Enough Bickering - Chapter 1

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Gavin Brock was a highly paid, well-educated advertising executive, making well over $500,000 a year, plus expenses. He had plenty of reasons to be pleased with his life, but, lately, he was tired of the office politics at his company, where he was part of the management team. The constant bickering, backstabbing, and squabbling were wasting a lot of the company's energy, that could be better used to push its success and profit margin.

Gavin was also a telepath, unknown to his colleagues, which was no small part of his corporate success. He was able to "convince" his potential clients to go with him, rather than the competition. His talent had landed him the post of executive vice president responsible for negotiations. This made him the boss of the majority of the corporate staff. It meant that he had a secretary, several interns, and a few other perks.

However, he noticed, especially in his division at the corporate headquarters, that he could not prevent the infighting and intrigue that was troubling the company. Furthermore, he was tired of the PC nonsense, such as silly "sexual harassment" rules, that was handed down by the board. He had to get around that, because he found that "dipping his pen in the company ink" was something he really wanted to implement as a personal policy. Those damned lawyers and feminists were ruining everything!

Well, Gavin thought, the time to act had come! His new secretary, by the terms of the new corporate guidelines, was strictly verboten, but he was not about to let political correctness get in the way of personal and professional success. The company would run much smoother, if everyone screwed each other blind now and often.

"Natasha, come in here for a sec, will ya?", he said to the 36 year old divorcee he had hired to type and answer phones for him. She had no idea what was on his mind, but she was about to experience it.

"Yes, Mr. Brock.", she said, scurrying inside his office.

"Show some more leg, baby!", a voice inside her head suddenly told her. She could not help but give in to the notion, especially as turned on as she was by the 43 year old bachelor. She had been pleasantly surprised when he hired her, both because she thought that a younger woman would get the job, and because she wanted to take things further than was professional with him, but did not know how to get him to defy the corporate rules.

Natasha was divorced because her hubby had left her for a younger, "trophy" wife, despite her love and affection for him, not to mention her efforts to satisfy him in bed. Needless to say, her self-esteem was not at its highest point when she had been hired, and was only slightly improved by her selection. She did not know if she had the stuff inside herself to be a seductress.

Somehow, however, she found herself making the attempt, anyway.

Another voice spoke, "Bend over the desk, and show him some of your cleavage."

She complied with that voice, as well.

"Why, Natasha, if I didn't know better, I would say that you were teasing me!", Gavin told her, not letting her have a hint about his hand in her sudden sexual aggression.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I was not teasing- I did not mean to create that impression, sir!", she stammered.

"Okay, I believe you, but what was your intent?"

"Do you want to know the honest truth?"


"I won't get in trouble?"

"Not unless you lie to me."

"I kinda wanted to seduce you, as ridiculous as that sounds, I'm sure. I'm so embarrassed."

"What so ridiculous about that?"

"I don't know, except that I'm not really young enough to please a confirmed bachelor, I suppose. I am a divorced, thirtysomething mother, with the inevitable stretch marks to prove it."

"So, what? Do you think that all men want only women in their 20s, with D cup bosoms?"

"I hadn't thought about it that way, but I guess that individual men would have their own tastes. That's logical enough, but I am not used to the idea of men finding me attractive. I couldn't even keep my husband."

"That's his loss, his problem- not yours. He's obviously a man with dubious taste, no doubt leaving you for a 'trophy wife'."

"Yeah, something like that."

"Well, I happen to find you extremely attractive, both physically and otherwise, and I would love to have a little tryst with you, as long as you won't be jealous."

"I promise, sir, no jealousy! I would love to have a man find me desirable enough for once to get it on with me for a little fling!"

"Then, you can help me get rid of the boner that you gave me with your cleavage and your legs, if you don't mind."


"How? Use your head, Natasha, literally! Suck his cock!", the voice told her.

She obeyed it yet again, unzipping his pants, grabbing his cock, and starting to lick, suck, and kiss his dick with her mouth. She loved the taste too, she had to admit. It was much nicer than her ex-husband's penis, which was smaller, and lacked the texture of Gavin's stiff rod.

His pre-cum even tasted better than her ex-husband's.

"Seems that you figured it out very well, didn't you, Natasha?", Gavin remarked, between gasps, as his excitement grew with her oral efforts.

"Tell him, 'Yes, Master'! That will blow his mind! He loves a slave girl!", the voice informed her.

"Yes, Master!"


"Yes, did I say something wrong, sir?"

"No, it's just that your sudden submissive behavior was quite a shock, not that I am complaining!"

"May I keep calling you 'Master'- I have to admit that it's a serious turn-on!", Natasha asked him.

"Yes, but prove yourself as a slave- keep sucking me off, until I cum, and then swallow it, okay, baby?"

"Yes, Master!"

Natasha could not help herself- she was indeed quite aroused at acting in a servile manner with her boss. No wonder she was always desperate for male love and affection- she was born to serve and submit to a man, or to men in general, at least!

She deep-throated her new master, and kept licking away at his dick, running her tongue along its sides, and building the pressure for him to cum. Finally, he ejaculated, and without any complaints, she swallowed the entire load of semen. She even winked at him as she gulped it down.

"Ah, Master, thank you! You have made happier than I have ever been, but I have to confess, I now want more than just a fling with you- you have made me feel sexy and beautiful, to the point, that I have been feeling some serious gratitude, as well as affection for you.

I am afraid to admit it, but I can't deny that I want you permanently. I know that's a lot for a first-time encounter, and only oral at that, but I am rather vulnerable, and I feel so feminine, being in this subservient position, that I want to be there with you for life! Can I please be your sex slave, for the rest of my life?"

"Do you understand what that means?"

"Tell him that you are willing to share him with other women!", the voice spoke to her.

"That you want me to share you with other women? I'm fine with that, as long as I get to be your slave. I want desperately to be your slave- that's what will make me happiest!"

"good girl, and I will gladly take you as my slave, with the understanding that you have just accepted. Also, this will mean more than kinky bedroom behavior- it means a lifestyle, of pleasing me first, ahead of yourself- can you accept that?"

"Yes, Master!"

"Good girl, and I have a little confession of my own. I am a telepath, and that voice in your head is from me. I have been telling you what to say, to attract and please me- what do you think of that?"

"Oh, my God!"

"Yes, it's a shock to most people, but it is true."

"It must be true, Master, or you wouldn't know about the voice in my head."

"Smart girl! Very perceptive, to gather that much from that one fact! From now on, if I want to give you commands, that I don't want others to know about yet, I will use telepathy with you, so don't be surprised about that."

"Yes, Master! What kind of secret commands?"

"I plan to use my powers to put an end to the petty office politics, by making people have sex with each other, and each other's partners, on a regular basis."

"Excellent plan, Master! I would love to help you make this company run smoother! Thank you, sir, for entrusting me with this information."

"Good girl, you're making your Master very happy and proud! Now, we have an office party tomorrow to turn into an orgy, so let's get to work. Thankfully, this is an adults-only thing."

"Yes, of course, that is good, Master!"

Natasha still had much desk work to do for Gavin that morning, but she breezed right through it, determined to get it out of the way before lunch. She naturally hoped to spend her mid-day meal with her boss, having "snacked" on his cum earlier that day. The whole idea of her new relationship with Mr. Brock, as well as his plans for her and the entire company, was enough to make her wet between her thighs. She was horny after her recent divorce and eager to fuck a man, especially Gavin.

"Natasha, dear, it's time for lunch. Come with me, baby," her boss instructed her, or was that his voice in her head?

"Yes, sir! I'll be right there, Mr. Brock," she replied enthusiastically.

"That's good, but none of this 'Mr. Brock' business anymore, alright? I'm 'Sir', 'Gavin', 'Master', or 'honey' to you. Is that clear?" he demanded.

"Crystal, Sir. Should I take my Honda or ride with you?" she inquired anxiously.

"Natasha, when a man asks you out to lunch with him, it's understood that you're going to ride with him," he observed.

"Yes, of course, Sir. What was I thinking?" she apologized, somewhat embarrassed at her gaffe.

"You were being careful and not wanting to impose yourself. However, you should try to remember that when a man invites you to lunch, he already doesn't consider it an imposition for you to ride in his car," he pointed out.

"Sorry, Sir. I'm just rusty with the dating scene. That's all," she explained.

"That is natural, given your previous marital status. That's why I'm being patient with your nervous mistakes. You need time to adjust to your new life," he assured her.

"Thank you, Sir," she said as they got into his Corvette.

"You're welcome, my love. Now, let's find a place to eat and discuss my plans for the party tomorrow. Does Federico's sound nice?" he suggested.

"Federico's? Isn't that the gourmet Spanish restaurant? I would love to go there! I haven't exactly had the cash for that kind of place lately, even at lunchtime. It sounds great," she agreed.

"Good, because I've wanted to go back there for a while. I know the owner pretty well and he's probably wondering when I would patronize his establishment again. He's a nice Spaniard in his mid-60s. I imagine that we'll get the best service from him today," he informed her.

"Really? You know THE Federico? I heard that he's gay and left Spain during the Franco years, because they were strict about that sort of thing. Is that true?" she asked curiously.

"Yes, he's a homosexual. He even has a 'wife', which means that he has a male lover that stays home and does the housework. I've met him too. His name is Terence and he is only a couple of years older than Federico. He is retired, so the 'house husband' thing doesn't bother his ego quite so much. Anyway, enough about them. Let's get inside," he said after they parked outside the restaurant.

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