Friendly Passion

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Hi, my name is John, I'm 32 years old and am discharged spec ops soldier.

Iv'e been back from afghan a month now and have just pretty much been wasting time in my apartment for the whole time.

One night I went to the store to grab some stuff when I bumped into Caitlyn a girl who I had known in elementary school. She did not recognise me at first since I changed alot since 6th grade (which was the last I heard of her) so I told her who I was. Her face lit up when I said my name and she immediately gave me hug. I was a bit surprised because her and her friends usually picked on me about my interest in star wars but I conceded to forget about it. I asked how she was and I couldnt help but notice her amazement as she looked at me as she talked. I figured she was surprised to see how much I had changed. In 6th grade I know I wasnt the best looking kid being the nerd and all a bit chubby and had pasty skin so I understood why she would be amazed to see me now 6'2, tan skin and hardened physique. She was a bit of talker, so her responses took longer than an average person but I was not bothered at all.

She talked about her job and how much she loved it, then she asked how I was. I told her I just got back from afghan (which shocked her a little to know that I was in the military) and Im just living quiet at the moment. She was at a loss for words for a second the said "Wow your a soldier, never thought I'd see you as... that". I could tell she was cautious as to offend me but I just smiled and said "Well people change I guess". She smiled and said "Yes they do". I then asked if she wanted to go grab some coffee and she happily agreed and said she knows a great place not far from where we were. "Cool" I said and we walked to the counter. I allowed her to go first and she started to unpack her basket. As the cashier finished up she turned to me, and said she'd wait outside which I kindly acknowledged. The cashier smiled at me and greeted me sweetly and began scanning my basket. If all 3 of my tours had taught me one thing it was when to know if I was being watched which I quickly realised was the cashier as I was fumbling through my wallet for my cash. I noticed she kept throwing glances my way but I did not return them.

She finished quickly and gave me my total. I held out a fifty and she glided her hand across mine as she took it from me. An act I pretended not to notice. She worked the register and gave me my change and again touched my hand longer than necessary. I just smiled and pocketed my change. "Have a great night" she said kind of softly, "Same to you" and I picked up my bag and walked away, and I could feel her eyes on me with every step. I Didn't really know what just happened but it began to pass my mind as I caught up with Caitlyn and she said, "That girl was staring at you as you walked out". I wasn't really expecting what she said as I replied "Really, I didn't notice" which was a lie. "She had a very attracted look on her face, if I didn't know better she was definitely checking you out". I was quite taken aback that Caitlyn would tell me this, and I asked myself "Why was she looking anyway". I then snapped back to reality and said "Well, this isn't the scenario I was expecting as I left home tonight." She giggled and asked "Do you live alone", "Yes, I have an apartment overlooking the bay". "Show off (giggle), I live on 41st". "I had a friend down that way, you know a Jake Richards?". Then very unexpectedly her face dropped. "Are you ok?" I asked concerned. "Jake was my boyfriend until we got news he died in action" she said with tears welling in her eyes. Now if this wasnt the biggest coincidence in my life.

I knew Jake from some of my earliest days in the unit, I always considered him a brother, and yes he had died from a sniper attack that saw us pinned down. He always mentioned that he had a girl back home and he lived on 41st with her, right round the corner from my place. I always had meant to go find her and give her my respects and here she was right in front of me. She quietly let out a sob and I said "Hey its ok sweetheart" and I pulled her into a hug. She quickly wrapped her arms around me and buried her head in my shoulder. She then began to softly sob as I held her. I gently rubbed my hands on her back as she cried. She then slowly pulled away and said "How did you know Jake?". "Jake served with me in afghan, he mentioned you alot but he never mentioned your name as far as I can remember, after I came home I meant to come find you, and well....". She seemed as stunned as I was that I had actually known Jake and had served with him. She just stood there in silence and I thought that maybe she should sit down. "Why dont we sit down here" I asked gently as I motioned towards a bench just near the door.

She wordlessly followed my motion and sat down on the bench, I sat down beside her and she immediately put her arms around me and put her head on my chest. I held her again and said "It's ok sweetheart". She breathed in deeply and said "They never really told us much, di.. did he suffer?. "No, he passed quickly, this I made sure of.". She let out another sob and I gently held her as she cried quietly. Then, Without thinking, I asked "Hey, why dont we head back to my place, I think the cafe may be closed now". Boy did I regret saying that but she surprisingly responded quietly "Ok". I helped her up and walked her to her car. I asked "Are you right to drive?", "Yes, I'll be ok", "Cool" and gently closed the driver door behind her". As I walked to my caddie I tried to get my hands around what just happened. I got in and drove near her and she began to follow me as I drove back to my apartment. I activated my key and the car park doors began to open. I parked in the spare lots with her parking beside me. I got out and walked over to her as she got out. "You ok?" I asked softly. "Yeah Im fine", she said as she closed her door.

I nodded and led her to the elevator. We got in and I turned my key for the 15th floor. " She then questioned "You live just under the penthouse?". "Yeah, moved in here 3 years back, my opinion is I have the better view of the Bay". "She widened her eyes again in amazement. The elevator chimed its greeting and i guided her to my door. I turned my key and we went inside. My dog, Sam, was staying with my granddad so the place was empty. I led her in and she looked around she was in marvel of the place. It was 3 bedroom with all three having there own walk in closet and bathroom. The living room was spacious and so was the dining room and kitchen. "Please, have a seat on the sofa, I'll get you a drink, what would you like?." "Tea would be nice", "Sure, how do you have it?", "White with one". I smiled and nodded. She went over to the sofa as I went to the kitchen.

I had one of those instant boil kettles so I made it quickly. I returned to the living room with her tea which I know she wasn't expecting so quickly. I gently handed it to her and she smiled and said "Thank you", "My pleasure". Then I felt a chill go over my arm as I realised i had left the Balcony window open and cold air was seeping in. "Darn, I'm sorry i left the window open". I quickly got up and closed it. I returned to sit opposite her on the chair but she quickly asked if I could sit with her. I said ok and sat beside her she shifted to sit close to me and lay her head on my shoulder. I could feel she was cold and I said "Im sorry, here". I took of my coat and wrapped it around her. She said thank you and returned her head to my shoulder and I put my arm around her waist. As I held her I began to feel a sensation in my gut, one that I hadn't felt in a long time. I could also feel stiffness beginning in my groin, Which I immediately and brutally dismissed shocking myself that I actually had these feelings.

She finished her tea and quietly asked "Do you mind if I just close my eyes for a little while?", "Sure" I said and she placed her cup on the coffee table. I settled back into the sofa and she rested her head on my chest. I gently ran my hand over her head as she fell asleep. As I sat there i couldn't help but admire how beautiful she looked, her long silky black hair and her cheeks as soft as a feather. I battled to shift my thoughts of topic as thoughts of her began to arouse me. I thought about Jake who I had known since my first week in the unit, we trained together and had fought together on many occasions and loosing him 9 months ago had taken it's toll on me but I moved on and had always kept my memory of him as strong as possible, that I would serve in his honour. I began to sweat a little as I tried to keep my thoughts away from desire. I kept thinking of kissing Caitlyn and feeling her lips on mine and how soft they must feel. This was driving me insane, I couldnt do this, this was my dead best friends girlfriend for god sake, this is wrong. She began to breathe deeply in her sleep and I knew I had to get out of there. I gently lifted her up and lay her on the sofa.

 I quickly grabbed a blanket and pillow from the closet nearby and helped her into them. As I lay the blanket over her I saw how good her body looked, her breasts were about 36c and her body was so slender as if there wasn't an ounce of fat on her. Her legs looked so smooth as I could see no hair. I willed myself away and left her warm under the blanket. I turned of the light and went into my room. I closed the door and took a deep breath. I just cleared my mind and took off my shoes. I climbed in to bed and shut off the light. I went to sleep quickly. A few hours later I awoke to a knock at the door. I said come in and Caitlyn walked in. She looked kind of worried and explained she couldnt really sleep as this was a different place and asked if she could sleep with me. Everything in my head said not to but I said "ok". She climbed in behind me and stayed still for a while. Then she snuggled up to me and put her arm around my waist. She then began to slowly move her hand up and down my abs and chest. Then she stunned me when she moved her hand over the top of my pants and rubbed her hand on my thigh. I knew what she was implying and I couldnt do it.

I turned around and said "Caitlyn, I'm sorry, your my friends girlfriend, I cant do this." She withdrew her hand and began to sob. I quickly brought her in close and said "What's wrong sweetheart?". "I miss Jake so much, I loved him more than anyone and I didnt think I could feel anything like I did for him ever again, until I saw you tonight. I saw Jake in you, that way you just...." she couldnt go on. I held her in my arms and she cried her heart out. After a while she began to calm and I wiped the tears from her cheek. She then said "Dont look at me as if I'm Jakes girlfriend, look at me as the girl you once knew". Then I remembered a moment we has shared a long time ago. One day one of the jocks was crapin on about how she was a little overweight. As I saw her cry I ended up taking him down with a technique my dad taught me. He ran off and she looked at me, I didn't know it then but the picture in my head showed me now that she was just a girl who was hurt and that was reason for hurting me. Seeing this image in my head I looked into her eyes now 20 years later and saw that same girl. I couldn't help it as I reached out and kissed her passionately.

She responded as if she longed for it. As we kissed our tongues explored each others mouths. I was overcome with a feeling that I had long forgotten, the feeling of love. I loved this girl and I couldnt help it. I slowly began to trail down to her neck and she breathed deeply as I kissed her there. I then began to slowly sit up and remove my shirt. She moved her hands all over my abs and chest. I kissed her neck and began to slowly take off her blouse. with her help I had it off and saw her beautiful chest beneath her bra. I quickly unsnapped it and slid it off. She began to breathe quickly now. I moved down her neck to her left breast and took her nipple into my mouth, she immediately moaned and began to rub the back of my head. I licked and sucked her nipple and with a final kiss moved on to her right breast. She was moaning loudly now and rubbing her hands all over my body.

After a few minutes I began to slowly trail down to her belly and then to her pants. She helped me take them and then her panties. I looked in awe at her beautifully shaved pussy. I Slowly rubbed my hand over it and she moaned. I used my other to reveal her clit and how erect it was. She was extremely wet now and so I slowly began to lick her clit. She moaned very loudly as I did this and I started taking turns licking and sucking on her pussy and clit. She moaned and moaned and was beginning to orgasm as I slid my finger into her. This sent her over the edge and she almost instantly came all over my hands. I held my finger in her until her orgasm subsided. Then I climbed back up to her and she quickly started to kiss me. She kissed me until she had feeling in her legs again. She looked at me and said "I want you inside me". I kissed her in response and immediately began to slide off my pants, them my briefs. I then lay her on her back and prepared to enter her. She seemed anxious as she saw my 10 inch cock ready to fill her. I hovered over her and gently began to slide it in. She moaned and began to push her hips to towards me. I slid in and out of her slowly then faster.

I kept pushing in and out until she reached another orgasm. After another 10 minutes I needed to cum so I told her this and she just grabbed my hips and kept me in her. As kept up the pace I eventually came deep inside her, which she began to scream over. As I finished cumming I could tell she was exhausted. I lay beside her and pulled her into my arms as she began to fall asleep. As she was drifting off I heard her whisper "I love you" I kissed her neck and said "I love you too sweetheart". She then fell asleep. I woke up the next morning with her still in my arms. I knew at that moment that I loved this girl with all my heart and that i would always feel the same.

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