First Day Of Work

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 I was walking to my new job. Once I got there, I was introduced to my new boss, Miss Jordan Tutwhiler. She was tall, cinnamon brown hair, tan with icey blue eyes. She was beautiful. She said, " Hello, Miss Janglar." and I just said "hi". She showed me to my own little office. And told me what to do. I said "Thank you" then she left and I carried on. After work Miss Tutwhiler invited me to dinner. So we drove to her place and ate spaghetti and meatballs. Then she sat me down her couch. I asked her how old she was and she said 30.

And it was unbelievable considering she looked only 23. And I'm 21. She said she had to go to the bathroom, and she'd be back in a second.

She was taking a long time but I just sat. She came out wearing only her bra, a thong, netted leggings, and tall heels. I asked her what was going on then she came over wrapped her legs around me with her pussy rubbing on my stomach. She said shh and don't worry. She grabbed a roll of duct tape, and put it on my mouth, all around my head. Then she grabbed a pair of hand cuffs and locked my wrists behind my back. Then she undid my buttoned up shirt and cut it off me with sissors and then she took off my shoes and pulled my pants down.

Now I was just in my bra and panties. She was whispering in my ear, "its okay, don't be nervous". I kept looking up as she came at me with larger scissors cutting off my bra, and panties. She said, "hold on". She went to the room and didn't come down for along time.

Then she came down and picked me up and brought me upstairs and slammed me down on her bed. She ripped off her clothes and was rubbing her pussy all over me. Then she played with my boobs. She turned on slow, romantic music. She looked and said "let me tell you the rules before we start. #1 never tell anyone #2 don't scream. #3 When i say to do something do it. #4 when I undo your handcuffs, you don't run."

"#5 I'll fuck you how I want. #6 You will fuck me too." She undid my handcuffs and unwrapped the duct tape. She said how do you feel. I replied "nervous scared." Well she brought out a thong and said put this on. So I did. I realized its the same one she had on when she was on the couch....

To Be Continued...

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