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Hi everyone!! Iím PRINCE serving in Indian Army, 36yrs old and happily married for 6yrs. I had sexual relationships with some women before marriage and a few after marriages. But Iíll write about them later, now letís go back in time when it all started. It all started when I was about 21 and returned home in Hyderabad after completing my engineering from Bangalore. My family consisted of my parents and me. But an year ago my mother got transferred to Guntur and was promoted to chief manager of her branch, so she used to visit us once a month.

My father took voluntary retirement from Navy after serving as an officer for 20yrs and now he was working at an MNC as an HR. We had a maid who used to live in our out house and had been with us for over 18 years after she lost her husband and had no one else. Her name was Parvathi and she was about 35-38 yrs old, but she had good complexion and features and her body had ideal amount of flesh and fat at the right places. As I was alone at home the whole day, I used to kill most of my time reading books and usually I used to borrow them from my fatherís room which had a huge collection of books.

One morning I went to my fatherís room to get a new book and I took few of his books and started reading to choose one out of them. I went out in to his balcony and while reading I saw Parvathi drying clothes in the garden, wow she looked great. She always dressed decently and conservatively, she was well looked after by my family. After she had put up all the clothes for drying she moved in to her room and I again tried to select a book for myself, but suddenly something caught my eye

I found something pink wrapped in a white piece of paper in the dust bin and soon I realized that it was a condom. Looking at it I was pretty excited as in those days it was a rare commodity and I never saw one before though I heard about it from my friends and started imagining my father making love to my mother on her last visit. I guessed that Parvathi must have been too shy to discard it thatís the reason why it is still laying in the bin. Next day morning I was wondering if there were any unused condoms in my fatherís room so

I explored the whole room but didnít find any, but there was shelf which was always locked so I guessed it to be in there. Then I again went into his balcony and I found the condom was still there but I realized that it was wrapped in a different piece of paper. It was a different condom and surely should have been used the night before, I was very angry about the fact my father cheating on my mother but at the same time I was also very excited about the whole scene.

In the evenings after our dinner Parvathi used to clean the dishes and go to her room. We usually used to chat for a while on different topics and afterwards retire to our respective rooms and spend rest of the time watching TV or reading. But that night after coming to my room I switched off the lights and laid on my bed. After an hour somebody knocked on my door but I didnít respond and after few minutes another knock but still I didnít respond. Half an hour later I slowly got up and stepped out of my room and tip toed to my fatherís room upstairs and found the door closed and lights off.

I quietly moved forward and put my ear on the door and tried if I could hear something, and I heard some whispers from the room. I immediately ran down to Parvathiís room and as I expected she wasnít there. That night I had a mixed feelings, I was angry but at the same time I was very excited about the whole thing and started masturbating. I was keeping an eye on Parvathiís room to see when she returns. I didnít know how the time passed in that excitement and saw Parvathi returning to her room and realized that it was 4.30am.

From next day onwards I kept a watch on them for a month and noted that they fucked at least 4 times a week and my father checks for the lights to be switched off in my room and exactly after an hour of that he goes to Parvathiís room and knocks at her door and they both move to his room. I also noticed that on holiday mornings Parvathi took a lot more time than usual to clean my fatherís room and he was always present in his room when she did that. Many a times at night when Parvathi was with my father I used to go to her room and explore around and

I found that she used to wear very expensive lingerie which she definitely couldnít afford and also many expensive items. I also found that she used to have those unused condoms and few VCR tapes. But I always left them untouched leaving no doubt for them, and only used to play with her panties. By this time I was burning with desire to score with Parvathi and I knew that it wasnít very difficult. All I needed was a little blackmailing and spending a little money. Also I knew that she would love to have a young 21yr dick and must have got bored with a 48yrs old one

So one morning I woke up at 4am and went to Parvathiís room and found that she wasnít there but I knew that she would return soon. Meanwhile I found a used panty of her and was playing with it. Then I heard Parvathi coming so I threw away her panty and sat there on her bed and when entered she was shocked to see me. She said ďWhat are you doing here babu?Ē and I replied Ē I know everything whatís happening here. You better do as I say otherwise if my mother comes to know about all this then you will have no place to live.

She was terrified hearing this and was sweating like a pig and in a feeble voice she said ďWhat do you want from me?Ē then I said ďIíll tell you about it tomorrow morning and yes, my father shouldnít know about all this and behave normally with him.Ē After saying this I walked away without even turning back. Next day morning while serving breakfast she looked very nervous and was avoiding an eye contact with me. After breakfast my father left for the office and Parvathi was in the kitchen washing the dishes. I went from behind and hugged her tightly and started rubbing

My hard dick against her ass for which she resisted, but then I stopped and asked her to follow me to my room. She took a while to come but I knew that she will and as soon as she entered the room, I asked her in a soft tone to sit beside me on the bed and she did it without saying anything. Then I tried to explain her that if she cooperates with me it will be good for her and she would find no trouble for herself and she would be rewarded well for her services.

Also explained that she would find it more fun to fuck with a young virgin dick. All this while she was sitting quietly with her head down. I couldnít hold myself any longer and hugged her, initially she tried a little to resist but soon she realized that it wouldnít do her any good and gave in, finding no reaction from her I knew that i had her and I kissed her lips. After a few minutes I moved down to her neck and started biting her softly and i could feel her shivering. Again I moved back to her mouth and this time I moved
my tongue into her mouth with forced and meanwhile

I was pulling her head towards me with my hands. Now I could feel that she was enjoying it, our tongues started wrestling. Then we both stood and I pulled her saree off and I dived into her cleavage and squeezing her well sized boobs all the while. She was moaning like a teenage virgin and unbuttoned my shirt. I then pulled off my shorts and her petticoat also unhooked her blouse. Now she was standing in front me only in her black laced bra and panties. Then I pushed her onto my bed and pounced on her and again explored her mouth with my tongue while my right hand was squeezing her boobs and

My left hand was rubbing her pussy over her panty. I could already feel her wetness and then within few minutes her bra was off and her magnificent silver dollar brown nipples were in sight I started sucking them like a hungry beast and I must had been sucking for at least 15 mins. Then I moved down pulled off her panty and my tongue dived deep into the pool of her pussy. It was one of the greatest feelings of my life, I was fucking her with my tongue and meanwhile I was also playing with her clit, she had gripped my head tightly between her thighs and soon she had her orgasm.

Now my dick was unable to bear the tension I adjusted myself between her legs and tried to push my rod into her pussy but it being my first time it was kind of slipping away from its path, then Parvathi sapt on her palm and sort of lubricated my dick and she guided my dick into the right path. I could feel the warmth inside her hole, but initially I found it difficult to find the proper motion while fucking and was overexcited as well. Within 20 shots or so I knew that I was going to explode and I removed my dick out of the hole and shot it out on to the floor.

I was a little embarrassed to have reached the climax so quickly but Parvatih smiled at me and said ďDonít worry Iíll clean the floor and for a virgin like you it wasnít bad.Ē Hearing this I felt a little better and hugged her again and started kissing her. I then made her lie with her back facing upwards and started kissing back of her neck. Then slowly moving down I started biting her lower back and reached her soft ass cheeks.

I was biting and slapping her ass cheeks, she was enjoying it and screaming aloud and this made my dick ready for another round of action. This time I wanted to fuck her in doggy style and enjoy her ass. I made her stay on her all fours and slowly entered her from behind and I found it a little easy to find the proper motion this time and I held myself a little longer than the previous round but still it was not good. After this we slept together for two hours and then she got dressed and got engaged with the house work.

Later that day we didnít talk much but the next day again I made my move and we fucked again. This became our daily routine and meanwhile a lot of interesting things happened. I also learnt from her how my fatherís affair started with her, what my father had in his locked shelf and a lot more interesting secrets about my parents. I shall write about these secrets in my forthcoming stories. Please comment on this story and also write in to me at prince.patel72925 at rediffmail dot com

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