Excite Me, Dominate Me and Make me Cum

(Part 1 from 1)

Gliding through the dark, glittering, misty streets. Beads of sweat slowly cascading down my neck and back. The heat is taking over and the air is still, skin sticky. I lay my head back, wishing for the journey to end, for the driver to reach where you are. My face flushes with heat and the top inside of my thighs are hot and slightly damp. The car comes to a stop and I get out and stride towards number 90.

I hold my finger on the buzzer and listen as you walk down the stairs and stride towards me to the sound of soft music. You open the door and before my lips can even part to speak they are covered by yours. Your hands tenderly holding my face, pulling me into you. Kissing the corner of my mouth, slowly placing tiny kisses over my face. I step back, away from you and you pull lightly at my belt. The coat opens and you glimpse my long limbs in high pointed black stilettos, black stockings and suspenders, black bra and knickers.

As I move towards you, I ever so softly kiss your lips while we step further back onto the stairs behind. I push you down onto the step and straddle you grinding my pussy into your crotch, feeling your hard, thick dick rise against me. The front door slowly opens, your neighbour on his phone looking out. I get up off of you and you whisper 'Where are you going?'

'I can't do this. Let's go up. To the bedroom.' I whisper back.

You cover my mouth harshly with your hand and pin me up against the wall. I reach out to grab you, push you off of me, scared that your neighbour might see. With your free hand you roughly grab my thigh forcing it open as far as you can while I am still trying to push you away. I feel you pushing my panties to the side, grabbing my pussy but then you grow impatient and rip them away from my body. You take your palm off my mouth and put it around my throat, squeezing hard. You spread my pussy and force your cock deep inside me with one almighty thrust.

All I can do is grab on to your shoulders and wrap my legs around your back as you fuck and screw my cunt harder and harder. You bite and suck so hard on my neck that I feel that I'm going to pass out and I claw at you in the dark. My eyes flit towards the door and I see your neighbour through the darkness, standing, watching, dick in his hand as you fuck me.

My breathing gets heavier and louder and I feel myself getting wetter as my body slams back against the wall, my tits jiggling, me on tip toes, a little pool of me beneath my feet. All I can feel is the heat rising past my stomach, up my chest. My pussy is clenching and throbbing against your dick as you completely take over my entire body. Sweat trickling down your back and then it comes...

I start screaming out as I come with such intensity that I feel like I'll die and you pull out your cock. As I slowly drop to the floor, no energy left in me you put your still hard dick into my mouth, fucking my face until I cannot take it anymore at which point holding your massive dick you cum all over my face. After a minute you tenderly pick me up in your arms walk me up to your bed and we collapse side by side. The last thing I hear before I fall asleep with a smile on my lips are the sound of footsteps coming further upstairs. As I realise that our night isn't quite over.

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