First Time in Bangkok

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It was my first visit to Thailand and I didnít really know what to expect, I was here on a mix of business and pleasure so my time would be divided between the two, sometimes off during the day, sometimes working at night. One of the people I would be working with picked me up at the airport and during the drive to downtown he asked if I wanted to see a little of the night life before turning in, it was around midnight and while jet lag was not a factor coming from California, I was not sleepy, so I agreed.

We stopped at a private club and were shown to a booth, I ordered a beer and the waiter also brought a plate of fresh fruit which was delicious. We had only been seated a few minutes when two rather attractive young ladies joined us, actually one sat on each side of me. My host told me that the club was a place where Thai businessmen came to relax and enjoy female companionship. Neither girl spoke English so our communication was by hand sign or translation by my host. The girls soon started talking with each other as they started casually exploring my body, nothing sexual, rubbing and lightly massaging my neck, arms and thighs. My host explained that if I want, I could ask to see more girls, there were no other people in the club, only the two of us and the two girls so I probably had a wide range of choices. The rest of the girls were waiting upstairs if needed. If I liked either of the two I could sit and chat or I take her back to my room.

I pondered that for a moment and asked if I could take both with me, the answer of course, was yes. I told my host that I wanted both to accompany me and he whispered that to them and they giggled and left. The waiter was summoned and a bill was presented which included the drinks and the fees for the girlsí companionship.

As both girls were returning, my host offered to drive us back to my hotel, I asked how the girls would get home in the morning and he suggested that I give them a few baht for cab fare and with that we left. In the car the girls were a lot more intimate; their hands were everywhere, raising my anticipation level quite a bit. This would be my first time with multiple partners and I was excited to say the least.

We said our goodbyes to my host at the hotel lobby entrance and with as much restraint as possible made it to my room.

Both girls immediately wanted to shower and I thought for a moment they were going in together, but it seems that tonight was the first time they had met and many thai girls are very shy, which turned out to be a problem that took time to work out. When the first girl finished in the bathroom she joined me in bed and the second went in to shower, the first girl, Oui had been clad in a damp towel which she removed under the covers, she was tiny by any measure, less than 5í and around 80 pounds, she had worn a padded bra and when feeling her under the covers her nipples were all that there was of her breasts. While she had not shaved her pubic area, what hair there was sparse and fine, almost invisible. There was not an ounce of fat and her body was firm, she had a nice round ass and each cheek fit easily in the palm of my hand, being 6í 2í, I could see that 69 was not an option.

We kissed and rolled around under the covers exploring each others bodies, I was waiting on the second girl to join us when the Oui straddled me and slide herself onto my hard cock. tight pussy was the first thing that came to mind, it was hot, wet and very snug. She was in a squatting position with a foot on each side of me and her hands on her knees as she started slowly gliding up and down my shaft. She gradually increased her speed and was soon pounding her pussy against me hard enough to hear the slap as we met. She had 3 climaxes, all small and quick before I finally came. She had a nice touch and didnít stop pumping until I asked her to. She slide off of me and surprised me by sucking my softening cock into her mouth as a parting kiss, she then wrapped her towel around her and knocked on the bathroom door, girl number two, Pon, came out wrapped in her towel and climbed under the covers before removing it. Pon was a little larger in all respects than Oui, while her breasts were small, she had dark areolas and large nipples, she had apparently had a child at sometime in her young life. Her body was softer with a little more fat than Ouiís. She had a very nice mouth, very kissable. Full lips that were soft and moist. She little tongue slowly exploring my mouth, ears and neck while her hands explored my cock and balls. Her touch was gentle as she rolled my balls around in her hands and stroked my hardening cock. She was more affectionate than Oui had been, cuddling next to me while her hands and lips were doing their work. Soon she moved over the top of me and assumed the same position as Oui had, using her hands to guide my cock into he warm pussy.

She sunk it all of the way in, in one motion and while there, moved back and forth rubbing her clit on me, working herself up to a climax. As she neared her orgasm she got wetter and wetter, I could feel her moisture flowing onto my balls, she was grinding harder and her cunt never lost contact with me as she shuddered with wave after wave of ecstasy before she finally collapsed on my chest. I was feeling pretty studly, until I realized that all I had done was supply the erection, she had done all of the moving. She quickly recovered and went to work on me, which took some doing since I had just cum in Oui. Ponís lubricated pussy was slick and enlarged by child birth and lacked the tightness of Ouiís. But, she had her ways; she slipped off of me and went to her hands and knees offering me her ass. I steered my cock into her awaiting twat and she pushed my knees outside of hers and with her legs between mine that pussy was no longer large. With her thighs pressed together it was difficult to tell she wasnít a virgin and I spewed cum into her in a few strokes. I fell back on the bed spent and very satisfied. She covered with her towel and went into the bathroom, this time both girls came out and with warm washcloths and towels cleaned me up and dried me off. I think I fell asleep before they finished.

I was the first to awake in the morning and as I lie there I tried to remember what each of the girls looked like when it dawned on me that the whole experience had happened in near darkness, I had never clearly seen either one, felt them and fucked them but, not seen them.
I was lying between both and needed to use the bathroom so I slide out from under the covers and stepped over Oui, both girls were fully dressed, and I headed to the toilet to pee and brush my teeth. When I returned both were still asleep and I walked over and opened the drapes letting in the bright sunlight of the Bangkok day. I raised the air conditioner temp to a warmer level and slipped back between the little brown bundles.

Oui awoke first and turned to me, cupping my balls in one hand while stroking my cock to an erection with the other. As soon as I reached a hard on Oui jumped put of bed, stripped off her clothes and ran to the bathroom for a quick shower.

I was in a state of high anticipation after seeing her tight little butt scurrying to the bath. I was trying to make up my mind where to start on her first when Pon woke up. She looked at me with her sleepy brown eyes and cuddled next to me, she found my hard on right away and slipped under the covers and took me in her mouth, she just lay there, not moving, just holding my cock in her mouth and slowly working it over with her tongue. Oui came out of the bath, her front looked as good as her back, threw back the covers and said something to Pon, Pon got up and went to the bath and Oui took up where she left off. That is when I remembered that what I wanted was the two of them at the same time. I pulled Oui away from my cock and rolled her over on her back and proceeded to her pussy. I worked my way around her tiny hole, kissing and licking as I went. I finally tasted her and slide my tongue into her hot wet cunt. I could cover her whole pussy with my mouth, it was so small and her lips were tiny, it was only several minutes before she came with a shudder. First she held my head so I couldnít move then she pushed me away. I looked down at the almost hairless snatch with awe; I had never seen a beautiful pussy before.

Pon apparently was going to wait in the bath until Oui went to trade places with her, just like last night. But, I had a surprise for her and sent Oui in to get her and called Oui back when Pon entered the room. I beckoned Pon to come to me and pulled her on top of me on the bed, I tried to pull the towel down but she was having none of that. Pon was lying across my body kissing my neck and ears so I motioned Oui to start sucking my cock, which she readily did. They had their backs to each other not wanting to see what the other was doing, I guess. I slowly worked Pon up until she was straddling my face and her pussy was more of what I was used to, hair, full, fat, lips and a fairly large clit. I spent very little time exploring and went right to her clit. Gently at first, then with more vigor; she started rocking front to back much as she did while riding my cock, only now she was riding my tongue. She was able to set the speed and length of her stroke and was finally rubbing her sopping wet pussy from my chin to my nose and then she came.

She never slowed I only knew she came because of the noises she made, a series of grunts a squeals, then she was gone, only to return shortly with a damp washcloth which she used to wipe my face. I pushed Oui from my cock and took both girls to the end of the bed where I tossed a pillow on the floor and had Pon kneel on it between my legs. I pulled her face up against my balls and had her start sucking on them. I lay back and pushed Ouiís head back down on my cock. I then took Ouiís 80 pound body and had her lie on top of me with her pussy facing me. I was able to see a beautiful ass and pussy while I had one girl sucking my balls and another sucking my cock.

I ran my hands over as much of Ouiís body as I could reach all the while trying to concentrate on which sensation was the greatest, the sucking of my balls or the sucking of my cock. Soon it didnít matter, as my balls tightened against my body Pon worked harder to keep them in her mouth and as my cock reached itís hardest state Oui relaxed her suction and slowed to use her tongue to massage my cock head. Then suddenly all of the sensation centered into one big climax, wave after wave until I couldnít tell who was doing what, both continued but some how sensed that I was winding down and settled in to a very gentle series of caresses. Finally both stopped and came up and snuggled in next to me.

I donít know how long it was before I got up, but I managed to stagger to the shower finding the hot water very soothing. Tthen Oui was in the shower with me, she took the soap and washcloth and proceeded to wash my entire body, she was quick and thorough, not missing a spot and as she was washing my cock I could feel the beginnings of a reaction. Apparently so could she and she keep soaping and jacking until I was again fully hard. I reached under her arm and lifted her until her cunt was poised at the tip of my erection. She reached behind her and guided me into as I lowered her onto me and god was she hot.

She wrapped both arms around my neck and leaned back, I had her ass in both hands and pushed and pulled her up and down on my cock. I was moving her fast enough and hard enough to again hear her pussy slamming against my body, she came three more times in rapid succession and I was about to stop as my arms were beginning to feel like they were made of lead when I felt a hand grab my balls. Pon had pushed back the shower curtain enough to reach in and grab me. The combination of Ouiís tight, tight pussy and Ponís hand rolling and squeezing my balls was all it took to bring me off again. It was all I could do to cum, hold Oui and remain standing, but, I somehow managed. As I let Oui slide down, I noticed that Pon was still wearing her towel and again no amount of encouragement would make her take it off. Oui on the other hand seemed to enjoy showing off her little hard body.

Finally both girls needed to go, Oui had school and Pon wasnít going to stay alone with me, so good byes were said and off they went.

Later I packed and headed for Chiang Mai.

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