First Man

(Part 1 from 1)

I shared my time between the final year in the institute and my first job. It was hard time, I have to say - three to five hours at the institute, homework, preparation for bachelor tests and at least four hours office time. No wonders that I had much more experience with computers than with guys.

The company, I was worked for, was relatively small - about forty men and three girls, counting me. So first two months I had a lot of attention, even from married folks. To be honest, they never tried to push things and easy flirting was the most far way where they dared to go.
Because of my institute hours I often stayed at office after everyone has gone. That Friday about 8pm I have decided to have a coffee break than spend one hour and call it a day. At the kitchen I met Dan - the senior programmer. We were barely familiar, mostly he sent me messages about test cases, which must have been checked and I sent the results back to him.

"Hey, how are you tonight?"

I was surprised. Folks said that Dan was a kind of self minded genius, who rarely notices common mortals.
I said, that everything is ok and walked to the coffee machine.
"Would you mind to share coffee with me?"

Another one surprise, but having coffee break with him should not hurt, so I agreed. He picked up his cup and lead the way to the balcony.
At the balcony he lit a cigarette and said:
"So, do you like it here?"

I assured him that everything is good, and the job is interesting and so on. He smoked, I sipped my coffee and our little chat was going further.
"May I ask you a question?"
Hm, that began to be interesting. I expected something alike 'do I have a boyfriend', but...
"I do not want to abuse or hurt you, just curios..."
I raised the eyebrows.
"Why do you never wear a dress?"
A dress? Why I have to wear it?
"Sorry, I know this is not my business, but you are so... smoking, that these jeans and shirts makes you look like a big kid. Excuse me, I did not want to hurt you".

We have finished our coffee in silence.
At home I firstly looked at mirror. Well, medium height, slim, red hair tied into the pony tail, nothing special. Maybe he has mentioned this?

But on Saturday morning I have decided to try to change 'my style'. I spent about four hours in the dress stores nearby, before I have found the one I liked. It was the short stretching dress with medium cleavage of the red color which perfectly fits my shapes and does not reveal more than I wanted. When I have returned home I have worn it again. I wanted to understand better my 'new style', and with every second I liked it more and more.

On Monday I came to the office with my new dress on. On the way I was almost physically feeling staring eyes over my body and the feeling was very nice... no, very exciting to me. Of course I did not avoid the bunch of question such as 'do you have a date?' and 'who is this lucky?'. Anyway at my work place I found a dozen new tasks and a short message from Dan.
"Nice dress."

I have blushed and responded in one 'thanks'. He did not continue the chat.

Close to 8pm I have realized that I needed to stay for one or two hours more, because one of the tasks was very urgent and complicated. After counting all pros and cons, I decided to finish it, but before I start it, I should have a coffee.

To be honest, I expected to see Dan at the kitchen, but there was nobody. I was disappointed. Don't know why, but I wanted to talk with him. Well, no, I wanted to see him and hear about my new dress and how I am look like. The coffee was ready in two minutes. I went out of the kitchen... and almost hit Dan.
"Wow! Easy lady!"

Than he has recognized me.
"Uh, sorry, I thought you are already gone".
I felt the smile raised on my face. And I felt arousal was warming me. I quickly put my cup on the table, raised hands above head and turned around, and asked him how does he like my new style?

He was quiet for a very long moment before had answered.
"I was wrong. You are not stunning, you are voluptuous."
I have caught his eyes. He was not lying, he really liked me.

One step. One damn step between him and me. Never before I looked at a man, who liked me, and who I liked too. Never before I was so close and so far from... from what? I read romantic stories, watched movies, but now I felt as one that actors or characters. And I did not know what to do now. My voice did not want to obey me, my lips were moving only, trying to whisper his name.

But he has understood. And has made that step. His fingers slide over my cheek... I have closed eyes and than felt his breath on my lips followed by his kiss. His hands moved down, slowly in one rhythm with his kisses. I felt them by every inch of my skin, until they had stopped on my thighs and when I have opened eyes I saw his smiling face.

By the way, somehow we had moved into the kitchen. I was unable to think it over, I just wanted to kiss him again, so I did it. He answered. His tongue easily opened my lips and moved into my mouth. Meanwhile his hands started gently cares and squeeze my thighs and suddenly I felt that bottom of my dress is being moved up. He did it so gently without breaking kissing that I only now understood that my dress is up and almost reveals panties.

I broke the kiss, but did not pull him away. I leaned to his ear and murmured... 'you will be my first man'.
He did not stop the actions. Instead he kissed my neck, exact under ear and tickled it by tongue. I shivered and he continued his kisses. Now his lips covered my ear, neck, cheek, lips and again his mouth closed mine and his tongue continued teasing me.
Neither did not stop his hands. But they were not staying on my thighs, they also moved to my back patting me behind.

I liked everything. And was not going to regret. I shoved fingers into his hair. It seemed he liked it, so I started stroking his hair.
Suddenly Dan stopped kissing. His hands were on my thighs again. But now he was going to remove my panties. He was not rushing, just caressed my skin and looked into my eyes.
I nodded.

Slowly his hands moved down. And my panties were moved with them. Middle of thighs... knees... Dan had to crouch... he kissed my pussy... panties are down at the floor... I stepped out of them... he raised and kissed me again.
What is wrong?
"It is a wrong place..."

I did not mind. But had to agree that the office's kitchen was not very comfortable too.
"Would you like to go to my home?"
I nodded, was not able to say anything.

He kissed me. His hands fixed my dress and I walked with him on the weak legs.
Only in the car I realized, that I left my panties at the kitchen's floor.
"Do not worry, I have got them. But do you really need them now?"

His right hand was lying over my thigh and gently stroking it.
My excitement has not gone. More over, when his hand moved up over my thigh and slided between, I have realized, that my pussy is wet with juices and sweat.
We had arrived to his home.

When he closed the door I was not able to resist my desires. My hands seemed to live on their own and started unfasten his belt. But he gently moved them away and lead me to bedroom. There he pulled up my dress again...
"You smell perfectly..."

The dress has gone in a moment, and in couple of seconds he removed my bra too. His hands cupped my breasts, softly squeezed them. And he did not stop his passionate and a bit aggressive kisses.

I felt weakness in my knees. Usually it was first sign of an orgasm, when I masturbated. I fell on the bed behind me and Dan synchronously moved down to my pussy. The first kiss hi had made to my pussy force me to moan, the next kiss and his tongue made me crazy. I pressed his head to my dripping pussy and can not stop to moan. That was some kind of rage in me, I wanted him so badly, so I did not make any notice what he was going to do to me next. His tongue did not stop drilling my pussy. With every second it forced me to moan. Every time he sucked my clit, I could not refuse to press his face to my pussy.

Suddenly he has stopped. I have opened eyes just to watch him naked. And his erecting cock was the biggest thing in my reality. The thought 'I can not handle it' has gone in a very moment he had laid on me. Next moment he started to pump my pussy with powerful pushes. I could not and did not want to stop him. He moved like a pump. Deep and powerful strokes were mixed with gentle ones, almost stopping to catch his breath or kiss my nipples. These moments I begged him do not stop. I curled my legs around his waist to do not let him go away. And he continued. His frictions became more harder, he obviously got tired...

The orgasm has smashed me without a notice. A second ago I felt Dan's cock going to pin me to the bed and than blink! The last thing I can recall is my loud moan. I have lost conscious.
When I have returned to the reality I saw Dan's face.
"Are you alright?"

Yes. I was. Maybe. I hardly gathered my thoughts. The excitement slowly vanished. But I still recalled all feelings when Dan was pumping my pussy. I could not decide what I wish more - his cock in me again, or just lay relaxing on the bed.
His hand gently stroked my thighs, waist, breasts. I closed eyes and murmured something alike 'that was nice...' Suddenly my fingers touched something slick at my belly. I took a look there. My belly was covered by Dan's sperm. Some how it did not distract me, more over I felt another wave of arousal had risen. I thought about what it have to look like when his cock fires sperm...

"Do you want to take a shower?"

Sure, I wanted. He shown the way. Still he was naked, except his panties, but somehow I could see through them, and my memory quickly draw his cock in front of my pussy.
Back to the bedroom, I was expecting another one action, but he was exhausted and fall asleep quickly. I laid sleepless. My mind ran again and again through night's events. I touched my breasts, belly, pussy... unfortunately when Dan did it, there was much more pleasure. With those thoughts I fall asleep too.

The wake up was stunning. The first moments I did not recognize the room. Than the memories of the night came to me. I turned head left than right. Dan was nowhere. I quickly sat on the bed's edge, pulled the sheet aside, and weakly called for him.
"You are up!"
He was staying behind the bed, dressed in pants and shirt as if he was going to go.

"You look pretty and sexy, babe. Would you like coffee? By the way, I was worried, have never seen such... reaction."
I could not found what to say. The thoughts were running through my mind like meteors. And no one of them was about self pity or guilty. All of them were about the one thing - to repeat it, to get that feelings again, damn, to be fucked right here and now. But... I had to play by rules - today was Tuesday, the damn office day. Dan had his duty, I had mine. But the most wishful thing did not vanished - I wanted he fucks me again.

So, I said that I did not expected it too and being back after loosing conscience was a big surprise to me as well. Than after coffee was done we headed to our places - he to the office, I to the institute.
Till the end of institute hours I was not able to concentrate on anything except sex. I recalled every moment of the last night: Dan's stare, the way he was looking, the taste of his lips, the softness of his fingers, his strength, his passion, my desire, my... damn why he was so far away?! I physically felt my lust. Maybe folks around had noticed something too, but I had not care.

The usual way to the office seemed to be endless. Anyway I was even earlier than usual. And the first I had done was to pass near Dan's cubicle. He was there, chatting with maybe manager via phone. I felt... no, it was not an excitement, I felt deep, almost animal, lust. But I was not ready to force him to fuck me in front of others. So I passed to my desk. The e-mail shown the usual bunch of 'do it ASAP' and 'it had to be done yesterday' - common routine. Except new one message via the company's internal messenger.

"I have nice view of you now, babe."
From Dan.
I looked around, trying to figure out where he was hiding.
"It is a surveillance cam, above you."

Than I have seen it, and decided to play a trick. I downed the dress's cleavage a bit forward, than revealed left breast to the nipple. It was erected to my own surprise. Than I typed "is it better?"
After a couple of seconds I fixed the dress up.
"Are you seducing me?"

Was I? Yes, I was going to do everything to have those nice feelings... no I wanted to be fucked, and was going to do everything to reach the goal. So I typed 'is it so obvious?'
"Hm.. How about to have a date tonight?"
Sure that was what I wanted, but I waited a minute before sent him back 'ok' and kiss to the camera.

Until the end of the day I simply tried to avoid stupid things and do not do anything complicated, because I was afraid to type 'fuck me' instead of 'hello' or miss something important. The symbols danced in my sight, some of them were going to have sex with others, sometimes the arranged into Dan's face, sometimes into hard cock. So at 8pm I was totally emotionally broken and wished for relief. Any way, I had to wait for Dan in the cafeteria nearby for another fifteen minutes. We decided to went out separately to avoid unneeded questions.
So when he has came in, I almost hanged on him. And was pleased with the touch of hard bulge in his pants. I whispered 'cannot wait more, let's go'.

He hugged me by the waist and lead the way to his car. During the way I pressed close to him, hardly resisting to touch the bulge in his pants. Damn, so long to wait...
In his room I decided to start it myself. The dress has gone quickly, than bra and panties. When he has turned to me, he saw me naked.

I have not let him to finish his speech. I just pressed my lips to his, almost jamming him into the wall, while my hands feverishly unzipped his pants. I should say he has not given up easily. At least he tried to unzip his pants himself.

Finally, he overpowered me. A moment before I was kissing him, a moment after I have been nailed to the wall and his hard cock pressed to my tight pussy. Than the cock easily slid inside. I just groaned and than Dan started to fuck me from behind. I did not stop my groaning and moaning, but every time he was moving backward, I moved my ass toward him, to keep his big cock inside. He has quickly read me out. His hands almost fixed me while he was continuing his moves. I closed eyes, but still could see him fucking me.

He did not seem tired, every his thrust forced me to moan, every second his cock was moving back and forth I begged him do no stop and fuck me harder. Finally the pleasure overwhelmed me, and I forget about anything except his hot hard cock in my pussy. Instantly he totally got out of me and a second after I have felt warm liquid slapped at my butt. I thought, he was going to continue, but this run was harder for him than for me.

I turned to him. Kissed him. He had a wore off look. I kissed him again. Damn, he was really exhausted. Back in the office he was full of vital energy, but now the best thing I could make to him was to put him to the bed. So I did it.

I could not sleep as he. My blood full of adrenaline and mind high on lust simply did not allow me to do that. So next minutes I was trying to cut the tension down... with no luck. My nipples ached for kiss, my breasts ached for touch, my pussy craved for a cock. Few moments later I found me lying beside the man and heatedly squeezing my flesh. That was weird, but I could not and did not want to stop. My fingers dived deep into my wet pussy, sometimes it was painful, meanwhile another hands was twisted nipples and squeezing breasts. The orgasm has come dully, as simply relief.

In the morning we did not speak about the last evening. I think, Dan was frustrated, even if he did everything to do not draw it. Anyway the new evening we had new date, and next one too. It was seemed as if he tried to prove something to him, or to me...

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