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Cassandra had always fantasized about making love in a movie theatre, and knew when she met Jayson that fantasy would someday become a reality. She had received orders to go to basic training down in Texas to start at the beginning of June and knew that there wasn’t a lot of time left so she began to plan the details that would make her fantasy into a memory that she could take to bed with her the many nights she would be away from him. 

Jayson stood tall at five foot seven inches and kept his blonde hair pretty short. He was in really good shape mainly because of all the basketball he played and in part from the late night exercises they took part in on a regular basis. His boyish charm coupled with a bit of mystery drove all the women wild, but it was his infectious smile that could light up a room that first attracted her to him. 

She had decided that she would pick him up early from Oak Park where he spent a lot of his time playing basketball and reliving his glory days. When she showed up he told the boys he would be right back and then went over to talk to her. She saw him walking her way glistening with sweat and started to feel her love juices flowing in anticipation of what she had in store for him.

He approached her and without wasting any time told her he was in the middle of a game and he would meet up with her later. She quickly regained her train of thought and told him that she thought something was wrong with her truck and just wanted him to take a quick look at it. He reluctantly agreed and they headed to where she was parked.

As they were about to approach her truck she asked him if he wanted to go over to the Oak Park Movie Theatre and catch the movie that was playing that afternoon. She knew he was searching for a reason to get out of it, but this time she was prepared. Before he had a chance to respond she asked him if he’d like to know which movie was playing over there and her little mouse took to the cheese quicker than a bee to honey.

When he asked her she simply smiled and said it didn’t matter which movie was playing because they weren’t going to watch it anyway. As the confusion began to set in she lowered her hood far enough for him to see her rear view mirror and then asked if he liked her new ornament. He glanced up and saw the pink G string she was wearing that morning when they left his apartment hanging from her rear view mirror.

This time when he looked at her there was nothing but a smile on his face. He asked her what time the movie started and she told him in about a half an hour so they’d have plenty of time to get the right seats, but he decided to make her sweat a little. He leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the cheek and said he’d meet her over there in about forty minutes after he was done with his game.

She quickly reminded him that they had not looked at what was wrong with her truck yet and without warning grabbed his hand and slid it under her knee length black skirt and told him that maybe the problem was that it was overheating. As his hand slid between her legs it became apparent that he needed to solve this problem even if it took all afternoon and several tries.

He kept his hand on her love canal long enough to feel her juices soak into his fingers and knew that his basketball playing for the day had come to an abrupt halt, not that he really cared. He went into her truck and grabbed her cell phone and called one of his friends at the basketball court. When they answered he bluntly stated that something had suddenly come up and they would have to finish their game another day and then hung up before they had a chance to respond.

As they walked to the theatre he asked how they would get away with this and she told him not to worry she had everything under control. They began to talk about how much they would miss each other while she was gone at basic but she told him they would talk about that later, because this afternoon was about fulfilling a fantasy with the one man she truly loved. 

They entered the movie fifteen minutes before it started and she led him to a secluded area in the back of the theatre. She looked around and noticed that they were the only people in there and knew it was time to cash in a long awaited favor from Jessica, the theatre manager. She went back out into the lobby and went up to her and told her what she had in mind and she said that she would help out as much as she could, but couldn’t guarantee anything.

She came back into the show hall and told him everything was all set and the festivities would start as soon as the previews were over. As the time for the previews neared he noticed that they were still the only ones in the theatre and knew that was odd but probably planned that way. They exchanged kisses while waiting for the previews to start and she ever so softly whispered into his ear that this was going to be a movie he would not soon forget.

She grabbed his hand and slid it between the buttons of her light blue blouse and placed it directly on the nipple of her left breast and then asked him if her heart had an accelerated rate. He smiled and said that he might have to explore the area further and then continued to massage her nipple until she gently removed it as the previews were coming to an end.

He looked at her with a dazed expression until she leaned in and whispered into his ear that it was time for the real festivities to begin. She started kissing his neck and without warning she reached into his shorts and started to gently massage his love rod until it had grown to its full length. She gradually made her way down his chest and to his stomach tantalizing him like only she could.

She noticed that he started arching his back as she came closer to his waistline and decided that she had tortured him long enough. With one quick motion she pulled his shorts down just far enough to expose his love rod and then begin to make little circular motions starting at the base and little by little working her way to the tip of it. 

As she reached the tip, she started to make long strokes up and down all sides before plunging downward and taking in all six inches. She slowly worked his love rod in and out of her mouth until she had reached a good tempo. She kept the same steady pace but with each trip up and down his rod she magically produced more saliva enabling her technique to be that much more intense.

She knew from previous experience that he could handle this type of performance all movie long and just sit back and enjoy the fine job she was doing so she decided to kick it up a notch. As she began to really get into it she reached up her sleeve and pulled out her proverbial ace. She took in every inch as she ever so lightly grazed her teeth along his rod; making sure that it didn’t hurt him.

In mere moments he knew that she was going to push him over the edge. He began to arch his back in a feeble attempt to slow her down, but she stayed true to her task and let his man juice explode to the back of her throat. She was very careful to not let one drop escape her mouth while she continued playing with his rod until it was at full length again.

Once her goal was accomplished she stood up and moved in front of him before pulling her skirt up around her waist. Jayson didn’t waste anytime standing up behind her and tenderly sliding his fingers between her inner thighs. She spread her legs far enough to allow him to get the full effect and without prior warning he inserted a finger into her awaiting love canal.

She let out a shallow moan of pleasure as he continued to penetrate her with just his finger until she was nice and moist. After a few moments of giving her the one massage all women want from their men he sat back down in his chair and without missing a beat guided her to sit on his rod, which was ready and willing for the second round to began.

She slowly began to descend onto his rod inch by tender loving inch. As she approached the base of it she started picking up the pace, because she knew that she was in control and loving every second of it. As she would feel herself near the brink of ecstasy she would slow things down until her composure was regained and then start things moving in that rapid motion again.

As she reached the brink for the third time her lover decided that there would be no turning back this time. He swiftly moved his arms around her waist and ripped open her blouse in order to go to work on her nipples. She quickly realized that the harder she tried to steady herself the closer she came to the edge of euphoria and finally surrendered. 

The walls of her canal came to life as they began to quiver and tighten around his rod while shooting out the creamy liquid it had longed to release. He continued to thrust his rod inside of her ensuring that not only would she reach her peak multiple times, but that he would also squirt his man juice into her one more time. As they both seemed to collapse into each other’s arms she whispered his ear, “Thank you for fulfilling my favorite fantasy!” 

They adjusted their clothing and sat down in their original seats to enjoy the rest of the movie hand in hand. Cassandra couldn’t help but think of the fantasy that she had just lived out, while Jayson was off in his own little world. Before leaving the theatre, she thanked Jessica for allowing them to have a private showing and then they headed back to their vehicles.

When they reached her truck she climbed inside and grabbed her new ornament. She looked at the man that had just fulfilled her wildest fantasy to see that he was just shaking his head back and forth with a look of disappointment on his face. She asked him what was wrong and he gave her a sly grin before replying “Have you ever heard the classic song by Aerosmith called…Love in an Elevator?” She put the ornament back on her rear view mirror and followed him to his car.

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