Four Day Break

(Part 1 from 1)

Tiffany and Tom had gone to the French Rivera to sample an adultís holiday adventure. The hotel is set in 10 acres of land and is totally secure with access only being given to patrons. 

From the moment they arrived, men had begun to sport with Tiffany in the hope of a later liaison and Tiffany found it all very arousing. They had both agreed that the only rule in place would be to have fun and experience a wilder side to sexuality.

Tiffany wasted no time and on the first night by the pool flirted outrageously with 5 different men whilst Tom sat by her side supporting her outrageous behavior. As she chatted she forced them all to expose their tools and picked the two with the biggest knobs and the fittest bodies as her lovers for later that evening. She gave them both separate times and instructed them to be clean and horny as she collected their room numbers. They then met with an older couple from Sweden, Jian and Michael. Jian was 53 and very sexy with large perky breasts and Michael was 58 with a well above average cock. They had been listening to Tiffany and asked Tom what heíd be doing whilst Tiffany was taking on her temporary lovers and when Tom informed them that heíd be doing nothing they immediately asked him to spend some time in their room and he obviously agreed.

At 10pm Tiffany left their room for the first of her rendezvous and Tom also made his way to Jian and Michaelís room. Tom had a tremendous night of sex with Jian being a very dirty whore and Michael encouraging her to be even dirtier though he did keep thinking of what Tiffany would be up to!

At around 2.30am Tom left Jian and Michael and made his way back the their room and as he opened the door he hoped that Tiffany would not be there and if she was she would not be alone. As he had wanted Tiffany was not in the room which meant she was still having fun somewhere with someone so he decided to scout the hotel and try to get a sneak preview of his wife having whore like fun. He crept around the hotel checking and listening by the rooms she had met at earlier Tiffany could not be found in any of the places he had searched. He chatted with a few people and got propositioned by a few guys and couples but the desire was still to watch his wife behave like a whore. 

He eventually mad his way out to the pool and has he stood pondering what could be he saw a movement in the shadows by the pool utility shed. His initial thought was that it was an activity that obviously wasnít for anyone other than those who knew it was happening so he crept around the pool and followed the tree line to mask his presence. Has he got closer to the shed he could see five guys and one girl and boy were they having a wild orgy? As he got even closer he could hear what they were saying at which point he herd the girl growl with pleasure and much to his excitement it sounded like Tiffany! He positioned himself even closer and then with the light reflecting from the pool was able to make her out. 

The guys had got her in the doggy position and were passing her round from cock to cock whilst she blew the waiting ones off. Tiffany was in complete control and the guys were obeying as she ordered them to change places. As Tom watched and listened he noticed that Tiffany was performing without any protection and the guys were indeed emptying inside her one by one at which point Tiffany would order someone else to fuck her. 

This activity went on till about 5am at which point Tiffany retired to another room and Tom wasnít able to follow anymore.

Tom rose for breakfast the following morning and expected to see Tiffany but she never arrived. He did however see Jian who told him that Michael had got up early and gone in to the nearest town. Jian then suggested that perhaps they could continue on from last night seeing as their partners were no where to be found and Tom agreed at which point they retired to Jianís room. At 4pm Tom decided to go back to his room and see if Tiffany was back and told Jian that they could meet up after.

As Tom lay naked on the bed he began to think about the antics of Tiffany and what she might be doing at which point she entered the room! Hi babe said Tom and Tiffany smiled and said Iím bloody fucked and dropped on the bed. Well said Tom did you have fun? 
How much detail do you want asked Tiffany?

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