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One afternoon Sherene decides to go surprise Kirk in his apartment so she dresses up in her shorts and sexy top and walks down the road to go see her lover. However wanting to surprise him she looks into his window of his flat apartment room. About to shout at him to scare him she stops. She gets turned on by what she sees.

Kirk is naked lying on the bed, with his eyes closed he is masturbating. Sherene watches as her boyfriend touches his huge, hard dick and drives it up and down, up and down, moaning louder and louder until he stretches his legs in pleasure and allows all of the semen to squirt out unto himself. Kirk has no toilet paper and Sherene wishes to just run in and suck all of the white seminal fluid from his cock. He continues to drive his shaft up and down until no more comes out.

Kirk then cools down and goes for the toilet paper to clean himself. Sherene runs home. She is so turned on but decides to surprise him later when he’ll be ready for another orgasm.


Sherene waits 2 hours and then goes to visit Kirk. This time she calls out by the window. Kirk opens the door and leads her to his bedroom. However, Sherene stops as she sees another girl sitting on his bed. It is Anneleise, a girl Sherene finds very beautiful and immediately becomes jealous.

“I’m just helping Anneleise with some work here but I have to go to see a University lecturer so Sherene you stay here with her and when I come back I will give Anneleise the answer, ok?”
They both agreed. Kirk left them and locked up the bedroom for them.
“I’ve seen you around, Sherene,” Anneleise says.
“Yeah, I’ve seen you too. So how’s the work going?”

Sherene gets up and takes Kirk’s hairbrush and starts to brush her hair. However, she can’t stop admiring Anneleise looks and wonders if Kirk was with her. Anneleise was one of the sluts of the University. After all, she had all the assets and Sherene agreed that the girl should work them. Sherene agreed that she was the same size as Anneleise but her sexiness and slimness could only ooze out with her change in attitude towards sex. She was very controlling and only wanted to be with her one man. She never even thought of being with a woman, however, the arousal that she felt after seeing Kirk masturbated… she could do anything now!

She had the urge to confront this other woman and ask her. Suddenly, Anneleise comes up behind her and gently takes the brush from Sherene and begins to comb Sherene’s hair. “You know,” Anneleise starts. “You don’t have to be jealous. I haven’t been with Kirk.”
Sherene lets out a sigh of relief. “I was not thinking that,” she lied.

Anneleise smiled, knowing full well that she was lying since she was always in this situation with other girls. “I love your hair,” she said, trying to change the subject and not make Sherene feel uncomfortable.
“My hair,” Sherene stammers. “It is so hard to manage.”
Anneleise smiles. “I love your shoulders too.”
Sherene turns to face her. She is surprised how hard her breasts have become in her tank top, her erected clit begging for her panties to drop. “I love your shoulders too,” not sure of what to say.

Anneleise smiles for she is wearing a jersey. “Well you have to take off my top to see them.” Suddenly, Anneleise takes it off and Sherene slowly goes towards her and touches her shoulders. Sherene is surprised that she is feeling hot and stimulated instead of disgusted.

Suddenly, Anneleise kisses her. Sherene closes her eyes and kisses back. Their tongues play with each other as Sherene leads her new playmate to the bed. She could not believe how she melted into the hands of her new friend. Kneeling on the bed Anneleise goes behind Sherene and slowly runs her soft hands over her body, outlining her breasts and pulling off her top, while sucking on the arch of her back. Then her hands play in front of her shorts in a masturbatory action as Sherene tilts backward moaning only dreaming of the pleasure that she is about to taste. Suddenly, she feels Anneleise hands go into her tight shorts ripping away her buttons and zip and going into her panties. Anneleise rubs on her clit letting Sherene feel a small preview of the orgasm. As Sherene is about to explode Anneleise stops. Sherene wants more so she turns around and sucks on Anneleise’s large circular nipples, enjoying herself and pulling down her jeans. After a few minutes of passing her tongue over Anneleise’s body they become naked and Sherene lies on top of Anneleise.
Suddenly, Sherene jumps up in surprise as she feels Anneleise’s hand go inside her pussy. Sherene turns to lie on top of Anneleise and allows Anneleise to finger her pussy as Sherene wines her ass on Anneleise’s pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHH,” Sherene moans….she suddenly gets an orgasm faster than ever before……..more she begs as Anneleise decides to push her whole fist into Sherene’s pussy. Sherene’s eyes shot wide open as she feels the enormous orgasm that she gets.
Suddenly, Anneleise moans and Sherene feels the hot juices from Anneleise spill on her ass. Sherene turns around and dips her finger in her own pussy before inserting her finger into Anneleise’s mouth. Anneliese does the same and they suck each other’s fingers as their tongues play with each other’s cheeks and faces.
Suddenly, Sherene gets up and opens her bag. She takes out a double end dildo. Sherene, never seeing one watches as Anneleise shows her the long fake penis. It looks like a long sausage with a penis on both sides. Anneleise pushes it into herself as Sherene pushes the other end into herself. They both rub and force it in as they go closer and closer together until the dildo disappears and their two pussies are now rubbing each other.

“More loverrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!” Sherene shouts…….
They both wine hard on each other as if they had two internal penises in them and allow their clitorises to rub on each other stimulating each other until they cum……“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Anneleise shouts.
They then take it out. Anneleise goes to her bag and pulls out a strap on dildo. This dildo, Anneleise straps on like a belt with a huge fake penis attached to the belt. She then turns over Sherene and enters her ass….while playing with her breasts. Sherene in esctasy allows Anneleise to do anything she wishes to do. Sherene always allowed Kirk up her ass so the anally induced orgasms came faster now and with little or no pain.
The expression of pleasure on Sherene’s face is so much that Anneleise cums all over her. She then take off the strap on and decides to do a 69. Sherene never doing one with a woman before is careful but soon devours Anneleise’s cunt as the juices flow out and Sherene feels yet another powerful orgasm. Sherene cannot believe how soft and tender a woman’s lips and cunt can be.

Soon enough they are tired and sleepy. They put on their clothes and clean up themselves. Anneleise kisses Sherene one last time telling Anneleise to keep it a secret. Sherene agrees with a kiss, their tongue playing with each other for the last time.
Kirk then reaches home. Two hours of pure ecstasy is over. Kirk gives Anneleise the answer to her problem and she leaves. Sherene then locks the door and tells Kirk everything boasting that she had sex with a woman and Kirk, who always wanted to see something like that, was not there to see it.

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