Family Fuck Fest

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Word from the Author: Well, it's my first attempt to write bi insest family stories. So let me know what you think, all feedback and suggestions will be read and answered. This is FICTION!!!

My name is Laurie MacIntosh. I'm a normal 18 year old boy, I have a wealth of video games collect and read comic books and baseball cards. I'm a master on my hockey team at school and I love horror movies. I also love a good blowjob in morning when I wake up. But I'll explain that later.

My family contain of three members. My Mom Adele MacIntosh, a beautiful sexy around forty year old mother of three wife to Jack MacIntosh of twenty-seven years. She is tall, light skin, keeps a good tan, curly brown silky hair, blue sparkling eyes, tits the size of basketballs.

Member number two. My dad Jock MacIntosh. He is tall, dark and handsome man. He has strong and hard mussels. Has brown hair, blue eyes like my mother, a huge monster size dick, fits perfectly in my mouth, golf ball size balls that delicious hang low enough for my to suck on while he's inside my mother. But again I'm getting ahead of myself.

Member number three. My older sister Shantel, she's also sixteen, beautiful sexy body. Her tits don't compare to mom's but still suckable. She has redish-broan hair and hazel eyes, she's about 5'9 weighs around 160 lb..

Well, now that I introduced you to everyone, I will explain what a
typical day is like in the MacIntosh household.

We all wake up early in the morning each day. My parents work and I
either have a game of some sort and Shantel has swim meets. My dad comes into my room around seven in the morning and gently nudges me.

"Laurie baby, it's time to wake up," he says.

I barely open my eyes and stretch.

"It's too early, another five minutes."

"Okay baby."

Now normally you'd think he'd leave and get breakfast going, but I felt him pulling the blankets down and his hand started massaging my thighs. His hand going in-between my boxers and begins to fondle me gently

"Let's take these off of you," he says and pulls down my boxers.

Now, I'm already hard as a rock by my dad's touch so he grabs my balls and begins to tug at them.

'OOOOHHH YEAH!!!! FUCK THAT!!" I say. He loves it when I talk like that, makes him hot.

"Sexy stud! Nice huge cock you have there baby, I'm going to put it in my mouth and suck you dry."


He pulls my monster into his mouth and begins to suck it hard.

"Dad, wait, I have to go."

"Just go son, it will be an interesting new taste."

"You sure you want me to piss in your mouth?"


Soon yellow liquid shot down my father mouth. My father eagerly lapped it all.


"Make some more for me," he began squeezing my balls harder trying to make more piss come out of my slit, instead he got a white creamy goo."

"Oh yeah son cum in my mouth!" he cried trying to swallow it.

"That was the hottest thing you done to me dad." I said when e was

"I think I could get into that if you ever want to piss in my mouth or on me, you can do it anytime you have to go."

"What if I had to shit?"

"Let's take it one step at a time. I wouldn't mind playing with it
though. Think you could do a little shit for me?"

"Yes, hold out your hand."

I felt my fathers hand under my asshole and I started to pressed down. I wanted to watch him play with my shit.

"Come on Laurie, shit for me."

"Yes, father. It's coming out."

My father hands whipped my ass and began playing with a brown glob of turd that came from my butthole. I watched as his washed his hands with it.

"Lick me of it off your fingers daddy." I asked.

I think it was out of lust and horniness that brought my dad that close, but h brother one of his fingers to his mouth and stuck it in.

"Play with your cock dad, get all that shit all over it."

His hands went straight for his cock and began to stroke it.

"HARDER!" I screamed.

My dad's hands went wild jacking off his huge meat. The brown turds was all over his cock.


I bring my cock next to his so he can cum on that. We call it making hot-dogs. He cums on me and he sucks it off, or vise versa.

"Now suck me off." I demand. His mouth was almost instantly on my cock licking up his juice.

"I don't want you washing your cock off until you take your shower."

"Yes Laurie. I promise I wont."

"You let Mom see what a dirty man you are, walking around the house with shit on your cock."

"Yes, Sir."

"Now, let's go down and eat breakfast started."

Only out of the heat of passion can my sister and brother talk that way to our parents. When we are not having wild orgies we have to respect them, but fortunately the only time we are not onto of each other is when we are out of the house.

"OOHHH FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! LICK MY CUNT!!!!!!!" I was almost startled by the commotion cumming from my sister room, but I knew it was Shantel and Mom sucking each other's cunts. I decided to walk in on them.

"Trying to get the whole neighborhood in on this Shantel?" I asked coming over to her rubbing my cock.

"Ohh that would be nice! Just that Mom is so good at sucking cunt, I couldn't help I!"

"I know, dad's a good cock sucker too. I know how you feel."

"You must, you already hard little brother, why don't you bring that baby over here and little big sis suck it for ya."

"I already had a sucking today, I told dad I'd help him get breakfast, before we leave though I'll let you suck it."

"I'm gonna hold you to that."

"I know. Keep sucking that cunt Mom, get her nice and wet, maybe I'll fuck her."

When I got down to the breakfast table and started munching on some bacon.

"Dad come here for a second, jerk off in front of me please."

My dad came over to me and began to stroke his meat. I love watching dad. I started rubbing my cock again.

"Morning guys." said Shantel

"You guys starting without us?" asked my Mom.

"No, just fooling around a bit." I said and poured some orange juice."

"Eww dad what happened to your prick?" asked Shantel.

"Dad wanted to play with my poop, so I told him not to whip it off until he was going to get dressed."

"Interesting. Jack I didn't know you were into snuff?" said my mother tugging his still dirty cock.

"I didn't know either, Laurie was horny this morning and he had to go so I let him poop on me."

"I'd love to stay and suck you three men, but I have to get to work
early, damn meeting. So feed me so I can go off and make some money at my shitty job at wealth masters."

"Yes, mame!"

My mother poured some milk I loved watching her do this. she has a
special way of drinking milk. She pours the milk on her right and left tit then me and Shantel go over to her side and begin suckling the treat.

My mother then poured milk of Shantel's tits and started to drink.

"That's my good babies, drink up."

"You are wild Mom! I'm going to shage Shantel before I leave for school."

Breakfast is usually uneventful. We casually play with each other under the table, and Shantel reaches over and sucks my mom's huge boobs once in a while but that's about it.

We don't get dressed until after breakfast. We basically stay nude
through the whole day unless we are having company or if we are going out. Those are the only times we are having orgies too.

I quickly went up to my room and through on a sweater and blue jeans and grabbed my backpack and went back downstairs, unfortunately, my dad has kept his promise and he too was downstairs and dressed, covering his dirty shit covered cock.

"Hay dad, when I get home I want you to play with my poop some more, that was so hot!" I sad and we gave each other a long passionate kiss

"Hay little brother, don't forget me." Shantel came over and joined in with the kiss. She was wearing her catholic uniform. She always looks so hot wearing that outfit.

"Yeah you little catholic bitch! I got time for one fast fuck." I said grabbing her skirt and lifting it up. I felt her tight ass and rubbed her shaved pussy.

"Catholic slut! Bend over!" I ordered. I unzipped my jeans and whipped out my cock and forced it right in there and fucked her hard.

My Mom came down in the middle of my fuck fest.

"Oh, honey you kids will be late!" she said.

"Don't worry Mom!" I said between breaths. "AAAHHHHh just until the
AAGAHHHHHGGG bus CUMMMMING!!!" I said and splatter ring inside her hole.

"Keep this outfit on when you home Shantel, I love fucking you in it!" I said and squeezed her boobs. I kissed my parents good-bye and we left.

School is pretty boring. I love English though it's one of my best
subjects. I love gym, I'm a sport freak. And I love lunch, perfect time to sit with friends and talk and goof around.

I usual sit with my best friend Andy. We always hang out together and "Play together" he's bi and so am I. We both talk non stop about my sisters boobs, he's dying to see them. He's the only one that knows about what my family and I do. He'd never tell, he's too much into the idea.

"Think she'll ever show them to me? he asked me while we at lunch.

"What?" I asked.

"Her boobs man, I want to see your sisters tits."

"You'll have to ask her, you know her, she's a slut, of course she'll show them to you. come over to my house after school, maybe she'll blow ya."

"I could use that, you know I would love one from you right now too, how about bud, two fro the price of one?"

"You got it!"

"I can't wait that long though, can we do it now?"


"Not here you fool! Come on the locker room in the gym is always empty, I promise a few blows and I'll be fine. Please Laurie, I'm so horny man, if you don't I'm going to make you feel the same way I do."

"How will you do that?" I ask testing him.

"I'll make you think of the first time we sucked each other off," he whispered in my ear. "Remember how I went down on your cock and licked the head of it. Remember how my hands felt around your filled cum balls?" Andy started licking my ear, which was very dangerous considering we were in the cafeteria.

"OK, OK man, I'll do it, but only if it's empty, and I'm not doing this at school anymore, I'm too afraid of getting caught."

"Laurie baby, that's the fun of it!"

Andy and I through out what was left of our lunch and went off to the gym. He was right it was empty, the coach wasn't even there.

"Come on baby, I want you." He said through my up against the lockers. I love it when he's rough and mean.

"You know you wanna suck my dick, you crave for it! Tell me how badly you want my prick bitch."

"Please Andy! I want you cock please!!"

"Wrong! I said prick!" Andy ripped my jeans off down to my knees and gave me a hard slap in the ass. "NOW SAY WHAT I SAY BITCH! Tell me how badly you want my PRICK! he screamed in my ear.

"I want your prick so badly Andy! PLEASE! I'm begging you ANDY!"

"That's not begging bitch! Get on your hand and knees and beg right!"

I got on my knees I looked Andy right in the eyes and begged him to let me service his cock.

"PLEASE ANDY! I'll die without your cock in my mouth, PLEASE!"

Andy unzipped his pants and shoved it in my mouth.

"Yeah hot moth! Suck me dry Laurie! You love it."

I greedily sucked his hard cock. I loved the force he had against me. I felt his hand pulling at my hair as I sucked him pushing my face deeper into his pubic hairs.

"Suck me bitch almost ready!"

I sucked him harder as he pushed in harder. We herd the lunch bell ring telling us it was time to go back to class. He started punching my face harder with his cock


I quickly grabbed his cock and swallowed his juice. Making sure not to drop anything.

"Shit we better go thanks man, you have a hot mouth!" he said and quickly kissed, me and we left.

"Whoa boys, don't run!"

I was thinking 'SHIT!' he saw us! Or heard us!

"Sorry Coach Willard. We we're umm, practicing shooting hoops, we don't want to be late!" good old Andy, the smart one.

"Ah huh, sure guys, well let me write you up a pass for you two."

Wow he was nice about it. Coach Willard gave us our passes and we thanked him and left. We didn't know till later when the coach went into the locker room and noticed Andy's cum on the bench. We also didn't notice him scooping the glob of cum on his finger and sucking it off. We didn't know this until later on.

To be continued...

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