Elizabeth’s story

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

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The Story-
One Friday evening shortly after Elizabeth's sixteenth birthday her mommy and daddy were sitting in the living room after she went to her room to watch TV.

When Elizabeth left the room her daddy, Charlie put one of his adult movies in the vcr and began to watch it with Denise, his wife. He began to get horny watching the sexual action on the screen, and started to play around with his wife, Denise. Although she usually got very turned on by his caresses, tonight she wasn't feeling very well.

She asked him to stop, and when he continued trying to feel her up, she got up and went to the kitchen to take some aspirin.

She told him she didn't feel well and that she was going to bed.

She left him sitting there feeling dejected, but still horny. As he continued to watch the movies, he heard Elizabeth go into the bathroom and start the shower. He pictured her young body, naked under the jets of water, and he began to fantasize about seeing it for real. The combination of the sexy scenes in the film he was watching and his fantasies about his pretty 18 year old daughter got to be to much for him, and when he heard the shower go off, he peeked into his wife's room to make sure she was asleep, and then quietly headed for Elizabeth's room.

Elizabeth had just come out of the bathroom and was sitting on the bed with her robe hanging open, so her skimpy bikini panties were visible when her daddy came into her room. She was just embarrassed at first as she wrapped the thin robe around her, then she got worried when she saw his expression as his greedy stare slid over her body. He slowly approached her, and sank to the bed beside her. "You are turning into a beautiful, sexy young lady and Daddy wants to see how much you've grown Honey."

Flattered by her daddy's words, but a little scared, she sat as still as a frightened deer, wondering what he was going to do and hoping he would go away. "Daddy's going to find out all about that lovely young body of yours, it looks so sexy, warm and soft." He said, putting his right arm around her shoulders and gently caressing her breasts through the robe.

Elizabeth jumped when he squeezed her breasts with his big hands, and when she felt his fingers twisting her tender nipples, strange new feelings shot through her body. At first she just wanted him to stop, but then he opened her robe and she felt his mouth sucking on her bare nipples while his tongue circled their tips, and she wasn't as sure anymore.

Elizabeth's breasts tingled and her nipples hardened into little buds. The sensations deep in her pussy caused her to squirm and press her thighs together. Charlie felt her trembling and squirming and knew she was beginning to like what he was doing to her breasts. Placing his hand gently on her knee, he slid it slowly up her thigh, until he was rubbing her mound through her silky panties. His caresses increased the sensuous feelings surging through Elizabeth's pussy and she could not resist the urge to relax her legs, giving her daddy more access to the crotch of her panties. Feeling the resistance to his hand relax he knew his lovely, young daughter was getting turned on, and he slid his fingers between her thighs and pressed the silky material of her panties between her lips, rubbing it over her clitoris until he felt Elizabeth responding to the exciting sensations by forcing her pussy deeper into his hand.

She felt the gravy beginning to flow from her pussy causing her lips to slide against each other and against her clitoris as he continued to caress her. Charlie felt the warmth and moisture of her pussy through her tight little panties and his cock swelled when he saw how much she was enjoying his caresses. He began to pull Elizabeth's panties aside to get to her hot young pussy. Elizabeth was getting very excited. She knew she wanted to feel his hand on her naked pussy. She spread her thighs wide apart to make it easy for him to get into her panties. Powerful, sexy feelings surged through her cunt as she felt his fingers slipping under her panties and caressing her naked, wet pussy.

Denise had awakened a few minutes earlier, the aspirin having cured her headache. She had been having a dream which left her feeling very sexy when she awoke, so she headed for the living room to see if Charlie was still in the mood. Not finding him there, Denise walked down the hall toward the bathroom until she saw the light shining out the partially closed door of Elizabeth's room. She approached the door and peeked through the narrow opening just as Charlie was tugging Elizabeth's bikinis aside. Her first impulse was to rush into the room and raise hell with him for trying to get into their daughter's panties. As she watched, however, she saw Elizabeth's delighted expression, and saw her thighs spread wide apart encouraging her daddy to play with her pussy. Denise could feel the heat building in her own loins watching his hand slide under Elizabeth's panties to caress her naked pussy. Denise's hand slid down between her thighs and she began squeezing herself through the panties of her shorty nightgown. Feeling her juices begin to flow made her want to watch for a while to see what would happen.

Charlie, of course, didn't know Denise was watching. He could feel Elizabeth's soft pubic hair and the inviting warmth which seemed to be begging for his touch. Slipping his finger between the wet lips of her youthful pussy, he rubbed them gently, spreading her juices around.

Elizabeth was still a little scared, but her pussy was feeling so good, she couldn't help moving it around as he pressed his finger into her. When her daddy started tugging on her panties with his free hand, Elizabeth raised her hips to let him slide them off. As she rolled her body to the side to raise her hips she caught a glimpse of her mother peeking in the door. That was really scary until she realized that Mommy was playing with herself. Elizabeth could see Denise squeezing and rubbing her pussy through her filmy panties. She knew her mom had been watching Daddy's fingers play with Elizabeth's pussy, and it had really excited her.

As he removed her panties, Charlie pressed them to his face and inhaled her exciting aroma. Watching Daddy sniffing her bikinis and licking her gravy from the crotch while her mother was excitedly masturbating herself in the hall aroused Elizabeth very much. She couldn't resist the urge to excite them even more. Shrugging her robe off her shoulders she let it fall to the bed, completely exposing her nude body, with its smooth soft skin, and firm breasts, to her parents. She realized that her sexy young body was exciting them, and she enjoyed displaying herself very much. "Is this what you wanted to see, Daddy? Have I grown much?"

"Honey, Daddy loves to looks at your sexy body. You have grown into a very desirable young woman." he replied. He rubbed the panties over her swollen nipples and then slid them between her legs, pressing the silky material against her sensitive clitoris until she was gasping from the sensations he was causing in her pussy. Dropping her panties, he leaned forward and his tongue darted over her small, hard nipples while he slid his finger between the swollen lips of her hot, wet young pussy. Elizabeth let out another tiny gasp. He gently pushed her down on the bed, with her legs hanging off the side, and pressing his face between her thighs, began licking her juices directly from her pussy.

Elizabeth started moaning with pleasure. His tongue played with her pussy and kept darting between her slippery lips. Her clitoris hardened like a tiny penis as his tongue attacked it repeatedly. Elizabeth loved the thrills that were surging through her body. She had never imagined how great it would feel to have daddy eating her pussy while mommy watched and played with herself. She drew up her legs to spread her hot, young pussy for their continued enjoyment.

Still watching through the narrow opening, Denise saw Elizabeth's thighs spread wide apart as Charlie's tongue slid up and down her slit. That talented tongue had explored Denise's pussy many times, and she knew how it was making Elizabeth feel. Hearing Elizabeth gasping and moaning from Charlie's attentions increased Denise's enjoyment. She gave up all ideas of raising a fuss, and settled down to taking care of the feelings building deep in her own pussy. She slid one hand down the front of her panties and slid her finger between her hot, juicy cunt lips. She teased her clit until it got hard and then plunged the finger deep into her pussy. The sensuous feelings in her crotch built rapidly and she could feel her breasts swelling from the excitement. Her other hand slipped under the top of her nightie and began to rub her sensitive, swollen nipples. Denise didn't realize that Elizabeth kept catching glimpses of her as she rolled her head from side to side on the bed. Elizabeth saw Mommy wildly fingering herself as she watched Charlie licking her daughter's pussy.

Elizabeth reached out her leg and rubbed her foot over the obvious bulge in her daddy's trousers. His cock shoved back at her probing foot, and she felt it pulsing in his pants. She enjoyed teasing him and it heightened her own excitement.

Turning her head to the side she watched her mom finger-fucking herself. Elizabeth saw her hips thrusting forward to force her fingers deeper into her overheated pussy. It was very exciting to watch her mom, and Elizabeth enjoyed it tremendously.

Her daddy reached back with one hand while still pressing his tongue deep into her pussy, and released his belt. His trousers dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. Elizabeth saw his big prick straining against the thin material of his jockey shorts. Her pussy throbbed with desire from the sight. Caressing it again with her foot, she hooked her toes over the waistband and drew the shorts down until her daddy's cock sprang free. Elizabeth could see a drop of fluid on the swollen tip. She pressed her little foot against his naked cock and rolled it against his belly watching more ooze out and spread over the ruby head. Stepping out of the shorts, Charlie moved forward, bumping his hard cock against her pussy.

He took it in his hand and started rubbing it between her lips, sending thrills through her cunt.

Elizabeth's pussy got very hot and her gravy was soaking the head of his cock. Spreading her legs wide, she thrust her pelvis toward his hot, slippery prick, feeling it slide into her vagina. Moaning loudly now, she wanted to feel her daddy's cock plunge into her hot little pussy. Reaching down with her hand, she grasped his cock tightly, feeling its great heat with her fingers. She pulled it into her pussy, rubbing the head between her slippery lips and over her clit.

"Oh, that feels so good, Daddy." Elizabeth squealed. Wantonly thrusting her cunt toward her daddy's big prick, she made it slide deeper into her throbbing pussy. It hurt a little as it pushed through her hymen and stretched her vagina for the first time, but such thrills shot through her cunt that even the hurting felt good. "Oh daddy!" she exclaimed, "I'm a real woman now. I love the feeling of your big cock stretching my pussy like that."

Daddy was surprised and excited by her reaction and he began to slide his prick in and out of Elizabeth's tight little pussy. Her cunt was so hot and slick he was able to shove his cock all the way into her until his groin bumped against her crotch. Elizabeth could feel his head throbbing deep inside of her. She loved the feeling of her clit rubbing against the base of Daddy's cock. Thrill after thrill shot through her crotch. Elizabeth's body was quickly building toward a climax, and she began thrusting her pussy against him rapidly, chanting "fuck me daddy, Fuck my pussy like you do Mommy's! Shove your big cock deep into my belly."

Denise's hands clutched her crotch tightly when she heard Elizabeth's words. Hearing her daughter beg for her daddy's cock was driving Denise wild. She leaned back against the door frame shoving both hands into her crotch. Frantically she shoved one and then the other deep into her pussy. Her cunt juices were flowing all over her fingers and even down the inside of her thighs. Sliding slowly downward, she sat on the floor and leaned back against the door frame. She drew her knees up and spread her thighs wide so she could drive her fingers deeper in her cunt.

Elizabeth watched her lift one of her breasts from the top of her nightie and bend to suck the swollen nipple. She saw Mom plunging two, and then three fingers into her sloppy pussy and rapidly finger fuck herself. Elizabeth fucked her daddy's big cock wildly, loving the feeling of it filling her pussy and bumping her clitoris. She suddenly let out a little shriek and had her very first orgasm. She thrashed about as her juices flowed all over her daddy's swollen cock.

Elizabeth's reactions were beyond her dad's wildest expectations and excited him tremendously. He started to fuck her like a wild man, shoving his prick deep into her hot young pussy and feeling the muscular walls squeezing his cock tightly. Elizabeth also went wild, shoving her pussy up to meet his cock on every stroke. She used the muscles in her pussy to squeeze and milk his cock as it slid in and out. His breath was coming in short gasps as his excitement reached fever-pitch.

He finally drove deep into her and she felt his prick throb as it shot the hot spurts of his cum deep into her convulsing pussy. His cock pulsing hard inside of her triggered an even bigger orgasm for Elizabeth. She screamed, her head falling back on the bed, and she wrapped her legs around his ass, driving him hard against her pussy.

At the same moment, she saw her mom reach a tremendous orgasm fucking her own fingers. She saw the shudders running through her mother's body as Denise drove her fingers deep into her cunt, clutching at the remnants of the exciting sensations surging through her pussy. Elizabeth then saw her rise slowly and turn from the doorway as she went back toward her room.

When Elizabeth's orgasm finally abated she felt completely exhausted. Charlie slid his dripping prick out of her, bent to place one last kiss on her pussy and let himself out of the room, without a word. Elizabeth lay with his come oozing from her pussy, thinking about what had happened. As she thought about what the future would bring she was sure of one thing, she loved having her pussy licked and fucked, and she wanted a lot more of it from now on. She was glad Mommy had left before Daddy became aware she had been watching. The knowledge that Mommy watched and let Daddy fuck her without doing anything except play with her own pussy was sure to be of use to Elizabeth before too long.

The sound of Daddy's car leaving woke Elizabeth Saturday morning. She recalled that he had mentioned having to work this Saturday. As she lay thinking about the excitement of the previous night when her daddy was fucking her while Mommy watched and played with herself. Her thoughts began to excite her pussy, and she could feel her gravy begin to flow.

Her hand drifted down over her flat tummy and began to idly caress her pussy through her panties. A few minutes of playing with her pussy and thinking of how her mother had gone wild from watching the night before gave Elizabeth an idea for some more fun.

Elizabeth rose from the bed and stepped into the hall. She padded quietly down the hall to her parent's bedroom and slowly opened the door. She saw her mother sprawled on the bed in a transparent black nightie, still sound asleep. The covers were thrown back and Elizabeth could see her mother's pussy through the filmy material of the bikini bottoms. Looking at it brought a picture to Elizabeth's mind of her mother sitting against the door frame last night wildly frigging herself, and the thought sent hot feelings through her own pussy. Denise's breasts and nipples were also visible through the skimpy nylon nightie. Elizabeth walked quietly to the bed squeezing her pussy through her panties and wondering if she could make her mother hot without waking her.

Kneeling beside the bed she carefully placed her hand between her mother's thighs and rested her fingers lightly against the crotch of her mother's panties. She slid her fingers slowly up and down over the silky material, rubbing Denise's pussy through the panties. Elizabeth knew it was beginning to work when she felt the lips of her mother's pussy starting to swell under the thin nylon of the panties.

Denise's hips began to move, rubbing her pussy against Elizabeth's fingers. Elizabeth's fingers playing with her pussy were making Denise have a sexy dream. Elizabeth felt the crotch of the panties getting damp as her mother's juices began to ooze from her cunt. Her mother started moaning softly in her sleep. Elizabeth discovered that her mother had shaved all the hair from her pussy except for a heart-shaped patch her mound of venus. It made her pussy look very sexy, and was probably done for her husband, but it was very exciting to her daughter.

Wanting a better look at Mommy's hairless pussy, Elizabeth gently slid the panties to one side and ran her fingers over the naked, puffy lips. Denise's soft moaning and her own rising excitement made Elizabeth more daring, and she slipped her finger between the juicy lips of her mother's pussy. Denise's dreamy movements made it easy for Elizabeth's to slide her finger deeper and deeper into the slippery cunt. When her knuckles bumped against the clitoris, her mother's pussy jumped against her hand.

Rapid little quivers started going through Denise's body as she moved her pussy against Elizabeth's hand. Suddenly she woke and raised her head. When she saw Elizabeth's fingers pressed into her pussy she exclaimed, "Elizabeth, what are you doing to me?"

"Stop doing that right now!" She tried to close her legs to get away from the exciting fingers, but Elizabeth had other ideas. Pressing her fingers firmly into her mother's pussy, Elizabeth looked into her eyes and said, "I saw you watching Daddy play with me last night, Mother. You got very excited when he was licking my pussy. I saw you cum all over your hands when he was fucking me."

Shocked by Elizabeth's words, Denise head dropped back on the pillow. She buried her face in her hands as she realized all that Elizabeth had seen her doing last night. It was as if she was seeing it all again in vivid flashes of memory. As Denise remembered the things she had seen and had done the evening before, she recalled the feelings that had surged through her body. Now Elizabeth's hand was causing the same exciting, hot feelings deep in her pussy. She could feel her breasts and nipples swelling again as the hot blood pumped through them.

Her mother's nipples poked against the sheer fabric of her nightie, and Elizabeth could see them plainly. Her mother's pussy was getting hot and juicy around Elizabeth's fingers. She knew she had Mommy right where she wanted her. She began to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy, and she twisted her wrist to make her knuckles rub over Mommy's swelling clit to stimulate that tiny bundle of nerve endings. Her mother's movements made it obvious that Elizabeth was exciting her very much.

Denise tried desperately to get her feelings under control, but her body was betraying her. The sensations that raced through her as her daughter's fingers invaded her pussy caused her hips to roll involuntarily. Her cunt was doing her thinking for her, and it was pumping against Elizabeth's hand.

Her hands slid from her face to cup her breasts. The fingers squeezed and rolled her nipples passionately. Denise knew she was losing the battle with her treacherous body.

Elizabeth suddenly removed her fingers from her mother's pussy, and leaned forward to run her tongue into it, sliding it up and over her mother's clit. Her mother moaned loudly, giving up the fight, and letting her pussy have its way. Wrapping her long, lovely legs around Elizabeth's shoulders Denise drew her face closer, pulling it against her pussy. Elizabeth's long tongue slid deep into her mother's cunt. Then it flicked teasingly over her clitoris. Denise was gasping for breath.

Humping her pussy against her daughter's face, and moaning loudly, she came in a rush of delightful feelings. Looking down, Denise saw that Elizabeth had her hand between her own thighs rubbing her pussy frantically through her panties. Denise enjoyed the way Elizabeth made her cum so much that she wanted to make her daughter cum too. Her legs still held Elizabeth's face trapped against her throbbing wet pussy.

Spreading her thighs, she released her, saying "You're a tease, Elizabeth, and you really made me cum hard. I really enjoyed it, Honey, but now I want to make you enjoy it too, and these panties are in the way."

Denise swung her legs to the floor and rose from the bed, sliding her panties off and dropping them to the floor. She sat down on the edge of the bed, exposing her shaved pussy to her daughter. Pulling Elizabeth to her feet, she fingered the soaking crotch of her panties for a moment, and then raised her fingers to her mouth. Denise sucked the juices from her fingers, thrilled by the idea of tasting her daughter's pussy. Sliding Elizabeth's panties to the floors, Denise pulled her close and mouthed her firm, young breasts sucking first one, and then the other nipple into her mouth. Her knee slid between her daughter's thighs and pressed against her pussy.

Elizabeth let her knees bend and mashed her hot, slippery cunt lips against her mother's knee, feeling it get slippery from her gravy. She rubbed her pussy back and forth on Mommy's knee until her knees trembled from the exciting sensations surging through her cunt. Straightening up, she pulled the top of her mothers's nightie over her head and cast it aside.

Taking her mother's turgid breasts in her hands, Elizabeth sucked on the nipples, one after the other.

Swinging her legs back onto the bed, Denise pulled Elizabeth with her, spreading her legs wide so her daughter was between her thighs. She drew Elizabeth up until they were face to face. Elizabeth's pussy and breasts were pressing tightly against her own. Pulling her head down, Denise kissed her full on the mouth, sliding her tongue against Elizabeth's. She felt her daughter respond to the sexy kiss by grinding her pussy against her mom's until their clits rubbed like two tiny cocks. Shocking tremors of passion surged through their bodies.

Rolling Elizabeth to the side, Denise flipped over on the bed until her head rested on Elizabeth's thigh. Her daughter's juicy young pussy excited her very much. Grasping the cheeks of Elizabeth's ass she pulled her closer until her open mouth pressed against her pussy. Her tongue darted between the slippery lips and tasted Elizabeth's honey. Excited by the feeling of her mother's tongue in her pussy, Elizabeth pulled her mother's cunt to her own mouth. Her nose pressed into the neatly trimmed patch of blonde hair on Denise's mound as her tongue licked all over the naked lips and up the slit between them.

They were moaning in delight over the feelings they were causing in each other's pussies. Denise remembered how much she enjoyed having Charlie play with her ass while he was fucking her. She slid her hand between Elizabeth's thighs from behind and dipped her finger into her juicy cunt to get it slippery. Then she moved it back and rubbed the juices over the rim of Elizabeth's ass. Denise repeated the action several times, transferring Elizabeth's juices from her pussy until it was well lubricated.

Elizabeth quivered each time Denise ran her finger around her ass. She was almost overcome by the rush of exciting new feelings when her mother slid her long slender finger deep into her rectum. Elizabeth pressed her pussy against her mothers face, greatly stimulated by the finger sliding in and out of her rear while Denise's tongue slid in and out of her cunt. In her rising excitement, Elizabeth forgot about her mother's pussy until Denise raised her head and pleaded "Do me too, Honey. Lick my pussy and play with my butt."

Elizabeth dipped her fingers into her mother's pussy until they were wet with Denise's juices. She swirled them around her mother's ass until it was slippery, and then plunged one in all the way in up to her knuckles. Her mother moaned with pleasure and thrust her pussy against Elizabeth's face as she drove her own tongue deep into Elizabeth's cunt.

The dual action of tongues and fingers fucking into their bodies simultaneously drove them both to new heights of delight. With hips thrusting shamelessly, tongues and fingers sliding deep into pussies and asses, and noses rubbing clits, they fucked each other's faces wildly until they both came at once, moaning and gasping for breath.

"Oh Honey, that was wonderful" Denise purred. "What a marvelous way to wake up in the morning."

"I loved it too, Mommy" Elizabeth replied. "I woke up thinking about watching you play with your pussy in the hall last night, and it made me so hot I had to come to your room."

"When I saw you sprawled on the bed with your pussy showing through that sexy nightie, I couldn't resist playing with it."

Denise would have liked to linger with Elizabeth, but she had an appointment with her hairdresser in a short while, so she had to rise and started dressing. Elizabeth lay idly fingering her pussy and watching while her mother slipped into a pair of filmy black bikini panties and stuffed her full breasts into a matching black bra. She watched her pull on dark stockings, fastening them with a lacy garter belt she wrapped around her hips.

Denise was aware Elizabeth was fondling herself while she watched her dress, and it made her juices start to flow in her fresh panties. She wished she had more time to stay and play. She felt the lips of her pussy rubbing together between her thighs as she walked to her dressing table to apply her makeup. It was obvious to Elizabeth that Mommy was still excited from the way she was rubbing her pussy against the chair. Elizabeth kissed her mother's neck, forcing her forward so her pussy pressed hard against the corner of the chair making her squirm in her seat. Elizabeth turned and went down the hall to her own room, knowing it wouldn't be long until the played together again.

Elizabeth's pussy hadn't stopped tingling from her mother's touches as she started to dress. She stepped into a pair of her panties and was surprised how good it felt when she pulled them up tight against her crotch. Since last night, it seemed that every thing she did made her feel sexy. "My pussy's still not satisfied." Elizabeth thought as she rubbed her cunt through the silky material of her panties. "It loves all the attention it has been getting, and it wants to be played with all the time."

Slipping on a T-shirt and a short skirt, she studied her image in the mirror. Her nipples were still excited and they showed plainly through the shirt. "I even look sexier now." thought Elizabeth. She decided to go next door to Cindy's house.

Cindy's mom and dad were out of town, and her brother Billy was spending a couple of days at his friend Tim's house. Elizabeth got excited thinking about telling Cindy some of the things that had happened since she saw her yesterday. She knew it would excite Cindy to hear about them too.

Cindy was happy to see Elizabeth because she was bored from being home alone. She hadn't dressed yet, so she was still in the t-shirt and panties she had slept in. Cindy was a well-built young girl with long, shapely legs merging into her tight round ass. Her high, firm breasts needed no bra to support them.

Remembering how her mother's tongue felt in her pussy this morning caused Elizabeth to look at her friend from a different viewpoint. She caught herself staring at Cindy's breasts and at the juncture of her thighs where her panty covered pussy peeped from beneath the shirt. "Oh Cindy," she breathed "I have so much to tell you about. A lot has happened to me since I saw you last."

"Tell me all about it." Cindy replied. "Let's go to my room so I can dress while I'm listening." She led the way up the stairs, and Elizabeth followed, eying Cindy's firm little butt swaying back and forth in her pink panties. She let Cindy get a little ahead so she could see her nylon covered pussy between her legs as they climbed the stairs. The hot feelings in her own pussy as she felt the lips rubbing together while she climbed the stairs made her want to get Cindy hot too.

Flopping on Cindy's bed, she started describing how her daddy had come into her room last night and played with her body. Cindy had pulled her t-shirt off over her head, uncovering her firm round breasts. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open as she listened to Elizabeth's words. She dropped the shirt to the floor and sprawled in a chair beside the bed, listening intently. As Elizabeth continued her story of how her daddy had fondled her breasts and pussy, Cindy felt warm tremors in her crotch and began to squirm in the chair. Cindy imagined the feelings that Elizabeth's father must have caused as he played with Elizabeth's body, and it was beginning to excite her own pussy very much. When Elizabeth told how good it felt when her dad slipped his fingers under her panties, Cindy could feel her breasts swelling and her nipples tightening. Elizabeth described the irresistible desire that surged through her body as she felt her father's fingers spreading her gravy all over her pussy. Cindy pussy was tingling, and she began to squeeze her thighs together to heighten the sensations.

"Daddy never tried anything like that with me," Cindy said "but my brother, Billy, is always trying to peek at me when I am undressed."

"Once he even took a picture of me as I got out of the shower."

"He pretended there was no film in the camera, but I peeked in his room a few times and saw him looking at the picture while he plays with himself."

Elizabeth told Cindy about spotting her mother playing with her own pussy in the hall while she watched daddy slip Elizabeth's panties off and put his tongue deep into her pussy. She went into detail describing the feelings his tongue caused as it licked her clit and darted into her slippery pussy. Cindy's excitement rose until it was almost more than she could bear.

Swinging her legs apart, she gave in to the hot feelings in her throbbing cunt and dropped her hand between her thighs exclaiming "I just have to rub my pussy a little. Your story is getting me so hot I can't sit still." Cindy spread her fingers over the crotch of her panties and began squeezing her cunt through the silky material.

Elizabeth was getting pretty aroused too. Retelling last night's events, and watching Cindy's excited behavior was making Elizabeth's pussy throb too. She rose from the bed and said

"Watching you play with your pussy is making me hot too."

"I'm going to get out of these clothes." Elizabeth slipped off her blouse and skirt, exposing her naked breasts and tiny panties to her friends eyes.

Cindy was enjoying the erotic feelings her hand was sending through her pussy, and she watched closely as Elizabeth removed her clothing. Elizabeth sat on the bed and raised her foot to remove her shoe, giving Cindy a full view of her crotch. Cindy's eyes locked on the panties where they stretched tightly over Elizabeth's pussy lips. She could see a small wet spot appearing where the mouth of Elizabeth's pussy met the silky material, and she knew Elizabeth was getting hot too.

Elizabeth knew Cindy was staring at her crotch and when she finished removing her shoes she deliberately slid forward to the edge of the bed, spreading her thighs as she moved. Cindy watched the panties pulling into her friend's crotch until they slipped between the lips of her pussy. Elizabeth saw Cindy's eyes widen and her hips begin to thrust her pussy against her hand as she squeezed it harder in her excitement.

"Want to hear more, Cindy?" Elizabeth teased, "Am I making your little pussy too hot?" Replying quickly, Cindy moaned "Oh Elizabeth, tell me more about how your pussy felt. Thinking about the things you're describing is driving me wild with sexy new feelings."

Elizabeth went on with her story, telling Cindy how her pussy felt and how she started wanting to feel her daddy's swollen cock in her pussy. She told how she had fondled his cock and pulled off his shorts with her foot. She panted a little herself as she told how he teased her pussy with his throbbing cock until she grabbed it in her hand and pushing it into her virgin cunt. She told how wildly she had returned his fucking, driving her pussy over his big hot tool.

Cindy was openly staring at Elizabeth's swollen pussy lips protruding on each side of the panty crotch. She was visualizing that big cock sliding between those puffy lips. Cindy started squeezing her breasts and teasing the nipples with her finger tips as her other hand continued to stimulate her pussy.

Elizabeth watched as Cindy's fingers drove deeper and deeper in her crotch until she had most of the crotch of her pink panties shoved into her slit. Cindy's pussy lips were swollen and sticking out on both sides of the soaked, silky material. "You're doing just like Mommy did in the hall while she watched Daddy fuck me." She told Cindy. "Watching Mommy's hands clutching her pussy got me very excited last night, and watching you is having the same effect."

The tightly stretched material of Elizabeth's panties was pressing against her clitoris making it tingle and swell even more. She began sliding her butt forward and back on the bed to make the panties rub her button as she continued talking. She told Cindy how they all climaxed at the same time, and how her mother had slipped back to her room before Daddy noticed her there. She even told Cindy how he had kissed her pussy before he left.

Cindy was slumped down in her chair frantically playing with her pussy, and her eyes were almost glazed from staring at Elizabeth's pussy. She could see the panties rubbing between her lips and against Elizabeth's swollen clit. She could imagine the feelings that must have surged through Elizabeth's mother's cunt when she watched her husband's cock plunging into her daughter's excited pussy.

Elizabeth knew she had excited Cindy to the point where she could do anything she wanted to her. She rose from the bed and walked slowly toward Cindy, enjoying the sensations she felt when her pussy lips slid back and forth over the slick panty material that was pulled into her slit. Reaching Cindy, she bent and placed her hand over Cindy's. She drove Cindy's fingers deeper into her crotch. She smeared Cindy's juices all over her pussy, then raised her own hand to her mouth and licked Cindy's juices from her fingers.

Cindy lay helpless in the chair, thrusting her pussy hard against her fingers. Thrills shot through her excited young body as she watched Elizabeth licking the juices from her fingers.

She felt Elizabeth take her hands and tug her to her feet, placing her arms around Elizabeth's waist. Elizabeth's arms encircled her waist and, her hands grasped her butt pulling her close until their breasts, bellies and thighs were pressed tightly together.

Elizabeth forced her leg between Cindy's thighs and against her mound. Cindy sagged so her pussy was rubbing on Elizabeth's thigh. It felt so good she almost collapsed to the floor, but Elizabeth supported her and she heard Elizabeth's voice in her ear saying "If you want to hear what happened this morning in my mom's room you will have to do me a favor."

"Anything you want, Elizabeth." Cindy gasped. "Looking at your pussy and listening to you talk has got my pussy so hot I can hardly stand it. I know how your mother must have felt last night watching you with your daddy. I almost wish Billy were here to look at my pussy right now. I'd even let him play with it."

Pleased and excited by Cindy's response, Elizabeth stepped back and removed her panties. She also slid Cindy's panties off. She took Cindy's arm and guided her down to the floor stretching her out on the carpet. Cindy's legs were spread apart and Elizabeth got a full view of her slippery, excited pussy. The lips were so swollen they held her pussy open like a pink rose. Elizabeth stepped forward straddling her waist and lowered herself until her knees were on either side of Cindy's body and her pussy was close to her face.

Elizabeth began to tell Cindy how she had slipped into her parents' room and seen her mother's shaved pussy through the transparent panties of her nightie. As she described how she had started caressing it while her mother slept, and how the lips swelled under her fingers, she reached back and started running her fingers over Cindy's pussy. Elizabeth told Cindy how her mother's pussy moved against her hand, making her get excited and recklessly slip her finger into her sleeping mother's cunt.

Elizabeth's pussy was so close to her face, Cindy could study it in great detail as Elizabeth talked. The outer lips were adorned with a light covering of fine reddish hair. She ran her fingers lightly over them and watched them swell until they were puffy looking. Gradually they spread open all by themselves, and Cindy could see the inner lips and the entrance to Elizabeth's vagina. She slipped her finger between the lips and rubbed it around as Elizabeth told how she had overcome her mother's initial resistance when she woke and found Elizabeth playing with her pussy. Cindy could see Elizabeth's clitoris near the top of her slit, and she gently rubbed it with the tip of her finger. "Oh Cindy, that feels so good," Elizabeth sighed. "but now I want you to do it with your tongue."

Cindy hesitated momentarily, but then she felt Elizabeth's finger slipping deeper into her pussy. It felt so good as it slid in and out, she started licking Elizabeth's pussy. She started rubbing Elizabeth's love button with the tip of her tongue.

Drawing her legs up, Cindy spread her thighs, and pumped her pussy against Elizabeth's hand. Raising her head, she drove her tongue deep into Elizabeth's cunt. Elizabeth reacted immediately. She stopped in the middle of telling how she had tongued her mother's slit and slid forward mashing her pussy against

Cindy's mouth and humped against her face. She squeezed Cindy's pussy tightly with her hand and drove her finger deeper between the juicy lips.

Elizabeth's finger was sending waves of ecstasy through Cindy, and her pussy was humping frantically against Elizabeth's hand. She grabbed Elizabeth's hips in her hands to draw her close and began rapidly fucking Elizabeth's pussy with her tongue. She thrust her tongue into Elizabeth's cunt, and then spread it flat on her pussy and licked the lips from bottom to top, rubbing her taste buds over Elizabeth's swollen clit. They were both so engrossed in the extreme pleasure they were feeling they didn't realize that Billy had come home and was peeking around the door.

Billy had planned to stay at Tim's longer, but Shelly, Tim's girlfriend, had showed up and wanted to go to the movies alone with Tim. Billy packed up and came home. When he entered the house he threw down his bag and sneaked up the stairs thinking Cindy might still be sprawled on her bed asleep. He was hoping to get another peek at his older sister's sexy body.

Billy had just turned 15, and still hadn't had much luck with the girls. Most of the ones he knew were interested in the older guys that had cars. As he approached Cindy's room he heard noises and noticed the door was ajar, so he stepped very softly. He could hardly believe his eyes when he peered carefully around the door.

He was looking directly at his sister's cunt. She was lying naked on the floor near the door with her legs drawn up and her knees spread out. He had never seen a pussy wide open

like that before, and it really excited him. Cindy's pretty friend Elizabeth, was also naked and was straddling his sister's breasts with her back toward Billy. Neither girl could see him. Elizabeth's had her hand on Cindy's crotch and he could see the finger plunging into his sister's juicy, open pussy. Cindy was making fucking motions with her hips to drive the finger deeper. He knew Elizabeth's pussy must be right in his sister's face and from the motions he was sure Cindy was fucking Elizabeth's pussy with her tongue.

Even in his dreams, Billy had never imagined seeing his sister like this, and it made his cock throb wildly in his jeans. Elizabeth was pushing her pussy against his sister's mouth, her red hair swaying as she moved. He could hear the girls moaning as they stimulated each other's pussies. Billy grabbed at his throbbing cock through his pants and squeezed it hard.

Billy had masturbated many times after only catching glimpses of Cindy's panties or breasts. Now her naked pussy was spread wide only a few feet from him, and he could see every detail as Elizabeth's fingers slid in and out all slippery with his sister's gravy. He wanted to pull out his cock and jerk off right there, but he was afraid of getting caught. He decided to watch a few more seconds and then go to his room to play with himself.

The girls were both oblivious to anything but the wonderful sexual feelings building in their pussies, so they were still unaware of Billy's watchful eyes. Cindy planted her feet solidly on the floor and used her hips to rapidly shove her pussy against those wonderful fucking fingers of Elizabeth's hand, driving them deeper into her drooling cunt. Her actions drove the base of Elizabeth's thumb between her lips so that it pressed directly on her clit and slid rapidly back and forth over the little bud. Her head rolled to the side and she gasped "My pussy's going to cum all over your fingers, Elizabeth. Rub me hard."

In that same instant she caught sight of Billy watching them with a dreamy look on his face as he squeezed the cock that was bulging in his jeans. In her excited condition it thrilled her tremendously to feel her brother's eyes on her pussy. As she saw him turning to go to his room, she squealed "Fuck my pussy, Elizabeth, fuck it hard with your fingers."

Her mouth went back to Elizabeth's pussy, and she pulled it against her face until her nose was rubbing against Elizabeth's clitoris while her tongue was buried deeply in Elizabeth's cunt. She swirled her tongue around Elizabeth's cunt sucking her juices into her mouth. Visions of Billy hand stroking his cock in his room floated through her mind and excited her even more. Cindy's renewed vigor pushed Elizabeth to the very edge of an orgasm that was building deep in her pelvis. Her Hips began to vibrate rapidly causing her super-sensitive clit to rub over Cindy's nose sending shock waves of intense feelings shooting through her pussy. Cindy's felt Elizabeth's fingers plunging in and out of her cunt stretching it wide. Elizabeth's thumb was rubbing and pinching Cindy's button, making her hump wildly against it as she approached her climax. Both girls orgasmed simultaneously, bucking their cunts against each other and squealing in ecstasy.

When their spasms subsided, and they were lying on the floor hugging each other Cindy remembered and whispered "Billy came home, and he was in the hall rubbing his cock and watching us do each other. I think he has gone to his room to play with his cock."

"Do you think he might tell?" Elizabeth asked. "If I go to his room and catch him beating off, he won't dare to squeal." She said as she rose and headed for the hall.

In his haste to get to his room and jack off, Billy had swung his door closed, but didn't think to lock it. He had hurriedly pulled off his clothes and dropped to the bed stroking his hard, throbbing cock while picturing his sister's eating Elizabeth's pussy and Elizabeth's finger pumping in Cindy's cunt. His cock seemed bigger and harder than he had ever seen it before. The swollen head was ruby red in its excited state. He wet his fingers with saliva and rubbed them over the head. He twitched from the sensations his fingers caused as he rubbed the underside of the head. Visions of fingers and tongues plunging into juicy young pussies ran through his mind, and he began to make short fast strokes with his hand wrapped around his sensitive cock.

Just as he felt his balls tightening in preparation for shooting his semen into the air, the door swung wide and Elizabeth stepped into the room. His hand stopped in mid-stroke, and he lay there clutching his prick and feeling very embarrassed.

Elizabeth stood there for a minute, gloriously naked, enjoying the sight of his hand on his swollen cock. Her red hair fell with a light curl to near her shoulders. Her firm breasts jutted forward, and the rosy little nipples were still swollen. Her left hand played with a curl in her hair for a moment and then fell toward her crotch. Her fingers toyed with the light red curls on her mound and the fine red hairs covering her puffy pussy lips. Her pussy was still wet from her juices and from Cindy's mouth.

Billy was stunned by her sudden appearance and before he could recover she walked over to him swinging her hips sexily, and sat on the bed. She reached out and took Billy's dick in her hand squeezing it slightly. It began to swell even bigger and harder. She smiled at him as she felt his cock throb in her hand. "This is going to be fun," Elizabeth thought as a better idea of how to keep Billy from telling came to mind.

"Have you been spying on us, Billy?" Elizabeth asked teasingly. "Did you get hot seeing your sister lick my pussy while I finger fucked her? Did your cock throb when you squeezed it the way it is throbbing when I do?"

Billy had never been this close to a naked girl, and his cock had never been fondled by a girl before. He couldn't find his voice, so he just smiled sheepishly at Elizabeth and vigorously nodded his head. Elizabeth gave him a wonderful sexy smile and began to slowly stroke his hard on. She lifted Billy's balls in her hand and lightly squeezed them. She took his hand and placed it on her breasts to let him feel them. Her nipple was poking into his palm so Billy gently rubbed and twisted it. She seemed to like that, and she lay back with her head toward his feet, still grasping his cock in her warm hand.

Elizabeth swung her legs up to the bed rolling on to her side facing Billy. She raised her upper leg, opening her crotch to him. She slid his hand from her breasts slowly down over her belly to her juicy, young cunt. Her hand guided his fingers over her pussy and into her slippery slit. Billy began sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy. Her juices quickly lubricated his fingers making it easier to shove them deeper into her cunt. She switched hands and stroked his cock faster and faster as she felt his finger fucking her hot little pussy. It was too much for him and he exploded shooting his cum all over his belly and on Elizabeth's breasts.

Billy heard a gasping sound, and looking toward the door, he saw Cindy standing there clutching her breasts. She had on her a pair of her skimpiest panties, but was otherwise naked. For a moment they were silent as they stared at each other. Then Cindy walked over to the bed and stood looking down at Elizabeth and Billy. His fingers were still in Elizabeth's pussy and she was gently rocking against them.

Cindy could see the droplets of semen on Elizabeth's breasts and on his belly. Still not saying anything she knelt beside the bed, pulled his hand from Elizabeth's cunt and sucked the juices from her brother's fingers, one by one. She then moved down and licked Billy's cum from Elizabeth's breasts paying particular attention to the rising nipples. Billy felt wonderful sensations in his prick, and looking down saw Elizabeth licking the cum from the head of his cock, much as Cindy was doing to her breasts. Billy's excitement increased when Elizabeth slipped her mouth over the head and began to suck it into her throat.

Rising from her knees, Cindy drew her brother's hand to her pantied crotch and began to rub his fingers over her pussy while taunting, "Billy, you're always trying to peek up my skirt or at my titties and pussy. Isn't feeling of my pussy even better? Is this what you have been wanting to do all this time?"

Billy happily nodded his head as she continued pressing his fingers into her crotch. He could feel her panties getting warm and wet, and he loved the silky feel of them sliding over her pussy. He could still feel Elizabeth's mouth sucking on his cock.

Wanting to excite her brother even more, Cindy started humming a sexy tune, and bending her knees slightly, she began to bump and grind at him like a stripper while mashing his hand tightly against her cunt. Enjoying Cindy's pretense Billy started chanting "Take it off, Sis, take it all off. Show me your hot little pussy."

Cindy dropped his hand and stepped back a bit. Spreading her legs apart for a better stance she swung her hips and threw her pussy at him like a pro. Billy had a great view of her silky crotch. She slid her panties down one hip and then the other, teasing, but not revealing too much.

Elizabeth had stopped sucking Billy's cock to watch Cindy, but she kept up a slow stroking action with her hand. She soon realized Cindy was stimulating herself as much as she was exciting her brother with her teasing dance. Her pussy lips were so swollen they stuck out and her panties stretched like a pouch over them. When she thrust her hips toward Billy, and Elizabeth could see the wetness in her crotch from her flowing juices.

Cindy hands ran down her legs and back up the inside of her thighs caressing her pussy as they reached it, before moving on to her breasts. She squeezed a breast in each hand so the swollen nipples jutted out at her brother. Her efforts to tease her brother were making her hotter than ever. In her excitement, she was doing things for Billy that she had never dreamed of doing in front of anyone. The more she did to tease her brother, the wilder she got because she was exciting herself as much or more than she was exciting him.

Feeling Elizabeth's and her brother's eyes following her sexy actions made her pussy throb and she felt her gravy flowing between the lips. She swung around with her back to them, and raised to her toes to emphasize her sexy legs. Bending way over, she tugged her panties up into her crack, and wiggled her ass at Billy so he could see the panties slip between her pussy lips. She then slid her panties down her legs and off her feet. Still shaking her ass at them, she lifted the panties to her crotch and stuffed them into her pussy, sopping up her juices.

Elizabeth and Billy had a great rear view of Cindy's excited pussy. They were fascinated as she spread her legs wide and pushed the panties into her pussy. They watched her rubbing the panties over her pussy. She then pulled them out, and turned to drop them over Billy's face, saying "Smell your sister's pussy, Billy. Suck my gravy from my panties." Billy excitedly pulled the panties to his mouth and licked the juicy crotch panel.

Watching him closely, Cindy slowly slid her hands up the inside of her sexy thighs toward her crotch. Elizabeth felt Billy's cock jump in her hand when he saw his sister's hands reach her pussy and saw her lean back spreading the lips wide with her fingers, saying "Here it is for you, Billy. You have been trying to peek at my pussy for a long time. Now that I'm hot enough to enjoy showing it to you, how do you like it?"

Billy quickly replied "It excites me very much having you show your pussy to me, Sis, and I hope you will let me see it more often from now on. I also hope you will let me do more than just look. Your pussy looks like it wants me to do more than just look at it." He realized how exciting it was to Cindy to be exhibiting her pussy for him. Her juices were flowing over her fingers as she held her cunt open for his excited gaze.

Billy's took Cindy's hand and pulled her to the bed. she climbed over him and Elizabeth to lay with her pussy near his head. As he turned his head to look at her pussy, she pulled his head down between her spread thighs and said "I want you to do a lot more than just look, Billy, I want you to eat my pussy like I was doing for Elizabeth when you were peeking at us."

Billy kissed her pussy and ran his tongue all over her lips, enjoying the slightly salty taste and musky smell of her pussy. He suddenly felt two tongues licking his cock as Cindy and Elizabeth embraced over it. He slid his hand between Elizabeth's thighs and began finger fucking her as he tongued his sister's cunt.

Cindy shuddered as she felt her brother's tongue probing deep in her pussy, and she began bucking against his mouth. His chin was rubbing her clitoris and driving her crazy. She never knew she could get so hot just thinking about having her own brother's tongue in her pussy. Cindy could feel Billy exploring it thoroughly with his tongue, and her excitement surged when she realized that her brother was the first boy to get into her panties.

Cindy watched Elizabeth slip her mouth over the swollen ruby head of Billy's cock, and start sucking it harder as his fingers plunged into her pussy. She saw him raising his loins to drive his cock deeper into Elizabeth's throat. She thought Elizabeth would gag, but saw her head tilt to let it slide into her throat. Amazed, Cindy watched Billy fucking Elizabeth's throat as though it were a tight pussy. Cindy imagined how brother's cock would feel if it were sliding into her pussy the way it was doing in Elizabeth's throat.

Billy suddenly moaned deep in Cindy's pussy and shot his come into Elizabeth's mouth. Elizabeth tried to swallow it, but some dribbled down her lips. Cindy leaned over and licked the come from Elizabeth's lips, and also helped her lick off the come that had run down Billy's cock. Cindy's tongue met and licked over Elizabeth's, and she kissed her, running her tongue in where her brother's cock had just been.

Billy was still breathing hard, and his head lay on his sister's thigh. He occasionally flicked his tongue over her swollen clit as he regained his breath. He watched the girls licking his cock and then pressing their lips together in a passionate kiss. Elizabeth was still stroking his cock to keep it hard, and he heard her whisper to Cindy "I want to fuck him."

He heard his sister reply quickly, "He's my brother, and we're the virgins here. I think my pussy should be the first to feel my brother's cock."

Cindy's own words surprised and excited her. Watching his cock sliding into Elizabeth's throat had made her imagine how it would feel pumping into her cunt. She wanted very much to fuck her brother and feel his cock stretching her pussy as it did Elizabeth's throat. Rising to her knees she straddled Billy's hips. Elizabeth's hand guided his cock to her pussy, rubbing it against her love button.

Elizabeth got excited watching Cindy's juices oozing over her brother's cock, and she rubbed it between the lips until it was well lubricated. Holding his cock at the entrance to Cindy's cunt, Elizabeth pressed Cindy's hips down until the head of Billy's cock slipped into his sister's virgin channel.

Elizabeth could almost feel it in her own pussy as she watched it slide in. Cindy felt Billy's cock stretching her pussy as it slipped in and bumped into her hymen. She started rising and lowering her hips over him, thinking of the way Billy had plunged his cock into Elizabeth's throat. She wanted to feel it slide deep in her pussy, but was afraid it would hurt when it tore through her hymen. Billy waited until she started down over the head, then thrust his cock up at his sister's pussy.

She felt his cock tear through and plunge deep into her belly. The pain was only momentary and the wonderful feeling of his cock stretching her pussy the same way it had stretched Elizabeth's throat made her forget the hurt. Her brother's cock fucking deep in her pussy felt even better than she had imagined. The feelings deep in her pussy were new and wonderful. She understood why Elizabeth had enjoyed her Dad's cock so much. Placing her hands on Billy's hips she began making long slow strokes up and down his prick reveling in the feeling it caused as the swollen head slipped over the ridges in her vagina. Bottoming out mashed her clitoris against his hairy pubic bone and sent more tremors through her pussy. Cindy rotated her hips to increase the feelings surging through her clit.

Just knowing he was the first boy to have his cock in Cindy's pussy was enough to cause Billy great excitement. The fact that she was on top fucking him, and the feelings in the head of his cock as the tight folds of her vagina slipped over it left him breathless with pleasure. He was content to lie there and let his sister fuck him into oblivion.

Elizabeth was fingering her own pussy as she watched them. Her fingers and her pussy were flooded with her juices. Billy watched as she reached up and spread her juices over Cindy's nipples until they were all slippery. He watched as Elizabeth rubbed, twisted and pulled on Cindy's nipples making them swell even more. He knew Cindy was enjoying the added stimulation because she was fucking his cock harder than before, slamming her pussy against him.

Elizabeth's hand dropped to Cindy's pussy and her fingers slipped into the slit to find her love button. She caught Cindy's clit between her slippery finger tips and begin to roll and squeeze it. She felt Cindy hips jerking trying to get away from the intense new sensation, but Elizabeth's fingers followed her pussy as it slid up and down Billy's cock, driving her wild.

Cindy dropped her hips so her brother's cock was buried deep in her cunt and began to fuck it with wild abandon. She felt the muscles deep in her pussy spasm as Elizabeth rolled her clitoris between her fingertips.

Billy felt Cindy's pussy squeezing and milking his cock. He never knew girls had muscles like that in their pussies. The pulsating muscles made the pussy tighter and caused the vaginal folds to snap over the head of his cock sending thrilling sensations through his balls. He could no longer lay still, and he started throwing his hips up driving his pelvis against his sisters pussy, matching her stroke for stroke, until she squealed "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Billy. Fuck me, fuck my pussy hard. Shove your big cock deep into my belly."

Cindy fell forward on Billy's chest, hugging her brother tightly as she felt the hot spurts of his cum start, and she orgasmed with her pussy still clutching his cock in its tight grip, trying to squeeze him dry. Billy felt his semen shooting deep into his sister's muscular cunt as he lay quivering under her sexy body.

Elizabeth was wild with excitement from watching them fuck. Her pussy was flowing and her juices trickled over her ass and onto the bed covers. She rolled Cindy off of Billy and licked her juices and his cum from his cock from the base to the tip of the head, coating it with her saliva. She pulled him up and rolled him off the bed so he was standing beside it, his cock hard and slippery from her mouth. Turning, she got on her hand and knees on the bed and wagging her ass at Billy, said "I want something new, Billy. I want to feel your slippery cock in my virgin ass." From behind her, Billy could see Elizabeth fingers playing with her pussy, and above that he saw the rosy ring of her ass. He saw her rubbing her pussy juices over it until it was shiny and protruding from the stimulation. He was very excited by the idea of fucking Elizabeth in the ass. He stepped forward pressing the head of his dick against the slippery rose-colored ring of her wiggling ass.

Elizabeth reached back between her legs and manipulated his cock, backing toward his saliva coated prick until it started sliding into her asshole. Once the head slipped into her slippery ass, Billy grasped her hips and began working back and forth making it penetrate deeper with each stroke. Elizabeth's ass felt even tighter than his sister's pussy, and it squeezed his cock in its grip.

Elizabeth's hand moved forward and she played with her pussy as Billy's cock slid in and out of her ass. When her finger slid into her pussy she could feel his cock through the thin wall of flesh separating her ass and cunt.

Cindy could hardly believe Elizabeth was letting Billy fuck her in the ass, but she was obviously enjoying it. Cindy watched Billy's slippery cock sliding ever deeper into her best friend's butt, and she felt her pussy throbbing again from watching them. She just had to get in on the action with them. Laying on her back, She slid under Elizabeth until her head was between Elizabeth's knees. She could see Elizabeth fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, and she also had a good view of her brother's cock sliding in and out of Elizabeth's ass.

Cindy raised herself on her elbows till she could reach Elizabeth's pussy, and she started licking Elizabeth's fingers as they slid into her pussy. Elizabeth moved her hand out of Cindy's way and used it to help support herself, giving Cindy unrestricted access to her pussy. Cindy started tongue fucking Elizabeth's pussy, and occasionally tipped her head back to lick her brother's balls as they swung close.

When she licked Billy's balls, she saw him drive his cock into Elizabeth's ass until his balls were touching her pussy so Cindy could easily reach them. She sucked her brother's balls into her mouth one at a time and teased them with her tongue. As she continued to suck Elizabeth's pussy and Billy's balls, she scooted her hips over under Elizabeth's face. Elizabeth understood her need and dropping her head into Cindy's crotch, began to suck on her pussy and drive her tongue into it.

Cindy, remembering the sensations Elizabeth had caused with her fingers, found Elizabeth's swollen love button and rolled it between her lips, occasionally nibbling at it with her teeth.

Elizabeth's reaction was even stronger than her own. Elizabeth drove her ass rapidly back and forth on Billy's cock, grabbed Cindy's ass in her hands and buried her face in Cindy's pussy, driving her tongue to new depths.

Elizabeth was already so hot from watching Cindy and Billy fuck, that she immediately went into her orgasmic throes, her ass squeezing and stimulating Billy's cock until he shot his load into her. Feeling his hot come spurting in her ass, Elizabeth used her tongue on Cindy's swollen clit to quickly bring her to another orgasm.

They all collapsed on the bed and lay still in their post- orgasmic bliss. When Elizabeth senses calmed to a more normal level, she noticed that Billy and Cindy had fallen asleep in each others arms from their exhaustion. Leaving them to rediscover each other when they awoke, she slipped from the room.

Recovering her clothes from Cindy's room, she slipped them on and headed home, wondering if her mother was back from the hair- dressers yet.

When Elizabeth got home, her mother was not back yet. She turned on the television for company and settled into an easy chair to think about the fun she had with Cindy and Billy. It wasn't long before she heard the door and saw her mother walk into the living room. Denise was just returning from her appointment, so she was still wearing the silky red mini-dress she had put on this morning.

"That dress really looks good on you, Mom." Elizabeth said. "It clings to your curves and shows off your sexy legs very nicely." Denise smiled at Elizabeth's compliment, thanked her , and dropped down to sit on the sofa across from Elizabeth's chair.

When her mother relaxed on the sofa, Elizabeth could see her soft inner thigh above the top of the dark stocking. Her mother's position looked very sexy, and it stimulated Elizabeth making her think of the way her mother's pussy had looked through her nightie this morning.

"What did you do while I was gone?" she asked Elizabeth. Elizabeth replied in a teasing voice, "Are you sure you really want to know, Mommy?" Denise gave Elizabeth a long look, and then said

"After this morning I'm not too sure of anything, Honey. You had me excited before I even woke up and saw you playing with my pussy. I was a new and exciting experience for me."

"You gave me a lot of exciting feelings too, Mother." Elizabeth said, giving her a sexy smile. She started telling her mother about all that had taken place at Cindy's house. Her mother's legs relaxed and her knees spread apart causing the short dress to slide up her thighs as she listened to Elizabeth tell about straddling Cindy's face with her pussy pressed against her mouth. Elizabeth could see the crotch of Denise's black panties between her full thighs. She described how she had helped Cindy fuck her brother, Billy. Her mother was getting very hot listening to Elizabeth's sexy tale. She told Denise how wild Cindy got when she twisted her clit while she had her brother's cock buried in her pussy. Elizabeth watched her mother squirming on the sofa and using her thighs to make her pussy lips rub together.

"Baby, you must have been ripe and ready when your daddy sneaked into your room last night, because you sure have had lots of exciting experiences since. I was pretty mad at him when I first looked in and saw his hand slipping under your panties, but then I saw how much you were enjoying his attentions. You looked very sexy with your legs spread, pressing your pussy against his fingers to encourage and excite him. My own pussy got so hot I just had to rub it while I watched you. I saw you rubbing his excited cock with your little foot. When you grabbed it and fed it to your pussy and started humping against it, moaning with delight, I knew you were loving it. Imagining the feelings it must be sending through your cunt pushed me over the edge. My pussy wanted to cum so bad, I just went wild and grabbed my crotch in both hands."

"You sure did, Mommy. When you slid to the floor, I thought you were going to ram your whole hand up your slippery cunt. I was watching you fucking yourself with your fingers and I got so excited it made my first fuck with Daddy even better.

Thinking about your fingers covered with your gravy, plunging into your pussy like Daddy's cock was plunging into my pussy is what got me so excited this morning and made me go to your room. I hope you enjoyed my visit as much as I did, Mom."

"I certainly did, Honey." Denise said. She clasped her hands together in her lap and pressed them hard against the mound of her tortured pussy as she went on, "You certainly made me cum hard when you were eating my pussy, Elizabeth, and I hope the way I licked your pussy felt just as good to you. Licking my own daughter's pussy really turned me on."

Suddenly Denise said "Damn, usually I am pretty cool and can pretty well keep control of myself, but since last night I have been having trouble keeping my pussy under control. When your daddy's cock slipped into your virgin pussy it turned you into a sexy little vixen. I can feel your eyes sliding over my panties, and it's making my pussy hot. Knowing you can see me rubbing my hands against my cuntal mound just excites me more. I get so hot looking at you and listening to your exciting story, my pussy starts doing my thinking for me. It starts drooling and swelling and it keeps putting pictures in my mind of the sexy things it wants to do."

Elizabeth was intrigued and excited by the idea of her mother's pussy taking control of her body. She slowly and deliberately drew up her legs until her skirt slid up, watching her mother's eyes slide over her panty clad bottom.

Then she let her knees slowly drop apart until her mother was staring between her legs. Her panties were pulled tightly into her crotch, and they slipped between the lips of her pussy as they had done at Cindy's. "Does this help your juicy pussy think of anything to do, mother?" she asked.

Her daughter's deliberate, teasing display of her pussy drew Denises's eyes to her crotch and made Denise's pussy even hotter. She could see droplets of moisture on the fine red hair covering the lips poking out of Elizabeth's skimpy panties.

"It looks like your pussy is getting some ideas of its own, Elizabeth. I can see it peeking around your panties looking for something exciting to do. It looks like your pussy is drooling as much as my own. Your teasing is giving my pussy lots of ideas. It's making me picture Cindy's slippery cunt sliding up and down her brother's hard young cock. That excites me and makes me wish it were fucking my own hot pussy." Denise continued. "My pussy is also making me visualize his prick, coated with your saliva, driving in and out of your tight, young ass. That really turned me on when you told about it, and I was surprised you wanted a hard prick to fuck your tender little ass so soon. Most girls are afraid to find out how good even a finger can feel in their ass."

"You taught me to want that, Mom." Elizabeth replied. "When you slid your finger up my butt this morning, I had no idea how sexy it felt to have something shoved up my ass. Your finger added a great deal to the pleasure your mouth was giving my pussy." Elizabeth thought quietly for a moment and then said, "You know, Mom, we can probably think of a reason that would get Billy to come over here if you want to. We could have lots of fun teasing him. He's always trying to peek up girl's skirts to see their panties, and he gets a hard-on and has to play with himself for relief."

Her mother quickly replied, "Oh Honey, that would be fun. I'm sure my hot pussy can think of lots of ways to tease him. Between the two of us we can probably have him cumming in his pants, or maybe even in our panties. Let's do it. The light is burned out over the kitchen sink and we are out of bulbs. Call and see if he can bring one over."

Elizabeth went to the phone and called Billy, asking if he had any spare light bulbs. When he said he did, she asked if he would bring one over so her mom could replace their kitchen light. Billy was a little embarrassed to see Elizabeth in front of her mom so soon after his experiences with her, but he figured there was no way for her mother to know what went on, so he agreed to bring a bulb over right away. His cock started to swell just thinking about seeing Elizabeth again.

"He's coming right over, Mom." Elizabeth told her. "what do you want to do?"

"I'm going into the kitchen to set the stage," Denise said "just follow my lead." She got up from the sofa smoothing down her dress which only came to mid-thigh, and then she winked at Elizabeth and unfastened the top two buttons. She went into the utility room and dragged a short ladder into the kitchen. When Billy knocked on the front door, Denise climbed up a couple of steps on the ladder while Elizabeth went to the door to let Billy in.

Billy noticed that Elizabeth's nipples were still hard and were poking out in her t-shirt. When Elizabeth led him to the kitchen he saw Elizabeth's mother standing on a ladder in a very short dress. Seeing her long, sexy legs excited him a little.

"Thanks for bringing the bulb over, Billy." she said. I think I am going to need you to hold the ladder for me while I replace it."

Billy walked over to hand the bulb to her and she had to bend way over to take it from him. He could see down the top of her dress where the buttons were undone. When he saw her creamy round breasts above the top of her lacy black bra, his cock swelled in his pants. When she straightened and turned to change the bulb, He hesitated a moment and then grasped the ladder on either side of her full hips. He watched her climb nearer the top, revealing more of her sexy stockinged thighs with each step. Denise had deliberately placed the ladder a little too far from the counter over which the light was located, so she had to bend forward over the top of the ladder to reach the fixture. Billy watched her short skirt being pulled up her thighs by her round bottom as she bent forward. He stared as the skirt slid further up her legs, revealing her soft white thighs above the tops of her gartered stockings. By the time she reached the light fixture she was showing her silky black panties stretched tightly over the cheeks of her ass. He had trouble breathing, and his cock was rising rapidly in his pants.

Elizabeth was standing at one side watching her mother's effect on Billy. She could see the bulge in his trousers grow rapidly when her mother's panties showed under the skirt. Billy felt her eyes on his hard-on, and he was embarrassed, but he couldn't resist staring at her mother's panties. Catching glimpses of girl's panties had always excited him, and now a sexy woman's shapely ass in tight black panties was right before his eyes. Her nylons and lacy garter belt excited him too.

Denise moved her feet apart as if trying for a more secure stance on the ladder, and she leaned way forward to put the fixture back together. Billy almost gasped out loud. The tight panties pulled into the crack between her round cheeks, and he could see between her thighs to where the black nylon stretched tightly over her pussy. He glanced at Elizabeth and saw her grinning at his discomfort. He knew she was aware he was staring at her mother's nylon covered pussy. She slowly looked down and he could tell she was staring directly at the big bulge in his pants.

Just then Denise started back down the ladder, "accidentally" brushing her thighs against Billy's arms. He jerked his hands off the ladder as though it had burned him. Denise turned to look into his face and, smiling sweetly, thanked him for the help. "Won't you stay and have a Coke with us, Billy?" she asked. It the least we can do to repay you.

Billy stammered "Thanks, I guess I will.," and turning quickly in hopes she wouldn't notice his hard-on, he walked into the living room and sat in the chair. When Elizabeth and her mother came into the room, he crossed his legs in an effort to hide the bulge in his pants. Denise carried the Coke to him, and bent over more than necessary to hand it to him, knowing he was getting another good look at her breasts. When he lifted his hand from his lap to take the drink, she saw the big bulge in his pants, she looked up at him with a surprised expression and said "Oh Billy, you have really grown since I saw you last.," leaving him to wonder what she meant.

Billy watched her sexy hips swing as she walked to the couch. He felt that he should leave, but he couldn't stand up in front of Elizabeth's mother with his cock sticking out the way it was. Her dress was so short he could see a lot of leg even when she was standing. When she sat on the sofa, crossing those long,lovely legs, he could see above the top of her stockings to where the black panties started. He knew his cock would never go down as long as she was sitting like that.

Denise smiled at him and asked "What have you been doing lately, Billy? Have you been having any excitement in your life?" Thinking about the way he had spent the morning with Elizabeth and his sister, Billy gulped his Coke before answering "Nothing special, Mrs. Logan." He glanced at Elizabeth and he could tell from her expression that she was thinking about what they had done this morning. Looking straight at him, she sexily ran her tongue over her lips and slumped down on the sofa, crossing her legs so her right ankle was on her left knee. Her skirt stretched tightly across her thighs, and when he looked down her crotch was fully exposed to his eyes. The crotch of her panties had slipped into her pussy, and he could see the lips bulging out on either side. He knew she was deliberately teasing him to remind him of this morning. She was making his cock throb, so he quickly swung his eyes back to her mother just in time to see Mrs. Logan recross her own legs with an exaggerated motion that gave him a quick glimpse of her panty covered pussy.

"Come now Billy," Denise teased "surely a nice looking young man like you has plenty of young girls chasing after him." Turning her head to look at Elizabeth, She said "Honey, that's not a very lady-like way to sit. It would expose your panties to the boys that might look in your direction and that could give them nasty ideas." While she was speaking, she deliberately drew her own leg up until her ankle rested on her left knee just like Elizabeth's. Because of her short skirt, she was exposed even more than Elizabeth. Billy choked on the Coke he was trying to swallow. When he coughed he forgot momentarily about keeping his legs crossed, and his hard-on was very obvious, sticking up in his pants.

Denise looked at him and seeing his tented trousers, said "See, Elizabeth, you are showing your sexy panties to Billy, and look how uncomfortable you have made him. His penis has swollen up in his pants, and you have probably put all kinds of nasty ideas into his head. Boys can't help getting hard when girls let them look up their skirts." Turning back to him she asked, "Billy, has seeing Elizabeth's crotch made you think sexy thoughts? Tell her any nasty ideas she made you have, so she will remember to sit like a lady in front of boys from now on."

Billy's mouth was open, but he couldn't think of anything to say under the circumstances. The fantasies going through his mind from seeing both of their pantied pussies excited him very much. From the way it was throbbing, his cock felt like it would jump out of his pants. Elizabeth's mother continued, saying "See what you have done, Elizabeth, you have excited poor Billy so much he can't even talk." Denise absent-mindedly slid her ass forward on the couch as she talked. Her motion made her short skirt slide even higher, and it pulled her panties between her pussy lips. Teasing the young boy had excited Denise and her pussy was swollen and wet from her oozing juices. Billy gasped when he realized the naked, moist lips protruded from her panties were shaved. He had never had a chance to peek at a shaved pussy before, and it turned him on very much.

Looking Billy directly in the eyes, Denise continued "I bet the way Elizabeth is sitting made you think nasty thoughts, didn't it? Did you want to touch her panties with your hand? Did it make you think about playing with her pussy?" Hearing Denise say "pussy" surprised him and made him even hornier.

He just nodded his head in answer to her questions and stared rigidly at her exposed cunt lips. He was thinking to himself, "The way those long dark stocking and garter belt frame your pussy make it even more exciting to me than Elizabeth's. I rather be playing with it."

"What did I tell you, Elizabeth," her mother continued, winking at her daughter, "You have made Billy's prick get hard and horny, and you have caused him to think nasty thoughts about you. I don't want you to forget how important it is for you to sit like a lady, so I am going to have to punish you, Honey. Get over there and see what you have done to Billy."

Elizabeth got up from the couch, walked over beside Billy's chair and looked closely at the bulge in his trousers.

"Okay young lady," Denise said "now put your hand on his cock and feel just how horny you have made him, so you will be more careful how you sit from now on." Billy could hardly believe what was happening to him. He watched Elizabeth reach down and feel of his cock. He felt her fingers squeezing it and stroking it through his pants. She moved closer to him until his hand brushed against the inside of her leg. He was so hot he couldn't resist sliding his fingers up her leg under her skirt until they reached her crotch and rubbed her pussy lips. "Oh Mother," she cried "I'm sorry I made Billy horny like this. His cock is big and hard, and it is jumping in my hand. I did give him nasty ideas too, Mother, because he just put his hand up my skirt and his fingers are tickling my pussy."

Turning to look at Denise she exclaimed "Oh Mommy, you may not realize it, but you are sitting just like I was. With your short dress, your are showing Billy even more than I was. Your panties are pulled into your pussy and the naked lips are hanging out all covered with your gravy. Those dark nylons makes it look even sexier. I bet Billy's problem is your fault as much or even more than mine. If I need to be punished, maybe you should be too." Denise looked down at herself, and lifting the short shirt, stared at her own crotch, pretending she hadn't realized how she was sitting.

"Billy, did seeing my panties and crotch excite you too?" she asked softly. "Were you thinking about doing nasty things to my pussy too?"

By now he was really enjoying this little game. Mrs. Logan still had her skirt in her hand and he was being treated to a full view of her from the waist down. She had spread her legs wider to look at herself, and her juicy pussy was staring him in the face. Elizabeth was still squeezing his cock while he played with her pussy. He replied "Mrs. Logan, your short dress is very sexy and it looks great on you. I started getting excited when you climbed the ladder and showed me your panties. Just now you were sitting on the couch in a way that pulled your skirt way up your thighs, so I could see your whole crotch framed by those dark stockings and garters. When you slid forward your panties pulled into your crotch until your pussy lips popped out on each side. That's when I realized your pussy was shaved. I have never seen a shaved pussy before and it made me very horny. Even now, you are holding your skirt up and I can see even more. Mrs. Logan, you excited me much more than Elizabeth did. I have seen girl's panties before and they turned me on, but you are the first grown woman that ever exposed her pussy to me."

He felt a hard squeeze on his dick, and looking up saw Elizabeth stick her tongue out at him for saying her mother excited him more. Elizabeth turned to her mother and said, "See mother, Billy admits it. You are more to blame for his condition than I am."

Backing away from the chair, she pulled him up by his cock. She led him over to the couch where her mother was sitting and pushed him down next to her. Taking her mother's hand and placing it on Billy's bulge, she said "It is your turn to be punished, Mom. Feel what you have done to his cock. Billy, if you have any more nasty ideas try them on her, because she is the main cause of your problem."

When Elizabeth dragged Billy over and put Denise's hand on his cock, Denise had dropped her skirt and it had flipped up over her tummy, leaving her panties and crotch exposed. As Denise enjoyed her punishment by feeling of his hard-on, Elizabeth took his hand and placing on her mother's pussy, saying "Don't be bashful just because she is my mother, Billy. The way she was sitting showing off her naked pussy lips, she deserves any punishment you can think of. Try tickling her pussy for a while."

Stroking Billy's swollen, throbbing prick, Denise said "Oh Billy, your cock is so big for a boy of your age. I must have excited you terribly." Feeling his fingers rubbing over her naked pussy lips and pressing the nylon into her cunt made her go on, "I didn't realize how bad I was being, but I guess I deserve the punishment your are giving my pussy." Pushing her cunt against his fingers, she said "I've got to see how much I have excited you, Billy, so I will know how much I should be punished." She unfastened his belt and unzipped his fly. "Elizabeth, help me with his trousers." she cried. Elizabeth helped her mother pull Billy's pants off and discovered he hadn't bothered putting on underwear. His cock sprang erect when his pants were pulled off. They both stared at its swollen length, watching it jump slightly each time his pulse beat.

Denise wrapped her long fingers around it as Elizabeth said "Oh Mommy, you really excited him a lot, and you deserve a great deal of punishment."

"I'm going to have to help Billy punish you." Elizabeth sat on the other side of her mom and put her hand over Billy's and squeezed, forcing his fingers against Denise's pussy. She reached into the drawer of the end table beside the sofa and took out a pair of scissors. Lifting Billy's hand out of the way she slid one blade under the panties and quickly snipped the crotch loose from the front of the panties. The nylon panel fell back exposing her mother's entire pussy. Elizabeth put Billy's hand back onto her mother's pussy, and slid his fingers between the lips, moving them over the clit. "Rub that little button, Billy.," Elizabeth told him. "That is Mommy's clitoris and it is very sensitive. The best way to punish her it to rub and twist it a lot."

Denise was surprised when Elizabeth cut away the crotch of her panties, and their hands were stimulating strong feelings in her naked pussy. Elizabeth knew just where to make Billy's fingers rub her pussy to excite her the most. "Oh Billy, punish me good for what I did to you." Denise cried, rotating her pussy against the teasing fingers. Billy's and Elizabeth's fingers turned her clit into a swollen bundle of nerves, sparking intense feelings of pleasure in her cunt. Stroke after circling stroke made it heave and throb, swelling so hard she thought it might burst.

Elizabeth spotted the gravy oozing from within her mother's cunt and said excitedly "The punishment is working, Mommy. Your pussy is crying. The tears are getting all over Billy's fingers." She helped him spread the juices all over her mother's pussy until it was very slippery. The lips were swollen with excitement, and the pussy opened like a pink flower ready to accept anything that might be offered.

Denise was moaning with pleasure from the intense feeling they were creating in her crotch. She looked at Billy's throbbing cock and knew she wanted to feel it deep in her cunt. Still holding his prick in one hand, she pushed him down on the couch until he was lying on his back with his hard-on sticking straight up. "I was so bad exciting you like this, Billy. There is really only one way I can make up for it." She said. "I've got to let you punish my pussy by shoving your hot, young cock into it." As she spoke, she straddled his hips, and holding his cock in her hand, she lowered herself over it until her slippery lips spread and slipped over the head. Releasing her hold on his dick, she dropped her hips down suddenly driving it into her belly, and mashing her cunt lips against his pubic bone.

Earlier in the day Billy had thought that screwing his sister's pussy was the ultimate experience, but being fucked by a grown woman as sexy looking as Mrs. Logan with her short dress shoved up around her hips was really wild. He watched her shaved pussy lips slipping over his cock and felt the head slide easily up her hot, moist cunt until it was buried deep in her body. He felt her pussy mash against his pubic hair, and the cut away nylon crotch of her sexy black panties rested on his balls.

Elizabeth reached under her skirt and removed her panties. Then she moved to where she could watch her mother's pussy engulf Billy's hard cock. Elizabeth view was partially blocked by her mother's short skirt, so she tucked it into the top of Denise's garter belt to keep it out of the way. Drawing up her own skirt with one hand, she spread her legs to expose her pussy, and she began fingering herself with the other hand.

Denise was a picture of wanton bliss. Her head was thrown back as she rotated her hips to grind her pussy against the bottom of Billy's cock. Her shimmering black crotchless panties and dark gartered stockings framed her naked pussy perfectly. She kept his cock trapped deep in her cunt so she could rub her clitoris against his pubic bone and hair. She arched and wiggled her hips, swaying and screwing her excited cunt against his cock, hammering that tender little bundle of nerves against him to send shocking tremors through her pussy.

Elizabeth's dad had left work early to drop his car off at the service station on the corner for a tune up. He walked home across the back yards wondering if Elizabeth might be home alone. Thinking about last night in her room had made him horny again. He slipped in quietly through the back door to catch her in whatever she might be doing. He could hardly believe his eyes when he peeked into the living room. Elizabeth's back was toward him, but he could see she had her skirt pulled up and her fingers in her pussy. His cock jumped wildly in his pants when he saw his wife kneeling over the boy from next door with his cock stuffed up her pussy. He wondered what had happened to the crotch of her panties. It was very exciting to see her humping against the boy with her panties, garter belt and stockings still on. Watching his wife grind her cunt against the boy's hard-on, he unfastened his belt and slid his trousers and shorts off. He stood quietly watching his sexy wife and daughter, and stroked his swollen cock.

Denise looked down at the boy she was fucking and said "Oh Billy, I deserve every bit of the punishment you are giving me for getting your cock all excited. The way I was sitting with my skirt up and my legs sprawled out, I must have unconsciously wanted you to see the crotch of my panties. Punish my pussy with your hard dick so I'll never want to do it again."

Billy grabbed her hips in his hands and drove himself against her, feeling her pussy muscles squeezing his cock and trying to suck it in farther. She looked deep into his eyes and rhythmically contracted the muscles surrounding her vagina so they clutched and pulled on his cock like tiny fingers jacking him off. She asked in her sexy low voice, "Does that feel as good to your prick as your sister's pussy did, Billy?"

He was surprised she knew he had fucked his sister, and he quickly replied "Oh Mrs. Logan, it feels a lot better. Your educated pussy knows how to make a prick really feel good, and somehow I enjoy it even more because you still have those sexy clothes on while you're fucking me." She raised up on her knees, sliding her pussy to the tip of his cock, then plunged back down his cock squeezing him hard with her vaginal muscles. She rotated her pussy in rapid circles against him, making them both enjoy the movements. "I guess you should call me Denise now that we are fucking each other." she said. "You have probably figured out that I'm really enjoying my punishment as much as you are."

Suddenly her daughter who was watching them and frantically fingering her own pussy, whined plaintively "I was bad too, Mommy, so who is going to punish me? I'm tired of watching your naughty pussy having all the fun with Billy's cock."

Three heads spun around when a deep voice behind them said "I'll take care of your punishment, little girl, and I'll punish you real good. Turning quickly, they all saw Elizabeth's father, naked from the waist down, striding across the room toward them with his hard cock in his hand. Billy's cock almost wilted in Denise's pussy when he saw him, but as he watched he saw him grab Elizabeth by the hips and lift her against him, resting her pussy astride his cock. He carried her to the big easy chair and laid her back over the arm with her head and upper body in the seat, and her ass resting on the arm. When he had tipped her back into the chair her skirt slid up over her waist so her naked pussy was exposed to all. Denise and Billy saw him step up between Elizabeth's legs, grasp her hips in his hands, and in one swift motion bury his cock to the hilt in her slippery pussy.

"Oooo Daddy," Elizabeth squealed in delight "That feels sooo good, even better than last night. Fuck my pussy harder than you did in my room. I love feeling your big cock deep in my belly."

Surprised to hear her mention last night in front of her mother, he glanced over at his wife who had resumed fucking Billy with renewed vigor. She turned to look back at him and gave him a big sexy smile. "That's right Honey," she teased "I know all about last night when you were fucking our virgin daughter. I also know how much she loved having your cock in her pussy. I got so hot watching you both I almost sucked my nipples off and I masturbated my pussy to a pulp."

"Go to it you horny old bastard, fuck your daughter's hot young pussy till she can't stand up, while I do the same to this boy with his hard young prick up my cunt."

Her words excited them all to new levels of sexiness, including herself. Elizabeth wrapped her legs around her daddy's ass and pulled him deeper, swiveling and screwing her juicy pussy against him. She pulled up her t-shirt so she could twist her swollen nipples in her fingers. Billy rolled over carrying Denise to the floor under him. He put his arms under her knees and raised her legs over her head, saying "I have been fucked by two females today, and now I'm going to do the fucking."

With Denise in this new position he was able to drive his cock even deeper into her cunt. Supporting himself on his feet and one hand, he reached back and grasped her swollen clit between his fingers as he had seen Elizabeth do to his sister. He squeezed it and twisted it between the tips of his finger and thumb while pile driving his cock into her pussy in a series of long strokes. His fingers were making her clit a raw bundle of nerves and sending tidal waves of pleasure through her pussy. Denise's breathing had degenerated into a series of squeals and moans of sensual enjoyment. She threw her arms around his shoulder and lifted her ass, slamming her cunt against him and crying "Fuck me, Billy, fuck my naughty cunt. Tease my clit, fuck me and tease me hard. Oh Billy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming hard, I'm going to come all over your hot cock."

She threw her pussy against him hard, and letting out a long wail, she had a tremendous orgasm, grinding her pussy against the base of his cock as her muscles went into rapid spasms and clutched his cock wildly. Her action pushed Billy over the edge and he felt the hot spurts of his cum shooting deep into her pussy.

Elizabeth's father had been fucking her with long slow strokes and she had been pushing her pussy back at him to make it go deeper. She could feel the head of his prick touching the mouth of her uterus when she pushed hard against him. It was wonderful feeling her daddy so deep in her pussy. When she heard Denise pleading wildly to be fucked harder, her pussy contracted with excitement, and squeezed her father's cock in a vise-like grip. He leaned over her and placed his hands on the opposite arm of the chair for support. He fucked his daughter's slippery pussy with a wild passion driving the base of his throbbing cock against her clit on every stroke. He felt her tiny bud swelling even more, and he buried his cock so deeply he could feel the head entering her womb, and rotated his shaft against that little bundle of nerves. His technique was new to her and it was driving her wild with pleasure. "Sooo good, Daddy, it feels so good that way." Elizabeth crooned. "Keep doing it that way, Daddy. It's going to make me cum hard like Mommy did this morning when she had her tongue in my pussy and her finger up my butt."

He swiveled his head to look at his wife in surprise. She gave him a devilishly sexy look as she languidly fingered her pussy and licked her gravy from Billy's cock. Leaving Billy to recover on the floor, she rose to her hands and knees and crawled over to Charlie and Elizabeth. She reached between Charlie's legs and squeezed his balls gently in her hand causing his cock to leap and send new thrills through her daughter's pussy.

Denise slid her fingers up to Elizabeth's ass and teased it, feeling the juices from Elizabeth's pussy flowing over it. She slid a finger tip around and around until she felt the muscles relax, and then slipped the finger deep into her daughter's rectum. Elizabeth let out a loud moan of pleasure and fucked hard and fast against her daddy's cock as her mommy's finger teased her. Denise could feel her husband's big cock moving in and out of Elizabeth's pussy through the thin wall of tissue between her pussy and ass. Charlie could feel Denise's fingers pressing against his cock. They made his cock feel even hotter when the head slid past Denise's probing fingers. It was very exciting to have his wife helping him to make Elizabeth enjoy the experience. father and daughter were fucking with wild abandon now that mother had joined the game. Elizabeth's pussy mashed hard against her dad on every stroke. The base of his cock drove her clit into a super-excited state as did her mother's probing finger in her ass.

Suddenly her pussy spasmed with series of involuntary contractions, rapidly squeezing her daddy's cock until he was cumming in powerful spurts deep in her pussy. She felt the hot cream shooting against her uterus and she came in her biggest orgasm yet. Elizabeth quivered on her daddy's cock with her ass clutching at her mother's finger and shrieked "Oh Daddy, oh Mommy, that was wonderful. Thank you both for giving me such pleasure." She collapsed weakly in the chair, and her legs dangled toward the floor. Denise and Charlie withdrew from her pussy and ass. Denise licked her daughter's gravy from Charlie's limp cock. He got down on his knees with her and they both licked up his cum as it oozed from their daughter's pussy. They lifted Elizabeth's exhausted body from the chair and hugged her to them. She smiled at them both and told them she loved them. Then she got an impish grin on her face and said "This is just the beginning of a lot of fun for this family, isn't it." Charlie and Denise both laughed and said "You bet it is, Honey."

Charlie and Denise walked over to Billy and helped him up. They helped him into his trousers and walked him to the door.

As he opened the door to go home, Denise said "Cum again sometime, Billy. Maybe next time Cindy can cum too."


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