Friends get friendlier

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Toward the end of my senior year of high school I had a girlfriend that was always horny as I. Which was pretty horny, even for an 18 year old, I always thought. Lucy was game for pretty much anything and almost any time. We loved to go out in the woods and do it and her old car had a back seat that easily doubled for a bed.

But sometimes other things happened. For example, during the summer after graduation, we would go hang out with a friend of ours, Bernie, who lived in an apartment outside town in a fairly secluded, wooded area. Not too many neighbors. Behind his building was a big creek that had a couple great swimming holes. As the summer got hotter and hotter, we would go there to hang.

Once or twice we didn't show up with swimsuits and we eventually ended up skinny dipping. Lucy would hang back initially, but eventually would strip down and join us. It was kinda fun and kinky with just the three of us playing around naked - Bernie, Lucy and me, Andy. We were all athletic types with nice bodies, Lucy was a brunette with a very trimmed nether region and not huge but lovely boobs. She was not too shy about showing them from time to time. Bernie liked it. As I did.

Now once we had been drinking some wine before this happened and were feeling kinda loose, making lewd wisecracks about each others private parts as we stripped and jumped in the water. In the middle of this we heard some kids approaching and we jumped out of the creek, grabbed our clothes (and wine) and ran to Bernie's apartment - butt naked.

And laughing. Once inside we kinda dried off but all stayed naked which seemed kinda exciting. At one point Lucy and I started fooling around and, lying on his bed, started to get into it. Bernie decided it was his bed so he got on too. Which suprised Lucy and she looked at me as if to say "now what's going to happen". I just shrugged my shoulders, only interested in my hardness and feeling her yummy parts. Bernie started to rub against her backside and she froze, whispering "what should I do now". Somehow I was getting turned on by the situation and as an answer took her hand and moved it back to his cock, now nestled between her cheeks.

I wrapped her fingers around it and started to have her stroke him. Which she seemed to be ok with. Soon i was totally horned up and was slipping my cock into her pussy and we were both going to town, on our sides, fucking, while Lucy still was stroking Bernie's cock as he laid behind her. Bernie seemed to be getting into it also.

But then something new happened. A hand was reaching between Lucky's legs, feeling her pussy and my cock. It was Bernie! His hands felt good sliding around us, especially when he caressed my balls or wrapped a couple fingers around my cock as I slid in and out of Lucy.

Then he reached over, took my hand and put it on his balls as Lucy continued to stroke his cock. She realized what was going on and moaned her approval. This was so erotic I couldn't believe what was going on. We continued fucking and stroking and fondling each other till Lucy came, then me, then Bernie came all over Lucy's ass while we both held his cock. We rested for a bit and had a group "wow!" moment. We each got up and went to clean off but all came back to bed, still nude.

Lucy was saying we were naughty and Bernie should be ashamed at himself for playing with her. And then she started talking about Bernie and me playing with each other and how cool it was to be a part of that. She kind of liked that two guys she liked were playing with each other. I said I didn't know Bernie was into guys and he said "sure, I used to be with some guys and we would do all that...hand jobs, blow jobs and even butt fuck!"

I couldn't believe it, but was kinda interested. And aroused. And apparently so was Lucy. She said you made it with guys? Sure he said. "And I'd give Andy a blow job too if you want one." I was floored, but Lucy didn't skip a beat. "Yea! I want to see my boyfriends get it on. I want to see you suck his cock."

I wasn't so sure about it, but finally said ok and Bernie immediately leaned over and started to stroke my cock which was already getting hard. He put his head down and I felt his warm lips slide over my cock. "Mmmm," I thought. This is good. I watched him for a while and looked over at Lucy who was totally into watching Bernie suck me.

She then looked over at me and smiled a very sexy smile. She leaned back and just took the whole scene in: me on my back with my legs spread, Bernie leaning over, with my cock in his mouth, sucking, sliding up and down, stoking me, playing with my balls and just making it feel great. After a while I started to feel close and put my hand on his head, almost ready to cum.

For some reason it had begun to feel so so sexy with my legs spread, exposing my cock and balls and ass to a guy while he licked and sucked me and my girlfriend watched. I was really close to cumming. He knew that and took the entire length of my cock in his mouth and sucked hard....that was it. I moaned and came in his mouth. Oh, it felt good. At one point it slipped out, spraying some cum on his face. But he took it back in and finished me off.

Lucy had been enjoying the whole scene and said "that was great". Bernie went to wipe off a bit and after a short time Lucy said "now you should suck Bernie's cock." "Nooooo!" was my reaction. Bernie said that was ok, but Lucy said I really should suck some cock too. So i eventually agreed and did the same to Bernie...I leaned over and started playing with his penis which was totally hard at this point.

Not as big as me but very straight and smooth and hard. It was pretty nice, I thought to myself. I felt like I wanted to make him cum also so started to stroke and felt his balls which was a trip, then leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. Hard and soft at the same time. And warm. Nice. Lucy was really getting turned on. I moved around thinking she would stoke me while I learned to become a cock sucker, but she just watched the two of us.

I tried to feel her too but she took my hand and moved it onto Bernie's cock. And smiled. A couple times she stroked my head as I bobbed up and down on his cock. And she moaned as I sometimes licked up and down his cock, all the way to his balls and took his dick back in my lips and mouth. A few times she made some comments about this being the hottest thing she had ever seen and she was really into watching Bernie and I suck each other...

This really got him going and all too soon I felt his cock get harder and all of a sudden he started to cum in my mouth. "Oh, Andy, I'm cumming," he moaned as he did, Lucy sighed and made some comment and i tried to catch all his cum as he pumped into my mouth. Any other time I might have felt weird about it, but for some reason I licked up all his cum, to Lucy's approval.

After it was all over we started to laugh especially after I asked for some more wine. That was the first time I sucked a cock. I was kinda embarrassed, but it was pretty much a complete turn on. After, Lucy loved to bring up how sexy it was to watch her boy friends suck each other's cock. I guess we made quite an impression on her.

We did something like this once more - also very sexy - but then I left for college at the end of the summer. Bernie and Lucy later started to go out after I left and we never really kept in touch after a few months. Bernie and I never really talked about our bisexual experiences although we did have some knowing smiles a couple times. It was almost 4 years before I had sex with a guy again. It actually got better, but that was a pretty nice first time.

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