Fantasy Night

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I really get off on the shared wife stories, as does my wife Terri, but I never thought it would ever happen, because I just knew I didn’t have the balls to set it up … Apparently Terri has larger balls than I do, and had plans of her own…

We’d talked about swinging’ with another couple and had toyed with the idea of going online to find a few guy or guy’s to share my wife, Terri for a threesome or foursome. We’ve always been very verbal in the bedroom about our sexual desires’ and fantasies, so when my wife said she wanted me fuck her pussy, while she used a dildo at the same time, it prompted me to ask if she wouldn’t like to try the real deal… double penetration with another guy and me. She didn’t say yes, but she didn’t say no either. It soon became one of our favorite role-play fantasies’ that we would engage in using a dildo as the second guy. Terri was always up for it and asked for it more and more.

But as far as I could tell, it would remain just a fantasy. I sure didn’t have the nerve to set something up and go thru with it. I loved the fantasy and could imagine (clearly in my mind) a couple of well hung studs double dicking my sweet wife as I waited for my turn. But on the other hand the thought kinda made me jealous, we’d surfed a few swinger sites and I looked at several guys Terri thought she’d like to do her; she liked the big cocked studs, with thick fat eight or nine inch cocks. It made me feel inferior as my cock is just average in length and girth. Plus the fantasy had evolved several times and Terri’s’ favorite scenario had me, sucking the other guys cocks, prepping them and getting their cocks nice and wet for them to slip into and fuck her pussy. I have to admit that it really turned me too, and the idea of sucking a fat cock made it all that much more exciting and nasty.

When we played, I would get the dildo dripping wet. Terri was amazed that I could suck the dildo (seven inches) we had so deep and feigned jealousy of my cock sucking skills. I decided to kinda push the Bi -idea and I bought some Bi-magazines’ and found this site (thank you and found and read stories of shared Hot wives, gangbanging wives and anything with Bi-cuckold husbands that liked to sucked cock.

So I got home that Friday, Terri was busy cooking dinner so after I shouted that I was home, I headed straight for our bedroom to shower. As I showered, I could smell dinner cooking and I quickly scrubbed up, rinsed and finished quickly, in anticipation of a great dinner and just the whole “TGIF” feeling, ya ’know what I mean. I cut off the water and threw back the shower curtain, grabbed a towel and stepped out the shower. I’d had a hard week and was so glad it was over and hoped that we’d be having some fun later on as we hadn’t had sex in like seven or eight days.

Terri was standing in the open doorway. She had that “Come fuck me look” in her eyes that honestly … I hadn’t seen in years and I could feel my boner begin to get hard just looking at her. She still had on her apron and it didn’t really faze me till she turned around to grab my something off the bed.

She was completely naked behind her apron, my cock began to stir, and I thought FINALLY, we’d have some fun. Terri has a nice firm ass and a sweet hairless cunt that just kinda, well…Ok I know I’m my opinion is biased, but she has a fuckn’ beautiful pussy and when she bent over to grab my clothes, I could see her sweet cunt lips and my boner jumped up a little harder than before. She turned round and handed me a pair of black mess bikini, jock strap looking pair underwear and a Black terrycloth robe. “Here you go baby, put these on,” she said. The robe barely covered my cock when I put it on, but the bikini briefs felt nice against my balls and rapidly hardening cock. “Well… I said what the occasion”. She smiled and said “fantasy night babe”, winked, took my hand and said let’s eat dinner first.

She led me to the dining room where she had set the table with candles and our best china. She poured us each a glass of wine as we sat to eat. I didn’t ask any questions, but I could tell she had sex on her mind. I downed one glass of wine and Terri, not a big drinker had three glasses and was opening a second bottle. I could tell she was getting a bit tipsy, I said she’d better slow down, or the only fantasy you’ll be having is in your dreams. She smiled a big smile and placed her hand on mine and said not tonight Tommy, tonight I’m gonna make our fantasies come true.

Boner Alert!!! My cock ached so bad I just wanted to grab her and fuck the crap out of her right there. I clasped her hand in mine and said whatever you have in mind baby, I’m game. She leaned towards me and laid a kiss on my lips that was so hot… I thought I’d cum right there and then. She rose and began to remove the dishes and asked if I’d help her clean up before we headed to bed. I was more than happy to oblige her and we made quick work of the dishes and stored away the leftovers. The briefs had worked their way up the crack of my ass, but I could care less. I was gonna get laid.

Terri led me to the bedroom and pulled the covers back and told had me lay down, as she sat at the edge of the bed. She reached into the drawer and pulled out a cockling and a black silk scarf and said” slip that on now and when I tell you too, you put this blindfold on…OK.” She lowered the top of her apron and shook her ample titties at me; she’d used rouge on her nipples and areolas’, as they were redder than usual, it was something she’d done often during our roll-playing. I got the first surprise of the night when she dropped the apron to the floor. She’d shaved her whole pussy bare, I had kept her cunt lips shaved for years, but now she was completely shaved. “You like that naked pussy don’t you baby”, she said as she slipped a finger up and down her moist slit. She placed a leg on the bed and spread her cunt lips open, exposing more of her pink cunt to me. I nodded my approval and began to get up to grab her and give her a good Tongue fucking. No No No she said, lay back … We’ve got all night Tommy.

I obeyed and laid back and propped myself up against the head board as she began to crawled towards me, she took my boner in her hand and began to lick it from my balls up to the tip. “Ummm, she moaned, I love your big cock baby, whaddya’ say, we shave it clean, like me, so I can really suck those sweet balls down my throat baby. She led me to the bathroom and as I stood there, she removed the cock ring and lathered up my cock and balls and made quick work of shaving it and my ass too. I looked in the mirror and loved it, it made my cock look bigger (at least to me, it did). Shit at the time, she could have asked me to shave fucking my head bald, I wouldn’t have cared one bit; I was hornier than a teenage boy on prom night.

We jumped back into bed and she spread some flavored lotion on my cock and slipped on the cockling. She began to lick and suck my cock with vigor, taking my whole cock down her throat, gagging several times (She knows I like it when she does the gaggin’ thing, makes me feel big) she’d suck my balls, one, and then both balls at the same time. She was like a bitch in heat and I prompted her on with nasty words of encouragement; Come on Slut suck it deep, eat that fucken cock you nasty whore, gag on it baby. She shoved my cock deep into her mouth and held it there for a bit till she couldn’t breathe and pulled her mouth off, gagging again; a string of spittle dripped from her mouth and clung to her lips from my cock. “Ummmm, yes she cooed, that’s so good baby”, and took my cock back in her mouth.

My cock began to pulse and I could feel my balls welling up ready to blow my load, Terri felt me getting’ ready to blow, not yet Baby she said, you gotta hold your load. I want all that saved up seed, deep in my pussy baby, just not yet. You dirty slut I said, that’s why you haven’t fucked me for the past week, isn’t it… you sneaky lil’ slut. she smiled and said , that’s right lover. I want you to fill my pussy full of your cum so you can clean me up and lick it all up… like a good cock…OK, she said. I grabbed her head and shoved her down on my cock, forcing it down her throat and held her there till she gagged, struggling to be released. I let her loose and pulled her up to me.

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