From Mommy's point of view

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I am about to put into type a story from a different perspective. Rest assured that the subject matter will be captivating if not completely stimulating. Well, sit back, make yourselves comfortable and put yourself into the essence that you are about to read.

Here we go.

Itís a Saturday morning and I have decided to go out with a few of the girls and check out some new clothes at the mall. I have just gotten out of the shower, dried myself off and am proceeding into our bedroom to get dressed. A fluffy white towel is wrapped around my mid section, covering my always sensitive breasts and the bottom of the towel barely covering my bottom. I sit at the bureau and begin to put on my make up. Behind me, I hear my husband reselling under the sheets as he gets himself comfortable gazing upon my back. Not long after, I hear the springs in the bed squeak and that means only one thing. Soon my husbands hands are on my shoulders as he leans down and gives me a kiss on the cheek as he wishes me a good morning, something he has done for the last 26 years.

I bend back gazing up into his eyes and wish him the same and return to putting on my make up and brushing my hair as I attempt to get ready for a day at the mall. I stand up and proceed to get a pair of silky black stockings and sit on the bed and start rolling them up as I pull them over my just shaved legs. I than go over to the dresser and pull out a pair of panties, sliding them up and positioning them so they sit just right and finally I go over to the dresser once more and remove from it a black sheer bra that matches the panties that I have just placed on and my husband helps me by clasping it in the back.

Were are you going, my husband asks me and I reply that a few of the girls and I have decided to go shopping today. I no sooner make the statement than the phone rings. Itís Barbara, ďWhat? Youíre kidding, no tell me youíre joking, alright, till next time, I know, Always, it happens. Yep, ah hah, Call me. ByeĒ My husband asks me whatís that all about and I simply say that Barbara was just called by Elizabeth and she had to cancel out due to her daughter dropping off the kids and asking her mother to take care of them at the last minute. Boy was I ticked. We had been planning this day out for over two weeks. We had reservations at Capital Grill for lunch at 1:00 and hair appointments at 3:30 which left us 2 hours before lunch and about 4 more after our hair was done. Now what was I going to do.

I no sooner have that thought run through my head than my lover is caressing my shoulders and nibbling on my neck as my head tilts to one side, he comes in for the kill and starts nibbling on my neck and ears. Iím not long for this type of attention before I become a puddle of liquid on the floor before him. He knows this and pulls me up and brings me over to the bed where he positions me so that I am looking toward the bedroom door and he climbs on the bed behind me. Now I am staring into the hall as my husband begins caressing my hps and running his hands over my stockinged feet, legs, thighs and buttocks, the sensations and feelings that are rushing through my body have me pushing backward toward his advances as his fingers continue to run over my sheer lingerie every once and a while drifting a finger or two beneath the sheer material of my lingerie.

I am his and he knows it as he continues his assault. I hear him remove his pajama bottoms and shorts and suddenly the hardness of his manhood is pressing firmly against my outer lips that are just beginning to become moist with anticipation of what is about to come. He teases me at first as he slides the hard head of his cock over my now growing and enlarging pussy lips, his head running through the moist outer lips and me attempting to push backward bringing him inside my depths. Each time I push backward however he pulls forward as he wishes to extend this level of pleasure for as long as he can possibly endure.

I reach back and lightly grasp onto his hanging sack, as I caress it he pushes forward , in short impaling me with his total manhood. We stay like that for a little while until he draws back bringing the head of his glistening cock almost all the way out of my deep inner depths. I want him, I want all of him deep inside of me and with that last thought and desire my head raises form looking downward and in the crack of the door, I see our son watching us fully clothed but still watching us in frozen state, his hand is rubbing on the outside of his pants and I find that to be simply erotic beyond belief and it is with that observation of mine that I push back harder than before and this causes my husband to look up for a second when he discovers the catalyst for my actions. He gazes on toward our son as he pushes forward penetrating me to the deepest level as he and I ride back and forth against each other, our minds race toward what actions we are about to embark on. My husband leans forward and asks me a question specially chosen to create excitement in our son, for I know where my husband wants to take this. He asks me if Iím Daddyís slut. I push backward firmly as I respond that I am Daddys slut now and always. He smiles and we both observe the reaction of our son standing in the doorway.

We have both discussed bringing others into the mix, or should I say, into the sexually pleasing arena or climactic release. Here however, it is different, our son is watching us as we fuck one against the other in and out, more and more pleasure that is about to take us to yet another level of stimulation. His father bends down and whispers in my ear that we always wanted a little slut of our own and it is with that statement that I decide itís time to move onto the next step, the step of inclusion and the step of transformation. I look up into my husbands eyes as I repeat, itís time. With that he pulls out of me and gets off of the bed. He makes his way over to the door and opens it fully grasping our sonís wrist as he tells him that he is about to be punished.

Our son enters the room as he follows his fathers lead, I than ask him to sit on the bed and he does as instructed, as I am talking with him, I notice that he has not taken his eyes off of my dripping pussy or my sheer stocking covered feet and legs. My pussy seems to have most of his attention, the same pussy that he came out of so many years ago and the same pussy that his father and friends provide pleasure to almost every week. ďYou like what you see, donít you?Ē I ask of him and he simply states that he does never changing his point of gaze.Ē In short, my husband and I have turned our little boy into a sex crazed addict that we will mold toward our own twisted desires.

I reposition myself on the bed spreading my legs wide as our son gazes into the slit between my legs that I am rubbing several fingers over. He never moves, never pulling away and never fleeing to his room. He appears to be captivated hypnotized in face and with that realization, I decide to tell my husband to get a pair of panties, a bra and a pair of dark sheer pantyhose from my dresser. He does as requested and lays them on the bed next to me before climbing on the opposite side of the bed while he takes in all the scenes that are displayed before him.

Our son is still watching me finger myself slipping deep into the depths of my now quite dripping pussy. A pussy that is dripping with the desires that are about to take place. The desires that I have kept pent up deep within my inner being for decades. The pent up desires that are at the verge of spilling forth for what might become a once in a lifetime experience or hopefully far more as our son decides to join the two of us in another world of stimulation one of which he has never experienced before and probably will never experience again. Finger after finger comes out of my pussy glistening with moisture of the impending climax. I look into my sons eyes and tell him that he has been a bad boy.

You have been a bad boy my dear, watching Daddy and I fuck, you where supposed to be at a game today, you where not supposed to be here. We were not expecting you until later this afternoon. What happened? With that statement, he looked at me and said that he had forgotten some of his gear and that he had to get it for the game. Now I felt bad. Our son had only come home for the retrieval of equipment and here he was captured by his sight as he watched his father and I fuck right in front of him. I looked over at my son sitting on the bed next to me and ask him why he didnít just pass the room get his stuff and leave. He responded because you look so good Mommy, so good.

I ask him what it was that caught his eyes and he looked downward, I ask the question again and he again remains silent and with that action I extend my stocking covered leg toward him and push on his thigh. He smiles as his hand come to grasp my stockinged foot. He no sooner has it his clutches that he starts to massage my stockinged foot. I lean backward against my husband who is observing our son massage his mothers stockinged foot. He attempts to respond but only the word I, I, I come out until I ask him you what dear? With that obstacle overcome he tells me that he enjoys the sheer look and feel of my stockinged feet and legs. I smile down at him and say, so my son is a stocking leg and foot man. He smiles back at me as he says yes and raises my foot to his lips before sucking on the toes through the sheer material. I canít believe what has just happened. Here my son is caressing my stockinged foot and leg as he brings his tongue out and brings his open mouth around my stocking covered toes. He is just like his father and I love him all that much more for it.

I look down at him and again state that this doesnít change things, you still have to be punished. He bows his head down as he continues to kiss and massage my foot. You know that the punishment will be something that Daddy and I decide upon. No comment comes from his being and he just continues to massage, caress, kiss and suck on my legs, feet and toes. I pull my foot away as he looks up into my eyes with a look of total desire. You know that you have to be punished? His response is yes. You know that the punishment will be not only now but into the future? Again he looks up and shakes his head yes. You agree that once the punishment has taken place it will become totally encompassing and non reversible. He simply looks up at me and says yes.

I canít believe it, neither can my husband who has begun caressing my hips as he listens to the words that I spill out on our son. You know that once this starts, there is no stopping it. He looks up at me and says yes. You know that once we start, you will be Mommy and Daddyís to do with as we wish and there will be nothing that you can do to change that and you will be obligated to comply with every desire we bestow upon you. He shakes his head yes and with that the transformation can begin.

I begin by telling our son to remove his clothes and sit on the bed which he does without hesitation. Next I bring one of the stockings up and begin to roll it over his manly legs. He canít believe what I am doing to him and I simply tell him that Daddy and I like lovers joining us, however it is only woman that we get together with. in order for us to go to the next step, in short your punishment, he will have to be changed into our little girl. He bows his head in acceptance as I caress his leg while pulling up the stockings before attaching the bra and lastly having him step into the panties. Before us now stands our son, dressed up like our slutty little daughter and looking engulfed into the whole thing. Each time he appears to be slipping away, I simply bring his fingers to my dripping pussy while I caress his bulge with my stockinged leg, while I ask him if he wants to be Mommy and Daddyís little slut. This action by me ends any thoughts of desertion as he simply submits further to the desires of his father and I.

Now completely dressed in the lingerie that I wear daily our son is escorted over to the bed where the actual transformation will begin. My husband lays down on the bed and I climb on top of him so that my body rests in his. This provides support for me and a birds eye view for him of all that is about to take place. My legs wide spread, hands caressing the moistness between my legs I tell our son that the moment to take the next step and become one with his father and me is now. With that statement, he approaches us and places his hands on my stocking covered ankles. He caresses my feet and than goes upward toward my dripping pussy, the pussy that is dripping for him and his attention. I canít believe it, I too am becoming excited over the anticipation that our little son is going to actually take a step to be changed from a boy into a girl for the pleasure of joining his father and I in long hours of incestuous erotic stimulation complete with all of the toys, dress and sensuality. He comes closer and with that I address his attention to a glass of what appears to be OJ that is sitting on the table beside the bed that we are on.

You have come this far my darling, you have watched your father and me make love and become entranced in the entire scene. You have longed for the ability to participate and in so desiring have agreed to have us change you into our little girl and then into our slutty little daughter. You have allowed me to dress you in the sheer lingerie that you will grow to enjoy as much as I do when I wear it. Now the last step, you sit before your father and I dressed up like our little girl but not yet going through the final transformation. Beside you is a glass of what appears to be OJ. This drink however is not OJ but rather a very strong drug. A drug that changes the sex of any male that drinks it when he climaxes inside of a mature woman while passionately kissing her. The ultimate choice is yours. If however you chose not to participate in this final transformation, your involvement with us will end and you will never be able to participate with us under any circumstances, in short sealing your fate.

With that last statement I look at my son all dressed up like our little girl while my husband squeezes my breast with one hand and slips a finger of his other hand deep inside of my now flooding pussy. With each upward thrust of my husband I push downward allowing him to get even further access. Our son picks up the glass and holds it to his lips. In total anticipation I gaze at him glued to his every move. I sense hesitation and attempt to encourage him on with the final step that he will take as a male. Honey, kiss Mommy, I say and he bends down, I bring my hands around him and pull him on top of us and holding him firmly in place, I dive my tongue deep into his waiting mouth. We kiss passionately for what appears to be hours and then I end it as we come apart, I whisper to him. ďThis can be the first kiss of the rest of your life, or it could have been the last kiss we ever shared. The aaaaaaa,nnnnnnnssssssssssswwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeerrrrrrrrr is yours. As I said that his father dove his finger the deepest into my dripping pussy than he has ever done and this froze me in place as a wave of climaxes racked over my body.

Our son pulled away, now totally confused and started to once more caress my stockinged legs and I pull away while telling him that I will only be able to pull away if he remains my son. With that statement made, the chain of events to come have been set into motion and the final decision is his. He raises the glass to his lips and opening his mouth tilts his head back and swallows all of the contents of the glass that sits before him. Now totally entranced, he bends down and we passionately kiss for almost an entire hour as our hands caress over one anothers bodies. Cum dripping from his cock and juice slipping out of my lips, the inevitable insertion is right in front of us.

His father removes himself from between my legs and slips to my side, waiting the ultimate step that his son will soon take. I bring my fingers down to my now dripping scent laden pussy and begin to stroke the quite stimulated enlarged lips, with first one finger than another until I am pounding in and out of myself as wave after wave of ultimate anticipation cascade within me over and over again.

My lingerie dressed son approaches me and slides up my stocking covered legs. The bulge between his legs is enlarging as he slowly moves upward rubbing his hardness against my sheer covered leg. With each inch he comes closer to the ultimate place of entry and I am desiring his warmth deep within my being. He bends down and we kiss again, our tongues racing back and forth between each others mouths as his hands roam freely over my body. He has grasped my hips as he climbed upward, caressing my lingerie encased buttocks. His hands have held firmly on my hips as he kissed my lips and upward again toward my belly. He has caressed my breasts before bringing them into his eager tongue that waits to race around my nipples as the enlarged nobs raise upward into his suckling mouth encouraging yet further growth of which they respond immediately.

His father and I have wanted this for some time now, we have talked it over and over again and here it is before us taking place in mere moments. The stimulation is bringing me to peaks and heights that I have never believed possible. My pussy is pulsating as it experiences small, light climaxes from the attention our son, soon to be daughter, is paying to me. I race toward yet another orgasm as I clasp my hands around his raising body.

On top of me my son lays, dressed in the same dark sheer lingerie that I am wearing, he looks deeply into my eyes as he is asks me a simple question between passionate kisses. Mommy, will you love me as much when I am the slutty daughter of you and Dad as you do now? I canít believe my ears, I know that at this exact moment, I hold the answer that will ultimately seal the fate of our son. The fate that will determine the actions he will take right now that will effect the rest of his life, or her life. I know what I want, I want him to be our daughter. So I answer in the only way a loving Mother can. My dear sweet slutty Marie, you will always be loved by your father and me. The only thing that will change when you become our slutty incest loving daughter is that you will be able to make love to me and Daddy all the time and will actually be expected to do so often, something that Iím sure you will grow to love if you do not already do so. With that statement out of my lips, my stocking covered legs wrapped around the body of my son, he looks down into my eyes deeper as he lowers his head to my lips and kisses me passionately. He slides forward and says, Mommy, I am yours and Daddys from now on and begins to slide into me over and over again as he continues to kiss me passionately and nibble on my neck and breasts that lay out before him.

With each thrust, I grab tighter and tighter with my dark sheer stocking covered legs around the body of my son that is not taking the steps toward his transformation. I lean upward and whisper into his ear that he is Mommyís little slut. That builds his excitement and I can feel his cock grow a little longer deep within me. I whisper into his ear again, You are fucking your Mommy honey, now does it feel. He smiles and kisses me passionately on the lips as he sucks my tongue deep into his mouth. I push forward with each thrust by him and I can tell that it wonít be long.

You are getting to the point of no return Marie, That did it. He started pushing harder and faster into me. You like being called Marie donít you my little slut? Again, he builds up the pace and he is now pushing forward even harder as his hands roman and grasp onto me even tighter. You are Mommyís little slut arenít you my nasty little Marie? Again he pushes in deeper and deeper. As I reach climax I say loud enough for him and his father to hear. You are making your mommy cum again, you bad, naughty, slutty, incest loving bi daughter Marie. Youíre such a dirty little girl, Youíre my true slut Marie, Youíre just as dirty as Mommy if not more.

I love you Marie, My slutty daughter, My nasty daughter, My bi dirty, slutty, nasty incest loving daughter Marie.

With that you explode deep inside of me and we hold onto one another for the better part of the night, caressing and probing each other as Daddy participates from time to time. I often suck on Daddyís cock and than bring your pretty little mouth to the other side where I have you suck on Daddy too but thatís another story.

I hope you like, Let me know what you think.

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