Fucked my cousin Veenu's ass by mistake

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100% fiction!

Friends i am back with a shocking but erotic incident. I am rohan, a 24 year old guy from Punjab (India). This incident happened two months back. I went to my cousin's birthday party. Her name is Veenu. She is a voluptuous Punjabi girl with a body full of flesh. She is 22 and 34 30 38 sized girl. Her father, means my uncle is a very rich doctor so she organized a big birthday party.

She invited her friends and cousins. I have a girlfriend named Pooja. She is a sexy Punjabi girl with 32 28 36 sized body. I took her with me at my cousin veenu's birthday party. She agreed to accompany me and we reached there before mentioned time of arrival of guests. My God friends my cousin was having brisk evening walk at that time.

She was wearing a tight white top which hugged her breasts perfectly and tight black slacks which were somehow managing to hold her fleshy big buttocks. It seemed like her butts were struggling to get out of her clothing. Her panty line was clearly visible. My eyes were lusting for her body. She was looking damn sexy.

My girlfriend noticed it and punched by shoulder softly. I looked towards her and pretended of being innocent. Veenu greeted us and thanked for coming early. Party started and we were 20 in number of which 7 to 8 were girls. It continued for 3 hours. After it was over we decided to sleep. There was a sinle hall for all the people to take rest. This hall had no lighting and was illuminated by moonlight. So visibility was low in the hall.

Me and pooja found a place for ourselves. To my luck my cousin got a place just beside me. My cock rose in thoughts of being sandwiched between two hot ladies. I was not feeling sleepy. I came close to pooja and hugged her from back. She was wearing a long skirt which i lifted up slowly. I kissed her neck and bought her skirt upto her waist. I lowered her panty and started rubbing her pussy.

Soon it was wet. I took my cock out of my underwear and moved it over her butts. We wrapped ourselves in blanket. I went inside blanket and started sucking her ass. She knew that her ass was getting ready for my cock. I sucked her ass hole deeply for some minutes. Now i started applying lot of saliva on her holy ass hole and positioned my cock on it.

With my first hard stroke she screamed. I paused for a moment and started stroking her ass hole hard again. Our body movements were vigorous and moaning sounds easily audible to my cousin. I fucked Pooja's ass hole for 15 minutes and cummed inside it. I went to the bathroom, cleaned my cock and came back. Friends when i came back there was complete darkness. I tried very hard and found my place with difficulty. I lied down hugged pooja and slept there.

After exactly one hour as i saw on my watch i woke up. I felt Pooja's ass crack on my cock. My cock rose again within no time. I started rubbing it on her ass crack. I took it out of my underwear and started stroking it on her ass crack. I was surprised as i found her ass very soft, broad and fleshy. I thought that may be it was because of the position in which she was lying.

 Then suddenly i noticed that she was wearing a slacks. I remembered that pooja wore a long skirt so obviously it was not her. It meant that it was not my original position where i fucked pooja's ass hole. My cock was still on her ass crack. It was so hard that it did not wanted to move away from it. I was horny and decided to take a chance to fuck her ass.

I was not aware of the girl lying next to me but her ass was huge enough to grab my cock's attention. I started removing her slacks. She moved a bit as if she was helping me to remove her slacks. I touched her ass. It was more soft and bigger than Pooja'a ass. My cock had felt such a huge ass first time. It was harder that ever. Without wasting any time i started applying saliva on her ass hole. She was lying still. I was confused whether she was ready to get fucked or was in deep sleep.

I applied more saliva on her ass hole and this time inside her ass hole with my finger. Her ass hole was tighter than pooja's ass hole. I lost my control, kept my cock on her ass hole and pushed it hard inside her. Her ass gave a rapid movement and she screamed. I kept my hand on her mouth and gave five hard pushes.

I whispered in her ear not to scream as she would start enjoying after few minutes. I stroked her ass slowly for some time and again increased my speed. Now she was enjoying. She was fucking my cock with her ass. She moved her ass on my cock covering her whole length. I was wondering that who this girl was.

She was thrusting her ass very hard on my cock. I felt like i would come at any time. I lifted her top and touched her braless boobs. As she was fucking my cock with her ass hole i started pressing her boobs and pulled her nipples. Our sex was becoming wild as we both increased our speeds. With a heavy moan i cummed inside her. My cock had released more cum than it ejaculated when i fucked Pooja's ass.

We both were satisfied and fell asleep. My eyes opened again after two hours and it was dawn. The faces of people lying near me were visible now. Friend's i was shocked to see Veenu lying besides me. I did not know whether to curse myself or consider myself lucky. Lot of questions were striking my mind. Does veenu knew that it was me?If she knew then why did she allow me to fuck her ass. Why did not she stopped me from doing that?

I found my place and slowly moved there. I saw that pooja was well asleep. I hugged her and slept. In the morning everybody woke up. I could not see Veenu anywhere. Later i came to know that she had left for her house early in the morning. I and Pooja got ready and left the place. After this incident i never got opportunity to meet my cousin and those questions always revolved in my mind. It was a short story but long enough to make all cum

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