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Please read ďMy first time and Little More, parts 1 Ė 4 (check my author profile) for background leading up to this point in the true story of my life of ďfirsts.Ē The titles were not consistent, so search on the following for parts 1 Ė 4.

My First Time and a little More
First Time and more: part 2
My first time and a little more: Part 3
First Time and a Litte More: Part 4 Cum

A quick recap of the story up to now. I learned to suck dicks with my neighborhood friend Sean, and Michael joined us a year later. Three years later, my parents moved to a farm, and I lost track of my buddies. I had no sex with anyone for two years until I met Lee who was a lot older than me and who was in his mid twenties. Lee fucked me for the first time, and I felt independent because I could hang out in his apartment. About a year later, I worked as a waiter in a restaurant where I met a state trooper named Robert. My ďfirstĒ with Robert was getting to cum in his mouth and also letting him cum in mine. For more details about the changes I went through and the many first time experiences that I had during the 7 years that lead up to this point, read the details in parts 1 Ė 4.

From the previous story, where I got my driver's license, it was now summer, and I got my first job, my first car, and the first guy to hang out with and ride around with even though he was not my age. I was still in high school and Robert was 30. Seeing Robert after work became routine. I enjoyed riding around with him in the middle of the night. As described in the previous story, we always ended up at his house having sex. I liked sucking and being sucked as opposed to fucking, and Robert felt the same way. Robert wasnít too innovative. Our sucking became routine and without any foreplay. He also stopped kissing me. I guess he noticed that I didnít like kissing.

From the previous story, Robert gave me my first drink. Now, I was learning about a variety of drinks. At that young age, I liked Tom Collins. Most of the time we would just ride around for an hour in his 300Z after I finished at the restaurant, and Robert would bring a thermos full of Tom Collins. It was fun riding around that summer. I felt grown up and enjoyed his attention. Since I didnít work on Sunday nights, Robert took me out to nice restaurants as I began getting over my paranoia about being seen with him.

I had my first steak with Robert. I know, we lived on a farm, but my mom and dad never grilled steaks or ate like that. We had pot roast, round steaks, hamburgers, or chicken and that was it except for sandwiches, but I had never had a real sirloin or prime rib. My parents werenít poor, but they werenít gourmet cooks either. So, eating out on weekends with Robert made me feel very special and grown up. I learned that forks go on the left. That seemed illogical since most people are right handed. I learned that you were supposed to change hands when you used a knife to cut your steak. I learned that you cut a very small piece of steak, and then cut it into two pieces to eat one at a time. Gosh, my etiquette must have been very poor although I tried to have good manners. At home, we just got a fork out of the drawer and ate with it. Robert seemed to move me along socially, and I enjoyed the time.

We were leaving Robertís house one day, and he introduced me to a guy who lived about three doors down from him. The guy was very tall, sandy blonde, and about Robertís age. Later, Robert told me that the guy asked why Robert was sucking my dick and not his. Then Robert told me that they had grown up sucking each other, but the guy was married now, so he wouldnít suck his dick anymore. It seems that both of them lived in the houses that they grew up in. Robertís parents let him have the house, and they moved to a house on the lake. I thought of my pals Sean and Michael and wished that we still lived in our old neighborhood together. I would have sucked them anytime whether or not they were married.

One day Robert said he wanted to take me to a nice restaurant in another city. I took the weekend off from the restaurant. Robert told me to wear a coat and tie because the restaurant was upscale. Robert drove us to another town 100 miles away. He drove under 90 mph so I that I wouldnít protest. It was fall, and I remember the drive well. The leaves were the bright colors of autumn, and the air was very cool and crisp that afternoon. It was a great time of the year.

On the way, Robert noticed that my dress shoes were old and didnít match my coat and pants. Robert insisted that I let him buy me some shoes. While Robert took me to dinner and rode me around, he didnít give me gifts. I felt like I was his equal and not someone who needed gifts, not that he offered, but I had to let him buy shoes for me this time since I hadnít come prepared.

We went to a mall, and Robert picked a store. When being fitted with a pair shoes that Robert said looked good, the salesperson asked if I was Robertís son. Robert said yes! I was shocked. I felt mature and wanted to treated as an equal. I wanted to be seen as a mature adult even though I was still in high school. I didnít want the salesperson to think my daddy was taking me out to buy shoes. Hell, I was almost six feet tall and my dick was larger than Robertís. Robert paid for the shoes at the counte,r and the two talked while I stood behind Robert. I was humiliated and hurt, but I didnít let it be shown, but I really felt bad.

Each of us has several emotional and earthshaking moments in our lives that are embedded in our memories. Each time we replay those memories, it feels like it just happened. This brief moment of humiliation in my memory replays like it just happened.

It was evening and getting cold when we arrived at the restaurant. People were dressed well and guys wore coats. I thought I fit in, but looking back later, I know I must have looked like the school kid in my a navy blazer and gray pants. Heck, I was a kid from a farm, so I was not a fashion statement. In later years, I made sure that I treated others as well as I wanted to be treated no matter if they werenít dressed in expensive, fashionable outfits. Sometimes people can be so cruel without knowing it. People make fun of others in order to keep others from seeing their own faults. None of us want to be singled out cruelly. We ordered dinner and wine. The waiter asked to see my I.D., but Robert gave him some money, and I got my wine.

It was the first time that I had ever drunk wine. I watched Robert as the waiter poured a little in the glass for Robert to sniff. I was impressed. This was a state trooper who was all dressed up with me at the nicest restaurant I had ever experienced. I was very conscious of my actions and wanted to appear older than I was. Looking back, I probably didnít fool anyone. It was a long dinner with several courses, and the tables had white linen. I had never been in a place so elegant. I couldnít eat all of the food. I liked the wine.

Two waiters stopped by the table and asked if there was anything that we needed. Robert introduced me to them, so I knew that he knew them. One was especially handsome and appeared to be just a little older than my age. My esteem went up a bit, but I wondered if they just thought of me as another one of Robertís kids. I was nearly six feet tall, and, as I stated previously, my dick was longer and larger than Robertís dick. I was no kid. We finished our dinner, and Robert rented a motel room on the interstate. We showered one at a time. Robert had a small bag and took out cologne and powder. That was nice. He powdered me from my neck to my toes and caressed me all over. That was new, and it really felt good. Robert said that some visitors were coming.

Geezus, we were naked. I asked if we should get dressed when someone knocked on the door. I went into the bathroom and put on my pants. Robert went to the door while dressed only in a towel. When I came out, I saw that it was the two waiters. Oh my gosh. I couldnít take my eyes off the one that I thought was close to my age. Robert indicated that we had already showered. They each showered. We talked while sitting on the beds wearing towels. The younger guy was in college and 21, and the other was 25 and just working full time.

Everyone was hard. Robert dimmed the lights, and I waited to find out how we were going to proceed. One of the guys whispered something to the other, then they both got up and came to our bed. One played with Robertís dick and the other took my pants off and played with my dick. I got my wish. The college kid that I had my eye on started playing with me. I reached out and took my fingers and slowly went from his neck down to his chest, stomach, and then to his dick. With the fingers of both hands, I went up and down his hard dick as he played with my balls. I wanted to suck him so bad. Robert and the other guy moved to the other bed. I am sure they had as much fun, but I wasnít paying attention to them as much as the guy I was with. Gawd, I donít remember his name, such a shame.

His dick matched mine perfectly in size and shape. We continued with our foreplay while sitting up and staring at each other. Robert turned the lights completely off. I turned my partner over and sucked his anus and balls while he was lying face down. He turned himself over, and we rubbed our dicks together. Then we laid sideways facing each other. I was so happy.

I couldnít stand to continue the foreplay. I went down and started licking his balls. Then I took one ball into my mouth very gently. I worked my way up with the tip of my tongue to the top of his dick and swirled my tongue around it. Then I gently went down his dick with my lips and started sucking him up and down, slowly, and then faster, and then slowly again. He pulled my head off his dick. I guess he didnít want to come so soon.

He laid me on my back and started sucking me. It was heaven. I was so hot thinking about him as soon as I first saw him. Now, to have his mouth on my dick was a dream come true. He stopped to suck my balls and belly button and then continued up and down my dick with this mouth. His tongue was so enjoyable on my dick that I wanted to come at any time, but he stopped. He took lubricant out, and I knew what to do. I put the lubricant all over his dick and little on my anus and then rolled on my stomach.

His dick was a large as mine. It was a lot larger than Leeís. (See previous stories.) I braced myself. He eased himself inside of me. I hadnít been fucked in months, and with his large dick, the pressure was great. For some reason, I was so excited with him that I didnít feel bad at all. He fucked me steadily. There were no sudden moves and large thrusts. He simply fucked me firmly, yet gently for several minutes. Robert and the other guy were doing Robertís usual sixty nine and not paying any attention to us, nor was I paying much attention to them.

I felt his large dick moving in and out and deep inside of me as the minutes passed. His steady pace continued. With each stroke resulting in him being entirely inside of me and his pelvis pressing hard against my cheeks. Then I felt that familiar, pulsing, warm, throbbing cum zipping inside of me. He continued to fuck me until he stopped cumming. He pulled out and laid next to me. Once again, I was proud that I could control myself and didnít have to run to the toilet.

What surprised me next was the other guy stopped sucking Robert. He sat up and came over to my bed and started sucking me. It was grand. His partner played with my stomach and balls while the other continued sucking me. I couldnít hold off long and came after a few minutes. He sucked the front part of my dick while I shot cum on my stomach. That was new and very exciting. His other partner took a towel and cleaned me up. He used a little very warm water on the towel, and it felt great.

Next, the college guy that fucked me started sucking the other waiter. Wow, what a change from what I expected. He used the same technique, sucking him and letting the cum shoot on his stomach. I didn't miss the cue. I took a towel with some warm water and gently cleaned him up.

Robert was last. Both of the waiters sucked him. First one at a time, and then together on each side of his shaft. Dang, I liked that. I wished they had done that to me. Robert shot off after a few minutes. Having four people together sucking and fucking was new and exciting. It was interesting that I was the only one that got fucked, but I realized that Robert must have told them of my previous experience. I had told Robert about Lee fucking me at some time in the past. Some guys like fucking and some like sucking, and some like to be fucked and some like to get sucked. I was glad that I could accommodate the situation.

Afterwards, we all went to the lounge at the motel and had drinks. The guy that I liked ordered Black Label Jack Daniels on the rocks, so I ordered it too. We talked for a while, and then Robert and I drove back to his house 100 miles away instead of staying at the motel room. Robert asked if I liked it, and, of course, I said it was a great evening. I wanted to do it again, but as the fall progressed, it never happened again. Robert worked some weekends, and I sort of grew tired of him, but in a nice way. I yearned to be with someone my own age. I wasnít romantic, but rather I was sentimental as I wondered what Sean and Michael were doing, and if their lives were as exciting as mine was.

I was getting ready to graduate in December. I was graduating early and had already enrolled in a large, local, state university which would start in January. As I looked forward to my eighteen birthday in the spring, I reflected on how much I had done compared to my high school classmates. My secret life was far from the high school dating, proms, and dances that they attended. I had great high school friends, but I also had another life that they couldnít be a part. It didnít seem strange at the time, but looking back, I had a lot to juggle when keeping the two factions separate in my daily life.

*** Please read the next chapter of this true story. Please read, ďMy First Time and a Little More: part 6Ē if you wish to continue this true story.

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