Free Clinic : Part 1

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I'm 18 years old and at my first semester of college away from home. I'm paying for it myself and applying for any scholarship or grant I can get my hands on. As part of an initiaive to prevent cervical cancer, my college was offering a two percent discount on tuition for any woman current on schedule for her well woman exams and up to date on her hpv vaccinations.

The college clinic was offering them for free along with a free massage to those completed before the semester begun. I am a vrigin and aside from getting overwhelmingly horny and wet when I made out with my last high school boyfriend, I have never been sexually active and have no need for an hpv virus vaccine.

But, my god, did my pussy writhe just thinking about the way his tongue would tease my ear and sometimes I even imagined it was a Girl when he would cup my breast in his over eager hands. But I digress, I went to the damn clinic anyway because I needed the tuition help.

Having unpacked my things, I had a day to kill before the semester and my new job started, a perfect time to visit the clinic. I've been painstakingly plagued with the most erotic dreams over the summer and I don't masturbate, so I was gladly awaiting this physical to be over as it meant soon I will be distracted by my more than full load of classes.

As I'm ushered into my examination room I am followed by a med student from the classes, a cute brunette about five years older than me. Gosh, I don't want to go over my embarrassingly bare sexual past with her, she will think I'm so lame. By the looks of it I'm sure she has no Unmet desires or is wanting of willing partners. As I shyly admit that I Have no sexual experience she smiles warmly and touches my knee, assuring me its much better to wait til I'm ready so that I'm comfortable and relaxed.

She made me feel a lot more at ease. Although I was already naked except for my gown, she said they wouldn't need to do a pelvic exam since I am a virgin, just a breast exam and the vaccination and then I could have my free massage and go. Phew. I asked if I could start with the massage as I was feeling ill at ease about the breast exam. She giggle and called me a scared sweet thing and obliged. She said shed start on my back with a chiropractic back vibrator.

I've had those before at the chiropractor and I was glad to have one then, I was so nervous. She instructed me to sit up and straddle the padded bench so she could sit behind me. She turned on the wide vibrating pad and drug it across my back. I was instantly relaxed and uninhibited, so much so that when she brought it down by my hips I loosed a borderline erotic Ahhhh from my lips.

My lips nearest my thight began to moisten. "relaxing isn't it?" she said. Thank goodness she hasn't caught on to my arousal. That would be humiliating. After a few minutes she clicks a button and sets it down a foot in front of of me. She begins to massage my shoulders and as she does I feel the pad she had used scooting toward my open lap. Oh my goodness, she doesn't know it's still on.

It makes contact Between my thighs just as she slips her hands to knead at my aching breasts. I forget where I am and as he grazes my nipples I sigh a "uhh oooh. Fuck baby". Immediately he stops and stands and says, "excuse me, missy. I was examining your breasts for lumps. That was completely inappropriate. Do you want to lose scholarships for sexual harassment?".

Immediately I'm yanked back to reality and jump to my feet sobbing for her not to say anything. She softens and embraces me. As she comforts me her hand rubs my hips and sneaks under my gown. "poor dear. You really must be starved for sex. You're soaking wet. Have you ever had an orgasm In your life?".

 My sheepish silence is telling. She giggles and asks if I really don't want her to tell anyone. I nod and she asks me to then follow her lead. She clasps my face between her hands and entangles my mouth in a slow tantalizing kiss. My pussy is drenched. I moan softly into her. She chuckles softly in mouth as her finger makes its way and slowly traces my erect and tingling nipple. I almost cry from the tension building in my clitoris.

With her other hand behind my back she pulls me back against the wall and flips me so that my back is toward it. We are lost in our kiss that is picking up erotic speed as we are each almost straddling the thigh of the other. With a hunger she presses her sex against my thigh, shoving the bottom of her hip into my clit. She starts to gyrate, and I am on the brink of exploding. She senses it and bades me wait for her command so that we can come together.

With all I have I hold on to my burgeoning orgasm and my clit is screaming for relief. She instructs me that we will hold each others mouths and as she bites my ear she whispers "now" and he palm is hardly covering my mouth by the time I start to scream against it. She humps me hard as my body explodes twice in a row and I cum my first cum so hard she has to catch me on my way to the ground.

With a wry smile she says I'm not even closed to finished with you my baby cunt. I'm going to lap your cunt til you scream. As she wips me down on to the table face down she slowly, ever so lightly trace my asshole with her tongue. I thought I'd be repelled but my pussy clenches in delight. As she traces down to my clit she asks if her pretty cunt remembers the alphabet. She laughs into my cunt and I moan in anticipation.

To be continued....

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