Exposed to more of the family

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100% fiction!

After a night that I will never forget, my current state is that of total slut daughter to the two of you and soon to be discovered slut niece to my wonderful Uncle and Aunt.

You two have only really briefly touched upon my state with my Uncle and Aunt however knowing that there area of interest is similar to yours, you know that they will love to have me join the four of you soon.

We have all spent the morning petting, massaging, kissing and yes even sucking those beautiful breasts of Mommy and licking her dripping pussy not to mention sucking on Daddy's hard cock that had been buried deep inside me the night before. It is now about 11:00am and Mommy knows that Uncle and Aunt will be over about Noon.

Mommy wants me to be nice and fresh for my uncle and aunt and she wants to be nice and clean too as well as Daddy so Mommy decides that I'll get in the shower and wash Daddy getting him ready for our visitors and than Mommy comes in and I am made to clean up Mommy too and lastly I am instructed to make sure that I am nice and clean as well and I am handed Mommy's shampoo and soap and told to wash up nice and clean for Aunt and Uncle.

I lather myself with Mommy's soap , different from Daddy's and soon I have a similar smell to Mommy's and I know the fun is about to begin all over again. Mommy went to get dressed and laid out the items that I will wear for the beginning of our day together with Aunt and Uncle.

On the bed, Mommy has put a pair of dark sheer pantyhose, a bodysuit a bra and a but plug next to that is some lubricant and Mommy's perfum.

Hehehe, I know what they want me to do with this so I squeeze some of the lubricant on the but plug and slide it into my newly fucked cunt. It fills me completely as I know this may be something that I experience later today, next comes the pantyhose and lastly the bra and bodysuit. Mommy comes in with a dress that I put over this outfit before being escorted out to the living room. I am told to sit on the couch and I do as instructed.

Mommy comes over to me and mooves the top of her dress apart exposing her beautiful breasts to my view. How do you like being our little slut now Mommy asks and with that question out on the table I begin to answer before Mommy grabs the back of my head and pulls it down to her now beautiful growing nipple. I open my mouth and suck it in and suck on it as it extends to fill the cavity of my mouth, running my tongue over it again I suck hungrily as the door bell rings.

I begin to pull away and Mommy holds me close and instructs Daddy to get the door. I am going to be found out the minute Uncle and Aunt come into the house, there will be no way of explaining any of this and that is how Mommmy and Daddy have wanted it and have planned it.

Knowing that there is no way for me to stop or change anything at this point, I give in and settle down to kissing and sucking on Mommy's beautiful growing nipple as I taste her, a taste that I have grown to love.

Daddy comes into the living room with Aunt and Uncle and Mommy says, excuse me for not getting up but our little slut daughter has decided that she wants to suck on her Mommy's tits this afternoon. Uncle and Aunt gasp initially and than are made to sit in the chairs facing where I am with Mommy and observe the activities that are happening before them.

Mommy attempts to begin conversation like normal and every once and a while she shudders from the stimulation that I am providing to her.

It is at this point that Mommy and Daddy decide to inform Aunt and Uncle that I am not only from now on going to be part of there world of swinging but that last night they changed me from there bad little boy into there slutty little daughter.

Aunt smiles because she has always known that I loved seeing her and Mommy in lingerie and now she knows why. So my little nephew always wanted to be my niece she states and with that she says it's getting hot and removes first her blouse and than her skirt. Aunt is now sitting on the chair with nothing but her dark sheer stockings and her lingerie. Uncle follows suit and is soon wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and dad also takes off his pants but having nothing beneath stands in front of the four of us completely nude.

Mommy invites Daddy over and tells me to show Aunt and Uncle what I ddi last night, with some reservation I begin to approach Daddy's hard cock and start sucking on it. Mommy tells Aunt that Daddy had fucked me last night while I was made to lick and eat her dripping pussy telling Aunt that I was in fact quite good at it. Aunt smiles and spreads her legs inviting me over.

All the while I am asked how much of a slut I really am and how much of a slut I really want to be. Each time I get ready to answer the question that is placed before me, Mommy brings her beautiful stockinged feet and lets up to my face and tells me to kiss and massage them. I do as instructed and am soon once again captivated by Mommy's sensuous legs and the spell is again cast over me.

I am Mommy and Daddy's slut daughter, I tell Aunty. Would you like to be Uncle and my slut as well. Now knowing that this is a tricky question I answer it very carefully. Aunty, I love to be Mommy and Daddy's slut, I also like being Aunt and Uncle's slut, the only thing is I know that Uncle's cock is much larger than Daddy's and I know that this won't fit.

Mommy smiles and going over to her bag, she pulls out a strap on cock that has a pussy probe attached to it. Honey Aunty says, Uncle's not going to fuck you, I am. I am going ot fuck you while you eat Mommy's dripping pussy. That's what you want to do isn't it Marie, you want to be the slut for your daddy, mommy and uncle and I don't you?

I gaze up into aunt's eyes and say yes as she slides into me deeply and my penetration begins.

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