Fucked by the Aerobics Instructor

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I had joined a new gym because of the great classes they offered. It was in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas just down from all the gay bars, so needless to say, lots of hot looking gay guys and very few women to deal with. I did a water aerobics class and it was really getting me in great shape. Slim average build in the first place but now I was getting really ripped. I had done regular aerobics but all it did was make me tired and horny, the instructor was this tall strawberry blonde with a killer face and body and looked like he was packing a big cock in those shorts.This class was way to distracting, this wasn’t going to work at all.

I had been lusting after this guy for a long time at the Round Up Saloon, the gay country dance hall I hung out at. I had seen him many times but he was just a fantasy, way to hot looking to ever look my way. His Wrangler cowboy cut jeans really showed his off his assets as he would spin across the dance floor. This man was living breathing sex appeal in skin tight jeans and cowboy boots. He made my ass pucker just looking at him.

I own a florist here in Dallas and one day who should want in but my gym god to place an order. He didn’t recognize me so I say, 

“Hi, I'm Christopher, I see you at the gym and the Round Up all the time”
He smiles and introduces himself.
"I'm sorry,I don't remember you but I see so many guys there, it's hard to keep up sometimes."

I’m standing here in my shop getting to finally talk to this hunk a manhood and I can’t think of anything clever to say, nothing but flower shop crap. He is just so fucking hot! I’m just over six foot tall and I have to look up at him, damn he’s even hotter up close. Emerald green eyes and this warm glow from his freckles and that powerfully muscled very tall body, make him look both boyish and manly at the same time. My ass is twitching so bad, I want his cock up my ass right here and now but I’m all business and keep my hands off. Richard is his name, wouldn’t you know it, all I can think is big dick. I think I need a cold shower.

He thanks me and walks out, my mouth is watering and my dick is hard, so I head to the back room and beat off real quick before someone comes back and catches me. I sent out his order and made it extra nice for him and few days later I see him in the gym locker room and he thanks me for the beautiful work I did. He had seen it and was impressed. Standing in my Speedo  getting ready for my class and he’s giving me a hard on just talking to me. He noticed, he would. I’m embarrassed because he’s so fucking hot and even though I’d let him fuck me in front of this room full of guys, he a customer and I got to keep it professional.

I kept seeing him around and he would chat me up and I’d try not to stare at him like a hunk of meat. A month or so later, I’m working late at the shop. The lights are on but the door is locked and I hear a tap tap tap on the glass. I head up front to see Richard smiling back at me so I let him in.
“Hi, whats going on? Come on in.” 
“I saw you were working late and I thought I’d see what was going on”
“Just doing a little work while no one is around, I get more done this way. Come on back and talk to me” 

I turn and walk back to the work room and I’m talking away trying not to get excited. He's right behind me and as I turn around in mid sentence, I notice he is grouping his big ole cock. He is in gym clothes as he had just left work. I look up and he is grinning at me with a gleam in his eye. 
“You know you want my cock don’t you? I’ve been watching you lust for me since I first came in this place. You have been watching me at the gym and at the bar, I see you, I know what you need.” 
Then he pulls his shorts down in front and out pops this big ass fucking cock, it’s not even hard yet and it’s huge. 

“You got a great high sitting ass and it’s been screaming at me to fuck it, hasn’t it? I thought you’d have hit on me by now, I keep coming over to talk and you can’t keep your eyes off my cock, don’t you want it?”
“I was trying to be professional because you’re a customer and I did’t want to fuck up the business relationship by hitting on you. For all I knew, you were being nice to the guy that did flowers for you”
“Thats not going to change anything if I fuck you is it?”
“Hell no, lets get naked and fuck.” He is out of his clothes in a flash and I’m almost as fast. He sits back on my stool at my work bench and spreads this nearly hairless legs and I kneel down and start suck his big ole cock down my throat. I can’t believe I’m in the back of my flower shop sucking the cock of the man I’ve been jacking off to for over a year. 

“Get it nice and we, you’re going to need it” 
Oh fuck, this just got better, he not only want to fuck me, he wants my ass raw too. It just get better as we go, I love it raw. 
“Hope you like it rough cuz this ain’t going to be an easy fuck” 

With that he gets behind me, I grab the table, he grabs my ass and spreads my cheeks, spits on my hole and rams that huge spit covered cock in my ass. Fast and hard, no slow romantic love making, this was a pure wild animal fucking. Not a word was said, he just kept slamming that big cock in and out of my ass. I’m up on tip toes and he is nearly fucking me off my feet.

He seemed so sweet and funny before, I no idea this sweet faced man boy would be such a wild fuck. I took this wild fucking for nearly 15 minutes, I was beginning to see stars with every inward thrust. Finally he slams in me one last time and I feel that cock pulsing deep in my ass. Relief came in the form of a huge fucking load coating my ripped up hole. That pulsing cock sent me over the edge and I started blowing my load too. Slowly he slides that big cock out of my well used ass. 

“Damn, Richard, I never saw this happening. That was incredible! I’m going to be sitting funny for a week.” He just laughed.
“So, you like a hard raw fuck?”
“Hell yes”
“Still want my flower business?” I grinned and said yes, “Good cuz I’m gonna wanna fuck you again. You’re a great designer and a hot fuck to.”

I did flowers for Richard for a long time and when he got a boyfriend I did them for him too. We didn’t get to fuck around as much after that, the BF didn’t want to share. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. We fucked at the gym a few times when I was there when he was closing up. I miss still that cock….

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