I gently bend down and lick them before blowing on them. This action immediately brings them to a nice hard state and I begin to suck hungrily upon them. Low moans escape from Mommy but this does not scare me away.

Now straddling her stockinged leg, I decide to go for it and with a gentle upward thrust I am now at the lips of my Mommy's dripping pussy. The heat, the moisture, the excitement and the anticipation all factors that spur me on. I can't believe that I am about to slide my cock into my Mommy's dripping pussy. I can't stop myself however now and with another upward thrust, I am soon inside of Mommy, moving in and out ever so slowly. Mommy is meeting my upward thrust with equal downward thrusts burrying me deeper and deeper inside of her hot moist pussy with each thrust.

I hear moans from Mommy and as I look up at her face, her eyes still closed, her lips have opened as if awaiting a passionate kiss. I can't let my own Mommy down so with a gentle move upward and inward, I bend down and begin to kiss Mommy. Moans are soon escaping her mouth and there is no doubt that Mommy is awake. What is unknown to Mommy however is that her son is kissing her.

It is at this exact time that the door opens up and Daddy is standing there as the sight of his wife being fucked by her son registers in his brain. Daddy never being an individual to allow a moment to escape immediately strips and approaches the bed. I have frozen deep inside of Mommy as she continues to passionately kiss me. Daddy approaches the bed and brings his hard cock to our faces. I move upward from Mommy's and my kiss and Daddy brings his hard cock to the lips of Mommy. Mommy immediately opens her eyes knowing that she can't be getting fucked and being made to suck on a cock at the same time.

It is at this point that the situation registers with mom. She looks up and sees me laying ontop of her feeling my hard cock deep inside, she climaxes almost instantly, holding onto me with her beautiful stockinged legs. Mommy opens her beautiful lips and begins to suck on Daddy's cock.

Daddy gets nice and hard as Mommy continues sucking on his cock watching me fuck Mommy over and over again. As she does, Daddy looks onto the bed and sees the pair of Mommy's pantyhose and panties on the bed. Looking back at Mommy, dressed in her bodysuit and lingerie, it is obvious to him that these items have not been brought to the bed by Mommy.

He looks down at me and asks what the panties and pantyhose are here for. I can't even begin to get the answer out of my mouth when Mommy chimes in. He's been sniffing my panties hon and I believe even putting on my pantyhose and panties as they don't fit me the way they used to.

Is this true? I can't believe the situation I am now in. My cock is burried inside of Mommy's dripping pussy while Daddy is asking me if I have put on Mommy's panties and pantyhose. I have no where to go and no option other than to tell the truth and with that realization, I say yes it's true Daddy.

So my little man wants to be a little girl does he? I'll show you what it's like to be a little girl, get out of Mommy, Get out of Mommy right now. I slowly remove my hard cock from Mommy's dripping pussy as she looks on. Put these on and with that statement, Daddy hands me the pair of pantyhose. I put them on and once dressed in Mommy's pantyhose, I am told to rub myself through the material. I do and again my hard cock is even harder.

So my little boy likes fucking his mother, how about fucking his mother wearing a pair of his Mommy's pantyhose daddy says. I am moved up to Mommy again and a slit is put in the front of the pantyhose so that my hard cock can get out and into Mommy's dripping pussy. I move forward and soon am once again burried inside of Mommy's dripping pussy. Bend down and kiss your Mommy's tits I am told and I do so hungrily.

Daddy starts to caress my pantyhose covered ass and decides he is going to rub his hard cock against the crack of my ass. I am now being ridden while I am riding and without even a single warning Daddy bends down and as he reaches into the pantyhose he puts a hole near my but so that his hard cock can get into my shitter. Daddy says, bad little slut boys that want to be even nastier slutty little girls, have to be fucked by there Daddies and with that Daddy slides his hard cock into my asshole while I'm sucking on Mommy's tits and sliding my hard cock into Mommy's dripping pussy.

We establish a rythem and soon are all going in and out at the same time. My hard cock sliding into Mommy is making her cum in buckets. Daddy's hard cock sliding into my asshole is keeping my cock hard inside of Mommy and driving me on to go even deeper and deeper inside of Mommy which is making Mommy cum even deeper and harder

Soon we all explode and Daddy says, next time I'm going to have Uncle and Aunty join us.

You are one slutty little girl aren't you?

I have no answer for that question but to say, yes Daddy, I'm yours and Mommy's slutty little daughter for ever.

Let me know what you think about this one.

Hugs again Slutty little daughter slut marie

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