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I'm so glad that we decided to walk to the local park to see some 4th of July fireworks. the local TV station said that it should be a fantastic show - they even have live music!

Now it is dusk, and the large crowd is filled with anticipation. we are sitting together on a soft blanket in the middle of the crowd and I have brought a second blanket to cover up our laps.
As the first fireworks whistle skyward, every person there is looking up. boom! BOOM!! sparkle! crackle! BOOM!! the big show is finally under way!!!

My hand moves underneath the blanket. as I touch you, you look towards me and give me that special smile. you have a short skirt on, but your legs are covered with the blanket, so you are warm. my hand brushes lightly up the inside of your thigh. your legs feel so soft - so smooth! as my hand moves up, I whisper into your ear. "what color are your panties tonight?"

"I put on my red, white and blue ones just for you." you reply with a sexy smile. you lean towards me to allow me to kiss that special place on your neck that turns you on so much. this is your way of signaling that you want me to continue. my lips kiss your neck as my fingers move to gently touch the front of your panties. kiss! touch! kiss!

The fireworks display is really getting going now. every eye is looking skyward. we are both looking up, too - the colors are spectacular! the live orchestra is awesome, and the air sizzles with excitement!
You feel my warm fingers slip inside of your panties. you respond by moving your legs farther apart under the blanket. my fingers lightly touch your clit - gently rubbing up and down. back and forth. up and down. I can feel a bit of moisture forming. your clit begins to be aroused and grows hard with my touch.

The tip of my finger spreads your labia and softly rubs directly on your aroused clit. you moan softly and begin to move your hips from side to side in time with my stroking. then I begin to rub more persistently.

The fireworks are building. they are more intense now, and there are lots more of them going off. the sounds are powerful. the lights in the sky are intense. the colors are beautiful! the crowd has no idea of the secret pleasures that you are experiencing.
My long finger slips inside of your pussy now. rubbing. stroking. your pussy is so wet! so warm! then you feel me gently slip a second finger inside.

Now you are gripping my wet fingers with your pussy muscles. your eyes are half-closed. still we are watching the fireworks. you love the feelings of extreme arousal that you are experiencing. we kiss passionately. you whisper. "oh, Rory - don't stop!!!"
Several minutes later, as the Grand Finale begins, I glance at your face and can see the waves of pleasure building for you. five. ten. twenty fireworks are going off at once now! the music is at it's loudest. the air is filled with sounds of explosions and people cheering. it's time for the climax!

My fingers move faster now - just the way you like it - and suddenly you begin to cum. "ah oh!" you moan. all of the other noises cover your moans and sighs as you are overwhelmed by the sounds and the colors and the lights and the intensity of your orgasms.

Your cum covers my fingers and soaks your red, white and blue panties. I smile and look deep into your eyes as I take my sticky fingers out of your panties, put them into my mouth, and say. "mmm!!! you taste delicious!!!"
You kiss me full on the lips. your huge smile tells me that you enjoyed every minute of your special surprise.

"Oh my god!!!" you whisper into my ear. "Rory! I'll remember this night forever!"
I whisper. "Happy 4th of July, lover."

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