First ejaculation

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I was in fifth grade and my two best friend were two years older than me. Joe was the real intellectual one and Larry was the jock. 

One Friday afternoon after school we went to Larry's house to practice wrestling. Larry was very good at it because his dad use to coach wrestling. Larry had his own wrestling mat in the basement of his house.

I didn't know what jacking off was at this point in time, but I was about to find out. All I knew was my dick would get hard but I didn't know why or what to do about it. Back in those days you didn't get any sex education until the sixth grade and then it was very little.

For what ever reason, Joe didn't show up so Larry and I decided to get started. When ever we wrestled, we always strpped down to our underware, this way we didn't wreck our cloths and we always got pretty hot and sweaty.

As usual we practiced starting from standing and kneeling positions. I always lost because Larry was bigger and stronger than me, but it was fun anyway.

During this session I was down on all fours and Larry was over me. When we started somehow Larry went between my legs with his hand and arm and brushed my dick and balls. I got an immediate erection. As I struggled Larry realised what was going on and started to pull my underware off. The more I struggled to get away from him the worse it got. Larry had me locked up, I wasn't getting out of this hold. He managed to finish pullin my underware down to my knees. My dick and balls were exposed and standing tall.

The next thing I felt was Larry's hand rubbing my balls very gently and then he took hold of my dick and started stroking it, slow at first and steadily increasing the speed.

I told him to stop, that I had a funny feeling in my balls and I didn't know what it was. He just continued to stroke my dick until my balls tightened up and spurts of white cum spurted out the end of my dick. It felt so good, he kept pumping my dick and I keep cuming. It seemed like it was never going to end. After my dick stopped throbing, Larry took a few last strokes and squeezed it milking it dry. Larry said "now you know what jerking off is all about."

After I cleaned up and we cleaned up the mat I had lots of questions for Larry and I got some short info lessons. We were both sitting on the mat in our underware talking when Larry asked me " Have you ever seen another guys dick?" I told him I had at the YMCA, back in those days the boys had to swim naked. I told him it was when I was younger and everyone had real small ones. Larry asked me it I wanted to see his and I said sure.

Larry slid his underware off and laid back on the mat. He said "you can touch it if you want" I reached over and very lightly touched his penis and slid my hand down over his balls. I gave them a light squeeze and rolled them in my hand. I noticed that his penis was starting to swell so I reached up and took it in my hand. I gently squeezed it and started stroking it like he did mine. I swear that thing was seven inches.

I continued to stroke him until he blew his wad. After I milked him dry, I just watched it as it shrunk back to normal.

We had to finish cleaning up and get dressed before his parents got home.

We were suppose to camp out that night at Joe's house and we had to get the show on the road. But that was one afternoon I will never forget. It only got better that night during the camp out, but that story is for another time.

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