First time for wife

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Firstly we are a normal couple mid 20s, Jane very pretty with small pert breasts . I have had a fantasy for a long time about watching jane with another guy but didn't know how to bring it up.

I was worried she would think that i was wanting an excuse to have another woman or that she was not enough for me or that i was just wierd.

so one night when we where talking about sex and fantasies she said that she had one about being with two guys so i told her about mine.

she was a little shocked and could not really understand how seeing her with someone else would be nice for me, i tried to explain but to be honest i don't really understand it either. she said that fantasies are ok but she would never do anything like that, (she is very shy and prim and proper and wont even go topless at the beach). nothing more was mentioned until a few days later when we where making love i asked her to imagine that there was another guy there watching us, she seemed to like it so i continued ,imagine he's touching and kissing your breasts while i'm licking you, she was moaning quite loudly by now.

As i started to lick her. straight away she started rubbing her breasts imagining it was someone else touching her. she was wetter than i had ever seen her before and in no time came so hard she squirted which was a first for her.

After we had finished she said how much she had enjoyed playing out her fantasy but that was as far as she would ever go with it.

We talked about this other guy most times we had sex for the next couple of years and although she always got really excited never wanted to try it for real.

Then one night around christmas time we decided to go out in town for a few drinks, we had a great night and went to a few different bars and had quite a lot to drink. It was getting quite late and i went to the toilet which took a while because it was really busy. When i returned there was a guy chatting to jane, she was laughing and looked like she was enjoying his company, I went over and jane said this is mark, we all chatted for a bit then we left for home.

On our way home we stopped at the local kebab shop and a couple minutes later mark came in and we started chatting again, he seemed like a nice bloke so i invited him back for a beer he accepted and we all headed for home a little the worse for wear. When we got there we went in to the lounge me and jane on the couch and mark on the chair opposite we all had a couple of drinks and a few laughs.

It was only when jane got up and went to the toilet that i noticed mark eyeing up her ass as she left the room, i don't know what came over me and i just came out and said "i have always wanted to watch her fuck someone else would you be up for it" he nearly choked on his beer, you could see he was unsure and trying to work out if i was serious, i quickly reassured him and he started smiling and said of course she's gorgeous.

I explained that she didn't know about this and we would have to see how it goes. When jane returned we all carried on talking for a bit then i just went for it, and said jane me and mark have been talking and we both want to fuck you. the room went silent for a few moments i leaned towards her and gave her a kiss she just sat there and didn't say anything i really didn't know what to say or do, had i really messed things up, then just as i thought it had all gone wrong she kissed me back.

I carried on kissing for a few moments and the awkwardness seemed to lift a little so i waved mark over and he sat on the other side of jane all of a sudden she stiffened up and as i looked down realized.

It was because mark had put his hand on her thigh and was gently rubbing her leg while we kissed. after a couple of seconds she relaxed so, i started to caress her breasts through her top and she let out a little moan. she seemed to be relaxing a bit more so i undid her top button then another and another until her top was wide open, it was such a turn on, her sat there with only her lacey bra covering her small pert breasts and a stranger sat only inches away. mark was obviously getting turned on as well by the look of the bulge in his trousers, he nervously looked at me for approval and started to rub her breasts through her bra.

Then growing in confidence he eased her bra down and started to kiss and run his tounge all over her breasts, jane let out a little louder moan, all the way through we never broke our kiss. Then i slid my hand up her skirt and to my surprise her knickers where soaking wet. she pulled away and said lets all go to bed, which was such a turn on because it was her decision, and not mine and her just going along with it. on the way to bed i said you show mark up I'll sort out some drinks to bring up and off they went. it was such a strange feeling watching the love of my life half naked leading another man to our bed!

to be honest i didn't care about the drinks.

i just thought it might be nice to give them a few moments alone. so after around 10minutes i headed up, and the time alone obviously worked. when i entered the room mark was lying on his back with his pants around his ankles and jane was kneeling over him sucking him for all she was worth.

she looked up at me and with a cheeky grin said "sorry babe i couldn't wait" then just carried on. I joined them on the bed and pulled of her skirt and knickers.

While she continued to suck him, he was starting to moan and squirm so i pulled her off and lay her on her back and kissed her with that mark made his way to the bottom of the bed and started to tease jane with his tounge gently licking her inner thigh closer and closer to her pussy then just touching it and moving back to her thigh, it was driving her so crazy she reached down grabbed his hair and pulled his face hard against her wet pussy.

this was the best bit for me, looking down at marks juice covered face licking her while she moaned and writhed while still trying to kiss me. You would have thought that i would have been ripping my clothes off, trying to join in but it was so nice just watching i didn't, mark stopped licking her and pulled him self up on his knees between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her wet pussy lips, i was so mesmerized by this that i never even thought about condoms.

Then without warning he slipped inside and slowly started thrusting faster and faster, jane started shouting harder, harder, shaking with her impending orgasm mark started twitching shouting ohh fuck ohh fuck then with one big groan collapsed on top of jane puffing and sweating, it was only then i thought shit!

he's unloaded in my wife's pussy. they lay there motionless for a few seconds and then mark got up, got dressed, said thank you and left. we lay there talking and giggling about what naughty people we where for a while.

I can honestly say i was  not one bit jealous thought the whole evening, and the look of her lying there with cum oozing out of her pussy was such a turn on.

*** sorry about my spelling and grammar.

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