Evís Early Adventures

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About ten minutes after Brad got me a see-thru top for my 23rd birthday I was hooked. He had been trying to get me to dress sexy for him for months, but I felt a little too shy. After all, why would anyone be interested in a petite brunette with 32C boobies? Doesn't everyone want to see a blonde bombshell with boobs so big she can't get her shoes on? 

Maybe it would help if I told you a little more about myself. I have been told by my friends I look a lot like Demi Moore. Any questions? I thought not. Aside from some of the accidental exposures I did for my neighbor with a few downblouses and an occasional nipple slip from my bikini. I had never flashed anyone on purpose before. In fact, I never knew about any of those until Brad mentioned them to me later. No wonder our neighbor Dave liked flirting with me. He must've thought he'd get lucky or something. It's not that Dave was someone I wanted to fuck or anything, but that he saw private parts of me and couldn't do anything about it. Does that make me a tease? 

This kind of teasing always sparked a little something in Brad and me that made sex a lot more exciting. The see-thru top Brad got me is pink with flower prints to help camoflage my breasts so it wouldn't seem too obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra. The first place we tried our little experiment on was a local park that has a small lake and a walking path all the way around it. There are always a number of people fishing there, which added to the thrill of being naughty. I was pretty nervous at first, but then I noticed that I wasn't causing any uprisings, so I relaxed and enjoyed some of the attention I was getting. Most of the looks seemed as though... "Am I seeing what I think I am?" Brad and I sat down on a bench facing the lake and just relaxed. There weren't so many people around as you might think there might be, but it was a weeknight, and children had to be at school the next day, so we felt safe "hangin' out" awhile. 

I soon got a little bolder and placed my elbows along the top af the bench. This pulled the fabric of my top tight against my titties. I dared anyone to look at me now. So Brad thought he'd walk down the path a few yards to see what anyone passing by might see. "Whoa!" he said. "You look soooo good!" That's when this guy came by to do a little fishing, right in front of us too! "Hello", he said. "Nice day to do some fishing, isn't it?" "Yeah", Brad answered. "You come out here often?" he asked. "This is our first time", Brad said. "Well", he continued. "The fishing may not be all that great, but the views are pretty good". Brad and I grinned at each other knowing exactly what he meant. He seemed friendly enough, so we just sat there awhile longer. Then another guy came riding by on a bicycle, he kept staring right at my dark nipples and nearly lost control of his riding. We laughed, how could you help not to? It started to get dark, so we decided to do a little walking around the lake before going home. That's when we met Brian and Cindy. At first I thought they were just another couple out for an early evening stroll, but on closer inspection I noticed Cindy was wearing very short shorts and a small top with what appeared to be small holes in it. She was showing alot of skin through the holes in her top. In fact, I could've sworn I could make out bare nipple flesh. And the shorts? Her pubic hair was showing out the pant leg. We all just basicall grinned at each other as we passed by one another. I looked at Brad and said, "We ain't alone after all." 

A short while later we met Brian and Cindy again. This time they were sitting on a park bench watching some of the people fishing on the lake. Then I noticed something unusual about Brian. Oh my God! Brian is flashing me! He had short tennis shorts on, and by the way he was sitting, I could clearly see the head of his penis sticking out his pant leg. I'm not sure Brad noticed this or not, but I was certain we were among pro's here. They immediately asked us to sit with them. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when Brad accepted their invitation. "How you guy's doing?" Brian asked. "Pretty good." Brad answered. "My name is Brian, and this is my wife Cindy." Brian said. "I'm Brad, and this is my wife Evie Sue". Brad said. I was a little nervous, but I was game. Brian kept ckecking out my dark nipples, and I kept sneaking peeks at his dick. Then I happened to notice Cindy's pussy lips poking out the front of her shorts. No wonder Brad didn't notice Brian flashing me. He kept making eye contact with Cindy's beaver. I wasn't jealous though. That was a relief by itself. "Well," Brian continued, "We noticed you two like showing off too... How do you feel about teaming up and letting the girls show their goodies together?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. We were total strangers, but with a common hobby. If that's what you want to call it. 

Brad and I looked at each other in disbelief in what we just heard, and since I didn't object right away, Brad said, "Sure, lets see what happens, This could be fun!" "Cool!" Brian said. We all sort of got up and just started walking around doing small talk to get to know each other better. Then i noticed the boy's were falling back allowing Cindy and I to take the lead. They followed about twenty feet behind watching every move we made. Cindy and I noticed a bike rider coming our way. Cindy said, "Watch this." I grinned not knowing what she was going to do, but I should've guessed. As soon as the bike rider got within a few feet of us Cindy raised the front of her top exposing her perky little titties to the biker. I think he was the one who nearly lost control the first time I saw him. Again, he nearly fell off the bike. We could hear the boy's laugh behind us. Then I knew, this was going to be fun. We all walked around for the park for a little while longer before we decided it was getting late, and was time to go home. We exchanged phone numbers, and decided to start getting together on a regular basis.

Just as Brian and Cindy got into their car, Cindy yells, "Oh, by the way!" We quickly looked to see what she wanted to say, when all she did was lift her top so we wouldn't forget how sexy she is. We all had a good laugh and drove home. Brad must've been getting pretty horney, 'cause I noticed a wet spot on the front of his pants. I guess he should've worn underwear too. On the way home, Brad kept playing with my titties. I decided to return the favor, and gave him one great blow-job while he was driving. Later, we had some of the best sex in months! I decided we'd be doing this more often.

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