First Time for Everything

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Lauren Johnstone shook more and more as each second ticked by. She was looking out her window from Baldwin Hall at Howard University, watching her parents drive away. Never in her eighteen years of life had she been so alone. When her family found out that Lauren had been accepted to Howard, they were filled with joy. Both of her parents, and everyone on both sides of her family had graduated from there. Lauren was a third generation student.

All freshmen, regardless if they lived in state or out, had to stay at on campus housing. When Lauren’s parents found out that the hall she was staying in was one of five combined to make the Tudman Quadrangle, and they were mixed sex halls, they had a fit. When they found out that no one floor or hall was set apart for female’s or male’s, and that they could have rooms next to each other, they were livid. When Lauren assured them that she would be okay, and that she would concentrate on her studies and not party like most freshman, her parents relaxed. This was their only daughter; she had never been in trouble, scored almost 1400 out of 1600 on the SAT’s, so they could trust her.

When Lauren’s parents drove out of sight, she made her way down to the common room to sit and watch the other students. With her legs curled up under her, Lauren willed herself not to show that she was nervous. 

The next thing she knew, someone was shaking her awake.

“Excuse me.”

When she opened her eyes, Lauren was looking into a pair of pale blue eyes, set on a handsome, tanned face of a male freshman.

“I am sorry I woke you, but I am running late and am not sure where the freshman orientation is being held. You are the only one I can find to ask.”

“Freshman orientation! I am glad you woke me or I would have never made it myself. We can walk over together.”

As they walked out, the person who woke her introduced himself.

“I am Steve Brown by the way.”

“Lauren Johnstone.”

As they were walking, Lauren got a better look at Steve. She guessed he was in his early twenties, close to six feet, and by the way he cared himself, took real good care of himself. 

“This your first time at Howard?” Lauren asked.

“No. I have been on campus a few times, but I have been running late all day. I don’t want to start out on the wrong foot my first day here.”

“I know what you mean. Both of us would have been in big trouble if we missed this, and if I haven’t said it already, thank you for waking me.”

“You are very welcome.”

When Lauren and Steve got to where they needed to be, they had just started calling the names when they walked in and found their seats.

“Phew, made it,” Steve said winking at Lauren.

She smiled back, and then sat through a long, very boring, four hours of lectures. 

The first few weeks were rough on everyone. A few of the freshman thought that since they were away from home, they could party and do whatever. Those ideas were quickly put to a stop by the facility. 

Lauren passed Steve a few times, both on their way to classes and at the dormitories. During the times when they could sit down and talk, Lauren found out that Steve had applied to Howard because he wanted to attend a very old, prestige college. Although with him being white, and being in the minority, he did not care. Steve had told her that he didn’t care what color a person was, as long as they showed him respect, he would show them the same. Lauren guessed that is what drew her to him, he treated everyone the same. She also found out that he was in the Marines for four years, and that is why he kept himself in good shape and walked with a good bearing.

One Friday evening while she was studying, Lauren heard a knock at her dorm door. Not wanting to be disturbed, she reluctantly opened the door. There stood Steve with his arms full of books.

“Hello Lauren. Do you mind if I come in and study? They are having a weekend is here party, and it is a little too noisy for me. I promise I will be quiet.”

Smiling, Lauren let him in.

“Come on in. I was wondering where my roommate went off to.”

Both of them were majoring in different fields, Lauren in Pediatrics and Steve in Business Management, so they were soon studying, enjoying the quietness. Each of them was good in different areas of study, so they helped each other when needed. During a break, they were lying on her bed talking of their families and future plans. Lauren’s roommate was a slob and kept her area of the room a mess, so she let Steve lie on her bed as long as he didn’t start anything. 

While they were talking, Lauren felt herself start to drift off, so she was forcing herself to stay awake. Try as she could, she failed. 

When Lauren awoke later that night, the light on her nightstand was still on and she could hear the party going full strength. She was lying on her side, and felt something draped over her. Reaching down to see what it was, Lauren realized it was a male arm. Alarmed at first by someone else being in her bed, she soon relaxed when she remembered it was Steve. Liking the feel of him, Lauren turned off the light and snuggled up close to him. 

Every weekend after that, both of them would get together and study. They would switch rooms, depending on where the party was that weekend, and who was having it. Both of them would sleep with each other, always fully clothed, and enjoyed each other’s company.

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