Feminization of a cuckold slave

(Part 1 from 1)

My gradual transformation from a regular marriage relationship to one of servitude began 3 years ago when my wife found me sucking off another guy at a party. Though she was shocked, she didn't leave and told me to finish what i had started, sitting down on the tub next to us as she began taunting and humiliating me.

When she saw him cum spurt after spurt into my open mouth and then swallow it with delight, i immediately entered servitude to her - she now owned me.

The next day i was told i would be her provider only and would not ever again have the privilege of putting my cock in her or having her please me. Since that time i have been under orgasm control, only allowed to cum occasionally as a party performer when she shows off her control making me cum in my own mouth.

I have been fortunate several times when she decides to use her heels on me to cum from that wonderful stimulation, which i pay dearly for afterward.

My wife delights now in the role reversal, her the black master of the pitiful white slave with the small cock that never satisfied her. She will remind me daily of the pathetic uselessness of my "little clitty" as she calls it, and how good her lovers large cock feels in her. This is her payback, and my punishment for life as i am subjected to the endless humiliation.

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