From rock bottom to promising highs - The story of Pamela Richardson Part 1

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Hi I'm Pamela Richardson, I'm 23 from Lakeview Avenue in Buffalo, New York City, and I used to be a proper rebel until I was sent to Afghanistan for 12 months as punishment, you know going through strict training and exercising, and also helping around the camping, that sort of thing, which has really changed my life and had put me on the right path in life

When I arrived home from the airport I was happily greeted by my 2 older sisters - Kelly, who's the oldest at 24, and Britney, who's 24, but I knew I had to patch things up with Kelly first, after I had left on really bad terms with her -

Kelly - 'It's nice to have you back home Pam'. 'Look, I've been doing a lot of thinking while you were away.....'

Pamela - ' too Kel, I think we should have a bit of time together and have a catch up on things, don't you think?'

Kelly - Yeah I absolutely agree with you sis. Brit, are you gonna be ok on your own for a while?'

Britney - 'Yeah, of course I'll be fine for a bit, I have a few things to do around the house anyway!'

So with that sorted, me and Kel left Brit to it at the house while we went to our favorite eatery - Rodger's Diner, which was located right in the heart of central New York. Kel said to me that she had a bit of bad news for me while I was away, it was gonna rock my world a bit.

Kelly - Pam, I don't know if you heard about this while you were away but Anne-Marie died in a car crash just before you came home a few days ago'

After I heard that I was a bit dejected, but not really upset about it. Anne-Marie used to be my best friend until I left to go to Afghanistan -

Pamela - 'Oh my god, I can't believe it, was she on her own do you know?'

Kelly - 'As far as I know yes she was. She was all set to get married as well, her fiancé was gutted!'

Pamela - 'She was getting married?! Boy that was a surprise! Well enough about that terrible tragedy, let's talk about us patching things up....'

So we chatted for the next hour or so, sorting our relationship out and things seemed to be heading in the right direction and things were back on track between us

Around 9.00pm we arrived back at the house, and Brit was fast asleep on the couch after she had run herself ragged cleaning the house, cooking the food and sorting out paperwork. She left a note saying 'supper's in the oven', it was homemade beef Lasagne and pasta, which as ever was delicious because Brit was an excellent cook, and after that we did the dishes together before I went to bed early because apparently Anne-Marie's funeral was the next day. Kelly and Britney eventually followed me up about 11.30pm, 45 minutes after I had went up.

The next morning, before my sisters even woke up, I got myself ready for my best friend's funeral. I wore a short black dress with a black blazer and black high heels, and obviously I knew I had to be on my best behavior, not just for her fiance but for her family and friends too! After I left a note to say I was going out, I jumped into my 69' Camaro and headed to the Buffalo Cemetery in Cheektowaga which was just a 15 minute drive! When I got there, obviously the atmosphere was gloomy, but among the crowd there was her fiance, and he walked over to me.

Kevin - 'Hey, you must be Pamela right? I'm Kevin, Anne Marie's.....well, was soon to be husband, she's told me a lot about you'

Pamela - 'Well, I've heard a little bit about you too Kevin. From what I heard you were a loving boyfriend and fiance to my now deceased best friend'

Kevin blushed a little bit and was really grateful to hear such nice things coming from me. After we were called over to where we were laying Anne-Marie to rest, me and Kev were, weirdly, hugging up to each other during the service, and to be honest it felt good having that safety and security with such a lovely guy like him!

After the service, without realizing what I even said, I asked Kev out for something to eat, and to my surprise he said he'd like to very much! I was thinking to myself 'was I falling for this guy here?!' but I couldn't care less, it was nice to have some company nonetheless!

We went to a restaurant called Suzy-Q's which was a BBQ shack and it was lovely, we had a good chat and enjoyed getting to know each other, and by the time it was 10pm it was quite late, so we booked into the nearest motel for the evening, the Richmond Place Inn Bed & Breakfast which was 10 minutes away, and that was where things started getting a bit saucy and we really got to know each other physically after we had a few drinks of wine and to be honest we both lost sense of control over each other.

Kevin - 'Baby?'

Pamela - 'Yes baby, what is it?'

He leaned in to kiss me and oh my god it was the nicest sweetest kiss I've ever had! We then shared a deep passionate kiss before we both stripped naked in record time! He kissed all over my lovely body before he found my love hole and buried his tongue in deep!

Pamela - 'Ohhhhhhh, fuck me Kevin, I want to make love with you, make me yours!'

Kevin - 'Your wish is my command sweet pea! You know, you'd be a great soul mate, lover and wife, and I'd always make you happy!'

He fucked me like a rag doll in a doggy position and oh my god he sure know how to look after me! I lost all sense of what I was doing, I moaned and groaned like a bloody porn star, in the space of 12 months I've went from bad ass notorious crook to someone's soft sweetheart and giving into someone's heartthrob in bed via a trip to the army, but I love him and he loves me!

Later on I cuddled up to my new boyfriend still naked in bed watching some late night cop chase show and I've never been in such a nice, safe place.

Kevin - 'Baby, i'm always willing to make you happy no matter what, I will always be your wonderful boyfriend, look after you and will always do anything for you'

Pamela - 'I'm glad to have you in my life sweetheart, i'll always be a good girlfriend to you and I will always do anything for you in return!'

At that point, we turned the tv off and went to sleep.

Coming up in part 2 - Kel and Brit get worried about my whereabouts, they find out about my crush and I ask sweet Kev to move into our home, which my sisters approve of to my surprise!

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