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Experimental Sleep Over reviews

Posted by melissa
I'm a big fan of your story and right now I'm so confused about myself.you know if am I'm a lesbian or straigh or what?Anyway I have never when with a girl like kiss one but my imagation is big.Anyway as I said I am enjoying your story and judt keep them comem
Posted by charise woods
i jus wanna suck a huge clit just one time in my life its a major fantasy of mine. im inthe closet full fledge lesbian i love to suck pussy all day everyday. am i crazy?
Posted by anonymous
old, pointless, poorly written, too short and completely unrealistic
Posted by Maddy
Lol Thats Kinda Too Short.. But Oh Well
Posted by shay
continue plz?
Posted by Barbara
I would let you fuck me if you was here - analsex4.fun
Posted by Support77
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