Foursome in cabin!!

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It was another spade. After showing the group, I began to think about what I could make two of them do. One thought kept pushing itself into the front of my mind, but I resisted it. Automatically, my mind only thought of two pairings – either Tiff and Teresa or Tiff and Maggie. Because Maggie and Theresa were sisters I had not even thought about getting them to do something. Then I realized that the game was about control. I considered the idea of a sexual encounter between the sisters. An encounter that would not only be incredibly sexy because of its level of taboo, but would also ensure that neither of the sisters could refuse – as it is the rules of the game. I knew that I wanted to see them eat each other out, but thought that such a suggestion might end the game prematurely. So, I came to a self-compromise.

"I want Theresa and Maggie to french kiss… while they touch each others breasts." My request got the reaction I thought it would.

"She is my sister!" Theresa cried. "Surely there has to be a rule against this."

Tiff was laughing and Maggie was just sitting, looking into the cards like she was in a far away place.

"Come on, surely you both knew this would eventually come up," I tried to justify myself. "The game is about fantasies and control."

"Yeah, but I figured that you and Tiff would stay away from the sister thing."

"Well, I can't physically force you. But, remember the point of the game. Besides how do you know you won't enjoy it?" The more I argued, the more I wanted to see them kiss.

Theresa rolled her eyes, but kept quiet. After a few moments of awkward silence, Maggie had something to say.

"I am game if you are Theresa," Maggie set herself up for potential embarrassment.

"Are you serious?!?" Theresa raised her eyebrows, looking shocked.

"What is the harm? It is just some fun. We are both attractive people. Haven't you ever thought about what it would be like Theresa?" Maggie spoke softly and for the first time in the whole night, spoke without much confidence. I was beginning to like Maggie more and more.

"No!" Theresa cried. "I…"

"Come on Theresa," Tiff interrupted, " Maggie is beautiful. You must have thought about it."

"Well… I mean I….maybe once just as a passing thought. I certainly didn't want it to happen!"

"It is entirely up to you Teresa. But, remember…if you have ever been curious…what happens tonight will be forgotten about in the morning." Maggie offered.

Tgeresa looked at me and frowned. She then made my dream come true. She crawled across over to Maggie, until she was kneeling in front of her. She sat down, with her golden legs out to the side. My cock was utterly pulsing. Tiff looked at me with a huge grin on her face. I smiled back. Ever so slowly, Maggie leaned in, brushing her cheek against Tgeresa’s.

Their lips lightly touched. Both of them closed their eyes as they embraced gently. Maggie placed her hands on Theresa’s cheeks as their mouths became one. It was one of the greatest things I had ever seen. Not only were two gorgeous girls kissing – but they were also sisters for Christ sake! It was a very soft kiss, not quite passionate but more intimate.

Theresa disrobed her sister, exposing her round breasts. Before getting up the nerve to touch her sister, Theresa ran her fingers through Maggie’s thick hair. Maggie reached up and grabbed one of Theresa’s hands. Still kissing, Maggie gradually brought Theresa’s hand down and placed it on her sizeable breast. Maggie then brought her hand up and cupped Theresa’s breast. Both girls kneaded the others breasts, while the kiss became more heated. Maggie pinched Teresa’s nipple and Theresa reciproTheresaed.

One of Maggie’s hands was fondling Theresa’s chest, while the other focused on Theresa’s aroused nipples. It was obvious that both girls were enjoying the embrace, perhaps a little too much, because Theresa abruptly broke the kiss. Her enjoyment must have scared her a bit, because she shimmied back to her position in the circle, with a look of embarrassment draped across her pretty face. Neither of them spoke, so I thought I should interrupt the awkward silence.

"See that wasn't so bad."

After a few moments, Maggie reached into the deck of cards and pulled one out.

"It is a club…I know what I want to do. Tiff… I want to touch your vagina. I want to know what a woman feels like."

Tiff smiled and shrugged. "Fine by me."

Tiff positioned herself so one leg lying straight out in front of her (she purposely did this so her foot could tease my cock) and raised the other, so Maggie could get easy access to her. Maggie put her hand on Tiff’s knee and crawled closer. She angled herself so that (thankfully) both Theresa and I could see. Maggie disrobed Tiff so that she was naked except for her panties. Gently, Maggie glided her fingers over Tiff’s breast, down over her stomach and over her covered pussy. Tiff shivered. Maggie licked her lips. She took the palm of her hand and cupped Tiff’s mound. She held it in her hand for a moment then began rubbing circles all over the fabric of her panties. Maggie then used her thumb to trace her visible slit, up and down, up and down causing Tiff to purr. I noticed that a small wet spot had formed on the cotton of her underwear.

Maggie grasped one side of her panties and drew it across, exposing Tiff’s aroused cunt. This was the first I had seen of Tiff’s pussy and I automatically wanted to bury my tongue into her. Because of her fairer skin, her pussy seemed a lot more pinkish than Theresa's and Maggie's. I was right about her pubic hair. It was shaved down as fine as it could go while still being visible. Her light brown strip matched the color of her eyes. Maggie lowered her body so she could get a better view. She took her fingers and spread Tiff open. Meanwhile, Tiff's toes were holding onto my cock and her eyes were transfixed on mine. My penis was dying to be fucked, but hey, it wasn't my turn and I could be patient.

I watched as Maggie ran a finger all over her pussy, before inserting it into her vagina. This caused Tiff to kick slightly – right into my balls. She laughed and mouthed sorry. It didn't really hurt, but I winced in pain for sympathy. Theresa helped the healing process by cupping my testicles and massaging them gently. Maggie was finger-fucking Tiff, while using her palm to rub her clit. Tiff was bucking her hips, dictating the rhythm of Maggie's thrusts. Maggie's intention was clearly to only get Tiff aroused because she withdrew her finger quickly, before Tiff ever had a chance to come. Maggie moved back to her position, while Tiff made a sound of longing and disappointment. Maggie still had Tiff's juice on her finger. She licked the top of finger, tasting her pussy. Maggie then stuck the finger into my mouth. I grabbed her hand and sucked the finger, licking every last remnant of Tiff off it. It tasted good.

Tiff reached into the deck for her second go. I was wondering when the heart would come up. I wanted ultimate control. She picked up a card.

"Another club! Ok. I guess I would like to taste… Theresa."

Theresa lied back on her elbows and spread her legs. Tiff moved in between her legs and kissed the fabric of Theresa's underwear. Tiff didn't waste any time from that point. She feverishly pulled Theresa's panties down to her knees and buried her face into her pussy. Tiff had obviously dreamt of this for a while – and who could blame her. My view wasn't spectacular but I saw Tiff's tongue lick her vagina furiously, while her small ass bobbed in the air. Her licks changed from rapid to long and slow, taking in the entire slit. I saw her eyes cemented on Theresa's eyes. This was definitely her fantasy. Short lived, however, as Maggie broke up the cunnilingus session – probably realizing that once Tiff got going – she wouldn't stop.

"Alright Tiff… slow down. Come on, that is plenty."

Tiff used the flat of her tongue one last time, and ran it slowly up over Theresa's closing lips. She then sat up, kissed Theresa on her mouth softly and went back to her position and said jokingly "if only I had gotten the heart."

For some reason, Theresa pulled her panties back up. Probably just to frustrate me. She smiled at Tiff and then reached in to the pile of cards that had been thrown about after Tiff's romp with Theresa. She did exactly the same thing as she did last turn. Without looking at the card she held it up and showed everyone.

"Another spade." Maggie stated and I exhaled, knowing I was still in with a chance of the big one.

Teresa thought for a moment and smiled devilishly. " Maggie …you have to…suck his penis."

This was more like it! I couldn't hide my gigantic grin. I was about to get head from a fucking french model! My enthusiasm and confidence took a blow though as Maggie made a disgusted sound, like she had just been told to eat a bull testicle.

"Theresa! You bitch," Maggie cried disgusted yet slightly amused. Then she looked at me, realizing I didn't feel too appreciated. "Oh no, it isn't you. It is just that I once told Theresa that the thought of sucking dick offended me. To this day I have never done it."

"The rules say you have to Maggie."

"Ok, ok."

Maggie took the blanket off my shoulders so I was completely naked and exposed. My penis was in desperate need for attention. Maggie looked at it momentarily, before putting her hand around the shaft. She retracted my foreskin to the limit and looked into my eyes. She must have seen the desperation in my eyes because a small grin crept across her face. She blew on the exposed head, which caused me to buck my hips into her face. She stuck out her tongue and flicked the head. I moaned. She tasted me again. Her licks became a bit more courageous and she sent me into my own world of pleasure. She then put my dick into her hot mouth. She slid her lips over it, while using her tongue to make it better. It felt awesome to be inside her mouth. Her lips ran down my shaft and back up again. If she hadn't of stopped the blowjob so quickly, I probably would have came. But she pulled my cock out of her mouth and sat up.
"Wasn't so bad. But you are definitely not blowing in my mouth!" Maggie teased.

My cock was definitely not satisfied with the sudden abandonment. However, it was my turn to pick a card. I concentrated on the pack, wishing to be the one to pick up the heart. I closed my eyes and randomly drew a card. I held it against my chest and sneaked a peak. I was fucking happy! I smiled and turned the card around, revealing my heart pick-up to the girls.

"Not fair!" Tiff cried.

"Lucky you," Theresa encouraged mischievously.

Maggie raised her eyebrows and began to clear the cards off the bed. Once every card was off, Maggie took off her robe and threw it on the floor. Theresa and Tiff followed. The three beautiful girls were all half nude, waiting for my instructions. Waiting for my instructions! I was in control. I had complete power over these three young girls. I could make them do anything I wanted. I really did feel like God. I knew what I wanted to do, but I wanted to get everybody into the flow of things first.

"All right. Lets start this off with a four-way kiss."

We all shuffled into a tight group in the middle of the bed. I grabbed the back of Maggie and Theresa's head and lightly pushed them together to kiss. Once their lips met I stuck my tongue in between them both, while Tiff did the same. Theresa and Maggie stopped kissing and instead began massaging our tongues with theirs. My hard-on was exposed to the entire group as our tongues danced over each other. I ran my hand through Maggie's hair and positioned my other hand on Theresa's ass. I noticed that even though it was the middle of the night, I could still smell the girls' faint perfume, which was always a turn-on.

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