First Time with married woman

(Part 1 from 1)

I was single and was invited to a party in next village at the home of local dentist. I had not drunk anything because I was driving but had got chatting to this woman in her late twenties who then said her husband was in the kitchen talking to her friend and next door neighbour. She was a good looker nice body and a real short skirt. She then asked if I would dance with her and boy was she hot using her body to press and grind into me all the time saying how she was enjoying someone to dance with.

She explained that she had two boys who were staying with grand parents and a husband who will never dance. After an hour or so she went off to see what he was up to in kitchen and told me not to go off she would be back. After about ten minutes she appeared again and the dancing restarted she asked me about myself and what I did. I then found out she had married young and was now regretting it.

I had looked at my watch and saw it was after midnight when her friend came in and said she was going home as she had to work the next day, she then said Brian the husband was taking her home and then said but don't worry if your friend can give you a lift that was fine. She looked at me and I nodded. After they had gone she smiled at me and said craft bitch she is always after him and she knows I don't care. We talked more and I discovered that she had a number of men who she regularly fucked all of which was a new world for me.

Around two in the morning she said shall we go an I agreed said our farewell to the hosts and went to my car. As she slid into the seat i got a full view of her clit and her bush. She said nothing but as we made our way along the quite lane she said please pull in over there in a small entrance to a field. She then smiled and said I have been here before and it is to early to go home. I was liking what I saw and after giving her a long deep throat kiss her hand went to my thigh and she said will you fuck me with that hard dick. I nodded and removed her top and quickly she was naked I laid the seat back flat before placing my hard knob against her very wet lips. I was very full as I had not shagged for a few weeks and the site of her erect nipples nearly blew my load she said quickly I am on the pill so no need to do anything I like bareback.

As I thrust in and out of her tight pussy she was clearly ready as we both came together and quickly had two further repeats she said how good it was to have a young under used man instead of the randy old sods she normally enjoyed.

I eventually returned her to her home and whilst we sat having a last kiss she spotted her neighbor scamper across to her front door naked and clothes in a bundle. She thanked me and left her number for future times. I have met her a number of times since and she is still the best fuck I have had.

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