Friendly Fire

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My first day in colledge was the most amazingly exhausting day in my life. I had just enough time to drop my stuff off on my bed in the dorm they assigned me, and run all the way to my first class. The whole day was the exact same way! I didn't even get to sit down at lunch. By the time my last class was done, I was ready to crash. I dragged myself back to the dorm, and fell right down onto the couch in the common room. I must have fallen asleep, though I meant only to doze on and off, because the next thing I knew, I was being awoken by my roommate. "Hey dude, wake up I think you need to wake up!" I heard the voice, and turned over, intending to smart off at any jerk who would wake me when I was sleeping so peacefully. I was startled into silence. I had never even thought about guys in any way other than friends and buddies. But the guy who was standing over me changed my mind so quickly that I got whiplash.

His eyes were the most beautiful hazel I had ever seen. His face way so young looking, so innocent... so... perfect. I felt a familliar tightening in my boxers, and in my embarrassment I tried to turn back over before he could see my erection through my tight jeans. "I know. Just let me sleep a little longer. Ill get up in a few minutes." I saw a weird look enter his beautiful eyes as I turned back over, but I tried to ignore it. I waited untill he left the room before I rolled back over and got up from the couch. My god, he was the most beautiful man on the planet!! His chiseled jaw and strong shoulders, I can't believe how luck had just hit me in the face like this. I walked to the kitchen to grab a sandwich for dinner, too tired to do anything extravagant. I heard footsteps coming. I ignored them, focusing on my dinner.

"So, you must be Kyle." I heard that beautiful voice again. I turned back to my roommate. "Yeah, that's me." I replied. "Cool, im Justin. Nice to meet you." He reached out and shook my hand. His hands were as soft and warm as any I had ever felt. "Hey, im going out for dinner, why don't you come too, we could get better aquainted." He said. I would have died rather than decline. "Um... Yeah that's fine." Ireplied. I put the stuff back in the fridge. "Just let me go change really quickly." I said. I walked to the room that we would be sharing. I changed into decent dinner clothes and walked back into the kitchen where he was waiting. "Im ready. Where did you want to go?" I asked.

"I don't know I was just going to drive around untill I found something that looked tasty. That sound okay with you?" He asked. I thought for about on-one-thousandth of a second. "Yeah that's great." He smiled a sexy little grin, and grabbed a set of keys off of the counter. We walked out to the live-in student parking lot. I gasped when I saw the lights flash on the last car on the lot, a Ferrari California. "You have a Ferrari?" I asked. "Yeah, it was my graduation present from my parents. " he smiled as we got inside.

We drove around for half an hour before settling on a nice Café just down the street from the movie theatre. We get a table and talk nonstop for over an hour. He was an avid outdoorsman who camped constantly. I told himthat I liked to camp and he invited me to go with him the next time he went. After we had eaten, he asked if I would like to go see a movie. I agreed, not understanding what this feeling I was having was. He paid for dinner, but only after he agreed to let me pay for the movie. We walked to the theatre and decided to see a comedy, just something to laugh at. We sat down just as the lights went down. As soon as it was dark, I felt Justin' s hand slide down to my stomach. I froze, afraid to move an inch. He left his hand there for a few minutes, just resting on my abs. I barely took a breath. He leaned over to me. "I know you want this, I see it in your sexy eyes. Im going to have fun with you tonight. And you are not going to stop me." His whisper was so hot, I got an instant boner. I looked down at my crotch, smiling. "Yeah, I knew it." He leaned back in his seat, and slid his hand down further to the button on my jeans.
He unbottoned my jeans, then slowly unzipped them, letting my boxers show through. Driven by instinct, my hand slid over to his pants, but he brushed mt hand away. When I looked at him quizzically, he just shook his head slowly. He began to massage my balls through my boxers.

I could not believe it... I was doing something as crazy as getting a hand job in a movie!! His hand was so light and warm... I was almost ready to blow right then and there. He stopped just as I was about to brush his hand away, as if he knew immediately when I was gonna cum. All through the movie, he would just reach over and stroke my balls a couple of times. When the film was over, I zipped up and we left, heading for home.

We were silent the whole way home. Once we got back to our dorm room, and as soon as the door was closed, he grabbed me from behind and ripped my shirt off. I responded back, tearing his clothes off of him and pushing him into our bedroom. He spun me around and pushed me onto his bed, and pulled my pants off. I grabbed at his belt, undoing the catch and pulling his off, underpants and all. He kissed me, forcing my head back, and pushing me further up on the bed. I kissed back, swirling my tongue around his, and loving his taste. I brushed my hands up and down his chest making him shudder. My 7" cock was literally thrumming with anticipation. He pulled some lube from his drawer and lathered up my ass and his cock.

He pushed his cock into me with such a force that I thought he tore my ass... literally. But after ten minutes of pumping, I got to love that feeling. He had amazing stamina, pumping on me srmteadily for thirty minutes before I felt his balls contract and he started moanin. " oh kyle im cuming babe!" He said as he shot ten times into my ass. I felt the warm semen in my anus and loved it! He pulled out and I looked down at his beautiful 6" cock. I pulled him closer and began sucking his flaccid organ, loving the taste of his cum.

I sucked every drop of semen I could out of his dick... making him moan with delight. But then it was my turn. I pushed him back, mounting him. "Now you are gonna get it you sexy little bitch. " I said. I shoved my cock straight into his mouth. He so good that I almost passed out with pleasure. I waited untill he had my dick slicked up and then I pulled it out and pushed him back to the pillows. I lifted his legs over my shoulders and slowly began Fucking him. He moaned and panted, loving every second. I bent down and kissed him the whole time we fucked. I pumped and kissed for twenty minutes but just couldn't hold it in any longr. "Okay im cumin baby boy!" I said and shot twelve shots of cum into his.beautiful ass. I collapsed onto him. Spent. "So, how was that?" I asked. He looked at me with a devilish grin. "Again." He said.

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