First Interracial Experience

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This is about my first interracial gangbang experience as a teen, black on white, the awe and envy of the size of the black boy’s cocks, the mocking at the first time sighting of my small white cock, my humiliation and ecstasy of the interracial episode. This was the start of my life journey of interracial sexual pleasure be it gay, bisexual or straight.

I grew up on a farm in Africa, a white boy with black friends. The African boys were older and bigger than me and from morning until night we explored and played together on the vast farm. Thembu was the eldest, 18 years old and I was the youngest 18 years old. Growing up among them I spoke their language fluently. It was an extremely hot and dry summer’s day and we headed for the river to cool off under the shade of the willow trees that grew on the banks. Soon our shirts were off and again I could not help but notice the bronzed black upper torsos of my friends.

Someone found mud and we were soon smearing this on our bodies to cool down. They teased me and said that now with the black mud I looked like an African boy. My reply was that I did not have their strong build. The mud soon dried and we decided to jump in the pool in the river to wash off the mud, swim and literally just chill in the midday sun. Thembu was the first to remove his shorts and jump in the water. He was followed by Josi, Elias then me. As teenage boys we all frolicked nude in the clear river water removing the mud and letting the water cool our overheated bodies. It wasn't long before the horse play started, grabbing and ducking, and making attempts to grope the other boys’ cocks under the water. As a group we were getting each other very aroused. Elias was the first to get out and lie on his back on the grass in the sun.

We followed suit and soon the entire "gang" was lying in the sun drying off. I was in the middle with Thembu on one side of me and Josi on the other side, an Oreo situation, black on both sides, white in the middle. The warmth of the sun induced day dreaming and we semi dosed off, four naked teen boys lying in the sun on the banks of an African river. No, there were no crocodiles or hippos to worry us.

The semi drowsiness and warm sun had an erotic impact on the group. Half opening my eyes I noticed that their black cocks were swelling and growing in this relaxed environment. I was fascinated. They lay with their eyes shut, thinking lustful thoughts as their black cocks slowly twitched and changed from flaccid to semi erect. No African boy is circumcised until about the age of 18, so the three had pronounced foreskins that were gradually retreating as their erections were becoming harder. My little white circumcised cock was also getting very stiff, growing to about 4 inches long at full erection and a little thicker than a thumb.

By comparison these three black cocks were huge, twice, if not three times the size of mine. It was the first time I had seen my friend’s cocks, fully erect in such a flagrant and erotic xxx display. I was aroused to the point of oozing pre-cum from the tip of my cock and could not help myself by slowly hand wanking my tiny white cock. The big black boys were still half asleep in their lustful stupor. Their black fingers were curled around their hardening shafts. It became obvious to me that they did this often and I had just become witness to this secret wanking club. I had to sit up to get a better view of these three big black cocks glistening in the African sun as they continued to grow in size assisted by hand stimulation. The movement of my sitting up must have woken them. Thembu smiled when he saw me staring at their actions and was amused by me playing with my small white cock. He woke his wanking mates and pointed to my small erect white cock.

"Have you ever seen such a small erect cock on a 13 year old boy?” he asked.
"I have never seen a white cock before, let alone such a small one." Josi laughed.
"Not much to see" Elias said teasingly. They continued to tug on their massive black cocks bringing them to full erection.
"Are you fully erect?” Josi asked.
"Yes" I whimpered ashamedly.

"Then let’s compare each other’s cocks. Here I’ll put mine next to yours." His 8 inch cock shadowed my small 4 inch white offering and contrasted, his being blood darkened black and mine a pale insipid white. Elias was next with his huge tool rubbing his tip against mine. He had never seen a circumcised white cock and suspected the early circumcision could have affected my growth and size development. Thembu was last with his thick long cock the biggest of the bunch. He held his cock out, hardly being able to get his fingers around the hardened shaft. His black cock was very much thicker than mine.

"Can I touch your cock?" I asked. He let me wrap my hand around his massive manhood. They giggled like booty girls at my fascination. Elias and Josi presented their erections for me to feel and fondle. My cock was in constant arousal and I almost came handling these three big black cocks of my African friends.

They must have then taken sympathy on my small white cock and the lack of exercise I was getting in my formative years for they went into detail as to how they had been made to make their fledging penises bigger. With excitement they kept interrupting each other as they remembered another tribal ritual that had been used to enhance cock size. When about 9 years old the process starts, bearing in mind that as African boys they went around naked all the time so their cocks were always on show for the whole tribe to witness. A white oily clay found near the waterhole was used to apply to their cocks. This had a threefold function: as a lubricant, as one was expected to masturbate ones cock constantly; the oily clay also had a Viagra effect keeping one in a constant state of arousal to allow continuous masturbation; and the white clay on the naked black cock told the elders, grandparent, uncles and aunts and nubile black girls of the village that the transformation from boyhood to manhood had begun.

All the while they were telling me these stories all three of them were playing with their very erect big black cocks. As I was getting both oral and visual stimulation listening to their stories and watching three black teen boys wanking their handsome cocks. I added manual stimulation to the equation and wanked on my white cock, albeit small in comparison to my companions.

Thembu also told me that as young boys they plaited grass and wrapped the dried plaited grass around the base of their young cocks slowly and tightly twisting it around to the head of the cock where they tied it. A long piece of plaited grass was left hanging from the end of their cocks.

They used this to tie a heavy rock on to permanently stretch and lengthen their black cocks. Before letting the rock hang the plaited grass around the cock was doused with water. They then lay in the sun. As the grass dried it shrunk tightening the grass noose.

The young boys would all walk around for months with rocks hanging from the end of their penises. As they got used to the weight and stretching action of the rock, so the rock weight was increased. They told me that some tribal boys had cocks that hung between their knees due to this rock weight stretching exercise during the formative years.

“Did all three of you do this?” I asked.
“Yes” they replied in unison and I could see the amazing results.
“Do you want us to do it for your small white cock?” they offered.

"Now can we each wank your small white cock, as we have never touched a white cock before?” they asked. Very gently they took turns in using only their thumb and index finger to give my little cock a few strokes each. I must say it was most enjoyable to be fondled by three teen black boys each sporting a massive hard on. Thembu then suggested that he give me a foreskin fuck. I asked him what that was as I did not have a foreskin. They all laughed at my ignorance and it was obvious that they all knew and had practiced this rite before.

"Come I will show you" he said. “It will be easy with your small white un-circumcised cock." With that he approached me and putting his cock tip to tip with mine, thick black to thin white he unrolled his extra foreskin down my erect cock. It covered it completely like a thick chocolate condom. Then holding his foreskin in place over my cock with two fingers and grasping his thick cock with his other hand he slowly started to wank both cocks. His pre-cum lubricated the engulfing foreskin and slowly at first increasing in tempo he masturbated both cocks. The sensation of having my cock inside the warm wet black foreskin of my African friend was too much for me and I soon came releasing my humble load of cum.

This triggered Thembu who also came. I felt his hot/warm cum fill the tightly held foreskin in volumes. I could feel his cock doing the orgasm jerk and it was amazing to see his foreskin covering my entire 4 inch cock from tip to ball base. My small depleted cock slid easily from its slimy enclosure. Josi and Elias were wanking their ebony boners and both came shortly after me.

They said my small white cock had bought them a lot of amusement and arousal and if I promise to let them play with my cock again they will let me wank their real big black cocks. They also promised not to tell the black girls in the village how small my white cock was. Of course I agreed and looked forward to our next riverside wanking session.

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