Fucked Up!

(Part 1 from 2)

100% fiction!

Let me just start by saying that my dad and I never got along.

He resented my mom for having me since he didn’t want children. He was always an asshole towards me and treated me like shit. My parents met in high school and always seemed to hang out with a bad crowd. They were into all kinds of drugs and drank a lot and a night of sexual debauchery resulted in my conception a year before their graduation.

They both dropped out of school which led to drug-dealing and a lot of crazy shit. They never got married which gave my dad the chance to fuck as many women as he could when he got involved in the drug-riddled rave scene. Mom knew about it and would try to fuck as many guys as possible to piss dad off.

Problem was, mom was fucking some of my school buddies and dad had managed to fuck two of my girlfriends. I was always caught between my parents narcotic habits, their rave and drug friends, sexual war games and dad’s emotional and verbal abuse.

The best thing was going away to college up north. That’s where for the next four years, I partied my balls off and realized that, at the end of the day, I had ended up just like my dad. Horny, always listening to my dick and basically a regular pussy hound asshole. I had gotten my good share of tail in high school but in college, I was chasing pussy as my major and drilling their tight asses as my minor.

After college, I traveled for three years and had an assortment of dead-end jobs. I never had any real lasting relationships since all I just mainly wanted to do was fuck my balls off. Getting straight to the sex without all the fuckin’ bells and whistles. I was only interested in blowing my wad in as many girls as possible. Like my father. That’s all that seemed to matter.

In that period, mom finally got fed up with dad. It didn’t help when she found him and his buddies having an orgy with a bevy of blondes in the living room. Mom packed and moved while he was left with our run-down house and an assortment of dead-end jobs.
I had moved back to town in the last two years and was living with a girl roommate who loved to fuck me even though she had a girlfriend.

I fell into the drug scene and soon got into debt over my drug, booze and pussy addiction. We were hangin’ out with a rough crowd.
The whole situation got fucked up and it was then that I decided to sober up.

My dad had been working for about a year for this security company but he had just been relocated to a new area downtown within the last five months.
With my financial problems growing, I moved back in with dad since mom was now living with an even bigger asshole than pops!

It had been two months since I had moved in with him and things were going pretty well between us. Dad had mellowed a lot. Of course dad knew that if he had tried that abuse, verbal shit with me again, I would’ve kicked him in the nuts. He was off the hard drugs and just living on beer, pot, pizza, pineapple and had a huge addiction to porn. (Who doesn’t?)

I put in an application at my dad’s security company but he cautioned me about the working conditions.

He and his co-workers, Sean, Matt, Mike, Parm, Yul, Campbell and Miguel didn’t get along since my father worked with an iron fist and they were all fucking slackers who didn’t really follow all procedures and they always seemed to do the least possible work. They were just there for the paycheque and to hang out and shoot the shit with each other.

My dad arrogantly believed that it was a part of his job to make sure the other guys were doing theirs properly, pretty much up to company standards and beyond. Continually lighting fires under their asses and his Nazi-like attention to detail made them hate him even more.
Except there was one guy called Peter that my dad hung out with that he felt he could trust and confide in since Peter didn’t seem to be a part of the group.

He would come over at the house and play poker and hang out to watch a game. Peter seemed to be a really great guy.

My father didn’t get along with his boss, either. Arnie was a lazy fuck and was good friends with the gang that worked with dad. They would usually go to strip clubs, poker nights and sports events together and it was a pretty tight group. There was also the alleged stories of a mother-daughter tag team that loved gangbangs and the guys would frequently party with them in a secret room in the basement of our security building but pops and I could never find it. We thought it was all just bullshit!

Dad had met Diane, Arnie’s bitch of an ex-wife, at the Christmas office party two months before I came to live with him and had apparently fucked her everywhere and anywhere. She was a nympho that couldn’t be satisfied by Arnie’s prick, hence the divorce. She was also into public sex and dad was spending most of his free time slamming his pecker into her as much as possible but she had called it off suddenly just as I moved back into town.

Little did my dad know that Arnie knew of his sexual exploits with his ex-wife when his security camera had captured the two of them fucking in Arnie’s office. My dad had sprayed his juices all over his desk and office and had never even bothered to clean up after himself.

Dad knew something was up when it seemed Arnie was purposely screwing around the work schedules and giving my dad inconsistent shifts, mainly nightshifts and graveyard. This went on for several weeks.

Before the real shit started going down, I was surprised when to get a job interview. And as my fucking luck would have it, I was interviewed by a supervisor named Dennis, who just happened to be an old high school enemy of mine. We fucked the same chicks back then, and we kept cock-blocking and trying to out-humiliate each other every chance we could.

He thought I idolized him and that I was jealous because it was widely known he had a huge eleven-inch cock and knew that mine was at least half that length. A fact, which unfortunately, was also revealed by all the bitches we drilled and shared.
In truth, he was too much of an asshole, like my dad at the time, for me to really give a fuck!

At our prom, I managed to ball Sara, the one girl Dennis wanted to slide his shaft into but didn’t. I had planned it so well that he caught us both having sex. Catching me slamming’ my dick doggy-style into the girl he actually liked, it made him hate me even more.

I was injecting my beef regularly into Sara after that and we were getting serious. But things only got worse with Dennis and Sara when, a few months later, at an August barbecue party with classmates, Dennis’ sister Karen, angry at her brother for interfering with her and her boyfriend, Brad, came to me in a drunken state wanting revenge and rough sex.

She had just caught Sara with both Brad and Dennis’ dicks in her mouth. Since it was Dennis and Karen’s house, she wanted to do it in her brother’s room. Within minutes, Karen was blowing me and before you knew it, her legs were around my neck and I was dicking my way into her tight little asian pussy. And it was only my sick fucking luck that when the point of no return came into effect, I took my dick out and managed to splooge over her face and chest just as Dennis barged in with Brad.

This obviously led to a confrontation with the two of them. Sara slapped me and said we were through but I spat back that I knew she gave Dennis and Brad a double blowjob. Karen chewed out Dennis and Brad. I tried to apologize but Dennis had vowed to get even and this was just another reason to get out of town. I hoped and prayed I’d never see him again.

At the job interview, Dennis still acted like an arrogant prick and most of the time we talked about high school and fake laughed our way through all the shit we pulled and all the girls we banged.
I was very surprised when I got hired.

I had been there a month and Dennis was treating me like an old buddy, not like the prick he was in high school. Although he would always boast about his supervisory position and being my boss, I just made sure to joke and laugh at his personal jabs against me.

My day patrol partner was Kevin, a nineteen-year old horny sex fiend who had gotten the job and had trained with me at the same time. He was a harmless kid who acted ‘cool’ and laid back every minute and needed a cigarette every five. He only seemed interested in talking about sex, porn, action movies, hockey and fucking hoes all the time! I kept bitching that I had gotten laid in a while. I was either playing too much hand solo, pounding dad’s old fuck-doll or having my pocket pussy as my new girlfriend. Dad and I had become celibate hermits addicted to internet porn and I was hoping that this new job would open the gates to fresh pussy.

At work, Dad finally snapped over Arnie’s laziness and his crazy work schedule and went deliberately over his head to inform Arnie’s bosses about his complaints and annoyances. This included all the other lazy fuckers at work and it wasn’t long until major shit hit the fan. Arnie and the whole gang got a stern warning and now that really made my dad public enemy number one.

So it came as a shock when Arnie invited me and dad to a strip club for his 40th birthday party. He also invited all the usual suspects for a night of partying.

It all started at one of the sleaziest run-down strip clubs in town. Me and dad were sitting front row center. The best seats in the house while Dennis kept buying rounds of shooters for everyone.

Watching all those strippers with their huge tits and all the lovely cunts winking at us it was hard not to get a chubby. With a few months of not draining our hot loads into some skanky hoes, my dad and I just couldn’t stop grinning since it was nice to be in the company of some live snatch and hooters again.

By the second beer and the fourth tequila shot, it wasn’t hard to notice me and my dad with bulges in our pants. The guys cheered at that.

Dennis and Arnie came close to me and my father and both apologized for the past. They had admitted that they were in the wrong and wanted to make amends for everything that had happened before. They wanted to forgive and forget. Me and dad drunkenly shook hands with them and sealed a new beginning and I noticed Arnie and Dennis look at each other, sharing a wink and an evil grin between them. Arnie then announced that we were all leaving, which upset me and dad since we wanted to see more pussy.

Dennis winked and promised that everything would be alright.
Within fifteen minutes we were off to a sleazy run-down hotel bar a few blocks down from our security offices with me and dad practically pissing the entire walk there. It didn’t take long for Arnie to introduce two skanky-looking ladies to the group. One blonde with huge tits named Cindy, with a mouth ready-made to suck some good dick and a much older brunette called Suzy with some fake tits and an ass just wanting to get slaughtered.

We slow danced with them and the two ladies clung to me and dad like flies on shit. They both groped and humped us as they continued to rub our crotches which gave us boners again.
The guys noticed and cheered us on as pops and I went to drain the lizard. When we both rejoined the party, Arnie had two fresh beers waiting for us. Dennis was whispering something into Cindy and Suzy’s ears.

Arnie stated that we were about to leave so me and pops had to chug our beers. We downed our beers in one full swoop and I noticed a certain off-taste to it that seemed strange.

Then, we all left the bar with Cindy and Suzy and headed to our security office where Arnie revealed to us the secret and private room in the basement. We all crowded into the muggy room that looked dirty and run-down and smelled like cigarette smoke, liquor, sweat, ass and dried cum.

When birthday boy Arnie wanted to get the first lap dance, Dennis set up a large armchair in the middle of the room. By the end of their strip dance, the girls were wearing nothing but bras and panties.
I was starting to sweat and could feel my cock twitch and my balls tingling again. Arnie was hard but he wanted my father to take his place.

“Chucky, Chucky, Chucky!” The guys chanted and there was no hesitation for my old man to switch places.
He threw off his coat like a madman and sat in the chair with his tongue hanging out and Cindy and Suzy started grinding into him.

The room felt hot and humid. Sexually crude music was heard through the ceiling speakers provided by Uncle Luke/Snoop Dog and other typical hip hop/rap groups rhyming about fucking hoes and hoes sucking dick.
My dad looked like a fucked up horny monkey as he continued to lick his lips. Forcing him up off the chair, Cindy began to unbutton his shirt while Suzy took off his shoes and socks. You couldn’t help but see my dad’s obvious magnum aimed and ready in his pants.
All the buddies cheered as I noticed Peter had a camcorder and was starting to film the whole scene. Then, both women unbuckled his belt, unzipped his black pants and took them off.

Now, there was no mistaking it. My 44-year old father had his boner pitching a tent in his dark blue briefs. He didn’t seem to care at all. He just looked like a crazed fanatic sex fiend who licked his lips with anticipation.
The girls then wanted my dad to take off their skimpy bras.

Once he did, they allowed him to lick their tits if he held his hands behind his back. Nobody could look away and I felt a chub coming on as my dad continued his licking and sucking.
I was covered in sweat. My clothes were beginning to stick to me. My heart was racing and I was feeling horny. It didn’t help watching dad flick his tongue over their nipples like a sex-crazed frog while his dick looked like it would rip through his underwear.

The girls kneeled and looked at Arnie, who promptly nodded and smiled to Dennis and then looked back at the girls.
Then, Suzy and Cindy smiled at themselves and then proceeded to yank down my dad’s briefs.
And there he was! I couldn’t believe it! Was I hallucinating?

My old man was standing completely naked with his fucking cock throbbing hard for everyone to see! The whole room erupted like a Super Bowl win!
With a long, thin tube of middle-age French meat wagging before him, dad looked stupefied and horrified for several seconds. He looked down at his engorged crotch and then looked up at everybody and just shrugged.
“Hey, it’s got a mind of it’s own, ya know!” He smugly commented.

The room cheered!
“Holy shit Charles, you’re fuckin’ uncut?!!” Peter stated, completely shocked while he kept filming and zooming in. “Just like Yul!”
“Of course he is, dick-wad,” Dennis answered. “He’s fuckin’ French, remember?”

Dad smugly smirked at the guys and proudly flexed his muscles like a bodybuilder and grinned like the ultimate stud. Dad obviously didn’t have a problem being naked with his hard member greeting everyone in the room.

I had never once see him this joyous and happy! He still had a decent body and I was stunned and speechless at these developments. It was like a car crash, you couldn’t look away! It also felt like déjà vu since I had seen my dad’s boner before. Growing up, I had caught him high or drunk with one and a few times when I’d come home to find him fucking some drugged up slut at the house.

As sick as it was to admit to myself, my old man owned a pretty impressive cock!
In full view of everyone, it didn’t leave anything to the imagination and it was clear to see that the fucker had several inches on me! Plus, it seemed like he had an extra inch on his foreskin.
But my uncut bone was thankfully thicker!

The only thing we had in common (besides our uncircumcised units) was how much major pube action we had and how hairy our balls were but mine hung lower. Apparently, neither one of us had ever shaved in that region.
“Jesus, Charles, you’re like fuckin’ Sasquatch down there!” Arnie stated while snickering as the guys laughed.

“A fuckin’ dick afro!!” Peter shouted with a harsh laugh.
Dad didn’t respond and looked somewhat embarrassed but that soon changed when Cindy started playing with his balls and Suzy began licking his entire shaft. Slowly and thoroughly licking his sausage like a French vanilla ice cream cone, pops couldn’t help but sport the biggest shit-grin of all time! He couldn’t stop moaning and whimpering either!

His legs were also starting to buckle under the circumstances and his body flinched and quivered as he moaned and groaned. He kept raising a leg like a horny dog in heat while Suzy and Cindy took turns tugging on his nut-sack and pulling off some scrot hairs which kept my dad’s body jolting like electric currents were being unleashed into him.
“Wow, this pube is four fuckin’ inches long!” Suzy yelped in shock.
“Sit down, Charles. Get comfortable!” Arnie ordered.

Dad did what he was told without hesitation and sat back on the chair. There, the girls got on their knees and each suckled a fuzzy nut.
Now, with both of his hairy balls being licked and sucked on, my father looked like he was about to coat the room with his jizz.

I noticed the other guys were trying to hide their erections and trying hard not to rub their crotches this early but they were all drooling over what was happening before them. And who could blame them!
My heart was racing! My body was perspiring like a son-of-a-bitch and my hair and baseball cap were covered in sweat while still feeling drunk, horny and clammy. I also felt strange, like I was on X.
I was trying to hide my own boner as my pants clung to me like a second skin and my shirt was drenched with sweat underneath my coat.

“Okay, how many inches for this motherfucker?” Dennis ordered.

Before my dad knew what was happening, Suzy bent her mouth over his excitedly eager cock and took his entire rod down her throat which had him gasping, “Holy shit!” He moaned uncontrollably.
Then, just as quickly, Suzy released his dick from her oral exam and turned to face Peter’s camera while licking her lips. “Eight inches!” She revealed with a smile. Everyone whistled as my dad’s shit-grin grew even wider with pride.

All eyes were on Cindy and Suzy as they were now taking turns eating up his sausage and playing with his sweaty, hairy sack.
Every one of my pores was covered in sweat. I could even feel my balls coated with it. I couldn’t move! It was all surreal!
I was transfixed as we all were watching my father getting fully serviced.

Still hard as a rock, I slowly started moving backwards towards the washroom hoping no one would notice.
Then, unexpectedly, I felt a horny rush overwhelm me.

As the ladies continued to lick my dad’s tool, I had the sudden urge to rub one out so I took a few step backwards but suddenly felt a body behind me.
When I turned around, I was faced with Arnie’s ugly face and twisted smile as he looked down at my obvious erection and raised an eyebrow.

“Hey Al! Got wood?” Arnie winked with an evil grin, grabbed me strongly around the shoulders and turned me around so that everyone could see the rocket in my pants.
“Hey, Charles, your son just popped a wheely!” Arnie yelled out like a proclamation. The guys cheered as Arnie took off my jacket, revealing my sweat-stained shirt.

Dennis laughed. “Watching your dad making you sweaty and horny, Al?”
“Fuck you, Dennis!” was all I could muster for a comeback.
“Nice bulge there, buddy!” Kevin complemented with a grin.
“Seems little Al’s awake and wants to play!” Sean added with smugness.

Arnie held a firm grip around my shoulders with one hand and started to unbutton my shirt with the other.
“Arnie…what…the fuck….are you doin’?” I asked confused.

Arnie just smiled mischievously as Dennis sneered while Kevin and Matt took my shoes and socks off and Parm came out with a second camcorder.
I looked at Dennis. “What the fuck is going on, man?”

Dennis grabbed my sweaty baseball cap and threw it to the side as he sported an evil grin, patted my shoulder and gestured to my groin. “You’ve got major bone, buddy. Now it’s time to use it!”
As Arnie got to the last button on my shirt, Cindy stopped playing with my dad’s equipment and stood up. Quickly moving towards me, she spread open my shirt revealing my hairy chest.

As she tore it off me, she started running her fingers through my chest hair. “Shit, you’re fucking hairier than your dad! I love chest hair. It’s so hot! I can’t fucking wait to see what you’ve got down there!”
Taking full control, she yanked loose my belt and began to unzip my pants.

I looked over at my dad who had a frozen smirk on his face as Suzy furiously jacked his joint while all of the guys near me just gawked.
I froze. I couldn’t move. Time seemed to slow down. I was so high!

Looking at my old man, I mouthed “what the fuck?” and whispered a pointless plead. “Dad?” But he just stared back with a look of absolute sexual lust with his tongue hanging out. He looked like a frat boy, drunk and high consumed with carnal desire while also looking like a sex-hungry pervert! He devilishly smirked like a man possessed!
I had never felt so horny in my life!

As my pants fell around my ankles, my cock felt as hard as it had ever been and for a second, I thought I was going to bust a nut right there and then!
I quickly restrained myself while I noticed dad, still in a crazed daze, staring at my crotch. And then, as Cindy threw my pants to the side, his eyes bugged out as she finally pulled down my loose skivvies.
And now, there I was. Like my dad. Drunk, sweaty, horny, fucked up and now fuckin’ bare-ass naked with my proud piece of meat twitching in its hardness. Everyone cheered!

“Holy hairy fuck! You really are his son! Fuckin’ Sasquatch Junior!” Arnie exclaimed as the whole room laughed and all eyes were on my exposed member which, for some strange reason, I didn’t even try to hide.
Time stood still. Even dad couldn’t seem to look away as I just stood there, arms at my side with all my fuckin’ junk hangin’ out!
I couldn’t believe it was all really happening! Was this some fucked up sex dream? Fuckin’ fucked, twisted and sick!

I was actually standing there, in the middle of the room, in front of my dad, our bosses and fellow co-workers with a hard-on and hairy balls unveiled for all to see!
“Nice pecker, Al!” Kevin grinned like the Joker. “Balling kinda low there, too, buddy!”

I couldn’t help but casually shrug back with a smirk. “Gettin’ hard and hangin’ low! What can I say, like father, like son!?” The guys cheered in response while dad responded with “You’re my fuckin’ son, alright!”
We smashed knuckles. For the very first time!

Cindy grabbed my prime rib and led me to where Mike had moved a second armchair next to my father, just two feet away from where Suzy was biting her teeth on dad’s foreskin and pulling it as far back as she could which extended by about four inches.
I sat down next to pops and Suzy stopped stretching on my old man’s extra half-inch of skin to look what Cindy was gonna do.

Peter and Parm were literally standing over us from behind the chairs to film, while the rest of the guys were moving closer to see the action.
“Looks like your thicker than your father, too,” Cindy commented happily.

“Yeah, but how many inches for fuck-face junior?” Dennis leaned in close while Parm kneeled down and was zooming in, commenting, “Looks like dear old dad is gonna win in the inches race.”
“But Al’s got a thicker prick!” Peter added, which gave my ego a boost.
Cindy deep-throated me resulting in a slow gasp, “Oh, fuck me!”

I turned to my dad who was staring intently as Cindy spat on my knob and then went full-on and took my whole package.
I could sense her spit coating my dick.
Then, Cindy let my cock breathe. “Six inches!” She revealed.
“Whoa, a two-inch difference,” Kevin stated with a smirk.

“I knew it! Alright ladies, whenever you’re ready,” Dennis said.

I quickly faced dad as Suzy was slowly enveloping his aching pole down her throat, making him groan with ecstasy, while Cindy started using her teeth and tongue on my French hoody which drove me crazy.

Soon, she was licking and gobbling up my whole shaft. The feeling was amazing! Her mouth was giving my fuck-stick a workout! All I was aiming for at that point was for the girls to finally slurp on me and dad’s liquefied dopeness. The guys were standing around just watching and giving us the thumbs-up, while me and my father continued to get the best fucking hummers of our lives.

Then Suzy proceeded to pull up my dad’s foreskin creating a funnel so that when she drooled her spit into it, it lubricated and coated his entire headpiece without any spittle being lost or wasted. He groaned. He couldn’t stop flinching and jolting in spasms.
Cindy pushed me back so that my asshole was off the chair. That’s when she proceeded to lick my perineum trail. From my hairy balls to my hairy asshole and back again which had me yelping like a dog and sending a shiver of ecstasy through my spine!

Peter and Parm were kneeling close to us with the camcorders so that they didn’t miss anything.

Then Dennis wanted Suzy and Cindy to switch places. Cindy didn’t even hesitate in eating up my dad’s tube-steak, while Suzy went balls-deep on my thicker member. Dad continued to gasp uttering, “Shit Fucking Christ!!!!”
He grunted loudly as the guys couldn’t help but snicker.
He and I were covered in sweat.

Time didn’t exist as I watched the guys watching us. They were practically drooling and were all sportin’ wood, except Dennis.
“Okay, time for you two fore-skinned cunts to do some work! Fuck their faces!” Arnie commanded to me and my father.
Within seconds, dad and I had these bitches by the head and hair and having them take every inch of our man-hoods.

We pounded into them like no tomorrow. Suzy’s mouth was primed for some French meat and her mouth was like the perfect fit around my fuck-tool. She then closed her mouth tightly around my johnson so that it got harder and tougher to slam into her throat.
Cindy seemed to be doing the same with dad since he was having a difficult time shoving his pussy plunger into her mouth.

But the whole experience actually got me harder because every time I shoved my knob into her, my foreskin would automatically pull back, allowing my exposed gland to reach the back of her throat and getting coated with her spit. I had the feeling that my dad’s dick was probably experiencing the exact same thing.

Within minutes, my dad garbled something as he looked at me. “Merde, I’m gettin’ fuckin’ close, man!”
Suddenly, Cindy and Suzy let our gob-covered cocks breathe.
Dad looked like he was about to lose it as he jolted and flinched.

Dennis moved in close to him. “Hey, don’t even think of losin’ your fuckin’ load just yet, Charles! We've just begun!”
“I think it may be too late,” Peter giggled as he zoomed in on my dad’s dick.

Suddenly, all eyes were on my father’s bone. He tried to control his jolting spasms as he turned to face me with humiliated embarrassment.

“Dad?” I cautiously asked with concern and fear. Then, I watched in dread as the first squirt emerged through his foreskin. As my jaw dropped in shock, the first drops of spunk dribbled down his quivering cock.
“Oh, shit! No, no, no, no, no ,no! No fuckin’ way! Not now!” Dad grunted in shame and defeat. You could see he was trying to get the upper hand.

Cindy then grabbed his bone with both hands and slowly pulled down his foreskin, allowing everyone in the room to clearly see his purple crown in all it’s exposed glory!

Everyone howled and watched as rivulets of his pre-ejaculate were slowly oozing out of his ole’ one eye and dripping down his thin eight-inch shaft as he whimpered like a dog. He winced like he was clenching his asshole or shitting a brick. He was obviously trying to stop any more splooge from surfacing and escaping.

Dad looked at Dennis and Arnie. His sweat-covered face relaxed and he looked like a child caught masturbating by his parents. “This is nothing guys, honest, it’s just the pre-shit stuff! I’ve got tons more, I swear!”

Cindy then took this opportunity to lick his cum-covered cock up to the point where she licked his entire headpiece, which had him moaning like a horny animal and cause for his legs to spasm. But every time she caught an emerging squirt, another one took it’s place and my dad’s body jerked in sexual ecstasy.

I couldn’t turn away. It was like I was in a trance. I couldn’t look away.
I felt strange watching this happen to my father. I was also embarrassed for him and somehow, both sadistically and perversely sick, even feeling superior and satisfied that it was happening to him. Having him release some early leakage for all of us to witness placed him in the most vulnerable and humiliating position possible even as more drops emerged from his piss-hole. He would be forever remembered as the premature ejaculator!

This had put my old man in a position that I could now hold over his head for the rest of his life.
He looked at me in desperation. “I got a lot more. Trust me!”
“Okay, dad. No worries!” I managed to smirk and wink back at him.

“Your spunk is so nice and sweet!” Cindy complemented.
“A eat a lot of pineapple!” I caught my dad wink at her and smile. “Note to all you guys. Pineapple makes your sperm sweeter!”
Within seconds, Cindy and Suzy pulled me and dad off the chairs.

So now we were both standing beside each other, still covered in sweat, horny as fuck and boners hard as hell for Peter and Parm to film and for everyone else to witness and watch live.

Dad and I were then instructed to kneel and put our arms behind our backs. With just our teeth, we were told that we could both take off their barely-there panties and spread their legs showing us two sides of snatch heaven!
Cindy’s hairy cunt looked like it was hungry for some sausage while Suzy’s clit was winking at me. I was horny, hard and ready to put my dick to work!
It somehow made my cock throb even harder while looking at their pussies!

The girls sat down on the armchairs and spread their legs to play with their snatch as my balls tingled with excitement.
Dennis walked up to us and put an arm around me and dad’s shoulders.

“Okay, this is what’s going to happen, fuckers. You can do anything you want to these lovely ladies, but, whatever you do to them, they will then do the same to you. Got it?”
To be honest, I only half-heard what he had said because having two hairy beavers seductively smile at me made me think of nothing else.
I was feeling a whole lot of lust, testosterone and primal animalistic urges at this moment. My dad and I didn’t really give two fucks at that point.

We were both hard, horny, ready to fuck our balls off and pretty much in their control so we just looked at each other and nodded.
“So now it’s your turn. Lick their nasty little cunts!” Dennis commanded while sneering in glee.

With all the co-workers drawing near to watch and Peter and Parm continuing to film with the camera, my dad didn’t seem hesitate for a fucking second as he took Suzy’s forest of pussy.
And so, like father, like son, I kneeled down beside my dad and ploughed my face into Cindy’s wet, sticky cunt.
I darted my excited tongue into her crotch and started spreading her clit.
I could hear dad slurping and chomping on Suzy’s twat.

My tongue continued to penetrate deeper into Cindy’s vagina like a starving lizard looking for the ultimate mother-load.
Suddenly, we all heard a clap and the girls suddenly got up off the chairs and kneeled on the seats so that their asses were elevated and their assholes faced the guys.

Dennis ordered me and dad to reverse our positions so that we both sat on our asses on the floor with our backs to the chairs facing the gang with our two jolting pricks remaining at full attention. My wang had never felt so hard. It was like we had taken Viagra.
Cindy and Suzy then moved their asses and wet clits down over our mouths so that me and pops could continue our clit tongue probe. I took turns having a knee up for extra support.

I started flickering my tongue so far up her clit like a sex-crazed freak while my senses were heightened as I continued smelling some funky odours from Cindy’s box as it enveloped my nostrils. Both Cindy and Suzy were moaning as I tried to enjoy this moment like it was my last.

Sweat continued to cover my head and body. I could soon taste my own perspiration. Cindy and I were now having our body odours merging as I placed two fingers in her cunt and spread them.
I felt a few drops from her as she squealed and moaned in ecstasy.

Then it was time for me and my dad to switch places which had me with Suzy’s crotch while Dad had Cindy’s muff to contend with.
I really wanted to jerk off but stayed committed to the task at hand.

Suzy and Cindy started playing around by raising and lowering their asses up in the air forcing me and my old man to sit up like trained seals as we tried to keep our faces on their skanky clits.
We looked like two trained whales at Sea World diving up to get food. I was taking my hands and trying to stretch her cunt-lips allowing more of my tongue to explore her while the guys were cheering us on. I tried to dig my tongue deeper into her clit but what I really wanted to do was stick all my fingers into her and give her the best finger-fuck of her life. Maybe even a fisting!

I decided to start jamming my forefinger into her ass.
I lost all track of time again until I heard a loud clap.
“Okay, enough of that!” Arnie stated.

Me and my dad slowly took our faces off their cunts as the girls got off the chairs. Dad’s hair and face were covered in sweat and his mouth was drenched in pussy juice as was mine.
Pops couldn’t help but lick his lips. “That was fuckin’ awesome!”
Dad looked like a sexually-satisfied frat boy. “Thanks for that!”

“You’re welcome!” Suzy smiled back.
“You two definitely have some bomb-ass pussy!” I added.
“Wait till you fuck us!” Cindy replied with a grin.
“Can’t wait! What now?” I grinned back, feeling like the horniest guy on the planet. My dick waving back and forth between Suzy and Cindy.
“Well, you guys are still harder than ever…why don’t you two….jack off for us! Grab your dorks, fellas!” Arnie ordered with an evil smile.

“Yeah, let’s see you two yank your French cocks. Let’s find out who’s a righty and who’s a lefty?” Dennis added with a smug grin.
“What? No fuckin’ way, man,” was all I could say in confusion.
“Excuse me, Al? Are you declining an order from your bosses?” Dennis mocked jokingly.
“You seriously want me and my dad to pump our rods? Right here, right now?” I responded.

“Shut your hole, take your hand, grab your dinks and start pulling or the party’s over!” Arnie chimed in with the order again and walked up to us.
“You sick sons-of-bitches! You all want to see me pound my pud with my dad joining in? Who fuckin’ does that?” I spat back.
“Well, you fucks are about to!” Arnie responded with complete confidence.
“You guys really expect me and my son to stroke off with everyone watching and you guys filming it all?” My dad looking confused.

“Uh, yeah, start tugging those tubes and rub one out, gentleman! Or get the fuck out and go home!” Arnie ordered with a firmer tone.
“You won’t be alone! We’ll frig off with you!” Suzy added with a wink and a smile.
Dad locked eyes at me looking completely defeated with a slight smirk at the corner of his mouth. He silently sat down and took his place back in his armchair as he surrendered.

Fuckin’ surprise coming from a Frenchman!

“Dad? Are you out of your fucking mind? They want us to beat our meats!
Together! In front of everybody! Are you seriously gonna do it?”
“Well, we’ve already gotten our dicks and balls sucked on, son and we’ve just licked some pretty awesome pussy! Don’t know about you but I’m not leavin’ till I’ve drained my sack and fuckin’ sprayed, man!”

My dad looked convicted in that ultimate quest as the room roared with support. And with that, my dad took his place back on the armchair while the girls got on their backs on the floor facing pops and me.
“Are you sure about this, dad?” I asked, completely stunned and confused.

“Oh, stop being a fuckin’ pussy, Al! It’s pumped, primed and ready for you, man! Grab your junk and let’s jack ’til we fuckin’ blow, bro! Who gives a fuck?” My dad responded harshly, sounding exactly like the verbal abuse he constantly threw at me growing up.
The guys cheered at that, leaving Kevin to utter loudly, “Slam!”
My dick felt like a rod of steel. A cock with infinite boner power!

Then, with slight trepidation and hesitation, I sat down next to my dad with my legs stretched out and faced Suzy. I gave my dad a dirty look.
“You know you can still be the biggest fuckin’ dick sometimes!”

“Funny you should say that, son, since I got the eight inches, remember? What’s your fuckin’ problem? Afraid to play with it? Are you that bad at it?” That made the whole room erupt in laughter.
“Just keep it up, dad, and or I may just blow a load all over your fuckin’ face!” I stared daggers at him.

“Ooohh, big words for a six-incher!” Dad slammed back with disgust as all the guys roared in laughter again. But at this moment, me and dad’s attention went back to the ladies who were already spread-eagled, so me and my old man could see their hairy clits again and squeezing their jugs. Dad moved quickly to the edge of the chair so that he made sure his toes were playing with Cindy’s as he got comfortable.
Then, with his right hand and me with my left, we began our mutual masturbatory session.

And there we both were, yanking on our joysticks! The fucked up sex dream just got even more fucked up! And it was just the beginning!
Again, it was too fucked to comprehend. All the guys’ were bug-eyed as father and son were now side-by-side tugging their tubes together.
It was all too sick and retarded! How could the universe let this happen? Did all the cosmos, the gods, fate and destiny have it in for my me and my dad? Karma?

Dad and I couldn’t resist in stealing glances at each other, curious to see how we both choked our chickens. We both looked at each other in shock and interest since it appeared we stroked our snouts in pretty much the exact same way. Rubbing our fore-skinned knobs with one hand and massaging our balls with the other. We would also intermittedly pull on our sacks and nut hairs. With most of my individual pubes measuring up to three or more inches, (like my dad) it was easier for me to pull on them. Dad rubbed his dick like no tomorrow. He looked like he was drilling for oil!

I was so high and horny! It seemed the sexual energy in me was colliding with every atom and molecule of my body!
I couldn’t believe I was actually jerking my joint next to my old man, who was doing the same thing for all to see!
“You two should take this act on the road!” Kevin laughed.

All the guys continued to watch me and dad in our jerking session as Peter and Parm took the opportunity for more close-ups and that got my dad annoyed. “Do you really have to be filming us doing this?”
“Yes, Charles, it’s very important! It’s Security Private Party Policy!” Arnie stated. “We turn off the cameras and your role in this whole party is done. And we all know for a fact that you and your son can’t wait to blow your loads all over this room and all over these bitches!”

My dad quickly opened his mouth intending to respond harshly but closed it, realizing that, well, Arnie was actually right about that.
Dad started tugging hard on his nut hairs while stretching his foreskin.
He looked at me and shrugged with a cocky grin, “How’s it hangin’, son?
Havin’ fun playing with yourself? Juggling your balls and pullin’ pubes?”

“Oh, well, you know, dad, it’s just like any other day….you know, gettin’ head together, lickin’ cunt together and now jackin’ off together! Yep, pretty much like another ordinary day beating the fuck out of my cock next to you! Oh, and yeah, dad, as you can clearly see, I’m hangin’ nice and hard, thanks for asking,” I responded with sarcasm while continuing to rub my head.

“Fuckin’ little punk! Always a smart-ass answer! Look at us, man! We’re rockin’ out with our cocks out! We fuckin’ stroke our dicks the same way, son. Even if I do have more inches.”
“Yeah, yeah, dad, I know. We all know! You got eight fuckin’ inches while I’ve got six. Well, then I guess it’s a good thing I got the thicker bone then, eh, dad?” I slammed back.
“Oooohhh, another slam!” Peter said as the guys laughed.

Dennis interjected. “And speaking of inches, not that I would ever want to interrupt your sweet, sentimental father-son jack-off bonding time.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?” I snapped.

He came up close to my face. “How does that make you feel, Al? Knowing that your dad’s got two inches on you? Inadequate? Maybe you can’t measure up?” He was holding back on his laugh.
“What’s your fuckin’ problem, Dennis?” I barked back, “You can fuckin’ see that my shafts thicker!”

I quickly noticed Dennis nod at the girls, which prompted the two of them to stop masturbating, get up and go to the washroom.
“Hey, where you goin’?” I asked, standing up completely surprised.
“Don’t worry about it, bonerboy. Now tell us, how old were you when you first started tugging it?”

“About eleven, why?” I answered and asked cautiously.
“Charles?” Arnie added.
“Pretty much the same!” My dad revealed.
“And how about when you lost your virginity?” Arnie seemed to order.

“Fifteen,” my father and I answered in unison. Dad and I knocked knuckles.
When the girls came back, they threw a gym bag over to Mike.
Arnie then clapped once and ordered, “Okay, hands off pricks!”

My dad and I threw a couple of extra tugs in before we finally stopped our mutual two-man masturbatory session. At this point, there was no fucking reason to hide our respective schlongs, so me and dad just had our arms at our sides.
Arnie then moved closer to my dad. “So, Charles, just out of….sick curiosity….what’s your favourite sexual position?”
“Fuckin’ from behind, what else?” My dad responded within a second.

The guys cheered and I was startled by how fast his response was and even more shocked by his answer since that was my favourite as well!
“Good ’ole doggy-style, that’s my man!” Peter shouted approvingly as he hi-fived my dad.
“And you, Al?” Dennis asked.

I responded with smug confidence and a smirk, “Like father. Like son.”
The entire room erupted once again. Dad and I did an impromptu hi-five.
“Doggy-style?” Dad proudly stated. “Holy shit, that was my dad’s favourite position, too!”

As retarded as this may sound, it felt cool, the ultimate. Learning that three generations would all have that in common. That me and my old man shared the same first love of sexual positions. Like the way we pumped our rods. The same ages when we started jacking off and when we lost our virginities!

I guess it was weird to learn that we had more things in common, even if that meant they were all sexually related. But it was a nice connection!
“It seems horny hairy fucks like us are a part of our family’s legacy, son! Drilling our French dicks into as many cunts and raw-doggin’ as many assholes as possible!” He and I smashed knuckles.
“Well, glad I could carry on the tradition, dad!” I smugly grinned back.

“Well, this is certainly your lucky day then, gentleman!” Arnie exclaimed.
“Are you shittin’ me?” My father responded as his eight-inch bone twitched like the tail of an excited dog and looked at everyone like someone had just told him he had won the lottery and refused to believe it.
His hopes were answered when the girls got on all fours in front of us again. Cindy’s ass was sending signals to my throbbing dick like a homing beacon.

Cindy looked back at me. “You wanna do me doggy-style?”
I nodded back very quickly.
Dad was licking his lips as Suzy was positioning her sweet little ass in front of him.

“And what about you, Charles? You wanna poke me in the ass and make me holler like a motherfucking little whore?”
My dad nodded back very quickly.
“Just remember, whatever you do to them, they do to you,” Dennis reminded us both.

Without even thinking for a fucking second, my dad and I just looked
at each other, then our swollen members, then back at Dennis and nodded back very quickly. We kneeled in front of their hot little asses. Our bones throbbing harder still with no immediate signs of flaccidity any time soon.
I looked at Dennis, “So…. I guess….we get…cunt first?”

Dennis shook his head. “Ah, no. That wouldn’t be fair in the reciprocation process.”
My dad and I looked at each other in confusion.
Arnie stared at us like we were retards, “You’re both getting the asshole, you French fucks!”

A wide grin formed on my dad’s face like the Cheshire cat.
Before I knew it, Dad was spitting on Suzy’s asshole and then into his hand coating his cockhead and making his gob a lubricant. He was now in the process of being a chef. Preparing the meal before diving in.

I got caught up feeling like a sex fiend from a sick, depraved porn flick and when I glanced over at dad, he was already finger-fucking Suzy with two fingers in her asshole, followed quickly by three and then four.
I was falling behind and trying to catch up.
I dribbled more spit over Cindy’s hole as she groaned. Both bitches were now moaning uncontrollably as my fingers were getting lost in Cindy’s anal cavity.

Looking at dad, he just smirked and winked back at me while he was spreading her asshole wide open and drooling his spit into it. I lost all track of time again as my delirium had me examining Cindy’s hole.
Her sphincter was putting me in a trance as I spread her skanky shitter and I managed to spit a few times in it and it was then dad suddenly got up.

“Okay, enough of this finger-fuck bullshit! Throw me a fuckin’ rubber cause I’m goin’ in!” He bellowed. He was gripping his shaft with one hand and fingering Suzy’s asshole with four fingers and twisting them inside her with the other.
“No rubbers!” Arnie stated. “You get to go in with no protection!”
Dad and I looked like we had been slapped! Three times!

“Yeah, you’re both gonna raw-dog some randoms! So get your fuckin’ hooded dinks ready for action!” Dennis added in triumph.
“But,” he continued with a warning inflection, “you’ve got to let us know before you reach that point of no return! You can’t shoot your fucking wads up their assholes, got it?”

Dad and I nodded back very quickly as our skin-flutes jolted in excitement.
No condoms? What a fuckin’ coup!
I suddenly got caught up watching dad prepare as he moved his hooded missile towards Suzy’s awaiting chocolate starfish. The guys were now kneeling closer. My jaw was on the floor.

Then Dennis came up to us as Peter and Parm got close with the cam-cords. “No, no, no! If you two are gonna deliver some French sausage in the ass, you gotta do it together. At the same time!”
I looked over at my dad who looked really angry and irritated with me, which was a look I was all too familiar with growing up when he was a complete asshole. “Well, hurry the fuck up, bitch!” He barked like a platoon leader.
Without any hesitation or thought I moved into position. Dad pulled his foreskin back and then spat into a hand and greased his knob again.

As he and I locked eyes, we then seemed to time it so that we pierced their sphincters and surged our cocks forward in complete unison. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other as we slowly penetrated their asses.
“Holy fuck!” was all I could grunt as Cindy and Suzy continued to gasp and moan as we pushed into their holes ever deeper. I could feel my foreskin being pulled back and my aching purple voyager continuing to drill on it’s anal journey.
“Fuck me!!” My dad moaned out. “Motherfuckin’ bitch!”

I couldn’t comprehend that all of it was actually occurring. It was like the fucked up sex dream was bursting at the seams. Even with everything that had led to this point. There was no denying it. There we both were, continuing to slowly inject our motherfucking dicks into these bitches assholes and actually watching each other doing it.

“So fuckin’ tight!” I groaned as my thick choad violated her ass even deeper.

“Problem, son?” My dad grunted with a laugh.
“No…no problem, why?” I grunted back with confidence.
“Are you sure you don’t need a fuckin’ hand, bro?” My dad taunted back.

“Fuck you, dad!” I grunted back. “I’m pretty much a master at this! Just concentrate on your own bitch!”
Arnie kneeled beside my father, “Yeah, spread that ass, Charles! Make me fuckin’ proud of you. Use that eight fuckin’ inches, man! Sink that French cock as deep as it’ll go!” He watched intently sounding like a perverted and sleezy sports coach.
“I’m doing the best I can Arnie, so hold your balls, will ya’!?”

My old man responded with a loud grunt as he continued to thrust his man-meat into Suzy. “That’s it, honey, take my fuckin’ prick up your dirty slut-hole!” My dad grunted fiercely, trying to shove more inches of his bone deeper into Suzy’s anal treasure.
I noticed Peter getting on his stomach near my dad’s ass, spreading his legs and moving the camera to get a perfect view of dad delivering an anal beef injection for Suzy. Parm then did it the same to me.
I felt beads of sweat running down my back and into my ass crack.

Cindy’s asshole was like a perfect tight glove on my fuck-stick.
It felt like magic. Four inches in, I stopped pushing since my engorged dick was in the grip of her anal muscles and wasn’t letting go. My pecker was being sucked in like a tractor beam. A literal black hole.
I put my hands up as if ordered by the police, while Cindy’s ass had me in the ultimate grip! I moaned loudly as I went further and further in.

Without having to wear a rubber was amazing!
Soon, both of us were balls-deep and it was then that we freely started to pound their asses like jack-rabbits!
My dad could only sneer and grunt loudly and proudly as he occasionally glanced over to me with pride. I grunted back at him with equal strength and I couldn’t seem to look away.

I knew it was depraved and completely bizarre but I somehow needed to see his facial expressions as he stuffed his eight-inch staff into Suzy’s anal hole. And he obviously had the perverse need to watch me as I pounded my own six-inch bone into Cindy’s corn-hole.
Father and son were now enjoying the full pleasures of anal doggy-style!
At the same time! Without a fuckin’ rubber! Raw doggin’ all the way!

Dad winked at me and smirked as our anal-slam continued.
It was amazing and fucked up! We were now in our favourite sexual position for a roomful of horny, depraved bosses and co-workers who seemed to enjoy watching this live unplanned sex show of bizarre proportions.
Just having my raw six inches get lost into her tight awaiting hole was hard not to squirt inside her but we had promised to warn them once we got close to cumming.

But I was secretly hoping that me and dad would just forget about it and ‘accidentally’ reward them with our French homemade cream sauce.
I turned to Kevin, Sean and Matt who were on my right just three feet away rubbing their crotches through their clothing and gave them a devilish smile, knowing they all wanted to be in my position, while Arnie, Mike and Miguel were transfixed with my old man on our left.

Peter and Parm got back up on their feet and kept filming us with major close-ups. I quickly wondered why the guys weren’t recording the whole twisted event with their cell phones. Why were they filming with just two old-style video-cams that were at least ten years old?
Dad’s face was wincing back and forth between pleasure and pain as we were now both completely entrenched into what we were doing.

We were utterly fucked up, grunting and moaning like crazed animals as I could hear both our sweaty balls smacking the girls’ inner thighs as we smiled at each other.
We were now laying some serious fucking pipe.

“How’s it hangin’ now, eh, son?” My dad gruntingly asked with perverse glee as he grabbed Suzy’s hair and pulled her head back while continuing to shove his meat into her stretched anal hole.
He pounded quickly into her and then slowly ejected out while his sexual groans matched with mine for everyone to hear. “Having a good time?”

“It’s fuckin’ awesome, dad! I’ve never been so hard! Can’t believe we’re actually slammin’ our fuckin’ cocks so fuckin’ deep into these bitches asses! It’s fuckin’ fucked, yo! I think this is the only thing we’ve ever done together that we’ve actually liked doing! Jesus Christ, after 27 years of living…dad…..this is the best fucking night of my life!”

“Yeah, I know. It’s completely fucked! But who gives a fuck! Let’s slam our fuckin’ pricks and pound the shit out of these asses, buddy! Deep slide that thicker cock of yours all the way, son! Make me proud! Let’s drill the fuck out of these bitches and let’s gitter done, bro!”
All the guys cheered us on in support as my dad and I slammed knuckles while we continued to shove our meat-plungers faster and faster into the girls’ anuses.

Needing more to keep my fingers busy, I leaned over Cindy’s back and groped her tits with one hand and started finger-fucking her cunt with the other. A few minutes later, I noticed my father doing the same to Suzy and then grabbing both her tits while pounding his stick-shift into her faster.
Then it happened. The first sensations of my nut cream rising from my balls.

“Don’t know about you, dad, but I’m close!” I had stopped fingering Cindy and now had my hands on her waist and pounding my sausage faster and faster. “I’m close to sprayin’ some major nut!”
“Wait for me, fucker, ’cause I’m pretty close myself! Then we can finally blow our wads together!” He grunted euphorically, not fully realizing how fucked up that sounded even though it seemed to turn him on even more.
Cindy let my pulsating bone out of her slick asshole with a plop.

“What the fuck?” I quickly barked disappointed.
Suzy quickly pulled away from my dad as his cock ejected out of her ass and shouted, “Okay, our turn!”
“What the fuck is this bullshit?” was all my kneeling father could say in complete shock as his confused cock twitched in front of him.

Both me and dad quickly stood up in anger. Our slick dicks were still hard as ever, but we didn’t give two shits at this point.
“What the fuck is goin’ on?” I countered. “We were just about to fuckin’ squirt!”
“Save your squirt, Al. You’re gonna need it!” Arnie sneered, while all the other guys were giggling.

“Alright, back down on all fours, fuck-wads! Time for the ass inspection!” Dennis commanded.
“The…ass-inspection?” I gulped.
“What in fuck’s name are you talking about?” My dad asked with uneasiness.

“Ever been…..ass-fucked, Charles?” Arnie asked loudly.
“My….ass…fucked? What…fuck sick shit is this?” My dad asked somewhat cautiously.
“Ever been penetrated…you know, sodomized? Fucked in the ass?” Arnie continued with the tone that my dad was a complete moron.

“No, Arnie! My ass is only an exit hole!” My father countered back with defiance.
“Well, not tonight, Charles.” Dennis retorted with confidence. “Your exit hole is about to be inspected!” He turned to me. “And what about you bonerboy, ever had your ass probed?”
“You fuckin’ wish, man, but…what…in fuck’s hell?” I cautiously responded.

Dennis came up close to both of us. “Tonight Al, you and dear old dad, are gonna experience the ultimate in father-son bonding. First it was getting hard together, getting head together, licking cunt together. Then it was jacking off, doin’ doggy together and now, finally, the anal reciprocation! Now, you heard the ladies, Al! Four on the floor, bitch!”

I was completely stupefied. I turned to my father stunned and confused. “Dad, what the fuck….is going on? He’s not serious? I mean, we’re not really gonna have our asses…” I looked at Dennis. “Man, you’re not serious. You can’t be this fuckin’ sick? You’re pulling our dicks, right?”

Dennis gave an evil smug look. “Funny how you should put it like that Al, since you’re standing there with six inches of meat. I think I really have you and your father by the balls. That was the deal, remember?”
“We can do whatever you want, but whatever you do to us, we do to you!”
Cindy and Suzy said in unison.

“Oh, shit!” My dad stated in defeat as he bent his head down in shame.
“No! No fuckin’ way, man!” I stated loudly.
“Oh, well….then the party’s over! For you two! Your clothes are right here. You two cum-wads can leave, go home and jack off together or you can bite the bullet, take it like men and finally come what you’ve wanted to do for the last several hours or so.” Arnie said matter-of-factly.

My dad and I quickly looked at each other in confusion, with our cocks still rigid as ever.
Dennis finally answered looking annoyed. “To fuckin’ shoot your loads all over these bitches, you fuckin’ retarded cunts! Now, come on, we’ve wasted enough time talking. Get in the doggy position, ’cause it’s time for some French holes to be spread wide open!”
Everyone hollered, chanting ‘Four on the Floor, bee-otch, bee-otch’ over and over again. Me and dad looked at each other and then our man-hoods.

“Oh man! Shit! I don’t know, Al!” My dad looked at me like he was at wit’s end and desperately wanting to ejaculate.
He looked at me looking as desperate and horny as I was. “I’m sorry son, I’m fuckin’ horny! My dick’s never been so hard and I gotta blow like a motherfucker!”
“Dad, are you blind? Look at my dick! I’m hard as fuck too, you know but…” I stopped once Arnie interrupted me and came close to us with each hand on our shoulders.

“Come on, you man-cunts, we don’t have all fucking night! Get into the doggy position!!” Arnie commanded as he pushed us down.
With slight resistance, me and my dad were forced down on our hands and knees. “I can’t believe I’m fuckin’ doing this!” was all I could say at that point as I submitted myself to humiliation.
“This is some real fucked up shit!” Dad stated in absolute confusion. “Come on, Peter, Kevin, Sean, this is just a sick joke, right? I mean…you guys aren’t… really gonna let this happen, are you? Me…and my son?”

“Fuckin-A man, that’s what tonight is all about!” Peter said excitedly.
“What the fuck does that mean?” My dad asked.
“Ignore him, bring out the jars!” Dennis ordered.

Mike came out with two small jam jars that were filled with a funky-smelling whitish liquid.
“What the living fuck is that?” My dad asked cautiously.
Practically relishing the moment, Dennis winked at Arnie and continued.

“Well, for the past couple of weeks, we all started to save our spit in these jars. It’s been frozen and thawed at perfect room temperature. Oh, and of course we’ve added today’s amount as well just to freshen things up. It’s perfect!”
“Perfect….for….what? What…fucked up shit….is this?” I asked warily.

Then Arnie chimed in, “To grease your bodies and your assholes.” He said it in a matter-of-fact way and also sounding like me and pops were both fucking idiots. Dad and I looked at each other in confusion again.
“Yeah, it’s to make the penetration easier for the two of you. I mean, it’s both your first times. We wouldn’t want to tear up your precious anuses without some lubricant. Unless you two…..want it rough and raw, then we can just start drilling you a new fucking hole without any help at all!” Dennis added with confidence and arrogance.

“You are one…sick…son-of-a-bitch!” My dad managed to say slowly in utter amazement and confusion.

“Who’s the sicker son-of-a-bitch, Charles, the one who does the abusing or is it the sick son-of-a-bitch who takes the fucking abuse?” Arnie snapped back.
“And what the fuck are you gonna do it about, Charles? Go home? Shoot a few loads in your son’s face? Or stand your fucking ground? Right here! Right now! Be a real man and take whatever comes to you,” Dennis responded.
“Do it for the team, Charles! For your brothers, for your son! For yourself to experience for the first time!” Arnie added with taunting tones.

Cindy and Suzy then started pouring the jars of thick syrupy-like spit over our backs and then smearing it across our faces, necks, arms and legs and everywhere else, except our anuses.
It smelled really funky. I made eye contact with Dennis. “You cocksuckers! This is truly the sickest shit I’ve ever seen!”
“Oh, it’s gonna get a lot sicker, boy,” Arnie responded.

“I can’t fuckin’ believe this is happening! I’m so fuckin’ high!” I said, looking straight into Dennis’ smiling face of triumph. “And don’t even think of bringing your prick anywhere near my ass!”
He kneeled close to me as Peter continued filming. “Well, considering I’m as straight as they come, Al, I do have to admit that I’d like nothing more than to stretch and tear apart your virgin hole. Have my slab so far up your ass that you start squealing like the motherfuckin’ pig you really are!

Fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week!”
“Not if I blow a few loads into your tight Asian ass first!” I snapped back.

“Ooohhh, I’m scared, Al. My tight Asian ass is fuckin’ shaking!” Dennis mocked and then smiled evilly. “Now shut the fuck up and get ready for what’s finally coming to you before I decide to unload into your ugly hairy ass!”
I wanted to respond with another slam but I couldn’t help but moan.

I have to admit, having the semi-thick syrupy liquid being spread all over me made my body tingle, made me hornier and my dick even harder. Seeing dad greased up the same way made everything even more fucked up.
Mike and Miguel took back the now two empty jars from the girls.

“How does it feel having our spit all over your bodies, boys? Ooohhh, you two look gooood! Greased up just waitin’ to be roasted!” Arnie exclaimed excitedly as he clasped his hands together and the guys laughed cruelly.
“What about.…our….asses?" Dad asked feebly and cautiously. “I thought…you were gonna use it…to lube our holes?”
“Oh, we just wanted to add our fresh spit to that area.” Dennis replied.

Me and dad looked at each other in confusion again as the guys chugged beers and then began sloshing the liquids in their mouths.
Dennis motioned to Peter and Parm to move closer to me and dad with the video cameras. “You better zoom in and catch everything!” Arnie ordered.
Dennis took a glass and spat into it. He kneeled in front of me and came up close to my face.

“Alright, Al, it would be an honour, as your high school…buddy…and now your boss, to be the first to help in your A.L.P.! Oh, that’s short for Anal Lubrication Process!”
I was still confused as Dennis then took back the spit in his mouth, sloshed some more and then moved over my ass.
“What the fuck, man….you’re not serious!?” I said breathlessly, finally realizing what the fucker was gonna do.

Cindy spread my ass cheeks, as I gasped. “Dennis, man…no….please!”
Dennis carefully drooled his spit over the tip of my ass crack and let his gob slowly slink down and over my hairy hole.
“You fucking cunt!” I groaned.
“Lube his hairy junk, too!” Dennis ordered Cindy.

I felt his hot liquids coat my chocolate starfish allowing Cindy to spread his oral juices mixed with sticky beer not only over my entire anus with her fingers, but managing to grease my balls and shaft with his beer-spit as well.
“You are one fucked up motherfucker,” I moaned uncontrollably.

“From your asshole to God’s ears, buddy!” was Dennis’ response. “And from my vantage point, Al, you’ve got yourself one nice greased-up hairy hole just waitin’ for a slammin’! Quite a sight, dude. Wish you could see it, buddy!”
“Well, why don’t you lick it up, buddy. Clean my fuckin’ hole! As an asshole like you can only lick an asshole!” I baited out while groaning.

Suddenly, I felt two of his fingers quickly slam into my shitter making me scream and his mouth near my ear. “Cocky little six-inch motherfucker, aren’t ya’, bonerboy! You ready to really bury yourself into some deeper shit, buddy? Don’t you get it, you cum-dump? I’m in control now, fucker!”

I felt his fingers turn inside my asshole. I moaned. He released his fingers slowly and then placed them under my nose.
“Smell my fingers, bitch!”
“Fuck you, bitch!” I groaned back. Dennis scoffed at me.

The guys were standing close to make sure they weren’t missing the action as they were still swigging their spit in their mouths while Peter and Parm were zooming in like crazy. Arnie gave Dennis some hand sanitizer.
“Now let’s see whether the old man has the hairier asshole!” Arnie moved towards my father as Suzy spread his ass cheeks open and the guys stared at his sphincter.
Arnie kneeled in front of dad’s face.

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