Fantasy Ranch 001

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I was working on a book that I am writing when I got the call from Emma. She said, "Would you please come to see me sometime this week? I have an idea for something that I believe you might be interested in."
I had not known Emma too long but when we had met a year or so back we found that we shared a few ideas and we developed a liking for each other and spent some time together.

When I got to her ranch she handed me a drink and said, "You know that I have my family living here with me on the ranch and they are all educated here and if they wish they can stay here or go out in the world, the choice is theirs. Some of them have fantasies about various things and have mentioned them to me. There are also some lesbian and gay couples who live and work here so that they can feel free to perform the intellectual and artistic work they do with out the harrassment that occurs in many parts of the United States. That is part of my plan. I want you to listen to some of the fantasies and then see if you can make at least some of them become reality. You have already made some of mine become reality so why not others?"
"That sounds interesting. I might use this conversation and some of those fantasies in a book. I can devote some time to this. When would you like to start?"
"How about right now? Some of the fantasies involve more than just the person fantasizing. Some are sexual in nature, while others are more worldly type dreams. I have video cameras and recording equipment set up in the studio. I warn you some of these involve me or other male or female persons."
"Most sexual fantasies seem to involve more than one person."

We went in to the studio and she called on the intercom for Steven to come in. In just a few minutes a young man entered. He was of medium height and slim but muscular build. His dark hair and olive skin seemed to remind me of some middle eastern countries, but he spoke without accent and in a slow Texas drawl.

Emma said, "Tell Lance of your fantasy. Do not be shy as he will need all the information to try to make your fantasy come true."

Steven said,"Since I was a small child I have loved animals and caring for animals. I dreamed of having sex with some but not all but I have never had the courage to act upon any of those dreams. Part of the dream is to have Emma and her friend watch and record the events so I can watch them later. My partner, Gary, wants to watch but not participate. He may want to have sex with you and I am cool with that. Is this just too unreal for you?"
"Not at all. To be fair with you I think we should stick to animals that will not tear you up, like goats, sheep, and dogs. Horses or mules could in fact kill you. That happened in the Roman colliseum a few times when they had mules having intercourse with some women and even men. Those old Romans did some things that were a little far out."
"Are you going to do anything today?" he asked.
"Right now. Call your partner and have him meet us in that old barn south of here. Emma get your camera gear sent down there."
"I anticipated your thoughts and it is already in place, awaiting only you to turn it on."

Emma had also had some goats,sheep and dogs sent down and placed in sheltered pens just outside the barn.
In the barn I sat Emma and Gary behind the lights on the pen and I took Steven into the pen. Gary would be our gofer. I carried a low work table in to the pen and then I told Steven, "Come here to me."

I took him in my arms and held him close, "Kiss me Steven. The first animal you shall have this day is me. Undress me and then yourself. Tell Gary to bring in one of the dogs, a bitch. You are trembling. Are you afraid? I want you to be afraid. I want you to be sweating and begging for what will come to you. You are going to be a whore to animals today.You are going to beg them for more. You are going to suck their dicks and take their dicks up your ass. You love the thought of that don't you?"
I held his trembling almost hairless body against my hairy body. "Respond to me Steven. Is this part of your dream? What do you want Emma and Gary to do?"

"Oh I am so scared!I want Emma and Gary to be naked and watching from the fence. Ohh! I want your dick up my ass before anything else!When I was much younger the older boys kept raping me. I got to really love it and them, but they all went away to school or the Army. Nobody makes love to me now but sometimes Gary. Please care for me!Please fuck me in the ass!Please!Please!Please!Please!"
As we held each other and kissed his tongue sought my mouth and I was getting hard. I told Gary to come and KY me and Steven's ass. As Gary stroked the KY on my dick he was getting hard as well. "After I get done with Steven I am going to fuck you too,Gary. Think about it, yearn for it, beg for it!" I told him.
"Oh yes!Please do me too!Please! I am begging you!"

I turned Steven and bent him over the table and told Gary, "Guide my dick into his ass!Fall on your knees and suck his dick but do not make him ejaculate!"
I began to slam my dick up his ass and he was screaming,"Oh my God!Oh my God!Oh my God!Oh sweet Jesus!It hurts!It hurts!It hurts!Oh Please don't stop!Please don't stop!Please don't stop!It feels So good!So good!So good!I have to have it!I have to have it!I have to have it! I am your whore! Your slut!your bitch!Ohh!Ohh!Ohh!Ohh!Ohh fuck me hard!Fuck Me Hard!Fuck Me Hard!AAAAAAHHHGGG!"

I pulled out of him and raised Gary by his hair and told him,"Bring the bitch and put her on the milking stand."
Gary did as he was told and I said,"Now KY Stevens dick and the bitches pussy then guide his dick in!"
Again Gary did as he was told and Steven was fucking the bitch and moaning,"Oh I am so close!"
The dog a huge Dane Mastiff cross was loving it!
Steven ejaculated!
I said,"Take the bitch out and bring in the male. Steven, lay on your back on the table. You are going to suck his dick now!"

Gary brought the male in and stood him over the low table. Steven grabbed the dogs dick and started stroking it then began to take it into his mouth. Gary brought the other male in and I told him to raise Stevens legs up and KY the dog and shove his dick in Stevens ass. In a moment the dog was fucking Steven in the ass and he was sucking the other one while the naked Gary stood holding his legs up and stroking his own dick. Soon both dogs shot sperm all over Steven as did Gary who had jacked himself off. Gary led the dogs out and came back in and Steven was still lying on the table. I grabbed Gary by the hair and shoved his face down on Stevens dick. "Suck it you cocksucker!Spread your legs!"

I shoved my dick in Gary's ass and Steven was saying,"Oh God that was sooooo good!We are whores, Gary! We are cocksuckers!We are Lances slaves!We will do whatever he says!"

Gary shot his second load all over Sevens ass and Steven shot his load into Gary's mouth. I pulled out of Gary and lay them both in the dirt of the barn floor in the sixty nine and went over to Emma. She was fingering herself and put her hands on the rail. I entered her pussy from behind and shoved. Her feet came up off the floor and she screamed, "OH YES! FUCK ME!FUCK ME!FUCK ME!OH BIG DICK!big dick!BIG DICK!FILL MY PUSSY UP!I AM YOUR WHORE! YOUR SLUT!YOUR BITCH!YOUR CUNT!YOUR PUSSY!YOUR SLAVE!OH YES master!FUCK ME!i PROMISE I WILL SUCK YOUR COCK!I AM A COCKSUCKER!I WANT TO FEEL THAT hot cum GOING DOWN MY THROAT AND INTO MY BELLY!OH SOOO GOOD!MY BODY IS YOURS!"

When I felt her cum I pulled out and shoved my dick in her mouth and started face fucking her!Soon I exploded in her mouth but she couldn't hold it all and a lot splattered all over her magnificent tits. She lay back on the table and I made Gary and Steven lick all my cum off her tits and belly!

Goats for Steven on another day!

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