Father and Son like sex

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My ex-wife called me from Nebraska and told me that my twenty year old son had been caught having sex with his cousin. She was pretty mad. I told her to send my son to me and I would take care of him and teach him what was right. She agreed and said she would send him to stay with me for the summer.

I drove from Missouri to Nebraska and pulled up in front of my ex-wife's house. She and my son Bobby were waiting. Bobby got into the car and we drove away. Bobby was silent and I was the first one to speak.

"SOOO you fucked your cousin and your mother caught you -- hunh Bobby?" I said.

"dad don't believe everything mom says."

"I don't care if you did or not Bobby.

"your mother is too up tight about sex and that is why I divorced her."

Bobby was silent all the way to the house. It started to rain and only the sound of the rain and the windshield wipers could be heard.

We rushed into the house getting wet on the way. The rain drenched our clothing.

Bobby get out of those wet things" I said.

Bobby striped to his shorts and I took everything off.

"Take your shorts off Bobby".

"But DAD!" he protested.

"Don't be up tight about being nude son. You sound like your mother."

Bobby dropped his shorts and his pecker jumped into view. It was half hard and Bobby was evidently excited about being naked in front of me.

I watched his slowly growing hard on and my own dick got stiff and red. Bobby could not keep his eyes of it.

"Lets jack off son"

I stood in front of him and started to move my foreskin back and forth staring at my boy. He jacked his peter back and forth with a frenzy totality engrossed with his sexual feelings.

"That's it Bobby. Beat it until you shoot juice."

Hearing my words Bobby shot cum over my legs and belly. It was too much for me and I released a torrent of cum on Bobby. It hit him on his face. It shot into his hair. I thought I would never stop.

"Did you like that son?"

"Yes" he replied in a weak voice.

"Well clean up now and get dressed. I have more to show you latter."

We both went to the bathroom and washed the cum from our bodies. I gave Bobby a tender kiss on the lips.

Bobby kissed me back and I realised that I liked my boy almost as much as I liked girls.

Latter while watching TV I called my girl friend. My girl friend would let me do anything I wanted.

"Lucy" I said. "Bring some booze and your your sister. My son is here with me and we are going to have a party."

"OH COOL" she said. "I've missed you"

I put down the phone and smiled to myself and knew that this night would be one to remember.

I heard Lucy's car drive up and I met her at the door. It had stopped raining. She was a small pretty blond and her sister looked just like her. Her name was Linda

She had a large bottle of whisky in her arms.

She smiled at me and said.

"HI JIM I brought something else for the party." And she produced a bag of Marijuana.

"WOW" I said. "We are going to have one hell of a fuck party.

Bobby eyed Lucy and her sister shyly. I told Lucy that Bobby was caught fucking his cousin by my up tight ex-wife.

Lucy laughed. "Like father like son - hunh"

"MY son and me did get to jack off on each other."

Bobby's face turned red.

Lucy said. "WOW I would like to have seen that."

I went to the dresser drawer and got some rolling papers and rolled up three joints. Then I made us all some drinks.

We all sipped the high balls and I showed Bobby how to inhale the weed. Bobby was showing the effects of the booze and Marijuana.

"Bobby take off your pants and show your prick to Lucy's sister."

Bobby choked from the weed.

"REALLY?" he gasp.

Yes do it Bobby. Get her naked" Lucy said in a sexy voice.

Bobby undressed and went to Linda and took her dress off and pulled down her panties exposing her pussy.

"Now feel her cunt Bobby - play with it. She likes that."

Bobby was trembling with lust and felt the girls cunt.

"Put your dick in her mouth Bobby." Said Lucy.

Bobby put his throbbing pecker in Linda's mouth and it was too much for him. He ejaculated long and hard and the cum ran from little Linda's mouth, down her chin and onto her nude breasts.

"OH THAT IS HOT. Now let's all go to the bedroom and FUCK"

Lucy striped naked exposing her beautiful breasts and her pussy. Lucy kissed her sister tasting Bobby's cum and headed for the bedroom.

Lucy flopped on the bed and spread her legs.

"Bobby come here and fuck me."

Bobby's eyes were glossy from the weed and the booze. He had another hard on and went to Lucy like a moth drawn to a flame. He mounted Lucy pushing his angry dick straight into her pussy. He pounded her for all he was worth. Lucy climaxed several times and Bobby drooled from the corners of his mouth in erotic passion. Suddenly he shot his cum into her pussy and collapsed in orgasmic heaven.

I was jacking off on Linda and shot my load all over her. She looked up at me and smiled with her face covered with cum and said.

"OOOhh that was nice."

Lucy said. "GEEEZ that was fun Bobby. Linda likes it. I like it. Your father likes it. Let's do it again!

I phoned my ex-wife latter and told her I was getting married again and we would keep Bobby if she wanted.

She said. "OK". .

"Hey son" I said. "We are going to make your new mother pregnant and we can suck the milk out of her tits. Lucy said.

"OH GAWD - I can hardly wait."

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