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I had been working on a major assignment for my degree in marine Biology at Boston university.I needed to spend considerable time in the library researching the material. It had been six months since I was in the library, and it took me a while to find everything. I had been searching online and got some information, but had to hit the library stacks for additional reference and print material. 

I was sitting on the floor between the stacks of books reading through some of the books to find something useful. I looked up and saw a beautiful woman sitting at a desk not too far from me. I was slightly behind her and to the side. I could see that she had her head down and was reading something and writing in a notebook. I just stared at her for a few minutes. There was something about her that seemed interesting and she caught my attention with her cute looks, but it was her body movement that held my stare.

It seemed odd that she was wiggling or squirming the way she was in the chair. Something seemed out of the ordinary, but I couldn't figure out what. I looked down and saw her thighs moving gently back and forth. The desk had walls on the sides and I couldn't see much in front of her and I couldn't see her legs. I noticed her hand as she lifted it from her lap area and raised one of her fingers to her mouth. She looked around as she did that, seemingly making sure no one was looking at her. She did not see me.

She sucked slowly on her finger and closed her eyes. She stopped squirming for that few seconds and it seemed that she was in a very peaceful and happy state. She removed her finger and lowered it to her lap again. I could tell she had a skirt on and I could tell that she slipped her hand underneath that skirt. I watched her as she began to move her thighs again and I could tell what she was doing now. It was the most beautiful sight I think I had ever seen.

She was thoroughly enjoying herself. I saw her sneak a squeeze on her right breast and nipple area with her left hand as her right arm was moving in her lap. In the meantime I had become very aroused and had begun to rub myself through my pants. I was so hard from watching this I just had to touch myself. I saw her close her eyes and the next few seconds seemed to last forever. It was like watching a series of digital photographs click by in front of me. 

She began to move differently and she seemed to stiffen up all her muscles. I could se that she was reaching a climax and I was just a few feet away from her watching it all. This was more than I could take and I shot a load right there. My cum was on the inside of my pants along my thigh. The head of my dick had popped out of the side of my underwear and I had now coated my leg and pants with a flood of my own cum. I watched her shudder and spasm as I shot my load. The timing of our mutual orgasms couldn't have been better. I watched as she slowed down her movements and she must have been enjoying the gentle massaging of her own fingertips. She slipped her hand out again and brought her
fingers to her mouth yet again to lick her juices from her hand.

I sat there for a minute just trying to figure out what had just happened. I have never seen anything like this before in my whole life even here in Boston, and wanted to know much more about this woman. She got up and walked to the restroom. I walked over to her desk and I could actually smell her sexual releases. I looked down at her notebook and saw that she was writing an erotic story of some kind. I saw that her name, Fauzia, was on her notebook. 

I walked towards the restroom before she came back. Just as I was to walk into the men's room, she walked out of the women's room. We exchanged glances and brief smiles. I went inside and cleaned up the mess as best I could. I returned to the books I left scattered on the floor only to find that she had left. I was heart broken and wished that I had a chance to speak with her.

A few days passed and I did not see Fauzia in the library at all. Fortunately, the day before my report was due I was in the library again and spotted Fauzia at a desk in the corner. There was virtually no one in the library that evening and I was just happy to see her again. I wasn't sure if I could go through with the plan I had thought about for nearly four days, but I was going to give it a try. 

Fauzia got up from her desk and I quickly went over to her desk and wrote a message on her paper. I said I couldn't help but watch her the other day and thought she was the most beautiful woman I had seen for a long time. I also wrote the following: "please don't be surprised if you find more under your desk than you imagined". I had a plan, but I didn't want to surprise her so much that I got hurt.

I watched Fauzia go back to her desk and sit down. She read the note I left and immediately looked around. She also looked under the desk, and I almost burst out laughing. She didn't see me looking at her. About five minutes later, I walked by her and smiled as I sat at the desk on the other end of her desk. She looked up at me and smiled and then looked back and forth quickly from her paper to me. I think she was not quite sure if it was me that wrote the note, but she was going to find out that answer very soon.

The desks we were sitting at were made of wood and had faced each other. However, there were walls between our two desks that kept us from being able to see each other when we were sitting down. There were also walls on the upper and lower sides of the desks, which covered the sides all the way to the floor. They were odd-looking boxes that must have been some kind of style from 50 years ago. They were also very concealing.

I bent down and crawled under the desk. I could see straight across and maybe 5 feet from me was Fauzia's legs. Once again she was wearing a skirt and her gorgeous legs were there in front of me. She had slid her sandals off and she had her feet spread a bit in front of her. I crawled slowly and quietly towards her. She must have heard me because she dropped her pen and leaned down to look at me. I froze in my place and she held the look for a few seconds and then smiled and sat back up. I think she just wanted to check me out a bit better.

I approached her legs slowly and kissed her knee. Her hand slid down and she ran her fingers through my hair. I then knew I had the OK to go ahead. I licked around her calf and up to her knee. I tickled behind her knee with my fingertips and then traced lightly along the inside of her thigh. I felt her muscles tense a bit from being sensitive to my touch. I spread her legs apart a bit more and was very happy to see this naughty girl had no panties. I think she must have planned on another day of her own handiwork and I was going to try my best to out do that for her.

I licked up her inner thigh and squeezed her thighs with both hands. I slid one hand up and grabbed her butt cheek and she gently moved up on one side to give me access. I unzipped a zipper that ran along one side of her skirt. This gave me enough room to move my head inside between her legs just enough to get access to the nicely trimmed pussy just inches from my face. I kissed her inner thighs and sucked gently on her skin. I ran a finger along the skin, up to her swollen lips and spread her lips apart. I rubbed gently between the lips and upwards firmly against her moist and engorged clit.

I could hear her moan and then cough, I guess to disguise the moan from anyone who may have heard it. I smiled at that and dove in to her pussy with my tongue. I licked her slowly around the lips, taking time to suck on them and capture the flavor of her sweet juice. She pressed my head into her pussy more firmly with her hand. I sucked on both lips and then found her bud. I felt her body shake as I sucked her bud into my mouth. I moved one and then two fingers to her opening and easily slid them in between the folds.

I pushed both fingers in slowly and took them all the way out. I played with her opening with both fingers, teasing her a bit with my tongue and fingers. I sucked on her clit, slid two fingers inside of her and moved my other hand to the top of her pussy. I moved one finger from that other hand down to her clit and worked on her with more pressure. She started to move her hips like the other day when I was watching her. I found the rhythm and my long fingers found her spot deep inside. I thrust my fingers inside her wetness to hit that spot with a vibrating motion. My other finger and tongue worked her clit.

She tensed up and started to shudder. I felt a rush of juices surround my tongue and fingers. I tried as best I could to lick up everything. She was so sweet tasting I just wanted it all. Her orgasm lasted a long time, and I felt her cum two different times. I massaged her clit and left my fingers inside her for a bit of time afterwards. I moved my fingers only slightly in and out while massaging the outside. She was now relaxing as I massaged her whole area. I only wish I could have seen her face to watch her, but I was having the time of my life anyway. 

I cleaned her up with my tongue and I moved my fingers up so she could take my hand. She grabbed my hand and sucked on three of my fingers to taste herself. I could only imagine how that would look to someone if they were watching this show. I crawled back to my chair and sat down. I got up and walked by Fauzia to go to the restroom. This time I had to go the restroom to take care of my own need to orgasm. I was so hard and ready that I just wasn't going to wait until I got home. 

I walked back to my desk after my session in the restroom. Fauzia had left and once again I was bummed that I may never see her again. I got to my desk and she had left me a note. The message she left is to be revealed in the next chapter...

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