Freaky Doris

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Doris never knew what hit her. She stopped for a drink and someone spiked it with knock out power. She came too on a filthy mattress in the back ally. Her clothes had been ripped from her body and sperm was on her face and breasts. She staggered to her feet and found her car and drove home. Doris looked for more signs of abuse and discovered bite marks on her ass. The cowardly bastards must have had a lot of fun with her. That night after Jack fucked her she played with her clit and imagined all sorts of nasty thing that could have been done to her. Being helpless and sexually abused turned her on. The next day she went back to the bar and had a drink.

"I'm surprised to see you here" said the bartender.

"Why is that?" she replied.

"You were so drunk you passed out and the Johnson brothers helped you home"

"They didn't take me home, they raped me!" shouted the girl.

"You should call the cops"

Doris thought for a moment. If she called the cops the men would be arrested and she would have to testify in court. She didn't want to go through that ordeal.

"Will the Johnson brothers be here today?"

"Latter sometime" said the bartender.

Doris decided to confront her attackers and at least get an apology. Finally the brothers arrived and the bartender pointed them out. Doris looked at them and trembled. Her panties got wet with excitement and her mouth was dry. Maybe these men would do what she wanted and make her climax with sadistic sex. She gulped down another drink and went to their table and sat down.

"I know what you did to me"

"Please don't call the cops lady" said one.

"We were drunk and didn't know what we were doing" said the other brother.

"I want you to do me again but this time take me home with you and tie me up"

The brothers stared at her like she was crazy.

"When do you want this to happen?" ask the oldest boy.

"This Saturday when my husband goes fishing"

Doris introduced herself and discovered Frank and Jessie had a sense of humor. They bought her drinks and told filthy jokes. She decided she liked Jessie the best. Doris pulled her panties down and let Jessie finger fuck her. When she saw the bartender staring at them she left. Saturday came and her husband went fishing, Doris took a shower and got dressed. She put on a white dress with nylons. She didn't wear a bra or panties. She looked in the mirror and hoped she would get raped until she fainted. The bar was crowded and Doris finally found the brothers sitting at a table in the back of the room.

"Hi" she cooed.

"Shall we leave now?" ask Jessie.

"Slip some of that knock out powder in my drink and take me to your house" she smiled.

"You sure are kinky" said Frank.

"Perhaps I like a little excitement in my dull life" grinned Doris.

She watched Jessie spike her drink with knock out powder. He handed it to her and smiled.

Doris woke up tied to a bed with nothing on except her nylons. She looked at her captors and demanded.

"Slap me, I want to be hurt!"

Frank slapped the woman until her nose was bloody.

"Is that what you want bitch?"

"Yes" sobbed the girl.

Then Jessie grabbed her breasts and squeezed them so hard she knew they would have black and blue marks. The brothers undressed and Doris waited for them to attack her.

"Do you want to go first Jessie?" ask Frank.

"I'll fuck that slut until she shits" he growled.

Doris climaxed when his prick entered her hole. She struggled to get free pretending she was an unwilling participant. Finally Jessie filled her pussy with cum and let Frank have his turn. Frank was brutal! He pulled her nipples until she screamed and Doris had a climax so strong she fainted. She came too when Frank shoved his fist up her cunt.

"Stop it Frank, it hurts too much!" she sobbed.

Frank didn't pay any attention to her and Doris lay their helpless and endured it. This depraved act excited the brothers and they abused her body again. Frank filled her with sperm for the last time and ask.

"Do you want me to untie you?"

"Yes" she sobbed.

When she was free from her bonds she kissed the brothers and thanked them.

"Did you like the fist fucking?" ask Frank.

"I thought I was going to pee" she giggled.

Doris slept with them that night and occasionally woke up when they fucked her. The next morning she gave them blow jobs and went home to face her husband.

"Where have you Been?" ask Jack.

"I went to a bar"

"Next time I want to go with you" he replied.

Doris decided to change the subject.

"Did you catch any fish?"

"No luck, I think they knew I was coming" he laughed.

That night Jack wanted to have sex. She was afraid he would discover her busies. She didn't take off her nightgown and jacked him off. Then she went to sleep and had wonderful dreams about being drugged and raped. Monday morning she avoided having sex with her husband with the excuse of a headache. As soon as he left for work she went to the bar to find her sadistic lovers.

"I've got a present for you" said Jessie.

"What is it?"

"A horse whip" he grinned.

"My god, are you going to use it on me?" she gasp.


Doris trembled at the prospect of being punished with the whip and went home with them. The brothers ripped the clothes from her body and tied her hands. They installed a hook on the ceiling and pulled the rope tight so she was standing on her tippy toes. Jessie took the first swings. The stinging whip left bloody welts on her breasts and ass. Doris screamed so loud Frank was afraid the neighbors would call the cops. When Jessie hit her with the whip she had a huge climax and pissed on the floor.

"Whip me like a bitch dog" she begged.

The brothers took turns with the whip until Doris passed out.

"Let's cut her down and fuck her" said Jessie.

"I get her first" said Frank.

Doris came to on the bed. Frank had his prick in her hole and was fucking her for all he was worth.

She looked at the bloody welts on her body and sobbed.

"Jesus god, I'm a piece of raw meat"

"You love it don't you?" laughed Frank.

Doris knew there was something wrong with her. Maybe she was freaky crazy having climax's while a man beat her. She didn't care. The boys took turns with the woman until they were too tired to continue.

The next morning Frank lit a cigarette and burned her breasts. Doris squealed like a pig. Then Jessie found the whip and pushed the handle up her cunt and into her womb. She had a climax so strong she farted.

Then she kissed Frank and said.

"I can't go home, not like this"

"Leave your husband and stay with us" said Jessie.

She wrote Jack a letter saying she was never coming home.

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