Family of 4, Family Together

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My wife Pari, her younger sister (by one year), Ara, and their Mother, Mae. 3 Ladies – and me, man of the house so-to-speak, our Family. Quite an exhausting role it has become.

Where we live in Asia, I am a foreigner, being born way down-under. But I have lived in Asia a long time now, and understand how important Family is.

In the case of my wife’s family, her Father died (of smoking and drinking-related illnesses) over 18 years ago; since then, the 3 Ladies have been together, hiccups and arguments notwithstanding, virtually always.

For me, it has been difficult at times to feel part of the Family – the language for one thing, but mainly because an interloper of 3 plus years cannot compare to 3 people together for so much longer: the inside jokes, the intuitive knowledge of togetherness….

But I am a most welcome Family member, accepted as a nice man, husband to oldest daughter, provider to them all. Yes, married before, but ready to try again.

Before we were formally married, a time-span of 18 months between meeting and marriage, my wife was always - almost daily - wanting sex, any sex with me, any time we could be together. Though I am now 51, my wife only 31, and even my mother-in-law younger than me by 2 years, I still FEEL young, and still feel randy.

No, I cannot have more children, (already have my 2 grown-up boys from earlier marriage living at the moment still down-under) for the sperm hasn’t reappeared even after the repair surgery on my dick’s vasectomy – but, yes, I do still feel like making love, A LOT.

And the semen is still there, perhaps not spurting as strongly as in earlier years, perhaps not as strong as a younger man’s, but the desire to feel making love is certainly within me.

Our house is modest, only 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. After marriage, my sister-in-law, Ara, moved from my wife’s room, which they had shared for years, and she now sleeps in the same bed as Mae. 

No – nothing sexual about it: Mae has a boyfriend, had for some 10 years, but he has never popped the ‘marriage’ question, so the girls, and I, think he has a great sex life with their mother, but with no full attachment. For sure, they sometimes make a lot of noise in the bedroom or bathroom to suggest it is a fulfilling relationship, so good for Mae – but I think she is more scared of being alone than pushing for a total commitment from him.

If he sleeps over at the weekends, Ara sleeps beside our bed on a mattress; no problem. I sleep in the nude, have ever since first began travelling the world and pyjamas were just something to make a pack heavier. But I only strip off my shorts and slip under the cover in the dark, so Ara would have to be really looking to see me.

Ara also had a boyfriend for 10 years and he also never committed, and finally admitted to a new girl after moving to China to take up his family business there. That was a year ago, and my sister-in-law swears she won’t have another boyfriend. When my wife and I try to persuade her to go out and look to find someone, she says I am her husband, and she is wife number 2 for me. My wife accepts this as talk, as do I, for their relationship is so close that yes, a family is a family: all one and the same. I am not sure they include Mae as wife number 3….

What happened, to lead to this story? Younger sister, Ara, got the flu.

Ara – and my wife, in fact all 3 of them – are big babies when it comes to a cold, or in this case the flu. Ara had been coming home from work for a week complaining “I am nearly dead” but getting only real sympathy from her mum, whom she had twisted around her little finger it seemed forever.

Last Monday she couldn’t go to work, she was ‘oh so sick’, so slept late. My wife was out looking for a new job, I was working on my computer, Mae had come downstairs – in the sheer nightie I had bought for her on my last trip to Vietnam I noticed. Nice breasts, upright and firm, she still had I also often noticed – nipples poking out the material today more -so it seemed. 

She cooked breakfast for herself and Ara, and went back upstairs, together with the pills for Ara’s flu. (In Asia, many people don’t go to the Doctor when ill, just describe the symptoms to the local chemist and get a packet of various pills to take. Dangerous I keep telling my wife, but it is the way it is done.) Ara didn’t seem a lot better after 2 days on them, but everyone must have faith, right? In fact, now Mae had become sick with the cold, and was also taking the same medication, but luckily my wife and I were both well. So far.


A while later Ara appeared, enough sleep she said, and looked over my shoulder. From our normally very correct, innocent fun as a brother and sister-in-law, her breasts sliding on my back as she stood behind me looking at the computer screen suggested today was not a normal day.
I didn’t complain – why would I? She was slimmer than my wife, somewhat smaller breasts, but oddly a big rear end, but she had exquisitely small hands and wrists and ankles, which did always turn me on. 

I continued typing, but leaned back a little and felt 2 bumps glide over my back, her nipples hardening through her thin nightie with each swipe, while she now placed her hands draped over my shoulders and softly stroked my chest, and down to my nipples.

Now this was a game for us: she would sometimes tweak my nipple as she went past, and then run away when I pretended I would do the same to her.

But today she was doing more, so I leaned right back in my chair and lifted one arm up over my shoulder and felt for her nipple…

She didn’t move, rather groaned and pushed it into my fingers as she slid her hands further down my naked chest towards my sensitive stomach. I returned my hands to typing, but I knew little of what I was writing, just feeling the pleasure of her and beginning to fantasise what might be next.

But she was uncomfortable leaning over the back of the chair so jumped around, sat on my lap and planted her lips on mine. And her tongue in my gaping mouth! I am not sure what sprang up first: my whole body, or my cock, but they sure both did!

“Oh!” she gasped after long moments of shared mouths, “What’s happened? I am sorry brother!” She couldn’t seem to understand, and nor could I, at this point, why she suddenly appeared to be so reckless and wanton – and why I didn’t stop her!

(Well, that part is easy: I am a reasonably normal man and our hormones get up pretty fast, right guys, even when it is Family?)
“No problem little sister, you are not well, and tired, and taking medication, and….” I paused as it struck me that perhaps I had already made the diagnosis behind this new, very sexy, behaviour of Ara’s: her medication might be inducing this effect. What time does she need more, I wondered?

She had buried her head into my shoulder and was whimpering, but she was also still stroking my chest – I only ever wear a pair of shorts at home in our climate, no shirt, no underwear – and moving ever lower with one hand.

Now, was the time for a good brother-in-law to gently but firmly stop this, right?
Well: No is the truthful answer.

It was also true that my wife seemed to have lost interest in sex in recent months, though I tried a variety of ways to make love-making exciting, scared it was her ‘old’ husband no longer stimulating enough for her. She cried about it at times, confessing she didn’t know why she didn’t feel aroused, and talked of going for tests etc, but never did.

So my attempts at romance, usually later at night when she was asleep, had been eliciting a response of “Husband, I need sleep!” and a pushing away of my hands, my cock, and anything else disturbing her.

Now, here I was with a seemingly woken-up nymph on my lap caressing me, and arousing me, how could I not feel the pent-up abstinence.
Ara roved her hands around, and now began sucking on my shoulder and neck, leaving wet streaks of saliva and doing nothing to cool me down at all.
I had refrained from any real response, but my fingers, until now frozen on the keyboard, moved of their own volition- I swear- and gently wrapped one set up behind into her long hair at the base of her neck, while the other set felt for a breast and nipple to fondle.

“Oh” we both moaned, setting off that electrifying tingle in our mouths that happens so rarely, but which is so, so stimulating. It also invariably leads to more of the same, or even better, as in this case Ara moved a hand to my waistband. Strongly, urgently, she slipped through to the cock she had seen before only in moments such as all families have, but which she had never felt, and certainly not seen in an engorged state such as now. “Wow!” she breathed, “I must have it now, please brother”. What was a brother to do?

Here he was with the proverbial raging hard-on, and a sexy kitten on it, around it, offering, demanding more…I am after all: just a helpless male.

“Ara, what are you doing, you should go back to our room and sleep more” her Mum asked as she came slowly down the stairs from her room….

Ara jumped like a scalded cat, and I gestured her towards the TV sofa, while so-brave me also jumped and vaguely headed for the bathroom to hide my cock from both their eyes.
As I passed the stairs, Mae stumbled on the last one and – instinctively, I promise – I put out my hands to catch her fall.

Instead, I got 2 handfuls of the breasts I mentioned earlier as being very nice to behold. Now, they were very nice to hold, as I caught her and tried helping her upright. Meanwhile, my dick was also upright, and I noticed through my concern her nipples were also in the same raised position, and her eyes were ablaze.

As I helped her, it was necessarily close, and our bodies touched. To my amazement, she pushed herself even closer, my cock between our bodies leaving nothing in doubt as to my aroused state, and her eyes rolled in her head as we then both tumbled off-balance to the floor!

I like a lady on top, truly I do, emancipated as I am when it comes to equal rights, but I haven’t mentioned that Mae is rather on the heavy side, and I am definitely on the skinny, light side.
Never mind, this meant it took some effort for her to raise herself off my torso and body, while I helped by pushing her, ah, chest with my 2 grasping hands, and lifting her abdomen with my now-pulsing cock. She stood up, and part of my body was still standing up even while lying down!
What has come over this family today? I wondered. 

Mae smiled, and carried on as though nothing untoward had happened to anybody, made some lunch for herself and Ara as normal, then they both swallowed their flu pills with water.
Mae then told Ara to go and sleep upstairs, sleep being what she needed to help overcome the flu; as an obedient daughter, still just a baby to her mum at age 30, as always she did as asked.
Meanwhile, I had calmed down, made myself a sandwich and turned on the TV to the news in English, and settled in my normal sofa seat. Surprisingly, Mae came and sat on the other end of the sofa – she never does this!! She sits in the single sofa seat while my wife and I normally have the whole sofa bed seat. But not today: Mae sat next to me.

Not understanding English well, within a few minutes my mother-in-law was distracted and unsettled, and whilst trying to watch the news I was also seeing her rubbing her hands up and down her legs and even her upper body, and soon she was crossing and uncrossing her legs – and basically sliding closer to me. Her leg touched mine, then her hand followed on to my thigh, and those breasts were rolled over to press against my arm and chest.

“Mae, are you ok?” I croaked, trying to change position to again hide my stiffening cock.

She didn’t answer, seemingly mesmerised by something, just continued to rub herself and me everywhere we were joined. I couldn’t resist and looped an arm over her shoulder where it comfortably found her right breast and an erect nipple, which I teased and twirled and helped grow even more. I shouldn’t be doing this, I told myself, as beautiful as it feels, so I disentangled and half-patted/half-slapped the leg draping across my groin, and she gave a little start.

“Oh, I do not feel well” she said, and rubbed her forehead. “Yes, Mae, you need to go to sleep same as Ara, both of you are not well”. I stood and helped her off the sofa to her feet and guided her to the stairs. “Yes, I need to shower, I am so hot and wet, and go to sleep”, Mae finally responded and plodded up the stairs – with an open view to me of her rear end, her ass, and even her dripping pussy I swear, as I stood concerned at the foot of the stairs.

Shortly after it began to rain, so I had to go upstairs to close the window in my room. As I passed the bathroom, the door wasn’t closed, and lo! There was Mae showering in all her naked glory – but, open to my view! She never does anything like this, as Asians are ordinarily so modest, and so are my family members.

I rushed to my room, closed the window, then decided to wait there until I was sure Mae had finished showering and gone to her room to sleep.
Finally, I had heard all the correct signals, and so ventured out quietly,
Oh, oh, the door to Mae and Ara’s room was open, another change from normalcy, so of course I looked….

My mother-in-law and my sister-in-law were both on the big bed they slept in, and both seemingly asleep; they were also both using their hands to rub their boobs and cunts, almost in unison as if to some unheard song.

Again I asked myself: “What is going on today?!” And why are they inconsiderate of my feelings, with fluid soaking my shorts from all the rises and readies and falls of my cock. Now it was rising anew, and time to do something was upon me. I walked slowly into the room, maybe sneaked is a better word, and sat at the end of the bed, between them, where there was the best view of course.
“Enough!” I told myself, so I slid up the bed, lay on my back, and used 2 hands to sneak under their necks to commence fondling 2 breasts, right hand on Mae’s right tit, left hand on Ara’s left one.
Oh my, oh my, my mind felt to itself, this is my family, and it feels sooo good.

Mae moaned, seemingly happy within, but Ara began writhing, thankfully quietly, and rolled towards my body with her hands roaming in all directions – until they pushed my shorts down and found my dick, yet again.

I could not restrain myself further, so releasing Mae’s tit slowly, I rolled and gave my sister-in-law my full attention. Yes, she was apparently asleep, but I wasn’t, and surely unable to sleep in my present condition, my body moved of its own accord (I swear!) beside Ara’s, her loosened nightie making her skin available to some roaming hands of my own.

Oh, wow! My mind raced ahead as I gave up my better half and succumbed to – well, yes dammit, to my Lusting half!

I threw off my shorts, lifted her nightie and traced my right hand down her body, while my left found a nipple and played there, raising it to an even greater size. Towards her cunt lips, then I felt a tickle on my back. My ass had been turned away from Mae, but now she had rolled over, towards us. Oh help!

I was unable to stop, my sister-in-law’s vagina beckoned, and my cock led my mind – what am I to do? How to best take care of my family, I asked myself?
Plough ahead, I answered in my mind.

I did, one finger finding the juices flowing, and enough to allow insertion of 2 fingers into Ara’s cunt without difficulty, and with a great deal of pleasure to her and to me.
Meanwhile, now my ass cheeks were being caressed by Mae, and I felt an involuntary shudder as I tried to assimilate feelings front and back.

Two fingers now gliding and sliding in gently, and Ara turned slightly and grasped my cock in her small, smooth hand, and her face towards me, open mouth seeking mine, lips wet and wide – and then she sneezed, and again, straight into my nostrils and mouth. I had to gulp and felt her juice sliding down my nose and throat, and her other juices sliding down my fingers.
From my back, Mae languidly said “Here take this, we don’t want you to catch the flu” and reached around and popped a pill into my mouth. 

Then she leaned closer, and pulled my head around a little, enough to close her mouth against mine, and gave me a drink of her saliva to help the tablet on its way. She held the kiss until I swallowed, her tongue lapping and torturing mine, before releasing and lovingly rolling me back towards Ara.

Illogically, I felt an almost immediate response; a flashing brilliance behind my eyes, then a rush of blood to my brain, and I swear a Vision appeared before me. A glowing, shimmering woman, long tresses of blonde hair falling, framing a face so perfectly lovely, with a beatific smile surrounding dazzling, white teeth, and a sheer, floor-length gown, clinging to a voluptuous, curved and full body.
This vision, of Woman personified, seemed to send something like a telepathic message to me, and while my brain struggled to absorb what couldn’t be Real, and not really there, the perception of reality gave me a lightning bolt-like jolt to my senses, followed by a definite sensation of blood pumping throughout my body, with the Stop sign at: Cock.

I started to grow, engorged as never before. My normal fairly thick 7” was considered large in Asia, though average elsewhere, but a growth now to what must have been nearly double that seemed to me rather abnormal. I felt like a horse, like the cock of the stallion I had owned years before. What can a man do with this thing, I asked myself. An unbidden thought said: “I will come to you, and you will know soon.” The Woman, the Vision, communicating the start of what was to come.
Ara knew now.

Her tiny hand had sprung open as my cock grew, unable to hold its width, but she knew what she wanted: It. My fingers in her cunt had lubricated her, brought her an orgasm even as my cock spread her hand wide, but I was afraid of what it would do to her poor little vagina. So I rolled her over on to her belly, lifting her hips up and positioning her on her knees, figuring this would be less painful for her, though sure it’s size could never penetrate Ara’s small cunt. For reasons I couldn’t understood at the time, Mae wordlessly helped me up and guided me to towards Ara’s rear, where my throbbing cock knew exactly where to place itself, into the centre of Life as we know it, the essence of a Woman.

I gently held her hips up as my tip slipped around her wet vaginal hole, soon finding the opening and beginning it’s journey to bliss, and to pleasure. I was painfully aware of my size, and that of my sister-in-law, and had no thought of hurting her, so gently, very gently, let her cunt feel for me and squeeze me inside at her leisure – took all of 5 seconds before she rammed her ass back to get more! A few more thick inches I let glide along her slippery passage, maybe now she had half me inside, and she orgasmed again, again, then a continuous wail broke from her mouth as a rolling non-stop orgasm broke through her pussy.

Then I felt Mae moving and she rolled right underneath me. Slithered up the bed on her back and planted both hands on my hips, and her mouth on both my balls, now the size of peaches. She couldn’t fit two in her mouth at one time, so she began sucking one, and using her hand on the remaining length of my shaft as her own personal tool, she rubbed and squeezed and tried to fit even more into her daughter’s pussy.

I was amazed - more than that - as I stroked gently in and out of Ara, keeping her cunt deliciously alive, my left hand supporting her and my right fondling both breasts in turn, as I licked and kissed her smooth back.

Meanwhile, my mind still had an ability to wander, and I felt Mae’s body against mine and her hands doing their own thing to my balls and cock, while her mouth was now plastering my ass cheeks and hole with her mouth juices.

She needs some attention too, I scolded myself, so found I could reach back enough with my right hand to slide her nightie up over her hips, and attack, sorry: I mean caress, her pussy. The bed under us was flooded, and her cunt was the same, just oozing juices and opened for whatever would come inside. My hand did just that, slowly, then more urgently as I felt she needed release and contentment, and she sure did, within a few seconds of my stimulation. She stiffened, sighed, reared her hips up against my hand, again and again, and collapsed back on to the bed, as if unconscious.
I turned attention back to Ara, still moaning in pleasure, the pitch rising as I pushed a little further, then she too groaned and stifled another scream, and with an ecstatic sigh collapsed around my penis.
Me? I was still upright, strong and ready for more – how could this have happened to our family all at the same time? The others weren’t listening, so I eased myself out, rose, cock standing up huge, wet, and with a longing sigh, I left them to sleep.


I slept in my own room, dreaming of the Woman, incoherent thoughts and feelings until I woke with a mouth stretched around my cock’s head, and hands cuddling my balls – one hand to each still-peach-sized balls.
“Mae! What are you doing, what’s wrong?” I almost shouted, in hopes of waking her from whatever fantasy we were dreaming. She responded by sucking me further into her mouth, and giving one ball a gentle squeeze, sending lightning bolts through my groin, a reminder that I had yet to find release myself. “Soon, have patience for me,” the Woman whispered somehow into my ear, lips brushing delicately, but without a physical presence.
But the appearance of a naked Ara in my view, pushing us both on the side, then a spooned body pushing her breasts into my back, her bushed cunt into my ass and the join of my legs, her lips nuzzling my neck and ears, and her hands reaching around my body to tease her own mother’s breasts, well this made me feel closer to a cum – an earthly, here and now type.
Mae wanted me for herself this time, or so it seemed, as she roughly rolled me and held me down by the shoulders, straightened her body over mine, and plunged down.
And down, and down, until she must have had ¾ of my cock inside. But this wasn’t enough, she wanted all, and as much as it must have been like splitting her insides, she pushed down again, and got another bit of me – but she couldn’t get all, a horse and a woman don’t mix do they? my mind asked itself – writhing and squirming, but holding me down and wanting me inside, so I pulled slowly out, to let her know I wasn’t abandoning her, then plunged up again, this time holding her hips like handles and thrusting more than ever.
Still not fully inside, hitting a brick wall that must almost have been through her womb and out to her spine it felt, but more than enough to make Mae scream with lust, pleasure, total fulfillment.
I repeated it, as difficult as it was with Mae’s…sssshh, heavy weight…. Then a mantra from the Karma Sutra I knew: 3 times slowly, then a deep one…and again…and on the 3rd time make the deeper ones the threesome.
She wailed and writhed, held me to her, and came and came and…..Ara wrapped her arms around us and demanded some attention of her own. Mae thrust her body at me and demanded I cum, squeezing me with surprisingly agile cunt muscles and pulsing her tongue into my mouth, and yes, she did make me start to boil, especially as Ara had somehow wangled herself into an even better position and was biting my erogenous zone of an earlobe.
As I thickened and grew even more, I stopped my in and out of Mae and pulled out. But her cunt lips held on, raising my sensitivity higher, so I raised Mae up, rolled her over next to Ara, and pointed my dick towards them both.

“Yes,” said the Woman in my ear, “You must wait to be at one with Me before you can let that life-sperm free totally, before flowing inside the pool of My being. But I give you permission to satisfy others somewhat, slake their thirst for you enough - for now.”
With one of Mae’s hands grabbing my cock, and both of Ara’s smaller ones, they jerked and rubbed and felt the time was right; letting me loose, they held gently and directed the oncoming rush of my juice where they wanted. Those peach-sized balls seemed to have half a litre as it went everywhere.
Mae’s mouth opened to a gusher, but more on her tits and belly, down her abdomen where it pooled in her navel, overflowing and running back to her own juice-making cunt, then to Ara’s for a repeat…and still more to cum. How do I stop this, I asked myself, and grabbed hold of my own dick – to find Ara not letting go, but rather scooting down to cram as much as possible into her mouth and suck like crazy.

Well, yes, I know it has been a long time for her since she had her boyfriend, with whom I had always assumed she had sex. And I am a nice brother to her. So I moaned myself this time, and let her suck and suck, until finally it seemed I was emptied of cum. How to clean up? The ladies scooped up the creamy fluid from each other, and I cleaned both cunts, until we were all feeling as if we had eaten more than a fair share of the best meal ever tasted.
Now I had to sleep. So did the ladies. All 3 dreaming and wanting more, and incredibly as I began to fade into a bliss-induced sleep, my balls filled as if I had not even cum a drop, and my cock reared again, like the stallion I felt I had become. “It is mine” echoed in my ears as I slept.

I woke to find myself alone, but could hear someone in the upstairs shower. My dick had, so thankfully, shrunk to perhaps 8” limp – limp, hardly, but more bearable at least – and I chose to escape to throw on my shorts, still uncomfortably, and go to my downstairs bathroom.
Ara was in there.
She had finished, but eyed me with lust, so I gently slapped her bottom and pushed her out and closed the door. A cool shower was what I needed.
I turned the water on, and oh it was cool as I soaped up and washed. Before I finished, I had a sneezing attack from the shampoo running in my nose.
Within moments, Mae had opened the door – she would never, ever!!, do this normally, and not with nipples jutting out the material of her new nightie, and tongue licking her lips! – and held out a pill and glass of water and said. “Take your flu medicine”.
I tried to suggest to Mae perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to take any more of this medication, but she ignored me so I swallowed the pill, as nobody in our family disobeys Mae, My eyes flashed, the blood boiled throughout my body, and my cock raged up as the Vision reappeared to me.
Mae smiled as she closed the door, a lingering glance at the rising shaft of pleasure.

Before I had calmed down, meaning before my cock had dwindled to a still-long and still-fat smaller size, the doorbell rang.
I finished in the bathroom, stuffed my dick between my legs in my shorts, and went out. I found a stranger sitting on our sofa. Mae had somehow changed into clothes, and Ara also, then Mae introduced her friend, her long-time pharmacist, from whom she always bought the family’s medication.
Mae and the pharmacist did the talking, and this was in our home language, not English, but I could gather he was concerned at the flu medicine. Mae kept saying Ara and she were fine, no, no adverse side effects. Then he switched to English and said a government warning had been circulated to check for abnormal responses, and he asked me if I had taken the pills and if I had had any bad after effects. “No”, I replied when I saw Mae shaking her head at me “in fact, I feel very well, better than ever in some respects. Why, what was the warning about?” He said some lab animals had shown excessively roused sexual urgings, but he didn’t elaborate further. I jokingly said “Is that bad!” and relieved the slightly tense atmosphere. But looking at Mae and Ayr, I could see it had clicked in their minds also, and now they understood what I had suspected: these pills were special!
He said, good, he was just checking people he had given the pills to, but all had said they were happy with the results (I bet!) so he had bought another shipment and had a good supply if we should need more pills in the future for our flu, promising to keep some for Mae at her urging.

Shortly after the pharmacist left, and Mae and Ayr both looked at me with renewed longing, one on either side of me on the sofa. Ara closed the curtains and the front screen door.
I had wanted Mae’s breasts and now was the time it seemed, I twisted to my right, Mae to her left, and I raised her t-shirt to allow my mouth to descend to her tits. A breast surrounded by one hand, nipple in my mouth, a nipple caressed in my other hand – I felt in heaven. They were heavy underneath my hands, the nipples large, the aureoles so alluring, and my mouth filled with …milk!!
How can Mae have milk in her breasts, this age, not pregnant, no babies – well, yes, her 2 daughters she did treat as babies – but this is not possible!
But it was, as I suckled like a baby myself, and the milk flowed into me, and dribbled down my mouth. Oh, I am a breast man, but never thought I could do this, not to my mother-in-law certainly, and she was also clearly inspired as she climaxed beside me, her hand moving to my cock as she stiffened, and my hand leaving a nipple to find her cunt lips soaked, swollen and inviting.
Where does my mouth go now, I asked myself as the milk was so beautiful, but so was the thought of my tongue finding her clit and entering her vagina in exploration. And where does my prick go?
Ara took care of that as, having been left out of this episode so far, she wriggled herself down and around and found it, the source of my own milk. But being there, she was between Mae’s body and mine, so I felt contented to continue sucking and filling my belly with the cream of my mother-in-law’s tits, changing sides as the lactation dictated, but getting filled with this wonderful nectar.
Mae had become a nursing mother, cradling my head and her breasts to aid the continuing flow, but also continuing her own orgasms, seeming to feel them from head to toe.
Ara stopped trying to fit any more of me into her mouth long enough to cry” I want this!” and turned her body upside down, 69’ing us both: her mouth moving to Mae’s cunt and her pussy now aggressively intervening and pressing against my face, forcing me to let Mae’s nipple slide from my mouth, dribbles of milk rolling out, in order to suck her daughter.
Mae was overtaken by a new sensation, as was I, and when my tongue lapped Ayr’s wet cunt lips, and then my finger delicately found her clit, yes she also was ridden to new heights. But my cock was unattended, so I found Mae’s hand and wrapped as much around my horse-dick as possible and gave her the sign I needed release again. She dazedly obliged, and pulsing her hand up and down, then twisting her head around enough to reach me and lifting my long cock-end to her mouth, her pussy being eaten by her daughter, my free hand still cradling her breast, and my mouth diving in and out and up Ara’s cunt, whew, we all came to a rush of emotions and wetness and happiness and ecstasy such as never before.
But, yet again, my balls immediately refilled, leaving me wondering if I had, or hadn’t, just ejaculated another load. A soft, dazzling smile entered my mind.
Then we all collapsed. This family fling was very tiring for our bodies and minds, even if our sex organs seemed not to require any respite – my used dick was like a new one within moments. Go to sleep for a while I told it, and we did.
We woke after maybe an hour, each disturbing the other, but without any feelings of guilt or betrayal or black thoughts, we each went to tidy up, and after I returned to the sofa and settled back with a beer to try and watch the BBC news again.

Then my wife came home, bringing with her the daughter of my best friend from downunder, a 22 year-old, and her same-aged girl friend who were coming to stay with us for a few days on their overseas holiday.
They walked in the door, wet from the rain and, during introductions, all 3 began to sneeze and complain they had a cold coming on. Mae, Ayr and I exchanged looks, and Mae said “Here, have one of these. They will make you better. We promise, don’t we? ” They did as instructed.

We got the girls settled, they would sleep downstairs on our sofa beds they said, and life seemingly gained some needed normalcy for the duration of dinner and an evening of talking and TV.

Once, I passed Mae in the kitchen as I went to get a beer, and I quietly tried to again suggest these pills were a little scary and perhaps we shouldn’t take them anymore, but Mae said as she smiled “After everyone is over the flu, then we stop taking them” – and surreptitiously rubbed her hand along my length of cock.
I went to the bathroom to allow my dick to settle down, thinking to myself ‘I shouldn’t be able to get this aroused so many times in one day’, then returning to the TV room to find everyone getting organised for sleep, and Mae handing out new pills to all of them! Yes, and to me - how could I refuse in front of them, Mae was a nurse after all. I swallowed and tried willing myself not to grow as before, and succeeded in at least hiding myself by sitting at my computer desk in the corner, before the flash and the blood rush erupted again. The Vision seemed to flare briefly, but perhaps understood now was not the time for further activity.
I was a night person and it was quite early to be going to sleep, but Mae and Ara went upstairs to their room, and my wife was tired after her day out, and the girls were a little jet-lagged after a lack of sleep on the flight overnight.
They each showered and changed into short, nylon see-though nighties, sexy as young slinking kittens, almost twins, and came to give me a peck on each cheek good night – a normal event in my former homeland, between children and good friends of their parents. In Asia this doesn’t happen, only when Ara wants to play games would she do this.
I lifted my face, but a tongue in each ear was not the peck I had been expecting! Nor the hands gliding over my shoulders, down my chest, tweaking nipples – hell, they were even grown larger than before under such stimulation – and further, further down.
“Ah, girls, perhaps there is something you should be careful of; those tablets seem to have a funny effect at times….” But a mouth on mine and a probing tongue stopped any further attempts to issue a warning, while a set of hands was tugging at my waistband, a mouth teasing a nipple and the twin set of hands was around my back, lightly scratching nails up and down. 
My shorts could not remain closed at the waist when my horse-cock reared and needed its liberty from confinement. The slender hands slid through and grasped what little they could, and gasped around my nipple, while the eyes belonging to the face whose mouth was on mine must have widened immeasurably and in awe at what they saw, as that mouth also gasped inside mine.
“Girls! Girls!” I said urgently, as I pried away the mouth from mine. “You are tired, and have a cold, and this is a new environment for you, making you a little confused. Please go to bed and sleep, tomorrow is a whole new day to start your holiday.”
There was no way my cock was going to help me and disappear, but I managed to pry the hands from around it, give both girls my peck on their cheeks, averting any contact with mouths or other possibly erogenous places, and gently but firmly steer them away towards the sofa.
I couldn’t yet stand up and leave the room, not in my aroused state, so I waited and typed nonsense on the computer, before shutting it down, tidying up and turning off lights, and sneaking past the sofa to go outside and lock the gate. Quietly opening the door, I eased it closed and locked it, and went to clean my teeth in the bathroom. A Vision thought came to my mind, “You can please them, our time is not yet upon us. Be patient with me.” Somewhat still confused by the Woman of my Vision, I accepted the thought without trying to comprehend it further.
Before I had finished rinsing my mouth, I found a body melting along my back, and hands groping for the bulge in my shorts.
I am going to have to buy XXL size shorts to hide myself if this keeps up, I stupidly thought to myself, as I turned and gave in to my friend’s daughter’s mouth, finally allowing myself to succumb and find and give the enjoyment these pills had offered me this day.
Tongues snaking past each other, laving the walls of our mouths, sucking the juice each was drooling, our hands starting to roam frantically everywhere. I raised the hem of her nightie, easily sliding upwards to her nicely-sized breasts, topped with large, ripe nipples demanding attention. I gave it. She, Simi is her name, seemed to have only one target, as her mouth left mine languidly and scooted to my own nipple, her hands rushing to grab and hold my cock.
Simi was trembling and moaning, so I gently ushered her out and to the sofa, fearful she would collapse.
She pulled me down on top, laying my massive erection up along her abdomen, almost to her tits, never once letting her hands off. I raised her hips and moved her more comfortably up the bed, agonizingly conscious of another young woman, Cory, on the sofa bed beside this one, but apparently asleep.
I moved up Simi’s body further, my mouth now able to seek a young breast to suckle, a nipple to twirl, and my cock sticking straight at Simi’s nose, easy for her to move her head and try to fit me in her mouth. She licked and sucked on my cock-head, and this was enough to send a spurt of her cunt juices out onto my legs and the sofa, and groans from her around my dick, tingling it with vibrations. She stretched her mouth and slid more of me inside, then used her teeth to nibble my head, while her mouth slipped up and down as much of my shaft as she could, tickling the underside hairs when she could make her way around the whole thing. She tensed her body and again hit a climax, making me wonder how I could explain to my wife next morning the wetness on the sofa!
(If I appear to be recording this day somewhat nonchalantly, far from it, my being had been raised to new heights of excitement and pleasure, and even better I seemed to have the ability to convey enormous pleasure to my family and friends. This has always been of paramount importance to me: the woman should be satisfied first, as much as possible, before I release my own final thrusts and reach my own final climax. Today, I seem to have achieved this ideal, and the thought makes me very happy.)
Simi eased my cock from her mouth and held it, pushing me down her body: she wanted it elsewhere. I said it was too big for her, but she silently kept pushing me. She couldn’t speak, in her own world of new sensations it seemed, where light and colour blazed as never before I had to acknowledge, but as with Ara earlier, I turned Simi’s body over to allow a less painful penetration from the rear angle to her waiting cunt.
As much as I wanted to taste and drink her cunt juices, this was not the time, so I eased my prick to her labia’s lips, my hands gently pushing her hips and pelvis wider, and slowly entered the gates of youthful heaven.

She was so tight, (her parents would be happy to know she does not seem to have been over-used I thought), and my cock so large, she inhaled in surprise, causing her muscles to tense. I stopped, used my hands to caress her buttocks, up her back, circled her waist and up, gently fondling her tits and raising another stiffening of her nipples.
Simi relaxed all over, and her pelvis opened wider to the head of my cock sliding in, juices flowing out to naturally lubricate me further, easing progress as she stretched wider and wider to absorb more of my length and width. 
She still had not spoken a word, but her moans and groans and stifled screams had me worried of waking the whole house, including my wife!
I eased back and just let my cock-head glide in and out of her pussy lips, my girth so big I was also rubbing her clit on every stroke. She came, then came, buried her head into the sofa’s pillows and came again, juices flowing, her hands grabbing behind her feeling for my body to urge me inside more. I let myself slide deeper a little, and she thrust back at me. I let her control the movements, to lessen any pain, but a woman’s cunt must be an amazing attribute, she just kept widening it to suck me further inside.
Knowing now she could take at least 10” I moved myself to allow in and out strokes of her sucking pussy, and kept my hands roving on her breasts, up to her mouth, ears, down her back, and my lips up to lick and suck the back of her neck, then trace down her spine.
She exploded. There is no other word for it, as on my next in-stroke she gripped me, inside and out, stuffed her own hand in her mouth to shut off a scream, and then bucked and jumped like a mare being mounted by a stallion – which, I guess, was about the truth.
I slid one hand under, found her clit alongside my prick and gently teased another orgasm from her body, in seconds yet again, her cunt now convulsing, clamping, releasing, then repeating itself around my slowly-moving shaft.
We quieted down, my dick taking forever to ease out, and I slid up to wrap my arms around her and cuddle her trembling body, after I did my best to shove my dick between my legs. I had not cum, of course, but I was fully satisfied that Simi seemed to have enjoyed it, so cumming myself was secondary. I held Simi until she calmed down and we drifted off to sleep…the Vision in my thoughts with a smiling, beautiful face, a thought of anticipation thrust upon me….


That was until I felt a mouth try to encircle my cock, stuffed through my legs but too long in length to just sit there, and so sticking out behind, so to speak.
Cory was clearly awake.
And Cory wanted something for sure, as she used her mouth to suck the sweet juice of Simi off my hardened rod. That took quite a few minutes from tip to scrotum, growing at her touch as it was, then when I felt and heard her smacking her lips, I disengaged my body from Simi’s sleeping form, and quietly, gently put my hands on Cory’s upper arms to lift her and guide her back to her sofa bed.
“Cory, it’s late, I must go to my bed, my wife might come downstairs. Listen to me, those flu capsules seem to have made us all strange and not ourselves. Please, you need rest, go back to sleep now” I half-pleaded with her while tucking a sheet around her, still using some force to hold her down.
“But I wasn’t asleep” she slyly replied, “ now I have an aching itch, and it needs to be scratched by that beautiful, big cock you gave to Simi.”
“Cory, you are beautiful, but please tonight, sleep and dream of a new day tomorrow. Ok?” (I could not be sure I wanted tomorrow to return to normal, or continue as today, but I was trying to be a responsible host).
I leaned down to give her at least a kiss, chastely on the lips, but she sprang her hands up around my neck, and used a surprisingly strong tongue to burrow open my mouth and bury herself inside, sucking on my own tongue, causing our saliva to flow freely, mix and mingle in our mouths. She was a devil, and my cock was responding. I had to stop this.
“Cory, Cory, enough!” I hissed, “I have to go shower and go to bed – my bed. Good night, little vixen. Try and sleep now.” I held her down, then almost leaped back out of reach, well except my cock, which she managed to grasp enough to slide through her hand. I could see her smiling in the light of the streetlamp as I headed for my bathroom.

I washed my hair and body, wondering how I can hide this new prick, jutting halfway to my knees even when not aroused. As I finished by washing my face, I turned around, wiping water from my eyes before opening them.
There was Cory, salaciously bending over the basin, her rear pointing high, naked from her waist down under her short nightie top, and grinning lewdly at me. “Just give me a little of that to help me sleep, please, pretty please” she whined, a wiggle of her ass towards me, as my brain and cock both registered there was no way out from this.
She was oozing juice from her cunt the moment I traced the lips of her pussy, two fingers swallowed as if into quicksand, while she played with her own tits, rolling the breasts in her hands, her fingers tweaking and teasing those nipples. I couldn’t help but catalogue in my mind that all 4 sets of breasts I had fondled today had very pronounced, larger-than-normal nipples – another effect of the flu pills I wondered?
She wiggled her ass at me again as I moved behind her. My back was against the side-wall as my horse-cock length meant the bathroom wasn’t wide enough anymore. The tip of my cock easily reached through her legs to graze her cunt, but she wiggled again and said “In my ass tonight, I want it in my ass. Tomorrow my cunt will be looking for you.”
I tried to convince her she could not take any of my cock in her tiny ass, but as with all women they don’t take ‘No’ for an answer when going after something they desire.
My prick was more than ready, amazing me by it’s patience in not having cum for hours now, in the face of so many attractions within reach.
It almost guided itself to the little, puckered hole, as I coated my hand with juice from her cunt, and spread it around her back slit, trying to do what I could to ease what I expected to be painful for her.
“In me, now” she commanded, and thrust herself back on to my cock head, getting it inside on that first shove.
How can a woman’s body do this, I asked myself, expand to take a giant cock unlike any they must have felt before: women are Special, there is no doubt.
I let the head of my cock accustom her anus to my size, but she was insistently pushing back against me, while I had nowhere to retreat as I was against the bathroom wall. 

Her anus hole was swallowing my cock, and it did feel wonderful, as I leaned forward and moved one hand to a breast, and the other to her cunt, finding her clit, and circling it lowly, sensually, causing it to sit upright, emerged from its protective hood, my fingers able to feel the blood swelling it moment by moment.
I leaned further forward and licked along Cory’s back, bending over her ass, while she moved backwards and forwards keeping me coming further inside. But a brick wall intervened - there can’t be a woman on this planet that can take all of this cock inside anywhere, I told myself…the Vision appeared in my mind: ‘Wait for me’ the Lady said, ‘I am coming soon’.
So, heeding that message, I gave Cory what she could take, slowly in and out, bringing her to a climax which didn’t end, eliciting a building scream which I had to stifle by placing one of her own hands across her mouth. But I kept up with my gentle caressing of her breasts, and a slow in and out pulse of my cock, the head making her wriggle on the out-stroke, the shaft stroking her clit, making her scream into her hand on the in-stroke.
She came and came, and finally slumped against the basin, whimpering pleasurably as I slowed, and slowed, and finally withdrew. I leaned forward again and kissed her back, her sides, her neck, not sexually, but lovingly, until I felt she was able to stand.
She was too far removed, into that other world, to shower or anything, so I held her close, opened the door and half-dragged, half-carried her back to her bed, laid her down, kissed her good night, and turned, when she whispered: “Thank you so much. See you tomorrow”. I didn’t reply, just continued and padded silently back to the bathroom.
Again I showered, cleaned my teeth, turned off all lights except for the stairs, and headed quietly upstairs to my own bedroom.
Just then Mae opened her door and walked across the landing to the bathroom. She saw me, grinned lewdly, and lifted her nightie; being only halfway up the stairs, this meant my upturned eyes were again staring at shapely legs, a rather large rear end, and a pussy beckoning.
She waited momentarily, then entered the bathroom as I reached the top, had to cross past the door to my room, and knew what I would see – door open, Mae with a raised nightie, squatting on the toilet seat. Waiting…
“Mae” I whispered, “We have to go to sleep. And we must not take these flu tablets, they have strange powers.” Mae didn’t speak, just smiled knowingly, then said in reply “Don’t worry; they have helped our Family today. They will help in the future also, when we need them again.”
I didn’t really understand if there was an underlying message, but nodded and bade good night to Mae. 

As quiet as I was, closing our door, stripping my shorts off and sliding under the cover to cuddle my wife in our spoon fashion – our nightly ritual – she almost made me jump, by asking “What took you so long? Are the girls asleep ok, do they need anything?” 
Oh yes, I thought, they did need something: me, but I whispered in my wife’s ear “They are fine now. I worked on the computer, but the girls were excited to be here and couldn’t sleep for a while, so I entertained them about our family life here. They were impressed. Now I hope they are sleeping soundly, like you should my wife”. No, not lying, just perhaps not the whole truth.
I wrapped my left arm around my wife’s body, cuddling her right breast – our natural, normal, sleeping position – and draped my left leg over hers - again, as normal - but this pushed my larger-than-normal penis against her, between her legs and nestling against her pussy.
“What is this?” she asked, squirming, grinding her hips back against me.
Oh no, I thought, is my wife reacting to those same damn pills?
“Sssshhh”, I said, “Go to sleep. Pari, listen to me, it’s the flu tablets Mae has making everyone feel funny, not themselves. You must tell Mae we shouldn’t take them, we are better and not need anymore. I promise - this is the best thing to do. Do you understand me, my wife?” 
In response, she wriggled her bottom closer to my groin, and threw her left hand down to grab my cock, a squeal of excitement at this newly-found cock erupting from her throat. I loved my wife, and after what I had already done with the family today, how could I refuse the urge to please her?
But first: a confession.
“Pari, it’s those flu pills, it has made the whole family, even the girls, change today. I have to confess to you, my wife who I love…”
“You have had sex today with Mae and Ara, right?” she interrupted and spoke my own words, in a quiet voice. “It’s ok my husband, we are all one family; they already told me all the things which happened today. And the girls, Simi and Cory, I watched you. Don’t worry, they are now family also. But if you let that dick wander outside the Family, I will cut it off.”
“Now, give me what I have been missing, shove that horse-cock inside, up to my throat if I can believe what Mae and Ara tell me.” I did my best.
But really, she didn’t want it, try as hard as she could, soon it was evident she wanted to sleep. So we did, but I was sad, as I am sure Pari was, the pills hadn’t worked their magic on her also.
The Lady said – was it against my ear, or in my heart, or in my mind: I can never be sure, “Have patience with your wife, and with me. Soon all will be revealed and bliss will be upon us all.”
With that seeming to throw a soothing blanket over us both, we slept, cuddling as normal – the only difference, the gigantic cock which I couldn’t keep down!

Waking slowly, the light through the blinds told me I had slept long and well.
I also had a hard-on, not unusual upon waking for a lot of men – but unusual to find one poking up the bedcover, seemingly reaching for the ceiling, or the sky.
Oh heavens, another day of this cock, I thought, how in hell do I hide it?
Stay in my room all day, I told myself, the pills must wear off soon.
I tried to sleep more, closed my eyes and just tried to wait out the problem.
My wife must have woken earlier and gone downstairs, not waking me, not wanting to make love obviously.
I dozed, rested, but couldn’t sleep, and as the house sounded quiet, I got out of bed and found a pair of long-legged shorts to throw on.
I made the bed, opened the blinds and window, eased open the door and poked my head outside. All quiet, so I headed downstairs, with a peek into Mae’s empty room, Ara would have gone to work much earlier.
Downstairs, a peek at the lounge room showed me a pair of sleeping visitors, but no sign of my wife and Mae: they must have gone to the market for breakfast.
I slipped into the bathroom, cleaned my teeth and showered; turned off the tap and turned around to get my towel.
“I told you, today my cunt would be looking for your cock. Here I am, and here it is” and Cory again bent over the basin, lifting her right leg along the length of it, like a ballerina I thought, reaching behind her with both hands to open wide a wet pair of swollen pussy lips, sinking a hand inside momentarily.
“Cory, have you taken those pills this morning?” “Yes,” she said, “Pari’s mom gave me, Simi, and herself one before they went to eat. Why, anything wrong?” she finished with a sly grin and a gentle sweep across her lips with a cunt-soaked hand. My cock surged, and I capitulated – how can I fight modern medicine, any more than a mere mortal male can win a fight of any kind against a woman.
In the same position as last night, my lengthened dick again easily reached across the space, to Cory’s cunt this time, and she was as a flower opening to my cock-head, ripe lips spreading outwards as my thickness and length penetrated, her face turned towards me, mouth widening, tongue moistening her lips, eyes flickering closed, yet reflecting somehow an emotional tidal wave which was about to burst over her. 
It did. A scream to wake the dead, certainly Simi, escaped before I could clamp a hand over her mouth. She bucked and writhed around my cock, and moaned and shrilled through my palm, while I urgently whispered commands to quieten down. 
I had not even really been pumping inside her, my cock not even half-way inside yet, just easing my way in slowly, carefully, but it had set her off like a firecracker. Now, I gently eased back, withdrawing myself, but her protests threatened to turn violent, as she struggled to keep me inside and thrust her body back.
“I want you in, not outside me!” Cory appealed to me, “Please, in a few days I will go home and I have never felt like this. Never might I have a cock like yours again, please let me feel it all.”
I was back against the wall, nowhere to escape, and she now used her hands to push against the basin, back against my horse-cock, once to get back to half of it. Then sliding forward, and savagely ramming herself back to get more, and again, and for the first time, this young girl became the first able to nearly – but not fully - impale herself with my cock, her cunt hairs mixed tantalizingly close with mine as I neared bottom, or rather neared top, my large balls trapped so deliciously close – but not - against her ass. She squealed.
She drew forward, slammed again, and squealed again, slammed forward and back, totally out of my control, but in control herself. “I want to remember this, I WILL remember this, forever!” she squeaked, as she tightened cunt muscles against my dick, squeezed and relaxed, and collapsed, shuddering in climax after climax, sobbing but in a way I knew meant happiness for her, and so I just caressed her and let us both calm down.
But I was not yet fully inside, and not released myself. The Lady said “Wait”.

“That was so amazing! Thank you, but I am used down to the bone – well, to my ribs with your size, and I need rest, and dream this over, and over again.” Cory whispered, as I slid back, her forwards, until I plopped out with a loud sucking noise, rigid and full, and ready. “Get down!” I told my prick.
I used my hand towel to wipe Cory’s face, then her cunt and ass, rinsed it and washed my own genitals, threw water on my face, and carted her out of the bathroom, checking like a sneak outside the bathroom door: all quiet. I mostly carried her back to her sofa bed, and laid her down, covered her, and turned.
Of course, I had not stopped to put on any shorts, so my turning cock hit Simi in the eye as she sat up. Oh my, what have I done now, I asked.
“Simi, sorry, go back to sleep.”
“I have slept enough” she replied, only half awake. “What is that?”
“Ah, Simi, you are the daughter of my best friends, please lie down and close your eyes for a few minutes.” I pleaded to her.
“Oh, ok” she said, “If you lie here with me. Where’s Pari and Mae by the way?”
Oh no, I thought, are all woman blackmailers? ‘Yes’ I seemed to reply to myself, as I sank down under the cover with Simi, rolled her over and cuddled her spoon fashion, and said “Ok, go to sleep now, you are just dreaming, soon you can wake up.”
As her legs lifted apart and her hand snaked through to grab hold of my cock, I knew that was a stupid comment.
She began stroking me, not that for these 2 days did I seem to need any extra stimulation, and soon I was long enough for her to just bend her head and take my cock-head into her mouth – I wasn’t even fully aroused. How can I ever go shopping for milk or bread again, I asked myself, or even go outside my house, with a cock which won’t go down?
I recalled that last night I had denied myself with Simi, and what I felt like now was a drink, a drink from Simi.
I eased away, and slid down, until I was able to snuggle my mouth against her ass, used some tongue pressure to slide between her thighs, slurping at her asshole, then further to her lady’s opening. Not too hard a job when copious juices flowed down to meet and greet me.
I locked on, and sucked, drinking that special nectar of a woman, and brought her to the mountain-top, but not to the peak. I slowed and when she had stopped panting, I teasingly did it all again, climbing ever higher, but not letting her reach that place which some say is ‘heaven above earth’. I made her wait, but not for long – I am not a bad man – so I rose up along her body, inserted myself and with one short thrust, she came into that world of orgasmic pleasure only a man can provide, but also which a man can only imagine. A woman’s pleasure seems on a higher plane than a man’s, not lasting for only a few spurts of a dick, but enveloping her soul, providing a new life to that soul: spiritual if given freely and in the spirit of the love of the moment. I gave this,
and I was happy, elated really, to be able to give this.
As was the case every time almost, I was full and rigid, but that didn’t matter, as I slid my wet body away from a resting Simi, and casting a fearful glance at Cory, headed back to the bathroom for yet another shower!
The Vision Lady appeared, seemed to wrap a hand around my cock, and whispered – this time, definitely in my ear,”You are a nice man, and we will be rewarded when the final time arrives, just for us.”

An uninterrupted 5 minutes later, I had finished, this time pulling on my shorts and exiting the bathroom without finding a ready vagina barring my way.
Mae walked in the front door, smiled, said Pari had gone to the shopping mall, and would be home later, and headed upstairs to her room.
I put the washing on – my job in the house since I didn’t go out to work anymore, well, not at the moment – and Cory and Simi woke and tidied up, smiling at each other and at me. Both showered and used the bathroom - I am sure they had plenty of juice to flush away - while I disappeared anywhere I could, then they said they would go to the market themselves and do some shopping. I phoned my wife and arranged for her to meet them, and show them around the mall complex. She asked if I am ok at home alone, and I said fine, but not alone because Mae is here, don’t worry. “Oh, I am not worried, have a good time” she almost laughed.

“Could you bring me some water please” Mae called from her room. This was not unusual, as her knees were often aching, making it difficult to go up and down stairs.
I filled a glass, tucked my cock way down in my long-length shorts and went upstairs. Mae had changed into a loose, flowing house-dress, and was lying comfortably on her bed watching a movie of some sort. She took the glass and, still holding my outstretched hand, said “Want to watch this movie with me?”
I turned to her TV and found the screen filled with a large, black cock about to enter a white cunt – Mae was watching a porno movie!
She held my hand and pulled me down on to the bed. “I want the same as that” she said, dragging my shorts down, and using a hand to pull my cock to her pussy. How can I keep doing this, I asked myself, erection blooming yet again. “Yes”, said Mae, “this is what I didn’t get all of yesterday, but I want today. Come in here, my son-in-law.”
‘In here’ meant an open pussy, thrust at me when her legs opened, her dress slipping up her thighs and her free hand pulling it up further. I reached out and took the whole thing off over her head, turned her over so her head was facing the action on the TV – the cock star seemed to be pounding into the cunt under him at a tremendous rate when I glanced at it – and as I raised Mae’s hips up off the bed, I slid a pillow under her for support.
Then I positioned my mouth under her and let her enjoy the video while I sucked a sweet, moist pair of lips into my mouth. Her erect clit hit my upper lip as I stroked up and down, as Mae commenced to moan, so I changed focus and gently grasped that sizeable little knob between my teeth and nibbled at it, while my tongue continued slurping and my mouth swallowing the flowing honey juices – god, a woman tastes so nice, I said to myself – and I pushed my hands under her upper body to find her breasts. She groaned as I circled her risen nipples, then louder as I expanded my hands to cup each big tit and gently massage them, letting my index fingers of each hand graze a nipple as I wound them around and around, never at the same time, seemingly randomly, but I was trying to hasten her pleasure, increase her pleasure, get her to wherever Mae wanted to go.
She lifted herself up somewhat from the bed, and made my mouth return it’s concentration to her pussy, and instantly let out a shiver and a moan and said,
“How can you do exactly as he is doing?”
I glanced up above her body and found the video accurately portraying the same actions as I was engaged in on the bed. Oh, wow, I thought, I could be a movie star at this! The Lady said,” You are mine, only mine! Forget this at your peril!” 
‘Please, my Lady, this is my mother-in-law! I must obey. “You obey me. But, yes, your immediate job is to pleasure your mother-in-law.” And a grasp of my cock caused a burst of pain and sparks to my brain – a not-so-gentle reminder of who was in charge.

With this acquiescence, I used Mae’s raised buttocks to measure the angle and then entered a very wet cunt with my ready, throbbing prick. She didn’t moan – she yelped – as she felt the full size of my cock slide up slowly, and further up, inside the pussy she said wanted me. Her vaginal muscles tightened and relaxed as I swept in closer, as my large girth and length stretched her beyond (it seemed) any she had felt before.
She seemed to have stopped watching the video, and turned her head toward me; “Kiss me” she begged, and this was so unusual in her culture I was taken aback, for a moment. Then Mae said, gently but firmly “In this house, Mae is the boss, right? Do as I say”.
I left my prick doing its job, and angled my upper body to meet her upturned face, tentatively bringing my lips to hers, and finding an open, willing mouth ready to engulf me. I kissed – my mother-in-law – on the mouth, but could not evade a swallowing opposite orifice, which latched on to mine and sucked my tongue inside. Again, I gave up to what was wanted of me, and, truthfully, to also what I wanted, and let my tongue go wandering, bantering with another tongue, each exchanging juices and curling inside another’s, finding the contours and the depths.
My cock was swelling, and my mind hoping I was not hurting her, but Mae thrust her hands back, grabbed my ass, and tugged me into her tighter, moaning, but no cries of pain – until finally, my cock was again near its maximum, my balls wanting to be banging against her from the rear, up against her ass, and wanting the hairs on my pubic area and Mae’s to be mingled, and wanting to be soaked with each other…. but the Voice laughed, saying “Only with me, only with me!” even as our mouths joined, and then we let it come. 
Together - almost. “Aaaahhh, aaarrrggggh!!!…..” Mae intoned, a blissful starting sound, then an exclamation, while I was not quite done, as my horse-cock reared more and wanted to go further, longer, deeper, seemingly never to stop, pounding in and out in a gentle way, into Mae’s cunt, and she reacted again and again, with spasms and juice, and sounds of delight .
I was so happy! A man giving pleasure to a woman is a nice man. And a woman feeling pleasure is such a joy to hold and caress and, yes, even feel strong love for. I let these feelings rise, stroking Mae’s back, her bottom, then impaled myself to somewhere way up inside, as I slipped my hands beneath her to cuddle her breasts, so taut and upright even at her age - and my penis so upright similarly at my age – to tickle her nipples, and my mouth to suck and stroke her neck and ears and back.
When she moaned again and arched her body, when she sucked me seemingly deeper inside and began shuddering, it was time: I wanted to let myself go, and come each to the other in a climax unique, one that could not happen again, only to us at this moment. My cum wanted to flow inside, Mae’s was certainly flowing outside, and our emotions flowed together, floating and soaring with the clouds and the rain. We didn’t collapse; somehow we managed to turn and face each other, still joined in a very slippery embrace, and we cuddled in the beauty of these momentsm until Mae slept.
But, the Lady was right: My all was held back for another. For her. And my cock ached! Even while Mae and I calmed down, I ached for that which was to come to me.
Guilt? No, I didn’t feel this. 
What had been happening was something special; my wife understood this, as we are all Family.
I dozed, then rose quietly, and left Mae sleeping, and walked across the landing to my own room, closing Mae’s door on my way out, and slumping onto my bed to think.
I sat there for a few minutes, thankfully alone it seemed, and pondered the events which had been happening.
Rather naturally I guess, the Lady of the Vision superimposed herself into/onto my mind – how could I understand what this was really? – and then appeared as the shimmering, so beautiful persona, and gently spoke: “Do not be so troubled, you have been chosen to give pleasure to your Family, those here in this house, and beyond that, to give Life to that which your world desperately needs: A New Environment.”
But, I kept the flu tablets away and secret – in case any of my Family gets sick in the future!

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