First Time Better Than Imaginable

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Taking the last sip from my now stale beer, I figured it was time to head back to my lonely apartment. Having spent the past five years of visiting the bars and such hoping to meet up with some desperate girl or even one too blind to see who she might be sitting with, I was about ready for just about anything. Walking outside the cool night air woke me from some of my sexual depression but not enough to make me feel better. Taking the one hundred and eighteen steps to my apartment building, that should tell you how often I have made the trip back alone, I dug into my pants to get my door key. Taking a long sigh I opened the door and went on inside without even turning on the light.

The story of my life was one I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I was the person in high school who people would have to stop and really think about before remembering my name and then usually could only recall my first or last name if that. The only couple of dates I was fortunate enough to have were with girls nicknamed Fatso or some other reference to a person’s obese size. My attempts to get rid of my virginity was met with less than successful completion. The first girl that grabbed my hard penis made it go off like a roman candle.

Needless to say I was done for the day and my date was more than unhappy. Complaining of me messing up her panties she used every cuss word I had ever heard plus some more to tell me what a low life I was and how inept at fucking I was. The other date didn’t get that far as the girl went to a party with me but ended up going upstairs and taking on any cock available.

The only attention I had received in the past five years was from a few old drunks stumbling from the gay bar down the block. It had gotten so bad that there were a few times I had intently walked past the place when I figured some of the men would be leaving just to get any attention at all. Can’t recall ever having any sexual attraction to another man but other than my own hand my penis hadn’t felt anything since high school.

It was going to be a long weekend, one where there is a holiday on the Friday before and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Finding my lone spot on the end of the bar I had my usual four beers and watched as even the desperate women found men to leave with. Figuring I had nothing to hurry home to, I had another couple beers and noticed the bartender was watching me. Finally getting the hint plus feeling pretty unstable on the stool, I paid my tab and stumbled toward the door. The cool air woke me enough that I was able to walk a bit straighter. I had tried to keep count of the steps but my mind wasn’t functioning good enough to keep up. Suddenly I heard a voice from down the walk teasing me about what a pretty ass I had. I waved at them and turned to go to my apartment.

Trying to get my key into the lock I gave up and turned toward the gay bar. Figuring a few catcalls and comments from some old drunk men was a lot better than the ten thousandth round of my on hand. Taking a deep breath I pushed the door open and almost stepped back as the musty smoke hit my face. At first I thought this bar didn’t smell any different than the ones I usually frequent, but suddenly that musty male smell one gets use to in a locker room flooded my nose. Taking a second or two for my eyes to adjust to the dim lights, I started on past the first few tables. I wobbled when I should have weaved and bumped into someone sitting at the table.

“Excuse me.” I said as I caught my balance.
“All my pleasure.” The man said reaching out and pressing his hand on my ass taking a little squeeze that I realized wasn’t necessary a few seconds later as it registered on my intoxicated brain.

Taking a sideways glance I noticed the very young looking guy sitting across the table from the man. Ordering a beer and trying to act like I belonged on the stool at the bar, I was happy to see the long mirror behind the bartender giving me a perfect view of the room. Slowly sipping the beer, after all I was drunk but not far enough gone to drink enough to make myself sick, I watched the action behind me. Several of the couples at the tables sat close together and many times I watched as one or the others hands disappeared beneath the table which didn’t leave much to the imagination. Once I saw a man’s head disappear beneath the table. It was then I noticed I wasn’t the only one watching the proceedings. Several of the other couples didn’t hide the fact that they were watching the other men.

It was just about this time that the deep voice beside me caused me to jump from its sound. Looking into the mirror I saw it was the man I had bumped into earlier but couldn’t see the young man he had been with.
“So what happened to your friend?” I asked trying to figure out just how I was going to handle some gay man talking to me.
“He was looking for a sugar daddy and I’m afraid most of my sugar is gone.” He said as he motioned for the bartender to get him another beer.

While we talked about what we did for work and such his leg kept rubbing against mine which gave my penis a real hard on. I was feeling pretty sleepy at this point and figured I had to find some way to get out and home. The man must have been reading my mind as he offered to help me home. Standing I leaned into him and he held me up as he got off his stool. We started toward the door and I recall thinking he could hold his liquor a lot better than I could.

“Do you have a car here?” He asked once we were outside.
“No, I live just over there.” I managed to mumble out as he held me up.

We walked or maybe I should say he walked and carried me to my apartment. Taking my key he opened the door and helped me all the way inside. Vaguely I remember him undressing me and putting me on my bed. His hands felt so hot as they roamed all over my now naked body. Closing my eyes I let him do whatever he wanted. My mind was working in slow motion from the alcohol but as it registered I can remember I was enjoying it. Opening my eyes I noticed he had stood up and began taking his clothes off. I recall the vivid image of a bear before me.

Sitting up with a lot of help from him, I reached out and rubbed my hands through his fur which caused a complete arousal in my lower extremities which was really something considering how intoxicated I was. Hearing the man moan I couldn’t help myself as my hands trailed down his hairy chest, stomach, and into his crotch. When my hands cupped his massive balls he reached out and rubbed my head. Moving my hands up from his balls I took the base of his cock and couldn’t believe how big it was. Taking a firm grip I pulled the foreskin down and watched as the large mushroom head popped into view.

With a little trickle of pre cum running from the crack I had no time to respond as he forced my head down on his cock. I am not sure if I opened my mouth to take the cock in or opened it in an attempt to protest. Either way the head and an inch or so was forced into it.
Holding my head in place he gently pumped back and forth. There was the thought of his cock tasting a bit salty but soon I was gagging as he pulled his cock out of my throat. Holding onto the cock I remember it feeling like it was as big as my arm. Something had really excited him as he pushed me back onto the bed and began to physically push and pull me until he had me on the edge of the bed with two pillows beneath my groin.

Reaching beneath me he pulled my cock and balls back until they were hanging freely against the pillows. As he fondled my cock and balls which didn’t seem to be responding but still felt oh so right to me, his other hand began to rub along my crack and pay even more attention to my asshole. Having never had anyone not even myself touch me there any longer than was necessary to clean it, I was a little scared and curious.

Feeling something cool and wet touch my ass hole I let out a little moan as he increased his attention. I heard the moan seconds before I realized it was from me and I felt his finger inside me. Suddenly he was like an animal all over me. At first it felt great with all that smooth fur rubbing over my legs, ass, and back. Before I knew what was happening his hard cock was forcing its way inside my now not so virgin ass hole. The pressure kept on building then I gasped as the head forced its way inside and I struggled for air to scream out.
“Just relax and it will be easier on you.” He grunted as he slowly began moving back and forth forcing more and more of his cock inside me.

All I could do was grunt as the pain shot through my ass. After what seemed ages but was probably only a few seconds I felt his furry body resting against my ass letting me know he was all the way inside. Taking his time he would slowly pull himself all the way back until only the mushroom head was still inside then ease it back in. Though it was still very uncomfortable it wasn’t near as painful as it had been only seconds earlier. With each stroke he began to let out a long moan until he was completely inside again. Reaching down he took hold of my right leg just behind my knee and lifted it upon the bed beside the pillow. It created a different angle which allowed what seemed another foot of cock into me. Doing the same with my other leg he managed to have me spread as wide open as possible.

From that point on everything became fuzzy and a blur as he began pounding into me fast and hard. I remember his grunting along with my own before everything went black. Waking up I looked around and saw nothing out of place and figured it had all been a drunken dream. Dropping my legs to the floor I stood up and instantly knew it hadn’t been a dream at all and when I felt the hairs pulling on the back of my legs I knew it was from the dried cum the man had left on me. Going into the bathroom where I could use the full length mirror, I saw the white crusty dried semen that had my hair matted to my skin. Sitting on the toilet I opened my legs and watched as the man’s cum oozed out of my tender ass hole. Drawing a hot bath I soaked until the water got cold.

The next few days were confusing to me, not knowing if I should feel defiled or excited about the whole thing. Several times I visited the gay bar but didn’t find my friend there. Thinking it was a lost cause I had given up on ever seeing him again when he walked up behind me at one of the straight bars I frequented.

“Saw you come in here and figured I would see what you were up to.” He said as he ordered us both a beer.
“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see you again or not.” I replied not wanting him to know I had been looking for him.
“Well what you say we finish off these beers and head back to your place for some real fun.” He said as he rubbed the inside of my thigh.

I felt myself turn red then knew that no one could see what he had done because of where we were seated at the end of the bar. I didn’t say anything as we finished off our beers. Getting up I headed toward the door and knew he was only a few steps behind me. I wasn’t worried about anyone thinking anything about the two of us leaving since the man was old enough to be my father or grandfather. Even on the way to my apartment we didn’t speak. Once inside he didn’t take any time stripping down to his birthday suit and I followed mainly because I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

“Get over here and show Daddy how you like his big ole cock.” He said as he fondled his balls.

It was as if I couldn’t stop myself. Moving to my knees I took his limp wrinkled cock in my hands and thought what I remembered from before must have been a dream. Taking the entire length into my mouth I sucked real hard and heard the man moan as the head popped out from inside the foreskin. The cock began to grow which caused my excitement to increase. It was only seconds before I was pulling back off of the cock trying to going down my throat. Looking at the angry hard cock in front of me I was amazed at how long and hard it had become. Grabbing my head he pushed it back toward my mouth forcing my lips apart. Driving his cock further and further into my mouth he soon had me gagging again but didn’t release me for a few seconds while he pumped his cock back and forth.

“It want take too much longer before you will be able to take it all the way without gagging.” He said as he turned me loose.

Moving me to the bed he placed me on my back and to my surprise began to suck my cock and balls into his mouth. I moaned my approval and within seconds was filling his mouth with cum. Thinking he was probably going to be mad I could only moan as he continued to suck on my cock until it was limp again. While his tongue and lips did their job on my genitals his fingers pressed themselves between my cheeks and began rubbing my tight ass hole. Lifting my legs up he pressed them toward my head spreading and rolling my up towards him.

Lowering his face to my ass he began to lick at my asshole which to my surprise began to respond. As he pressed his tongue against my asshole it felt as if it was trying to open for him. His tongue was darting in and out of my asshole going as deep as his thickness would allow. Taking both hands he spread my cheeks as far as possible and fucked my asshole hard and fast with his tongue before pulling away and rubbing his hard cock on smy slippery ass hole.

Just when I thought he was going to drive it in he moved away and returned with something cool and slick. Squirting plenty on and into my asshole he rubbed his cock head against my asshole before leaning over me and using his body to press my legs further up. His cock moved up and down on my crack before settling against my asshole. Pushing his hips forward he began pressing his cock against my asshole which was giving in to the pressure by stretching wider and wider.

When it became apparent it wouldn’t stretch any further he smiled down at me and with one quick thrust buried the cockhead inside my sphincter. This time I was able to let out a scream of pain as he pressed his body against me keeping me from moving away. Holding himself in place he waited for my sphincter to adjust to his hard cock before he began to slowly move back and forth.

The pain was beginning to melt away and there was a pressure building up inside my ass. Opening my eyes I watched the expression changing on his face as his cock moved back and forth inside me. Before long his grunts and moans were met with my own as we established a rhythm together. A couple times he stopped to catch his breath and I couldn’t keep myself from driving my ass up on his cock. He just smiled down at me and picked up the pace pounding me faster and harder than I thought humanly possible. The sound of our two naked sweaty bodies slapping together filled the room and I remember hoping the neighbors didn’t hear and know what we were doing together. Suddenly he stopped and held me still while gasping for air.

“Not ready for this to end yet.” He said as he eased himself out and rolled me over onto my stomach.

With no warning at all he drove his cock all the way in causing me to gasp out from the sudden intrusion. Pounding me hard and fast it was apparent he wasn’t going to stop until he filled me with his hot cum. As his breathing got quicker I suddenly felt my own body respond and shoot a load of cum onto the bed. I heard him moan out something but was too caught up in my own orgasm to concentrate on what he was saying. The animal growl that came out of his mouth was almost enough to scare me as he slammed hard against me as his body trembled with each stream of cum left his cock.

He drew out several times and then rammed back inside releasing another volley of his hot juice inside me. Holding himself against me, his body trembled a few more times before I felt his cock slowly go limp. After a bit my sphincter forced his limp cum soaked cock out of me followed by a stream of his hot man juice. Collapsing on top of me I could feel his wet fur cooling against my hot sweaty body.

Not sure how long we were asleep but once I woke up I needed to take a piss so I had to make him move so I could crawl out from beneath him.
“When you get back we can have another round if you can suck my cock back to life.” He said as he moved to middle of the bed.

Returning to the bed I was surprised to feel my own cock begin to grow just by looking at him lying spread eagle on the bed. Crawling up between his legs I took his limp cock into my mouth, tasting his dried cum and my own ass. Pulling me around so he could reach between my legs he fondled my hard cock with one hand while finger fucking my still slick cum leaking ass hole. It wasn’t very long at all before his cock was standing at attention and he had three fingers which still wasn’t as thick as his shaft moving rapidly in and out of my ass.

Having me move up between his legs he directed me as I sat back on his cock forcing it deep inside me. Holding his cock bent down toward me he allowed me to fuck myself on his shaft until I spent another load on the bed. With me physically spent he rolled over and spread me face down on the bed and climbed on my back. With me pinned to the bed he forced his cock as far as our bodies would allow into my ass. Soon my ass was loose enough that there was no pain only warmth and desire. There was the feeling that he couldn’t drive it deep enough and when he pulled it back it left an empty feeling inside. He was able to fuck me like that for a long time before he finally rammed himself deep and stayed there while his balls emptied themselves inside me again.

The next morning I woke to the smell of breakfast and saw my new friend in his furry body moving about the kitchenette. Getting up I did my morning ritual in the bathroom and cleaned myself up.
“How often do you think you can take more of what we did last night and this morning?” He asked as we ate breakfast.
“Don’t know, I am pretty sore this morning. Why do you ask?” I inquired.

“Well my wife and I are getting a divorce and she has moved back to her parents. I tend to like a lot of sex which is one of the reasons we are getting the divorce. She can’t seem to take me more than once a week and then I have to be real gentle.” He said.
“Aren’t all men horny all the time?” I asked.
“Maybe but believe I am much hornier than most and will fuck just about any available hole I can find.” He replied.
“I guess I can take it.” I said.

“The reason I asked is because I can come by during the week if you can handle it and I also have a very large friend that enjoys my cock from time to time but after a round with me he has to rest up for a couple of weeks. Plus he has to be discrete because he is married and they don’t know about his gay life.” He said.
“Guess we can try it for a while and if it becomes too much we will adjust to it.” I said as I felt my ass hole seem to twitch and get wet.

We finished our meal and took a long shower together where he fucked me again but this time he was very quick telling me that he can be quick when he wanted to and if at any time I needed him to be quick to just let him know. When he left later on that day while letting me know he would be back before dark, I was left wondering if my ass could hold up to his onslaught of hot hard sex. Thinking about it I was pretty sure I couldn’t stand up to it but my erection and twitching moist asshole had there on opinions.

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