Falling in love with a complicated woman - Shruti

(Part 10 from 10)

Those were here safe words. It means she was truly afraid and didn’t want to do it at that time. I had to do everything possible to save her. He then went back and shouted “Let the fucking begin. Remember… You can fuck her anywhere you want. But every drop of your cum has to go into her pussy”

Ram told that he had tasted her before and he would leave way for the others. He came to the phone and told “Long time no see, bro. I was getting updates from Pandian about the things which have been happening to your wife all these days. I badly wanted to fuck her when I came to India. But didn’t want to get back into your life. But when Pandian called my friend today, he was sitting right next to me and I felt that it was fate. Fate has arranged for another session for me with her.” I was about to disconnect the call when he told “Don’t try to disconnect the call. We would then beat your wife and injure her. ” I begged him to stop this. He replied “What happened to you? I thought you love to watch your brahmin wife getting fucked by such local guys. I even saw the video of Shruti being fucked by some old men. And if I remember correctly, you got horny seeing that and even ejaculated”

Me - That was because Shruti liked it. But she doesn’t like it now.

Ram - You know that I know the trick to make her like it and submit to us. But that is not fun. I want to use her against her will

Me - Please Ram. She has been your lover. Don’t do it to her. Stop your friends

Ram - Come on. Your wife wants a baby. We are giving it to her. What is the problem with that? She should be thankful to us for this

Me - No.. I will be there in 15 minutes. I won’t let this happen.

Ram - Now stop shouting and see there. The action is about to begin

The three other guys kneeled around her. They kissed all the parts of her body which they had access to. Then I suddenly started hearing screams. The kisses have become bites. They were biting her all around her body like dogs. Shruti’s legs were alone shaking. The rest of her body looked still. One of the guys told “I just want to bite her and eat her piece by piece. What a body man?”

Guy 2 - Yes man. I have seen iyer women only from far. That itself will give me erection. I never knew their body would be multiple times hotter than their face. I would fuck her for years

Guy 3 - Yes man. See how well she has maintained her body. Not a single hair in it. Very smooth. All the women in our locality are totally opposite to her. Black, hairy with lots of scratches on their body

Guy 1 - Don’t even think about them. Thanks to Pandian, we get to taste a pure brahmin woman. Let us not waste any time

They all stopped biting her and stood up. The first guy now stood behind Shruti. He gave a couple of smacks on Shruti’s ass and laughed at the way her ass vibrated. He held her ankles and lifted them. He asked the other 2 guys to hold each leg. The guys held each leg up and lifted them as high as possible. Shruti was feeling uncomfortable because she was lying on her stomach and these guys were lifting her legs upwards. Her body was being bent in a weird angle. Her hips were tied to the table. Shruti was screaming as they lifted the legs higher and higher. They were not able to lift it much higher. The first guy got between her legs and started fucking her pussy. Fucking is not the right word. Ramming is the right word. He was so fast. If Shruti had not stretched her pussy with Pandian’s cock, she would have been in tremendous amount of pain now. Pandian’s non-stop fucking had made her pussy capable of taking such dicks. After ramming her for around 10 minutes he came in her pussy. Shruti was moving her legs up and down, trying to push them away. She didn’t want the cum inside her. But she was in no position to stop him. Pandian had commanded them to make sure that every drop stays in her pussy.

The guy who was fucking her stood motionless for around 30 seconds while Shruti’s legs were dancing in the hold of the other 2 guys. He made sure he deposited the cum completely in her pussy. As they let her down, the cum started dripping down her thighs. Pandian shouted at him “Idiots. Why are you guys leaving her like that? I told you that all the cum must stay inside”

Guy 1 - Sorry dude. It is hard to lock the cum inside her pussy in this position. We have to make her lie on her back and lift her ass up. Only then it will work

Pandian - Then stop talking and just do that

That was when I reached the place. I saw my car parked there near a luxury car. That must have been Ram’s. I disconnected the call, paid money for the taxi driver and went out. It was an isolated gym near the slums. The nearby surroundings looked like a dump yard. There was a mountain of waste dumped there. I found the gym door and knocked it. No one opened it. I kept banging at the door for around five minutes. No one opened the door. That was when, one of the windows opened. I went near it and looked inside. I was not able to see Shruti’s face. All I saw was a guy standing in front of some bench which was placed right beneath the window. It was clear that Shruti was tied to that bench because her legs were on that guy’s shoulders. She was not resisting like before. I knew that she had surrendered to her lust.

I shouted through the window begging them to stop it. Pandian’s face suddenly appeared right in front of the window and he told “Nobody will stop before making sure that her child is their’s”

Me - Come on. She doesn’t deserve this

Pandian - Does not deserve? She betrayed me dude. She betrayed me. I actually fell in love with her today. But all I got back was betrayal. How dare she pierced holes in the condoms and tried to get pregnant?

Me - We are so sorry for that. Please forgive us

Pandian - Don’t beg too much. See your wife has started enjoying this as usual. She is already moaning. Just 2 minutes before we opened the window, she had a crazy orgasm

He was true. She was moaning. My heart sank. What was I supposed to do now? Oh.. Wait a minute. I heard some words in between. They were “Top Gun”.. Aaahhhh .. Top gun. Dilippp.. Aaahhh.. Mmmm.. Top gun..

She was horny. Yes. But she didn’t really want that to happen. I had to stop this at any cost. That was when this guy ejaculated and the third guy was positioning himself to fuck her. I thought for a moment and told.

Me - I promise you I will make her have pills. I will buy the pills and come here. She will eat right in front of you. Please leave her.

Pandian - Oh really? Then be a good boy, go and buy the pills and come here. Be quick.. Till then, her pussy will be filled with as much cum as possible.

He threw my car keys on my face.

Me - Where is the nearest pharmacy where I can get the pills?

Ram came near the window and told “You are the husband. You are the one who wanted to save her. You find the pharmacy”

He closed the window. I used the maps in my mobile to find the nearest pharmacy. As it was a slum, there was no pharmacy nearby. I came out. Rain had stopped by that time. I had to travel for around 10 minutes by car to reach the pharmacy. I took my car and drove as fast as possible. I rushed to the shop and asked for the anti-pregnancy pills. I was panting hard as I was running out of breath. The pharmacist smiled at me and told “Looks like you got a beautiful friend and you are in so much hurry” I replied “Yes bro. Please give it fast” I paid the money, didn’t even wait to get the change. I rushed back to my car and drove fast to the gym.

I reached the gym in 10 minutes to find Pandian outside the gym holding his stomach. As I parked the car, I saw him banging the gym door. I saw 2 more SUVs parked outside the gym. I was shell-shocked as I went to Pandian and asked what was happening. At that time, the first guy who fucked Shruti opened the window and shouted “Guys.. Look here. The husband of this bitch is here”

I rushed to the window to find Ram fucking Shruti and ejaculating his load into her pussy at that moment. But that didn’t bother me. What bothered me was the 12 ugly looking mean guys who were standing behind him in a semi-circle and watching that. They all had bottles of rum in their hands. They all gave a despising look at me.

Me - What the hell are you doing Ram?

Ram - Social service

Me - What? Stop this now

Ram - Come on. These are the goons who work for my father. They are friendly with me. They always felt bad that they have never tasted a single brahmin woman. Who other than Shruti is the perfect embodiment of brahmin body? I just called them and asked them to come over.

Me - Please don’t do this. Show some pity on her

Ram - Come on. Look at these guys. All through their lives they have been having sex with their ugly wives and prostitutes. It is not easy for them to get women like Shruti. You show some pity on them

Me - If you want to satisfy them, send your mother to them, you bastard

Ram - Don’t get too angry Dilip. Please understand. Brahmin women have the hottest body in our state. But the number of brahmin women is so less. It is unfair for them to sleep only with their husband. They must show the taste of their body to as many men as possible. Most other brahmin women are so conservative. It is hard to get a woman like Shruti. You should be proud of her. See how all the men are looking at her body. They might bite her and eat her like chicken. They have never seen such a body before.

Me - You told that you will never come into our life. Why did you come now?

Ram - That is fine. I was a good person all the while. But I just lost control once I saw your wife. All the things she told her friends about me came back to my mind. All the women who rejected me when I asked them for a date came to my mind. I wanted revenge again. Just let me do it once. I won’t come back in your life. If you try to do anything stupid, remember I still have the video. I can still blackmail you and use her again.

Me - Enough of this nonsense. If it was her will to do it, I would support anything she does. But you are doing it against her will

Ram - Against her? Are you kidding me? Now watch this

He untied Shruti. Held her hair and made her stand up. He pushed her face towards the window. Her face presented a shocking sight. She looked exhausted. From behind her, Ram asked Shruti “Shruti. Tell me. Do you want all these goons to fuck you?”

Shruti - Noooo..

Ram - Come on Shruti. Imagine this. All these guys fucking you throughout the night. They all have huge cocks. Not as big as Pandian. But still as big as my cock

Shruti - Noooo

Ram - Say yes bitch

He suddenly moved closer to her and put his hands behind her. It looked like he was finger fucking her pussy. Shruti closed her eyes and told “Nooooo”

Ram increased his intensity. Shruti was jumping up and down. She kept saying “Nooo”

Ram looked at the goons and commanded “One of you come down and lick her pussy guys”

All the goons fought among each other and kneeled beside her to lick her pussy. Shruti controlled herself for a long time before she eventually shouted “Yesss” That was all he wanted to hear. Ram asked them to stop licking. They all pounced on Shruti. It was literally a stampede out there. Shruti was trying to escape. But she was being pulled from all directions. Some guys held her hair and pulled her to kiss her. Some guys pulled her nipples. Some guys were lifting her legs. Some guys directly touched her pussy and pinched her pussy lips. Her pussy was leaking cum from the previous fucks. She was stretched apart like an elastic doll. These guys were so immature and uncivilized. I knew that Shruti was in a grave danger and I had to do something. I didn’t have much time. That was when Ram told them “Guys. We have her for the whole night. Let us use it properly.” One of the goons replied “What are you trying to say bro?” Ram replied “Let us increase the tempo first and then we will fuck her till she dies”

The guys had no clue what he was talking about. Then Ram continued “We will force her to drink the alcohol we have. Let us make her dance nude for some songs. If you want you guys can join her in the dance. Let us humiliate her as much as possible” They caught her and poured some rum into her mouth and made her drink. I didn’t want to watch them after that. I wanted to do something. I went to Pandian who was still lying on the floor and asked him what happened. He told “I am totally sorry bro. I didn’t know these guys are such beasts. About 5 minutes after you left, these guys suddenly came to the gym and talked with Ram. I had no idea that Ram had called them. I am so sorry Dilip. I didn’t mean this. I just wanted the 4 guys to enjoy her. I tried to stop them. But they beat me up and threw me outside. But the goons are dangerous. Even worse, they are all drunk. They won’t mind about Shruti’s safety. We need to do something”

Me - Yes. We need to do something. I know it is risky. But I think the only way to stop this would be to call the police

Pandian - That won’t work.

Me - Why won’t it work?

Pandian - You have been to Ram’s resort. But you don’t even know about his parents? Hasn’t Shruti told you?

Me - Yes. I remember. His father is a politician. He holds some post in his area

Pandian - Yes. Police won’t even give a damn about this

That was when I got an idea. I went near his car and observed it. Then I went the cars of the goons. I saw so many weapons there.

Me - Ok. If we complain about this, then they won’t mind. What if we say that Ram is in danger? Won’t they come here immediately?

Pandian - Yes. But what is the use of them coming here? They are not going to save Shruti

Me - We should not stop with just telling this to police. We need to do something else

Pandian - What else?

Me - Inform the press reporters too. If they knew that there is something big happening here with a politician’s son, they would definitely come here soon to cover this. Ram would not be able to continue doing this. If he is caught in such an act, he will be in hell lot of problem. Above all, his father’s political aspirations will be gone for good.

Pandian - That idea sounds fine. I have a friend in press. We can contact him. But, he has Shruti’s video. Won’t he blackmail you in the future?

Me - Ok. He has a video. He can blackmail us with that because, in that video, Shruti was coopereating with him and if he wants, he can edit it to hide his face alone. I will do something for that

I took my camera and hid myself at the side of the window, used my mobile to capture everything. Luckily, Shruti was so drowsy at that time. Ram and the other goons were forcing her to dance nude with them and groping her hardly. Shruti was definitely in some discomfort. It was painful for me to record this. But I had to. I made sure that Ram’s face was visible clearly. After recording it I rushed back to Pandian and told him “In this video, I can black out Shruti’s face. It is clear that she is being forced. I could use that video to blackmail him. We could easily prove this to be a rape”

Pandian - That is fine. But what are you going to do now to save her?

Me - Wait and watch

I went to the car of the goons. Among their weapons, I found cans filled with petrol. They use it normally to stage protests are create problems. I poured it over Ram’s car. I asked a match box from Pandian, lit fire on the car. His car burst into flames. I took a picture of that. I called police station immediately and told that someone was trying to attack a politician’s son. I gave details about his father. That was when Ram rushed out of the gym wearing shorts. He heard the noise. He was pissed off. He shouted “You idiot. That is the most stupidest thing you could do when your wife is with us in the room nude.”

That was when Pandian’s call got connected to a press. Ram and some goons ran outside with buckets of water trying to put off the fire. I took photos of that. I sent them to Pandian on Whatsapp. Pandian told his friend that a politician’s son was attacked by some enemies. He told he will even send pictures of the situation. He disconnected the call and sent the pictures. But still some goons were inside. Only two of them came out to help Ram. I rushed to the gym inside. They were just beginning to fuck her. Shruti was being lifted by a guy who had his pant down to his ankles and cock in her pussy. Another guy was positioning his dick near her asshole. The gym was stinking a lot. Shruti was so drowsy and drunk. She had no idea about what was happening. I didn’t know what to do. There were still around 10 guys there. They were groping and biting Shruti wherever possible. That was when Ram rushed in while talking on phone “Yes daddy. I am safe daddy. Don’t worry about me. I will call you back daddy”

He shouted at the goons “Guys. Leave her and come out of the gym. The press and police are coming here. We can get her later too”

Ram came near me and told “Don’t be happy about this. I won’t leave you people in peace”

Shruti was lying on the floor. I lifted her and took her to our car amidst all the chaos. Pandian took the driver seat. He drove fast. Shruti woke up after sometime. But she was still drowsy. I took the pills and made her eat the pills. Pandian looked at us and told “I am really sorry Dilip. It was all my fault”

Me - Just shut up Pandian. I don’t want to hear from you. I don’t even want to see your face in our life again

Pandian - Sorry. I was pissed off at that time and did that to take revenge on her. I thought I had everything in control. I didn’t know things will go haywire like this.

Me - Just because you are a body builder, it doesn’t make you a great man. You were not even able to protect her when she needed you. Your ruthlessness and stupidity almost got her killed. This is the real reason why women normally hate you and that in turn is the reason why you hate women. Shruti didn’t even hate you. She actually loved you. You didn’t have to love her back. But you could have at least been a little bit kind to her

He didn’t reply to that. We reached our house. I lifted Shruti and took her. Pandian followed me. I told him “What are you standing here for? She is my wife. I know to take care of her. Just because I let her with other men, it doesn’t mean I cannot take care of her. Just get lost. Go to Europe and never ever come into our life again”

I closed the door while he was still outside. I took Shruti to the bathroom, cleaned her up and put her on bed. She was blabbering something in her sleep which I was not able to make out. Then I took the video taken at the gym and edited it to hide Shruti’s face. I had the video ready so that Ram will not trouble us again. I finished everything and looked at Shruti who was sleeping calmly. There were bite marks at some places on her body. But she looked as beautiful as ever. I don’t remember when I fell asleep

Chapter 37

Friday morning. I woke up hearing my mobile phone ringing. It was Pandian who was calling. I disconnected the call twice. But still he kept calling. I switched off my phone. It was 9 AM in the morning. Shruti was still sleeping. I had asked for leave today before leaving office yesterday. But that was for different reason. Now the situation was totally different. I tried to wake up Shruti. But she was so drowsy from the drinks she was forced to drink the previous night.

I took bath and ordered for breakfast. Some guy came and gave a very surprised look. He tried to get inside and see the bedroom. But I had locked it as Shruti was sleeping nude. I understood the reason behind it only after Shruti told what happened the previous day. I sent him away and had the breakfast. I went to the bed, lied next to her and hugged her tightly.

I thought about the things which happened in the past months. There were so many close calls from which we narrowly escaped. We tried to control this multiple times. But we just were not able to control ourselves properly. We were not able to control our sexual urge. We took so many bad decisions because of that. Maybe now, we were in a right position to stop all this. If she somehow got pregnant, we could just leave this place forever and move to some other state and start a new life. Maybe what happened the previous night was a blessing in disguise. That night should have made Shruti aware of the dangers.

That was when the bell rang. I opened the door. I saw Pandian standing in front of the door.

Me - What do you want now? You have done enough already. Just get out of our lives. She sacrificed a lot to get you the opportunity in Europe. And this is how you pay her back?

Pandian - I am so sorry. I accept that it was stupid of me to do that. Please give me a chance to apologize to her

Me - What is the use of apologizing? Just get lost

Pandian - Please Dilip. Have you ever seen my stoop down in front of anyone? I am a changed man now. I really love Shruti. I wont do any harm to her anymore.

That was when I felt someone standing next to me. It was Shruti still standing nude

Pandian - Shruti. Good that I saw you. Please forgive me Shruti. I accept my mistake.

Shruti was still a bit drowsy. She was yawning and clearing her eyes

Shruti - I have forgiven you multiple times. What you did yesterday was just brutal. I couldn’t even imagine what would have happened if my husband didn’t come there. He is my protector. I should be faithful to him at least after this. I don’t want anything from anyone. He will be my world from now.

Pandian - I will do anything for you Shruti. Punish me anyway you want. But forgive me after that

Shruti - Please. I am having severe headache. I don’t want to deal with it now

Pandian - Ok. I will tell one thing before I go. I am willing to impregnate you if you are OK with it. If you change your mind before I leave, let me know

Shruti - Don’t try to cheat me. I know you that I had a pill last night. You wont be able to impregnate me anyway

Pandian - Yes. But it will be effective only for 48 hours. Already around 12 hours gone. Today is Friday only. I am leaving Sunday night. Even if we try on Saturday night, we might turn out lucky

Shruti - Just leave us alone. We are not in a mood to think about these things. Do you think I will sleep with you after all the things you did? Now get out of here you bastard

Saying that Shruti just slapped him. That was a stunning move. Maybe the alcohol made her do it. She was not thinking properly. She then just shut the door and turned to me. I saw Pandian’s shadow leaving. I didn’t expect it from Shruti. I thought her sexual instincts will take over. I asked her to take bath and have breakfast. Deep inside, I was afraid that Pandian maybe so much pissed off and he might try to harm her.

I went to bedroom and switched on my phone. I received some messages from an unknown number. They were all video clips. Clips from the video which Ram recorded when he was fucking her for the first time. I sent him the clips of the video I edited yesterday. I sent the videos with a message - “Hi Ram. If you publish the video you have, I will publish the video I have. Both videos will have different effects. If you publish your video, people will isolate us. We will lose our families. But still we can survive and we can live our lives without any problem. In your case, it was a rape attempt. Your father’s political career will be finished and I will do everything possible to get you jailed. So, be careful about what you do.”

I didn’t get any reply from him after that. Shruti came out of the bathroom and went straight to have breakfast without speaking a word. I went near her after 5 minutes. I found her crying. She leaned on my chest. I consoled her and told that everything was alright and she didn’t have to worry

Shruti - Our lives are screwed because of me

Me - What are you so worried about?

Shruti - Ram will now try to blackmail us again with the video

Me - Don’t worry dear. It is all taken care of

Shruti - What? How did you do that?

I narrated everything I did to blackmail Ram. I also told what I did the previous night to save her from the car. Shruti’s tears dried up and smile returned to her face. She hugged me tightly and kissed me on my lips. Then she continued having breakfast. I asked her what exactly happened the previous day. She narrated what happened from when I left to when she was taken to the gym.

I wanted to cheer her up

Me - Wow. So you had one heck of a day from the morning to evening. If only the gym thing hadn’t happened, it would have been a perfect day for you

Shruti - Shut up. How could you crack jokes even now? Aren’t you worried?

Me - What is there to worry about? The Ram chapter is closed for good. You have taken the pills. Hopefully they work. Even if they didn’t work, we can always raise the kid. I don’t have any problem

Shruti - Yes. But for some reason, I am feeling insecure

Me - Ha ha. Maybe because you are missing Pandian

Shruti - Hmmm. Maybe that is true. I am so sorry dear

Me - For what?

Shruti - For leaving my mobile switched off hearing his words. I should never venture into such a thing without your knowledge. You have protected me from all the dangers and at the same time you have let me enjoy everything in life. I don’t know what I am going to do for you. I am indebted to you forever

Me - You are my wife. Your love is enough for me. Don’t use words like debt to me and piss me off

Shruti - At least accept my apology for going out with Pandian without telling you

Me - Ok. Apology accepted. But I have to say, piercing his condoms was one heck of an idea

Shruti - Don’t remind me of that. I did that at the spur of the moment when he was having lunch. That was truly a mistake on my side. He was right in getting angry with me for that. But the way he reacted was so stupid

Me - Yes. I also felt we over reacted. But there is nothing else we can do. We can’t just talk to him after he did such a horrible thing.

Shruti - Yes. It is better we stay away from him

Me - But I felt bad for him this morning. He looked genuinely sorry. You should not have slapped him. That was too much

Shruti - What then? You want me to go and sleep with him again after what he did. Is it ok if he takes me to the goons again and gets me gang-banged?

Me - Of course not. He looked to have corrected himself. A woman slapping him is the most humiliating thing that might have happened to him. Also he just offered to make you pregnant. You underwent all this shit only for that. I thought you would use the opportunity. But I never expected you to slap him. That came out of the blue. He might try to harm you now

Shruti - What happened to you? I thought you hated him anyway and you will be happy if after I slapped him

Me - Yes. I hated him. I hated him even more when he took you to that gym. But that night he looked genuinely guilty for having done that you. He helped me a lot while we were implementing the escape plan. Remember, he also has so many videos of you. He could have used that anytime. But he didn’t. He is genuinely in love with you. Slapping is not the right way to treat him.

Shruti - Why are you supporting him now?

Me - I am not supporting him. I am just telling you the facts before you make any decision

Shruti - My decision is made. He never comes into my life again. If he uses my video, let him do it. I don’t care anymore. I am sick and tired of this

She walked angrily to the bedroom and fell on the bed sobbing. I went to her and consoled her. She fell asleep on my chest. I slowly placed her head on a pillow and fell asleep. I woke up as my phone rang. It was Pandian. I came outside the room and told him “Sorry for being so rude with you. I just told her how bad it was to slap you.”

Pandian - It’s ok dude. I deserved this. Where is Shruti? Is she still angry with me?

Me - Yes. Very much. She is so stubborn. You know that. It is difficult to change her decisions. You better focus on going to Europe and developing your career. Just forget this

He was so sad and he made many emotional statements. I have never seen him speak like that. I thought he was more arrogant than Shruti. I thought he will create some new problems for us after the slap he received. He looked like a totally different person now. Shruti has actually made him fall in love with her. While I was thinking all this, he was begging me even more.

Pandian - Today is just Friday. I have two more days Dilip. I won’t give up that easily. I promise that I wont hurt her hereafter. I don’t even need to have sex with her. Just ask her to tell me that she has forgiven me

Me - That is a joke. Listen. There are two reasons why she was so much behind you. One is that you ignored her. She just couldn’t handle that. That is out of the game now. She knows that you are behind her. The other thing is your sexual prowess. If you say you won’t do that too, there is no reason she will fall for you

Pandian - So, what do you want me to do?

Me - I can’t say anything. It is just an issue which you both have to solve. I can’t get involved in this

Pandian - Can I safely believe that you are not angry with me anymore

Me - I am still angry. But I have forgiven you. And I won’t come in your path if you manage to convince her

Pandian - Thanks Dilip. I am sorry again for everything I did. I will talk to you later

Just after he disconnected, Santosh called me

Santosh - Hey buddy. What happened? I have been trying to reach you from yesterday. So, busy watching Shruti and Pandian?

Me - Not like that dude. There was some problem

Santosh - What problem?

Then I thought I shouldn’t tell him the things which happened yesterday. I had to lie to him

Me - There was a fight between Shruti and Pandian

Santosh - What fight? Anything serious?

Me - Nothing much. Usual stuff. Pandian kept saying he wouldn’t give baby to Shruti. Shruti kept asking for it. He eventually scolded her so badly that Shruti got so pissed off. She asked him to get out of the house.

Santosh - Oh. Shruti doesn’t usually get pissed about getting scoldings.

Me - He went too far. He talked dirty stuff about her parents

Santosh - Oh.. I see.

Me - Now, Pandian is apologizing to her. But she is not accepting. He even told her that he is willing to give her a baby. But she is not accepting

Santosh - Oh. That is too bad. I had some other plan. But not sure if it will work anymore

Me - What plan?

Santosh - We thought of having a small farewell party for Pandian at your house as your house is alone and neighbors won’t complain

Me - I need to talk with Shruti about that

Santosh - Yes. Please talk and call me

I disconnected the call. I immediately called Pandian and told him that I lied to Santosh about the problem and asked him to maintain it the same way. Then I waited for Shruti to wake up while I ordered for lunch. She woke up late at around 3 PM. She was still nude. It was funny. The saree she wore when Pandian came here for the first night was the last dress she wore. She didn’t wear any dress for even a minute after that. I didn’t tell her about Pandian’s phone call. But I told her that Santosh called and I lied to him about the fight between her and Pandian. Then I told her about the party plan.

Shruti - Why our house?

Me - Because their houses will have neighbor problem. Our neighbors don’t complain about anything

Shruti - Ask them to do it in some hotel

Me - Ok. I will

I called Santosh and told him. He asked me to give the phone to Shruti. Shruti talked with him for about 5 minutes. She was so stubborn and refused to budge. Then Santosh decided to have it in his house. Shruti told she wont come anyway. But somehow he managed to convince her to come there at least for half an hour. Shruti accepted with so much grudge.

The rest of the day was uneventful.

Saturday Morning. Shruti was still walking around nude. She woke me up with a kiss and started riding me. Her sexual libido was back. While fucking, I asked her “So. My wife Shruti is back?”

Shruti - MMMM.. Yes dear.. Back for my lovely husband

Me - So.. If Pandian comes here now, you will be all over him

Shruti - No. Don’t talk about that bastard. I just want you and you only.. Aaaahhh. I am cumming

Me - Hmmm.. What about baby then?

Shruti - I have so many guys willing to do it. So, that won’t be a problem

Me - Mmmm… I am cumming

I came inside her pussy. We had 2 more sessions that day. It was evening 6 PM. I told her that it was time to start for the party. She told that she was not coming.

Me - What? You promised that you will come

Shruti - Yes. But I think I shouldn’t go there. Why should I attend the farewell party of that horrible person?

Me - I think you are overreacting dear

Shruti - No. I am not. I won’t even see his face again. But you go. Or else, they will think that something big happened. You go there and tell that I am going for a doctor checkup and I will join them late at around dinner time

Me - Oh. Are you going to join us for dinner?

Shruti - No. I will tell them that the doctor visit got delayed. I will tell some lie and escape

Me - Ok. Your wish honey. Charge your mobile now so that I can call you if I need to talk

Shruti - Yes. It has been switched off for 2 days. I switched it off due to Pandian’s repeated phone calls. I will switch it on and keep it for charging

Me - Thank you

I reached Santhosh’s house at 7 PM. Aarthi was dressed in a decent salwar kameez. They had ordered so much of booze. Pandian and Bharath reached there 5 minutes after I reached. We all took a glass of beer or rum or whatever we liked in our hands. Before we started, Santosh told that he had to make an announcement. We were all seated around in the sofa. He walked into the middle and told “Guys. I have some bad news and good news for you”

Bharath - I always like to hear the bad news first

Santosh - The bad news is that I have the same problem which Dilip is suffering from. I cannot be a father

Bharath - Oh. But that is bad news only for you. Not for us

Pandian and I broke into laughter.

Santosh - Idiot. You wanna hear the good news are not?

Bharath - Sorry, bro. You continue

Santosh - The good news is that I have become as open minded as Dilip now

Pandian - Meaning?

Santosh - I have decided to let my wife enjoy with other men like how Dilip lets his wife to

Pandian - And you are also expecting me to impregnate her?

Santosh - We are not as greedy as Shruti. We just want someone to impregnate her. We are not stubborn that Pandian has to impregnate her

Pandian - Impregnation is not a big deal right now? Is she even willing to have sex with me? Will she be able to take my tool in?

Aarthi - I loved to watch you fuck Shruti like that. But I am not as slutty as Shruti. She has lot more will-power than me.

Pandian - Yes. Even professional prostitutes were not able to take my dick completely in. She is quite a person when it comes to sex

Santosh - The problem is you cannot impregnate Aarthi right now. She was in her fertility last week only when we were in the forest camp. So you wont be able to impregnate her. But, to become pregnant, needs multiple attempts. Aarthi should lose all her inhibitions if she wants to have sex with multiple people like that. So, it would be better if you guys fuck her well and make her lose her inhibitions. I want her to become as slutty as Shruti

Bharath - That is totally impossible. Maybe 50 percent as slutty as Shruti will be a realistic target

Santosh - Yes. Shruti is a born slut. Aarthi cannot reach her level at any instance.

Pandian - Well said dude

Santosh - So, I heard about the fight between both of you. I am so sorry about that bro

Pandian - It is all my mistake. (Then he remembered that I had actually given a different reason for their fight) I should not have scolded her like that

Santosh - Leave it dude. I have an idea to fix the problem

Pandian - Really? What is that?

Santosh - Shruti told she will be coming late tonight. Just fuck Aarthi in front of Shruti. Knowing the person she is, she will definitely feel jealous and aroused. Maybe you can impregnate her after that

Pandian - I am not sure. She seemed to be genuinely angry

Santosh - Let us just give it a try

I knew this plan was destined to be doomed. For one thing, Shruti was not coming here at all. Another thing is that Santosh didn’t know how serious the problem was between them. He didn’t know that Shruti actually slapped Pandian this morning. I decided not to comment at that time. Everyone told cheers and started drinking. Bharath being the naught guy he is, moved to Aarthi who was sitting on the sofa. He told “If you want to become someone like Shruti, you need to stop wearing these village dresses and start wearing glamorous dresses. Above all, you should stop wearing dresses when you are at home”

He pulled up her tops and she was sitting with just a bra. She looked so shy. She closed her boobs with her hands. I remembered that she had taken me inside the tent even when we were having sex in the forest. Santosh was sitting at the opposite sofa. I was sitting to the left of Aarthi and Pandian was sitting to her right. Bharath was standing in front of her and undressing her. Bharath saw her covering her boobs and told “Ha ha. You can’t even show your bra covered boobs and you want to become like Shruti. Shruti will walk nude in road if we ask her to”

Aarthi - Don’t compare me with her. She was born with lot of sexual libido. Not me. You guys have to open me up

Pandian - Don’t worry dear. We will will make sure that you she all your inhibitions.

With that he pulled the bra on both sides tearing it

Aarthi - Aaaaahh.. You don’t know how to remove a dress? You only know to tear it right? aaaaahhh. For your information, there are buttons, zips and hooks on women’s dresses which help you to remove them without having to tear them.

Pandian held her mouth shut with her palm and told “But ripping apart your dress does give you that momentary tickle in your pussy. Doesn’t it?”

Pandian kept his hands on her salwar while he told that. Aarthi moaned “Aaaaahh. Yes.. Tearing the dress gives an awesome feeling”

Pandian - Then just shut up and watch as we work on you

I took this opportunity to bite her nipples. She closed her eyes and started moaning. She was pushing my head with one hand, but pulling me towards her with another hand. She was moaning “Aaaahh. This is the first time I am having sex with multiple guys”

Pandian asked Bharath to pull Aarthi’s salwar down. Bharath slowly pulled them down revealing her sexy slim thighs and legs. They were around her ankles on the floor. Pandian held her panties and asked Aarthi “You want me to pull down your panties or rip them apart?”

Aarthi - Please rip them apart

Pandian - You want me to pull them sideways and tear them or pull the panties upwards so that they are tightly held around your pussy and ass and then tear it that way

Aarthi - Second way seems so sexy

Pandian - Then, here we go

Pandian stood up, made Aarthi move a little bit front on the sofa,held the front and back side of her panties with his both hands and pulled them upwards. The panties were stuck inside her pussy and put pressure on them. Aarthi was feeling a bit of pain. But before long, the panties tore off. He threw them away. Bharath made her lift her legs and pulled the salwar out of her ankles. Pandian, asked her to lie on the sofa and stretched her legs. Bharath interrupted “Dude. If your dick goes in, we won’t feel anything at all. Better we go first.”

Aarthi chuckled and lied down on the sofa as both Pandian and I moved away. Bharath kneeled on the sofa between her legs and placed his dick on her vagina. Aarthi put both her legs on her shoulders. He fucked her softly for sometime. Aarthi was moaning hard. She looked at me and called me near. I kneeled besides the sofa. She pulled my head towards her nipples. I sucked slowly giving a squeaking sound. Meanwhile Pandian started undressing. As is always the case, Aarthi had her eyes fixed on him. He became nude in no time. His dick was completely erect and we saw so much of fear visible in Aarthi’s face. That was when Bharath ejaculated in her pussy. Then I proceeded to her pussy and fucked her as fast as possible to distract her from Pandian’s body. I was successful with that. She started looking at me while I was fucking her. I also ejaculated inside Aarthi.

Then Pandian was about to kneel on the sofa when Aarthi stood up and said “No.. I don’t think I can take it. If a person like Shruti found it that much difficult, I will definitely not be able to do it”

Pandian - Come on. I won’t hurt you. I will insert it until you stop me.

Aarthi - Ok. Let us do one thing.

Aarthi went inside a room and came out with a sketch marker. She drew a circle around his dick at the 4 inch mark. She told cutely looking at Pandian’s face “You should only put it this deep. Ok?”

Pandian - Come on. That is hardly one-third of my dick. Dilip’s dick is around 5 inches

Aarthi - Please. Your dick is so thicker. I am not even sure about this 4 inch. Ok let us do one thing. I will draw another circle for 5 inches. If I feel comfortable at 4 inches and give you a positive signal, you can try for 5 inches. Ok?

Pandian - That sounds like a plan.

He just lifted her, threw her on the sofa and turned her around like a fucking toy. She was so feeble in front of Pandian. He began the fucking process. Aarthi’s body was shaking in fear. She was looking at his face expecting so much. Pandian pushed in slowly. Pandian made Aarthi lie down on the sofa, but with her ass at the edge of the sofa so that Pandian could fuck her in standing position. Aarthi felt some pain. But it was not as painful as she expected. As it was only a matter of thickness, she took it till 3 inches without pain. But after that she felt some real pain. He put pushed it a little bit more and Aarthi started resisting. She punched Pandian’s stomach. But he held her hands tightly. Her arms were like pencil sticks in his hold. As he pushed it in, Aarthi’s upper body raised above as Pandian held her arms. She screamed like a baby. But Pandian pushed it relentlessly. Santosh came near her and caressed her hair to give her moral support. That was when I started thinking when exactly Santosh became a cuckold. I had no clue.

Pandian had pushed the 4 inches. He began pumping her. Aarthi was in pain. But Pandian didn’t relent. He kept fucking. Pandian looked at Santosh and asked him to call Shruti and check if she was coming. Santosh tried calling Shruti but she didn’t pick up the call. He received a message from Shruti after 2 minutes saying that she was still in the hospital for medical check up and she will not be able to make it tonight.

Pandian asked Aarthi “How are you feeling now Aarthi?”

Aarthi - Mmmmm. Feels so good Pandian

Pandian - I have inserted till the first circle only. Shall I go deeper till the second circle?

Aarthi - Aaaaaaahhh. No dear. This is itself paining

Pandian - You have to learn to take deeper Aarthi. Only then you will be able to conceive easily when someone fucks you in your fertility window.

Aarthi - Mmmmmmmm.. Ok Pandian. Do it

Pandian who was pumping her pussy slowly and steadily suddenly exerted more pressure and pushed in an extra inch. Aarthi jerked in pain, lifted herself up to Pandian’s shoulders. Now Pandian was fucking her while lifting her. He smiled and remembered that it was Shruti’s favorite position. Pandian asked Santosh to take pictures. Santosh hesitated but Pandian stared at him. Santosh got afraid and took pictures in multiple angles. Then Pandian asked him to post the pictures in our Whatsapp group. Santosh smiled. He knew the reason behind that request. Santosh sent the pictures to our group.

Pandian kept fucking her for around half an hour. Time was 8 30 PM at that time But he still did not cum. Aarthi was tired and she was begging him to cum soon. But Pandian looked at Santosh and asked him “Did Shruti reply?”

Santosh - No

Pandian - Check if she saw the message

Santos checked the message status in WhatsApp

Santosh - Yes she has seen the message at 8 PM. That was half an hour back

Pandian - Cool.

Pandian kept pumping when we suddenly heard the calling bell ring. Santosh opened the door and came in shouting “Guys.. Shruti is here”

Chapter 38

Shruti came there wearing a very decent looking salwar- kameez. She didn’t care about Pandian and came inside the room. Pandian who was fucking Aarthi lifted her and threw her to Bharath like a ball and went behind Shruti. Aarthi was so disappointed. But Pandian did not mind her. Shruti was taking some snacks for her to eat. Pandian hugged her from behind

Shruti - Aaaahhh.. Leave me, you bastard

Pandian - Cool down dear. Today is my last night at Chennai. I am leaving tomorrow night. Please don’t make it a disappointment

Shruti - Shut up and get lost. Leave me.. Aaahhh

Pandian hugged her even more tightly from behind. His dick was poking her big ass. He slowly put his hand inside her salwar and started laughing “Bitch didn’t even wear anything inside and now she is acting like a very innocent person. She has come here prepared for a sex session”

Shruti burst into laughter turned around, hugged Pandian and kissed him. Pandian kissed her so passionately. That was so surprising. I never thought Pandian was capable of loving someone like this. The kiss was so romantic and passionate. And it took me a lot of time to digest the situation. I didn’t expect Shruti to surrender so meekly. He told Shruti “I have saved a lot of cum for you”

Aarthi - This is unfair. You used me to produce more cum and you are planning to use it for Shruti?

Pandian - Forgive me Aarthi. My sweetheart Shruti is in her fertility window. I hope I give her a baby. I am planning to fuck her till I leave tomorrow and deposit as much cum as possible in her vagina.

Aarthi - Ha ha.. Go ahead go ahead. But I miss your long dick

Me - Don’t worry Aarthi. We will give you a new experience

Aarthi - What is that?

Me - Have you experienced double penetration?

Aarthi - What? No. And I never will

Shruti - Mmmmm. Aarthi. Don’t say no. That is one awesome experience

Aarthi - But I have not even experienced anal sex after our poker night sex

Shruti - Don’t worry dear. These guys are expert in it.

Pandian - Yes. I will fuck your ass if you want

Aarthi - Nooooo.. Your dick is a pain to have in my pussy. Asshole is just too much. I don’t know how Shruti is even able to control her shit after taking your dick in her asshole. 8 inches deep and so much of width. You definitely would have lost your ability to control your shit

Shruti - There is nothing like that Aarthi. That is not how our rectum works. You are surprised about that. You don’t know the gift I am planning to give Pandian in the next 24 hours

Pandian - Gift? What is that?

Shruti - It is actually a return gift. You gift me with your cum thrice. Then I will give you that gift

Pandian - Wow. That is so easy. Let us start now

Pandian lifted her in his hands. But Shruti was fully dressed. He told “I told you not to wear any dress these 4 days. You look so ugly with a dress on” Shruti tapped his shoulders and told “Aaaahhh.. Pandian.. Pandian.. I don’t want any normal sex like this. I want some thrilling experience. You know I like voyeurism”

She didn’t tell about their episode on the small hill as none of the others knew it.

Pandian - You don’t have to go out to make sex thrilling. Let us make it thrilling inside the house.

Shruti - How?

Pandian - Outside, you will have the fear of being watched. But inside, you will be actually watched

Shruti - What? Who is watching?

Pandian - Let me explain. Santosh, do you have paper bags?

Santosh nodded and Pandian asked him to bring them in. He wore the paper bag over her head and used his fingers to poke holes near his eyes in the bag. He asked Shruti to do the same. Then he asked Santosh to bring a handycam and record everything

Shruti - What are you trying to do?

Pandian - Making real porn

Shruti - What? Isn’t that risky

Pandian - Come on. The sex between us will definitely be very erotic to watch. A black body builder fucking a brahmin slut is the hottest thing anyone could ever watch on the internet. We will record it and post it in all porn websites. Just reading the comments there will make us so horny. For safety purposes, we are covering our faces.

Shruti - Mmmmmm.. It is so erotic and scary at the same time

Pandian - The scary part is what makes it erotic. Come on Santosh. Show your skills and shoot us some really good porn.

Santosh - I can do my job properly. But the fucking must be proper for the porn to work well

Shruti - Don’t worry about that. No one can fuck each other like us.

Pandian - Yup. Now don’t waste anymore time. Every moment is important for me

Santosh came with a handycam. Shruti put the paper bag on her head. But Pandian stopped her from piercing holes on the bag near her eyes.

Shruti - Why are you stopping me? How can I see like this?

Pandian - It is like a blindfold. It would be even more thrilling.

Santosh started recording. Pandian and Shruti showed their heads to the camera to show that Shruti won’t be able to see anything. They went to the bedroom so that we wont disturb them. Bharath continued fucking Aarthi while I kept looking into the bedroom. Pandian began doing what he does so well. He started tearing her dresses. He tore of the front part of her Kameez around her boobs. He moved down and pulled down Shruti’s salwar. She was wearing only the kameez with front part torn. Shruti told “You lazy bugger. What is your problem in removing my tops completely?”

Pandian - People will see your mangalsutra Shruti

Shruti - Not a problem. Let them know I am married to someone else. We can post the video in cuckold section of porn sites

Pandian - As you wish baby

He tore of her tops also and made her completely nude. He lifted her up and was about to fuck her when Shruti slapped his chest and told “Come on. This is porn. You have to start with foreplay”

Pandian - Oh. You seem to be the porn expert. Let us do it your way then

Pandian started having sex with her in a soft romantic way. They were kissing each other over the paper bags. Shruti put her hand down and started pulling his dick and shagging it. He lifted her and threw her on bed. He lied next to her. Both of them hugged each other and rolled over the bed like real lovers. There was so much of passionate romance there. Pandian poked a hole around his mouth and also around Shruti’s mouth on the paper bags. He went down Shruti and licked her pussy. I felt that was the first time Pandian had gone down on a woman. I was proud of my wife Shruti who converted such a beast into a decent person. After some foreplay, he went between her legs to fuck her. Santosh was running around them to get all good angles. They kissed each other at all places. I saw Shruti even kissing Pandian’s asshole I got bored and looked around to find Bharath still fucking Aarthi. I told “Let us do the DP”

Aarthi - What is DP?

Me - Double penetration dear

Aarthi - No.. I am afraid of it

Me - Don’t worry dear. I will make sure that you don’t feel any pain. Bharath, her pussy will easily take yours. So you lie on the sofa and make her sit on you with your dick in her pussy and facing you. I will mount her asshole from behind.

The usual double penetration scene happened. She was finding it difficult at first and later started accommodating my dick in her ass. The three of us orgasmed simultaneously. We lied in that position for sometime. Then I went to another room and came back with 2 more paper bags and gave one to Bharath. He smiled and wore it. We both went inside the bedroom with the paper bag covering our face. Aarthi was tired and slept outide. We were greeted with the usual position. Shruti with her sexy white legs around Pandian’s muscular back. But they were not moving. I moved around so that I don’t fall inside the camera’s view. I found that Pandian’s dick was in her pussy completely. Shruti previously mentioned that she took his dick completely in her pussy on the hill. But it was quite a sight to watch it for real. Santosh kept his camera right under Pandian’s crotch to cover the length of his dick when it comes out of her pussy. Pandian took it out completely and pushed it with full force. Shruti reacted like someone inserted a sword into her pussy and killed her. I was not able to see her face. But her body language was more than enough. This continued for sometime after which Pandian put his 11 inch dick inside completely and waited for 15 seconds. Shruti didn’t react at first. But then she knew what was happening and hugged Pandian tightly and kissed his lips through the holes. Yes, Pandian was ejaculating in her pussy. This was the first time Pandian came in her pussy intentionally. They held that position for a long time after which they both collapsed.

I went back to the living room to wake up Aarthi. Bharath followed me. Santosh uploaded his recording to so many porn websites. We watched the view count going up all the sites and also the comments. Some people downloaded them from porn sites and posted it on desi sites with title “Brahmin woman and a black dick” He then fell asleep on one of the sofas. He didn’t have anything to do. His wife was taking fucking practice from others while Shruti was trying to getting impregnated by Pandian. This happened throughout the night till we all fell asleep.

SUNDAY morning, we all woke up, took bath and ordered food for breakfast. After breakfast we read all comments on the porn website uploads we made. After that we had a good conversation

Bharath - Shruti. Did you even sleep last night?

Shruti - He he.. Technically, no. We slept only at morning 5 o clock

Aarthi - Ha ha. So, you drained that guy completely. He won’t be able to cum for next one week

Shruti - No. It seems like his balls get refilled pretty soon.

Santosh - How many rounds did you guys go?

Pandian - Around 8 I guess. I cummed so much inside her. During the final round, I felt like fucking a water tank. There was so much cum inside overflowing

Shruti hit his arms and gave a naughty smile

Pandian - I totally forgot. Where is the gift you promised?

Shruti - Oh. Yes. How can you forget that?

Pandian - I asked you now. Tell me

Shruti - Well. I don’t know any other way to say it. I am going to take your dick completely in my ass

Me - What? You want his dick inside your stomach?

Pandian - Yes. Maybe I will be able to fuck the breakfast you are having now

Shruti - Shut up. The last time it went till 8 inch. I think I can still take 8 inch pretty easily. Just 3 more inches.

Pandian - That is definitely the loveliest gift I can ever get

Shruti - But I need a moral support from my hubby. Can you do it, Dilip?

Me - What kind of support?

Shruti - I want your dick in my pussy. I want to hug you in the position while he is putting his dick completely in my asshole

Me - So, you want a good double penetration. You are using moral support as a way to get it. Good job, Shruti

Pandian - I would love to do that

Shruti - Before that, I am tired of this soft sex you are having with me. I want you rough. I want you to be yourselves. Slap me ass, spit on me, beat me and fuck me. I like you that way only

Pandian - Don’t worry about that, bitch. You will get it

Pandian started the proceedings in the living room in his trademark style, slapping her around, dragging her around the floor, spitting on her face and spanking her ass.

Later, Shruti gifted Pandian what he wanted. I was lying on the bed. She was sitting on my dick facing me. She bent down and kept her face just one inch above mine. Pandian got ready to enter her anal tunnel. I saw Shruti’s face reaction change slowly. Initially it was just a horny moan. After a couple of minutes, her moans disappeared and she hugged me tightly. She dropped her head on my shoulder. That was when I realized that her pussy was getting tighter. I knew what was happening. Pandian’s dick was exerting pressure on her rectum and I was feeling that pressure on my dick. Now I was able to get a clear view of her ass which was lifted above. Pandian had reached the previous limit of 8 inches. I hugged her now and caressed her head like a small child getting ready for an injection

Pandian was careful about this. He pushed it slowly this time. But he was giving a continuous non-stop push. Shruti was giving a continuous non-stop scream near my ears. She hugged me even more tightly. I saw Pandian’s dick come out. There was some blood and a bit of Shruti’s shit. He laughed and put his dick inside again without any warning. Shruti shrieked again. I looked around to find everyone watching us intently. Now Pandian winked at me and put his two palms on Shruti’s shoulders, closed his eyes, shouted like a warrior and gave a massive push that he pushed both of us off by a coupe of inches. Shruti lifted her ass up, pushed Pandian away and jumped around the bed. She reacted like someone stabbed her with knife. She rolled around the bed with so much of pain with one hand on her ass. Pandian moved behind her, held her hair. Shruti was trying to avoid him. But Pandian told “Come on bitch. You promised me this gift. I won’t leave without taking it“

Before Shruti could respond, he stabbed her asshole with his dick again with the same amount of force. Shruti was trying hard to escape his hold. But Pandian didn’t leave her this time. Shruti fell down unconsciously. But Pandian kept fucking her asshole even in the unconscious state. I saw that his 11 inch dick was completely inside. Bharath came with a cup of water and sprinkled on Shruti’s face. She woke up and was stunned to feel the pain again. She looked at Pandian and begged him to stop. Pandian smiled, turned her around and fucked her pussy. If it was 3 days back, Pandian would have continued ramming her asshole.

We had multiple good sessions with Shruti and Aarthi throughout the day. Around evening, Pandian told that it was time for him to leave. He asked me if he can take Shruti with him to his home to take his luggages and then to airport too. Shruti asked me “Dilip, Why don’t you come with me? Pandian takes me around in the car nude. You will love to watch it”

Me - Ha ha. Leave it dear. Go with Pandian. I will give you guys complete privacy.

The reason why I said that? Two reasons actually. One was that I trusted Pandian now. He looked like a genuinely good person now. The second one was that I was liking my sex sessions with Aarthi. Unlike Shruti, Aarthi didn’t have too much of expectations on bed. I just did half the things which I did for Shruti. She was satisfied with that. Also, Aarthi told me that she will try some bdsm stuff like cock and ball torture on me. All these things clouded my judgement.

Pandian - Ok Dilip. I will take Shruti in my car. I will take her to the airport. You also come to the airport at 11 PM. I will be coming to airport in my car. You take Shruti and my car along with you. Give my car to my friend at the address I give

Me - Ok Pandian..

They started outside

Me - Hey.. Shruti. Your dresses

Shruti - No dear. I love traveling around the city without anything

Me - You could keep it in the car. Just for the safety

Shruti - It is even more erotic when you have nothing for the safety. You have to watch it to feel it

Me - Ok dear. Whatever you like. Have your mobile with you. I will call you when needed

They left at 5 PM. I was having sex with Aarthi till 9 PM. I called Shruti. Shruti picked up the call and told “Aaaahhh. Pandian has been fucking me ever since we reached his home. He is asking me to take all his stuff and pack them for him As I am doing that, he is moving behind me and fucking me. Aaaahhh. I think I will surely become pregnant”

Me - Nice, dear. If that makes you happy, I am also happy dear

Shruti - Mmmm. He is saying that you should have come with us. We could have used you as driver while driving to airport while we are fucking at the back seat

Me - Sorry dear. I am kind of addicted to Aarthi.. I want to fuck her as much as possible before she gets pregnant with someone else’s baby

Shruti - Wow.. Nice dear. I am happy to hear that. I was feeling guilty of enjoying everything myself. Happy to see you also having a go at other women

Me - Thanks, dear. Love you.. I will come to airport at 11 PM. I will start after an hour

Shruti - Aaaahhhh. You naughty Pandian. Don’t poke my ass. Just fuck my pussy. I want every drop of your cum in my asshole.

The call got disconnected.

Chapter 39

I started at 10 PM from Santosh’s house. Bharath was still fucking Aarthi. I just wore my dresses, took a taxi and left to the airport. In the airport, I called Pandian. He told he was in the parking lot. I went there and looked around to find Pandian’s car parked in a corner. I went there and found Shruti’s back leaning to the car window. Pandian was in front of her fucking her so hard. The car was shaking. I looked around to make sure no one was around. Pandian saw me, bent down and lowered the car window and smiled at me. Shruti used this to put her head outside. She was sweating a lot. Pandian told me “Last fuck Dilip. Hope she gets pregnant now.” Pandian fucked her with so much pace making sure that his balls hit Shruti’s ass. After sometime he groaned and started ejaculating inside her. He then wore his dresses leaving Shruti there. He took his luggages from the car trunk. He asked me if I could help him taking the luggages till the security check.

I accepted and took the luggages. The car keys were at the ignition. Shruti was very tired and already fell asleep in the car. After we entered the airport, Pandian got a call. He talked for sometime. After the call disconnected, he turned and got the luggages from me. He told “You will get back your wife tomorrow night at the same time”

Me - What are you talking about?

Pandian - Who the hell do you think you are? You really thought I will get slapped by your wife and still I will come behind you begging? You assholes

Me - You bastard. I trusted you. I apologized to you for everything

Pandian - Yes. But she was the one who slapped me. She didn’t apologize to me

Me - Please. Don’t do anything to her

Pandian - Don’t worry. She will be safe. She will be with the 3 guys you saw at gym

Me - Ram?

Pandian - Ram? No. I didn’t call him. Remember. I still feel bad for what happened that night at the gym. But when I wanted to become a good guy and apologize, your slut wife slapped me. I was in love with her and I felt bad about the things I did. I begged her. But the bitch slapped me. That was the most humiliating thing anyone has ever done to me. This is just a small punishment for that. Those 3 guys were very much interested in impregnating Shruti. Though I came inside her multiple times, I will give them 1 full day. The 3 guys are planning to fuck her for the next 24 hours. Let us see whose child, your wife is giving birth to. There is no use of pills as it would be too late to avoid pregnancy. And for your question, your idea worked well. Ram will not come back to your life.

Me - You bastard. I will save her

Pandian - No. Not this time.

I ran back to the parking to find the car missing. I went to the airport and saw that Pandian already entered security check. I didn’t know where to go. I went to the airport gate and waited for sometime. But no clue of their car. I took a taxi and went to the gym. The gym was locked. Her mobile was switched off. Then I took a taxi to Santosh house. My car was there. It was 2 AM when I reached there. Santosh opened the door. Bharath had left. Aarthi was still sleeping. I told him “Shruti is missing” He took a minute to digest the situation. Then he called me in, woke up Aarthi and we started talking. I told the truth about what happened during the past 3 days, the gym incident, how we escaped and the fight between Shruti and Pandian. Aarthi was pissed off

Aarthi - Are you an idiot? How can you let her go with Pandian after all the things he did?

Me - He actually transformed himself after the gym incident. He looked genuine. It was Shruti’s slap which changed him again. I should have been wary about that. I should have thought why he was not reacting much even after she slapped him. I thought she became so good a person. It was stupid of me. It is all my mistake. I should have at least been with Shruti there.

Santosh - Now where do we go and search them?

Me - No idea. I just have to wait till tomorrow. I can’t even give a police complaint about it. There are so many complications involved

Aarthi came to me, hugged me and told “Don’t worry about it Dilip. If what Pandian told is true, you will get her back tomorrow night. Let us hope she is not hurt”

Santosh went to sleep. Aarthi stayed with me in sofa that night. I didn’t sleep at all. I tried calling Shruti’s mobile next day. But it was switched off. Luckily it was a holiday in our office. I went to the gym again. But no one was there. I went near the door and I was shocked. Shruti’s mangalsutra was hanging on the door. I took it and looked around. No one was there. I was tired of searching and went back to Santosh’s house. They asked me to eat and consoled me. Bharath also came there hearing what happened. We talked about so many possibilities. But we couldn’t figure out anything. There was no message from her till 9 PM. Just when I was thinking about calling the police, I got so many messages from an unknown number in whatsapp. They were all images.

The first picture had Shruti being fucked by one of the gym guys at the back of Pandian’s car. Shruti was crying in that picture.

The next two pictures had the other two guys in the same position.

The fourth picture had Shruti on the back seat with one door open. Her legs were hanging outside that door. The car was parked somewhere. She looked unconscious

In the next pictures, they were in some public toilet. Shruti was placed on one of the urinals. Her ass was stuck in the urinal. The other guys were taking turns on her.

In one of the pictures, they were still in the toilet. Shruti was in doggy style on the floor licking food from the toilet floor. She was feeling disgusted about that. She was licking food from toilet floor like a dog. One of them was fucking her from behind

In the next picture, they were in the gym. Shruti’s mangalsutra was being pulled by one guy and she was fighting for it.

In the next pictures, Shruti was sobbing while the other three guys were tying another mangalsutra around her neck

In the next picture, they were still at the gym. Both the guys were double penetrating her. But something was different there. Shruti was screaming. I looked closely to find that they both had their dicks in her pussy. It was not their usual double penetration. Not one dick in pussy and one in ass. Both the dicks in her pussy.

There were many more such pictures. She had been fucked throughout the days in many places including some road side. She looked limp in their hands. In the last picture, Shruti was lying nude in a pile of garbage unconscious. On looking closely I found that this was the garbage dump next to that gym.

I immediately took my car and rushed to the gym. I was expecting the worst. I was afraid that she was dead. But she was not. She was just unconscious. I lifted her and took her to the car. I heard her mobile phone ringing suddenly. Shruti shivered a bit. I was searching for the phone. Only then I realized that her phone was deep inside her pussy. I found it very difficult to reach it. But eventually after much of an effort I pulled the phone out of her pussy. The phone was completely covered with lot of cum. It was one of the gym guys calling her. He told “Hey Bro. Your brahmin wife is so tasty. We used her as much as possible. We don’t have to taste another brahmin pussy in our life. It was so good. I don’t know who will be the father of her kid. In case you have initial problems, our names are Kumaran, Prem and Mari. If you take Pandian also into the account, you could give him an animal KPMP. Thanks for everything, bro. We won’t disturb you anymore” He disconnected the call.

I took Shruti to our home in our car, woke her up, made her something to eat. She was so drowsy. They had forced her to drink alcohol. I took her to the bedroom and made her sleep. The next morning I woke her up and made her take bath. She didn’t speak a single word for a long time. Then Santosh and Aarthi came to our house. They told they have called Vivek and asked him for leave for all 4 of us. That was when I spoke to Shruti

Me - Do you need the pills?

Shruti - No use now. They have been fucking me for more than 24 hours. And taking too much of the pills continuously will screw up my reproductive system. If I getting pregnant, let it be. I don’t care whose kid it is. If you don’t like it, you can leave me. I will grow the kid alone. I don’t deserve to be your wife.

Me - What? Why are you speaking like that? I love you. I don’t know what kind of ordeal you went through for one day. I know you had the most horrible day. I will stay by you and support you

She looked at me and suddenly she started crying loudly and hugged me

Shruti - Why did you leave me that night? If you were there, you could have saved me

Me - Sorry dear. I am a stupid guy. I trusted that psychopath. I will never leave you like that

Meanwhile, Aarthi and Santosh were looking at us not knowing what to do

Me - Aarthi and Santosh. I think it is time for us to move on

Santosh - What? What are you talking about?

Me - We are planning to move to some other city. Things are way too complicated in Chennai now. There are so many people who can be dangerous to us.

Aarthi - Come on. You guys are the inspiration for us

Me - We are bad inspiration. Don’t follow us

Santosh - Please. We love you as a couple. We wanted to follow your path to happiness

Me - Yes, Santosh. I know that you have become a cuckold like me in the recent days. Being cuckold is not a problem. If that gives you happiness, you must do it. But you must be careful about the person you choose to have sex with your wife. Remember, he is entering your family. He has the power to destroy it. Pandian was clearly a danger to our family. But we let our sexual preferences rule our thinking and did everything he told. If we had used our brains we could have easily figured out that he is not a trustworthy character. We paid the price for it. If we continue these things even now, we would be the most idiotic people around her.

Santosh - So, you will stop everything now?

Me - That I am not sure. We hope to get a child. If she gets pregnant now, it would be good. If not, we will try artificial insemination. We will anyway try to leave soon. We need to take some time off and think how we want to proceed with this. Our words of advice to you, cuckolding is a beautiful thing. But take time to identify the right person for you. If not, things will go bad. Pretty bad that your lives will be completely fucked. Don’t rush and fall into any person’s trap. Nowadays, you can fit cameras everywhere. Get the point?

Santosh - Sorry, Dilip and Shruti. If I think about it, we are the reason why such things happened to you. We only recorded everything in the poker game night and blackmailed you. That started everything

Me - It is ok. You were angry with us for what we did to Aarthi. Anyway, it is no use worrying about the past. Right now, you are the best friends we have got. We need to start a fresh life. You guys also think about it

Aarthi - I am so thankful to you guys. You are the best friends we have ever had. We will really miss you

They left after sometime.

For some days, we were afraid that the gym guys will come back and blackmail us. But they didn’t. After some days, we tried to apply for job opportunities outside Chennai. That was the time when Vivek told that our team was about to be dissolved. He told we can find other opportunities within the company.

Vivek and Bharath got opportunities in different teams in Chennai. I and Santosh were senior engineers and we tried for a team in US. Luckily, both of us got offers. They told they will process L1 visa for us. It was supposed to take 3 months. Shruti didn’t have sex with anyone other than me during that period. Aarthi had sex with Bharath alone. After a month, Shruti told me that she was pregnant. We both were happy about that. We celebrated it by going for a romantic dinner. Just a month after that, Aarthi told that she was also pregnant and the father should have been Bharath.

Bharath was happy for us. After 3 months, we all got the work visas and dependent visas for our wives. We decided to leave. We had an emotional farewell with Bharath. Though he was naughty, he was a genuinely good guy. We even let him smooch our wives a night before we left. We didn’t let him to fuck them though.

We moved to US and took one apartment for both of our families. Our children were born there. We both had boy kids. We did family planning for both of them after child birth so that we could send the pregnancy scare out of the window. We also moved to different houses but very close-by. We are still in the US. After the child birth, we went swinging occasionally. Not as intensive as Chennai. But only a couple of times every three months. But we were so careful this time. But we did group sex with Santos and Aarthi almost every week. For swinging, we went to a swinging party in one of the pubs where couples go wearing mask and fuck someone else’s spouse. They did all the security of work getting details about the couples visiting, making medical check ups to detect diseases and everything. We just had to give some money, give our medical check ups regularly and become members there. So we felt safe there. Still we visited there only twice every three months. We were content with swapping among ourselves. We didn’t tell our kids about their real fathers.

At the beginning of our poker game escapades, Santosh and Aarthi were our biggest enemies. Now they are our greatest friends. We are more mature now. We are pretty much living together enjoying the beauty of cuckoldry and the adventure of swinging. Life is peaceful now. Of course, whenever we went to the swinging parties, Shruti still chose a big black dick. Who can change anyone’s birth character? But the bottom-line is, I still love her and she loves me. We are a happy family.

If you have any comments, please mail me at dilipaish@gmail.com

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