First Time, First Love

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I must confess that I have always fantasised about my mother. Freud says that we all do, but with me, it was more overt than normal, I think. She generally has always stayed in great shape by running and exercising, and has a great body naturally. I would often see her come home from exercising, wearing short shorts and a t-shirt, and wonder what she was like in bed, and frequently had fantasies about her.

When I was in high school, my dad was working evenings, so if I didn't go out, we were generally the only ones at home. This was no big deal, as most afternoons I had basketball practice, and was out most evenings, either at my part-time job at a grocery store, or partying with friends. Once, when I came home from school, she was in the back yard, sunning herself. She didn't hear me approach, and I stood and watched her for a long time. She was wearing a white bikini, and had pulled the back up into the cheeks of her ass to eliminate as much tan line as possible. The straps of the bikini top were untied, as she was facing down, and appeared to be asleep.

She stirred as I approached her from the front, lifting up slightly, exposing the tops and sides of her large, round breasts. "Oh, Bobby," she said, "I didn't know that you were home already." Appearing a little embarrassed, she tied her top securely, although as she was bent over, her heaving mounds still hung out of the bikini top. She got up, grabbed her towel, and headed toward the back door. "I have dinner in the oven," she explained, "so I thought I might take in some sun." In her haste to cover her top half, she had neglected to pull the bottoms out of her ass, so I couldn't help but stare as it swayed back and forth with each slow step that she took in front of me. I realised that I had a raging hard-on, and took care to keep her from noticing.

When we got into the house, she excused herself to change out of her bikini, while I went to my room to put away my books. As I passed the master bedroom on my way back down the hall, I noticed that the door was slightly ajar. Looking inside, I could see that she was still removing her bikini, very slowly. As she took the top off, she paused, fondling her breasts. Her delicate hands cupped them, and pressed them together. She then brought her fingers to each nipple, gently circling them several times before pinching each nipple, one at a time. I saw her mouth form an "Oh!" as she continued to massage them. Slowly, her hands glided down over her flat stomach, massaging it as they went along, riding smoothly over the remnants of suntan oil that was still on her body. As her left hand remained on her stomach, her right continued into her swim suit bottom and to her pussy. I could see that she had made contact with her cunt, as she arched her back, looked up at the ceiling, and then pinched her eyes closed.

She continued to massage her pussy beneath her suit for some time, then began to slowly remove the bottoms. Sitting on the bed, she glided the suit down, past her thighs. Her pussy, wet as an ocean, glistened from the light entering her window. Well covered with a silky brown bush, it was parted far enough to reveal a plump set of lips, covered with her juices.

As she finished removing her suit, she slid up on to the bed, more readily within my view. Lifting her knees and bringing her feet to her buttocks, she spread her legs completely, to allow her fingers ready access to her cunt. She very delicately caressed the area around her pussy, only occasionally brushing her fiery lips with her fingers, and shuddering each time that she did. Gradually moving toward the centre of her cunt, she expertly spread her lips, massaging them up and down with her first and third fingers. Occasionally, she allowed the second finger to caress her clit, causing her entire body to shake with lust, as she emitted a throaty moan.

Pausing briefly, she reached over to her night table, to get her sun tan oil, and, in the process, moved out of my line of sight. Figuring that she was beyond paying attention to the details around her, I opened the door a little bit further, so that I would be able to see the entire room. The squeak that the door made caught her attention briefly, as she looked up blankly, but didn't seem to see me. Going back to her oil, she popped the top of it, and applied it liberally to her front, from neck to torso, and began to massage it in. Her entire body now glistened before me as she writhed on her bed, covering her entire body with oil. Rolling over on her hands and knees, she reached back between her legs, and thrust two fingers deep into her cunt, grazing her anus with another. After massaging both holes for some time, she inserted her forefinger full into her ass, while simultaneously finger-fucking her cunt. Her oil-covered tits swayed, as she maintained her balance with her left hand on the headboard while her right had its way with her. She moaned excitedly as her rhythm increased gradually along with her intensity. Her hand was now rubbing her pussy violently, as her hips bucked in time with her fingers. Her huge breasts were now bouncing violently as her body rocked up and down, back and forth. Her breathing was heavy, and her moaning more frequent and loud. I'm sure that I could have entered the room unnoticed at this time, but I didn't.

Next, she reached back to her night table and opened the top drawer. From it, she pulled out the biggest dildo I'd ever seen or imagined. It was at least 15 inches long and 7 or 8 round. Staying on her hands and knees, and again balancing on her left hand, she manoeuvred the huge rubber cock back between her legs with her right hand and began to rub it's veiny shaft from her ass hole to the top of here clit, each stroke bringing a moan from deep within her. All of a sudden, she thrust at least 10 inches of the monster deep into her pussy and let out a low-pitched whine as if in pain but she continued to plunge the cock in and out.

She then erected herself on the bed and let herself be impaled by the dildo. Her left hand now returned to squeeze and fondle her breasts, lifting them up so she could suck on her erect nipples, while her right hand all the time controlled the movement of the rubber cock in and out of her throbbing pussy. I could see the love juices flowing out of her, down along the shaft and onto her hand. Occasionally, she brought this hand to her mouth and eagerly licked her juices from it, obviously enjoying them very much.

All this time my cock was hard as a rock and I felt I could take no more of this and would have to burst through the door to ram it into her. Her whines were building to a climactic frenzy and I though I was going to shoot my load there and then but I continued to watch her until she slumped, motionless to the bed, and then I quickly left for the living room to turn on the television, so that I could pretend that I had been watching it the whole time.

After a few minutes, I heard her in the kitchen, rattling pans, getting ready for dinner. She called me in shortly thereafter, and I went to the kitchen to eat. mom was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and I couldn't help but think about how she looked without them on. It wasn't until she got under the light at the kitchen table that I could clearly see that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples showed clearly through in that light, and I stared at them the entire time I helped her set the table. Dinner was a casserole that she had fixed, and we exchanged the typical small talk throughout. She asked about school and work, and I provided the usual, boring answers. When she got up from the table to get more milk, I noticed that the buttons on the sides of her running shorts were unbuttoned all the way up, revealing even more of her long, bronze, smooth legs as she walked. When she bent over to reach into the refrigerator, she seemed to purposefully bend at the waist, lifting the rear flap on her shorts. She clearly was not wearing panties beneath these shorts, and I could see the better part of her round, fleshy left cheek. I was getting harder by the second, and it was difficult to keep from staring at her body throughout the rest of the meal. I helped her clean up the dishes, and my horniness subsided for the time being.

I went to my room to study for a while, and had forgotten about the whole thing, for the time being, when she knocked on my door. When she came in, I could see that she still hadn't buttoned up the side of her shorts. When she sat down on my bed and crossed her legs, I could see her lovely, tan leg all the way to her hip, and she knew it. "I'm tight from my work-out today," she began. "Would you mind giving me a massage?" I could see where this was going, and immediately got a raging hard-on just thinking about it. I told her I wouldn't mind doing that for her, and approached her on the bed. Sitting down behind her, I began to massage her shoulders through her t-shirt, eventually gliding one side down off of her shoulder. Her skin was smooth and dark, with no tan line, due to her sunbathing with her top down. As I massaged, she rolled her head from side to side. "Mmmmmmmm... that feels great," she purred, "just let me get this off, OK?" She reached down and removed her t-shirt so that I could access both of her shoulders and her back. Her back was smooth, but defined and tight from working out. I rubbed her back, around her shoulder blades, and she continued to moan in comfort. Gradually, I reached around her sides, and, as she raised her arms slightly to allow me greater access, reached around and began to massage the sides of her breasts. "Oh, yessssss," she whispered, "that's very nice." Her back began to arch as I cupped her breasts, much as I had see her do only hours before. Her firm, ripe melons felt wonderful in my hands, and her nipples grew harder and harder as I continued to stroke them. She leaned back against me as I began to concentrate on her nipples, lying her head back against my shoulders. Again, simulating what she had showed me before, I pinched her nipples, lightly at first, and one at a time, gradually squeezing tighter and simultaneously.

Her back continued to arch against me as I enslaved her tits, and I soon turned her around to face me, giving her a deep, wet kiss, a kiss like I had never shared before. Her mouth was white hot as our lips met. We began by just barely touching our lips together, simultaneously teasing each other's mouths. Her hot breath on my face had me near an internal nuclear explosion, and she knew it. When our tongues met, they gently encircled one another, each occasionally retreating to the sanctity of its own mouth, only to return for more.

As I backed off momentarily to remove my shirt, I got full view of her wonderful body. As she lay back on my bed, she slowly spread her legs, affording me a glorious view of her beautiful pussy. Though my cock was aching to enter that cavern of delight, I could not help but go down for a better look, which was, of course, exactly what she wanted. Her neatly trimmed brown bush was even more beautiful up close, and I noticed her shudder when my warm breath met it. Though she was still wearing her shorts, I was in no hurry to remove them. Sliding the crotch to the side, I could feel that she was soaking wet with desire. I continued to massage her upper thighs, gradually moving my hands up, around her pussy, being very careful not to touch her lips.

By this time, her hands were wrapped around the bedposts, her eyes were clenched shut, and her hips were bucking like the finest rodeo bull. When my fingers finally reached her pussy lips she began to cry out in passion. "Oh, God, fuck me, Bobby! Please fuck me hard!" I moved my face full into her awaiting box, sending my tongue deep into her cave while sucking her clit for all it was worth. I followed the rhythm of her squirming hips, repeatedly driving my tongue in as deep as possible, and continued to suck all of the nectar that I could get. Suddenly she began a different motion: a shuddering vibration that was as violent as it was wonderful. When her love juices came flooding out, they covered the lower half of my face, and soaked what little dry area her shorts had left. I then climbed back up to face her, and she began to gratefully lick her cum off of my face.

After a few moments of recuperation, my mom was back in action. She lifted up and removed her pants, while I, automatically, removed mine. "Lie down," she nearly commanded. I quickly obeyed. Slowly, she sat down, straddling my eager cock. Her hot cunt felt like fire, as it gradually immersed all of me. Upon swallowing my penis whole, she resumed her earlier hip action, yanking my cock every which way in the process. As she bucked, her fabulous, firm breasts swayed and bounced in time with her hips. I could feel my blood pressure rise, as she lowered her body to mine, and she instinctively knew that I was near orgasm, as she again quickened the pace. Riding at a violent pace now, she dug her fingers into my back, as I continued to drive my cock deep within her. Our by now sweat-soaked bodies slid against each other smoothly until I could hold my cum no longer. Simultaneously, her legs quaked and shivered as she let out another orgasmic scream. She continued to lie on top of me, as we kissed and fondled each other, for the rest of the night.

We have shared similar sessions together since then, but I will never forget the first night I spent with mom.

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