Emma and Annabel : Part 2

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She smiled and sat up, looking at me. “You’re turn.” She said with a smirk. I looked up at her and smiled, leaning in to kiss her. “Oh, no no no. bad Emma” Annabel said with an evil grin on her face. “I want you to lay back and let me do my thing.”

Suddenly she didn’t look like the little book worm I knew. She knew what she wanted then and she knew I was about to let her have it.

I laid back and closed my eyes. She grabbed my arms and put them above my head. “I’m going to tie you up baby.” She said seductively. I let out a breath of air, knowing this was going to be a good time.

She tied my hands up and then did my legs next. She slowly kissed her way down my stomach and my thighs, giving me a light lick at my clit causing me to moan lightly. She tied my legs apart and looked at me.

“Baby doll…” I whispered at her. She looked up at me with her big green eyes. Suddenly she looked so young and innocent, but I wasn’t fooled. I wanted that mouth sucking my clit, for her fingers to slid inside of me and for her to make me scream her name.

After I was tied up, she sat back. “You’re going to be blind folded.” She said in her little girl voice; almost as though she didn’t know if I would say yes or not.

“Mmm, go for it Bel.” I said.

She took a blind fold and put it over my eyes, once my eyes were covered and kissed me. Softly and timidly she slid her tongue into my mouth. She sat on top of me, her hands running down my sides and then back up to my breast. She cupped them and gave a gentle squeeze as she kissed down to my neck nipping me gently. She kissed her way further down my chest, licking lightly at my nipples before she took them in her mouth.

She groaned lightly as she sucked my nipple. She moved her hips along my pelvis and moaned some more as this pleasured her as well. She switched breast and continued the same thing before kissing down to my wet mound. She kissed the outside of me, rubbing along the lips and kissing my inner thigh. I bit my lip, trying to hold in the sounds. She slowly slid a finger inside me as she sucked my inner thigh.

I moaned, biting my lip as her finger went in and out, in and out, in and out. She started to get faster, blowing on my clit, never touching it though.

“Annabel….” I moaned out, trying to wiggle my hips, but she had my legs tied tight. She licked at my clit, her warm tongue lightly touching me before licking from my hole to the tip of my clit. “Mmm.. baby” I whimpered as her tongue entered me. She smiled, moaning as she slid it inside me. She stopped and started in on my clit again, gently sucking on it.

“Annabel..” I moaned out louder, she licked all over my lick, using her entire tongue then switching back to her tip. She was driving me up a wall. She went faster and then when back to fast. Then she entered her finger and went fast never stopping.

“Mmmm, Belllll… yesss.” I moaned out, trying to wiggle but without much success. She nipped my clit gently, then a little harder right before sucking it into her mouth. I screamed out her name as I came. She continued to suck and finger me.

She went fast with her fingers and I came again and she licked all over my mound, sucking different spots and nipping until I begged her to stop. Finally she stopped and with one last lick at my clit, I squirted into her mouth before I passed out.


To Be Continued…

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