Full Of Black Seed

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Max watched his pregnant wife roll off the couch and race into the bathroom to vomit. Morning sickness again. She was now 4 months pregnant with a black baby. Unbelievable.
His friends back home would never understand but Max was cool with it all. Mainly because he had set the whole thing up.

From the first his pretty young wife Haley had been excited and interested in the swingers life style. She was only 19 when they married and the thought of fucking just one man for the rest of her life was not appealing but still she loved Max and wanted them to be married forever. He had promised her a chance to sow her wild oats and then when they were older they'd both settle down. Max always tingled when he thought of Haley with other men. It turned him on so much that he decided to let her have an affair right off. She had her eye on a black
named Rick who they occasionally bought weed from. Max didn't like it.

Ricky was a gangster and very aggressive with Haley. He looked at her with sex on his mind and lust in his eyes. Haley's blonde hair and plump
firm ass made him drool. Max played on his lust to get good deals from him on drugs though and that made Ricky even more overt with his lust for Haley. He slipped her his number once when he thought Max wasn't looking. Haley showed it to Max and they laughed about it. He was primed and ready and Max was getting excited too. Just the thought of his pretty little blonde wife and this black gangster stirred his libido.

Haley made no bones that she wanted to fuck him. She looked at his lean powerful body and her juices started to flow. He just had that element of mystery and danger about him that was so sexy to her. And never having experienced sex with any man other than Max just added to the thrill.
Max had her call him and listened in. He pressed her to meet him at a bar along the Strip.
" When we gon party together without yer man huh? I got sumpthin you gon like girl but you got to give me a chance. Les have a party."
Max giggled as Haley played coy with him. She was teasing him with it. She said she wanted to party with him but she'd have to wait till Max left town for a couple of days. He said OK and made her promise to call him when he was gone.

Max had it all planned out. He had Haley call him and say she was free for a night of partying. Then he went out and bought a webcam and set it up in the bedroom. Haley was to bring him back home and they could fuck all night long while Max watched from a remote location on his laptop.

The night started bad. Haley started drinking before she even got to the bar. Max was nervous. He knew that Haley got wild when she drank and lost all inhibition. She was insatiable sexually when drunk. Still Max was feeling good. He took his laptop to the library and sat in a private reading room and monitored the webcam.

Haley called him from the bar, she sounded drunk and loose. In the back he could hear guys laughing. She said there was a change of plans and that her and Rick had decided to make a real party out of it.
"You'll see what I mean when we get back to the house" she said and hung up before Max could protest. For a moment he thought of calling it all off, going to the house and stopping the debauchery but
something inside him was dying to see it. Hours passed and then,
as Max looked at the screen in the reading room the bedroom door opened and in staggered Haley laughing and swaying on her feet followed by 3 black men !

He recognized Rick but the other 2 were total strangers and they were all getting naked with his wife !!
Max sat bolt upright with suprise. This was not what he wanted. He tried to call Haley but a husky voice answered.
"Haley bizzy right now mutha fuckah... we know what cha tryin ta do bitch...she tole us everthang bitch... I see dah camera right dere... well now you gon see sumthin BITCH !

Max froze as he saw on the screen one of the blacks pull out his cock and wave it in front of the webcam. Haley grabbed the camera from him and spoke directly into it.
" This is what I want Max...this what I always wanted. I just didn't know how to tell you. I've fantasized about a black gangbang for years but I thought it would turn you off. I know you don't really like blacks. I can't help it babe I want black dick... I love you and always will but this is something I just had to have. After this I'll always be faithfull to you and I'll never cheat I swear...but before she could finish one of the black men snatched the camera and said something he couldn't understand and set it back on the nightstand.

Now he had a good view of the room and the three guys.
They were all studs with tremendous cocks. Rick had a 9 inch monster
and he was the smallest. The other 2 had 11 and 12 inchers thick and curved. Haley's 19 year old body vibrated with anticipation. She shivered as one guy pulled off her jeans. The other guy, Mr. 12 inch
slipped off her shirt and then rubbed his slimy black cock all over her face.

Rick watched from the side, stroking his pole to a full erection. Max was helpless to do anything. His wife was going to get fucked by three horny fucking blacks as he watched on the computer.
Haley's tits flopped between Ricks legs as she positioned herself to give him head. He fisted his cock and guided it into her hungry mouth as Mr 12 inch spread her ass cheeks and the other guy tongued her ass. She moaned slow and long sucking for all she was worth. So much spit she spewed,his dick was glistening with her saliva she sucked the head and kissed the balls making him arch his back with pleasure. Suddenly she moved down to his nuts and licked his balls with sloppy slurps. Rick looked into the camera he pushed her head down further. " lick my ass cunt". Max was beside himself watching his pretty white wife lick and tongue a black man's ass. She had never even done that to him before.

She licked Ricks black asshole and then the other 2 guys bent wanted some. Soon she was tossing 3 black salads at once. Licking all that nasty black ass was turning her on so much she attacked her clit with her thumb rubbing it like it was on fire.

"Her pussy wet like a muh fuckah, niggah" he heard 12inch say. "I'm o get some pussy"...
And with that he flipped her on her back and stuck all 12 inches into her. She screamed as it hit bottom and his balls met her ass. Max had never seen Haley's pussy so wet. As the 12 inch cock opened her wider and wider she deposited her own milky cum on the rampaging shaft. She begged him not to push it in so deep. 'It's too much' she wimpered. Max went crazy as she screamed again in pain. This was a slow torture fuck,she yelped like an animal with each thrust.
Rick brought the camera close to her dick filled pussy.

"look at that shit man, big bo stretchin yo wife pussy out. How it feel Bo?" he asked him but Bo just grunted. "This the first time Bo ever had some white pussy. He young he never had white pussy befo..."
And they all laughed as Haley screamed in delicious agony.Max watched up close now as the black monster dick ripped and stretched the pink tissue of his wifes young pussy. He plowed and pounded so hard Haley wasn't even screaming anymore she was just babbling and it sounded like staccato eructions of air through her tortured groans."Please no
ah...ah,no...ooow,ah". As Bo got deeper into her guts Haley squirmed as he banged her pelvus with his.

This is what Max was afraid of,she was at their mercy.
And there was no guessing what they would do to her. They were criminals and no doubt dangerous thugs. Max saw prison Tattoos on the one guy's shoulder as he helped spread Haley's legs.
Suddenly the speed of Bo's thrusting began to change he whooped like an animal as he started to feel the orgasm erupt. Haley felt it too and she cried out pitifully..."God don't cum in me I'm not using anything." Rick laughed and egged Bo on. "cum in her pussy niggah. She gon have a black baby...shiiit!" They all laughed but Max was horrified. He knew it was true. Haley had stopped taking the pill months ago and they were using condoms or pulling out. And now at the height of her fertility cycle she was sure to get pregnant by this potent black buck. He'd probably knocked up all kinds of black
pussy with a nut sack that big and full of black baby making cum.

"Shit ahm a cum in you baby" he groaned. "No,oh no!" she cried as she felt the hot rush of his ejaculation start. "you want a black baby" he panted. "No,No I don't want a black baby I don't want it pleeeease god noooo, I don't want your baby, I don't know you. Why are you doing this?... NO !" It was too late Bo's monster member shivered as he shot a thick load of hot jizz deep in her well fucked twat. He grinded hard as every drop came out. Haley stiffened, arched her back and came inspite of herself. Her pussy convulsed around his invading member. Her cervix dipped into the pool of cum he deposited.
Max watched as they spread her pussy wide and showed him the lake of Bo's cum brimming out. He saw the other guy now grab his wife and flip her on her stomach. Rick slid under her and impaled her gooey pussy with his turgid rod and as she rocked on it slowly he called to the guy in back of her.

"Ebron get you some niggah." Max watched as they double penetrated her. She rode Ricks dick as Ebron ass fucked her with slow steady strokes. Rick's dick kept popping out and soon it was just Ebron pounding her ass. She shrieked as Ebron plowed his 11 inch dick into her shit slit. Bo got into it sucking her tits as Rick stuck his big dick in her mouth to shut her up. Ebron mashed up her guts loosening her bum gut. His dick was way too big for this and soon streaks of brown coated his cock. She couldn't hold it ... Oh,ooh she cried as her watery bowels nearly released onto his dick but thankfully he pulled out shoved it into her pussy and blew his load deep inside her.

Max saw his wife full of black cum. They paraded her in front of the web cam and spread her pussy wide for him to see.

A veritable lake of cum had been deposited inside of her and Rick hadn't got off yet.Rick put the web cam on the floor and sat on a chair over it. He put Haley on his lap and Max had a perfect shot of his wife riding Ricks cock from below. She bounced on it but it wouldn't stay hard, so she knelt between his legs and sucked it. Max watched his pretty blonde wife give a sloppy blow job to Ricks massive black fuck stick. She wet it in her jaws and bobbed her head like a show pony. As she sucked Big Bo got hard again and came up behind her with a 12 inch meat injection. He slid it in her cunt and pumped as she sucked. Rick's black pole was coming to life as Bo rearranged her guts from behind, he came strong and long in her pussy again as Rick writhed under her attentions, soon his cock was ready to explode and her blasted her mouth with black seed. Haley gagged and coughed swallowing every drop. She gasped for air as the black fuckers laughed and slapped hands.

"We turnin yo wife out" Bo said to the camera. "She full ah nut now". Max felt his own erection rise as he thought of going home and fucking Haley's still gooey pussy. As he closed the computer Ebron was on top of Haley, going at her again plunging his nearly foot long black hose into her and filling her insides with more nigger jizz. He lost track of time and wandered the streets for hours.

Then just about at daybreak his phone rang. It was an exhausted voice on the other end.
"Come get yo bitch we through wid her...'

Max walked the streets for a couple more hours then went home. The front door was open and the place smelled of alcohol and sex. Haley was sleep face down on the bed her body had been used in every way. She smiled weakly at Max who slid head first between her legs and sucked her ravaged pussy tenderly. He sucked and sucked. He smelled the rude odor of male sexuality and tasted the salty nigger semen. He sucked the jizz out of her pussy. It oozed for out for hours. He licked it and jerked off. He'd never felt closer to Haley. She smiled and fell asleep in his arms never feeling so loved.
3 months later doctor Patel told Haley the good news. She was pregnant. Max was cool with it.

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