First time at my birthday party with two male friends

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I was the night of my birthday and I asked my mom if I could have two friends over for the night. She agreed and I called both Adam and Bradley over to see if they were free. To my excitement they were. Now i never thought about them in any way other than a friend but as the night grew we all began to explore each others fears, likes, dislikes, and eventually our bodies.

As the night went on we all had the idea to stay up all night and watch old wrestling pay per views and play video games. While watching one of the videos a bra and panties match came on between two females. this is where it all began. We all started to watch closely and as we watched we all became excited. After the match we all began to talk about what we all liked about girls and that match.

Then out of no where I noticed that Adam was supporting a huge boner. this got all of us excited and we all stripped down adn held pillows in front of our dicks only to drop them at the same time. THis is when we all moved closer and grab each other's dicks and compared size and layed on top of one another. As our bodies layed there we all realized taht neither one of us have ever done anything like this before with a girl let alone a guy. This became very erotic and very scary since my mom's room was right next door.

So quitely we all began to play truth or dare and we learned more about what we all wanted to try. i was first and i dared Bradley to bend over and let us see his asshole and touch it. As he bent over I noticed Adam was sucking on his fingers and shoved it up Bradley's ass. This turned all of us on. Bradley was next and dared Adam to either suck his own dick or suck both of ours. Adam chose to try and suck his own since if he could do it then he would practice and pay us back later. then it came to me, the birthday boy. They dared me to sneak out back and run around naked. i said no since my mom could wake up.

They then decided that they wanted to see how far i would go and decided that they wanted a triple kiss and fuck me. Since we all decided not to talk to others about this night and i was horny i could not turn it down. The kiss almost had me blow my load becasue it was so secual and passionate. Then Came the fucking and it hurt so hard that i had to place all the pillows over my face just to soften the screams.

While Adam fucked me good, bradley took it upon himself to get over my head and drop his balls right in my mouth and thats when i busted a nut all over my hairy chest because they tasted so nice and felt so good to choke on nuts. after an hour of fooling around we all layed on the flod naked, motionless, and horny. Then Bradley said who wants to go in the woods and fuck tomorrow and we can be as loud as we want since no one could hear us.

We all agreed and went back to playing video games and thinking about all the things we could do to one another tomorrow.

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