Finally, my first time!

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For over 20 years, I have been curious about being with another guy, but never quite got around to experimenting...until the other day.

Not sure if what happened when i was around 18 years old is what triggered my curiosity, but when i was young, a kid down the street and I engaged in some mutual penis rubbing on penis and abdomen, which was his idea.

Fast-forward 20+ years later, I bought some porn, including one that was of the gay variety. not long after, i started to really consider a m4m experience...but as opportunity approached, i backed out, mostly due to fear of...i don't know. stereotype?
anyway, fast forward to having internet access, then high speed internet access, I indulged in masturbating to gay sex images, images of transsexual sex, then video of both, finding both to be highly arousing.

Now, while I am definitely not gay (i am VERY much attracted to women, and not men, beyond some men's anatomies), there is just something about what I consider to be attractive male genitalia, and what it would be like to be with a guy sexually.

After numerous halfhearted attempts to hook up with a guy or trans girl, i finally had my first experience with a "guy" (sissy cross-dresser this last week and...I LOVED it!! i was so turned on by the mutual oral, that i finished way too quickly. was fantastic to finally have a cock in my mouth, and though i need a ton of practice, i eagerly await my next experience. i must say that being circumcised made it a bit tricky playing and tasting an uncut cock.

Beyond the fact that my experience was such a turn on, the biggest surprise is that i don't feel like it was as shameful as i had expected (though i have no intent on sharing my experience with any family or friends).

Just had to express myself somewhere. somehow, thus my story....

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